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Ticketmaster- IMPOSTOR

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Ticketmaster- IMPOSTOR Reports & Reviews (19)

• Feb 02, 2024

I called the number on Google for Ticketmaster and talked to Mike ext 1019. Said tickets were inactive and we would have to repurchase to get a refund if we wanted those exact tickets. Only way to pay was an apple gift card that I would have to buy from CVS or Walgreens. I bought a 500 apple gift and repurchased. After that, he comes back and says on our app there was a policy showing they couldn't refund anything less than 1000. That was weird However he seemed helpful and trustworthy plus he was ticketmaster. I had to purchase 2 more 500 apple gift cards. He then said okay 1500 refund to your debit card account in 24hrs with confirmation email. Never got the email and no money back either. Come to find out I got scammed out of 1500 dollars. I should have known but I really thought it was legitimate since I got the number of Ticketmaster off searching Google. People beware! It is a hard lesson learned unfortunately

• Aug 26, 2023

My husband contacted Ticket Master to try and gain access to tickets that he had purchased for Lauren Daigle concert. The personal kept telling him he had purchase cards to be able to transfer the tickets over to his account. and that he would get an immediate refund. Claiming that each one did not go through leading to purchasing one after another. This let to a grand total of $900. At that time, they then would create a wallet to put the money on and said the IRS blocked the transaction and to create a gateway to put the money back onto his credit card he would have to pay $450 dollars! That would have been a total of $ 1350 dollars. We have called the actual number listed for Ticket Master and talked to these people; Lucus and Marcus William who said he is Assistant Director of the credit Department. The majority of the transactions was with Marcus. They sent a letter via email with e-wallet order number: 873211465761000. They are crooks and have stolen our money. It was told that this was the only way to get our money back. If we did not pay for the portal access, then the money would be sent to the IRS as they could not keep it and they would report my husband as being non-compliant and forfeited the money. We were fools! Please help us!

• May 15, 2023

They told us that we had to pay for the tickets with a Target gift card worth $350. We purchased a Target gift card and then they wanted us to repurchase another Target gift card for $350.

- Cleveland, OH, USA

I was online trying to purchase two tickets from Ticketmaster. I was scammed. This happened yesterday. I am handicapped. I wanted better seats then I would get from Seat Geek. I Googled the phone number for Ticketmaster. I located 833-512-5127. I called the number. They answered Ticketmaster. This for The Cleveland Cavaliers for March 15th. I needed a wheelchair section. He told me a certain section they had. The tickets he read off were not in the wheelchair section. I was told not to worry. I purchased the tickets. He told me to pay by Ticketmaster Black card at CVS or a Target Gift card. I don't think there is such a thing as Ticketmaster Black Car. I went to CVS and purchased a $250 Target gift card. I called and read the numbers off the back of the card. After I read the numbers off he wanted me to set up an account. The account is a fake thing. They already had their money. I declined. He was going to set up an account on the computer for me. He was pretending to be real. I thought he was going to but he did not call back. I called back 833-512-5127 he did not answer anymore after I gave the numbers. I called another number and could not reach them. I called and tried to stop the transaction. It already went through. I called the number on the card.

I called thinking I was talking to Ticketmaster to purchase tickets. I wanted to buy verified resale tickets, and he told me he could do this over the phone. He advised me it had to be done through a Ticketmaster gift card or Target gift card and directed me to get one and give him the information off the card after I purchased the appropriate amount on the card. While being on hold to verify the purchase of the tickets and send me the e-tickets, I was disconnected and now the lines only ring busy. Total scam - Ticketmaster does not work with Target like I was told, and I've received no tickets and can't get my money back.

Beware! Called ticketmaster to hopefully get a refund. A guy said they couldn't refund my credit card but we could do it in a round about way with gift cards. Should have been a blatant flag for me. We questioned him multiple times about it being a scam. He tried to use Popmoney but it wouldn't go through without bank ok. He coached me on what to say and not say. I was so stupid! He got very aggressive with my husband at the end of the conversation. We could have easily been out about $5000 (double the cost of all of our tickets). Fortunately, we backed out before we lost any money.

Like was said on the other review.. Yes it sounded weird but after all, it was Ticketmaster right?! As I went into the store to get my 3rd gift card, I remember telling the guy" I sure hope you're from Ticketmaster lol. I was confused as to how I went from talking to Ticketmaster, to this guy being oh so helpful and eager to help. Never occurred to me that they were impersonating Ticketmaster. If Ticketmaster knows about this, they should actively be trying to have that info removed from the search engine results. And I can't get a refund cause I don't know my order number. Probably because I ordered originally from the low life dirt bags who will never ever have a regular job. It's easier to scam for money. Their mother must be proud.

Went to Craigslist looking for Waster Management Open (Phoenix Open) golf tickets - This scammer replied they had two tickets available through Ticketmaster Fan to Fan resale but I had to buy an E- Bay gift card. They sent out a phone ticket masters email with all the details. I bought a $200 E Bay gift card and followed instructions on how send email with card number to the ticket master site. My $200 was long gone! How can we stop these people?

(Ticketmaster) asked for ebay cards to pay for tickets.. He had my sister buy ebay cards, $250 worth to pay for new tickets. She already had purchased tickets on the website and wanted to add a seat and had to change seats to sit all together.. he had her go in and buy another $250 in ebay cards before she realized it was a scam but she didn't give him the second $250 worth

- Bellevue, OH, USA

(Entered by Cleveland, Ohio staff, LST, on 08/23/21.)


In June of this year my party of 4 ordered tickets for a 09/17/21 Brooks & Dunn concert at Blossom Music Center in Ohio. Due to the venue's current Covid policy we needed to cancel the tickets. My wife googled what she thought was a legitimate number for Ticketmaster. However, we grew suspicious when the parties instructed us to obtain third party (eBay) gift cards from Walmart or Lowes. We did not do as requested and contacted instead.


Googled phone number for Ticketmaster to refund on ticket Purchase phone number of 866-525-4104 came up for them. Told the rep the situation and they wanted me to get a Ticketmaster Gift card for $300 and then they will refund my bank card the ticket price. Did not sound right sounded like a scam. Hung up and called for real phone number

- Greenback, TN, USA

I tried to purchase tickets on Ticketmaster online. When I completed the purchase it told me to go to my account to find the notifications and hit accept for the purchase. After I did this I went back to Ticketmaster site and it said that the purchase did not go through. So I went online and googled Ticketmasters phone number and this is were it started. I called the number and I explained my issue with the purchase and they said they can help me. They said that there was a glitch in the system and they can refund my money. They told me that they will refund my money, 379, and charge me only 300 for the tickets, 100 for the inconvenience. They said that I needed to go to Kroger and get a Ticketmaster card to get the refund. I went to Kroger and looked for the card. I found the Ticketmaster card and it was blue and he said that it had to be pink to work. Kroger didn't have one so he said to use a Gamestop card for the refund. He said that they can connect the card to the account and refund it that way. They told me to get a card and put 300 on t for the tickets. I did that. He said wait. Then he said that in order to give me the full amount the Gamestop cards need to be the same amount so I had to get another card and put 500 on it. I did that and for the inconvenience they will give me 200. I did this 3 more times for 500 with them increasing how much they were going to give me. Then they wanted me to give another 500 to finish the transaction and he said that he spoke to the bank and they were going to give me a total of 7000 in my account. I didn't do that. He wasn't happy and very persistant with getting the money from were ever I could get it because they were going to give me 7000 for my troubles. I told him no I can't. He told me he will call tomorrow. He gave me his name and phone number. I called the number back after and spoke to someone else and I had them send me an email and they did.

I bought tickets online from Ticketmaster website but did not receive a confirmation email. Then, I saw this 844 Ticketmaster phone # to call for questions at 844-307-5929 (talked to Tony). I call them and they said they were Ticketmaster and that my seats were taken by another client at the same time, but I told them I was already charged for those tickets. They said I needed to buy a Google Play or Ticketmaster gift card and then they would make a new reservation with new cheaper seats in the same area of the arena. I bought a Google Play gift card to pay for the second transaction, as they told me that they would refund my money on the original transaction on the spot on our call and would send me proof of that refund. Then, I got upset and asked to talk to a manager and they gave me the phone number to call 844-577-2703 (talked to Jason). I then was told to go buy another gift card after the fact, to get my refund back from them. They also got angry with me when I said this sounds like a scam and then hung up on me. I never received an email with the confirmation for the second set of tickets I bought via the Google play gift card nor a refund. Also, I called the real 800 number for Ticketmaster and they said neither of these two 844 phone numbers are Ticketmaster valid phone numbers. Please be sure to investigate this scam and bust this operation and expose it for what it is, a SCAM. I don't wont others to be a victim of this deceit! Thanks kindly.


Used a ticketmaster website to get a refund on tickets because our show was cancelled. I went to the ticketmaster site and got the number from the page (or one made similar to Ticketmasters website) I called and an Indian guy named Sam helped me. He said he could not put the money back on the card but to get a google play gift card and he could put the refund on that card. We did not do this but he still got the last 4 of our card. They did not get any money from us we stopped it in time.


The following numbers are scamming and pretending to be Ticketmaster Customer Service. I fell victim to it today and lost 360 dollars from a pre-paid card and my original ticket number, name, email address were all compromised as well. So i received a refund on my tickets, cant goto the show now and I lost 360 dollars to pre-paid card. The scammer phone number appeared in a google ad when I google searched "TIcketmaster Order Number Seats Lookup." They pick up saying Ticketmaster Customer Service, whats your order number, I gave it to them, they say the order is cancelled. They claim its a first come first serve, the tickets must of gone when you were putting your card info in on the phone. I reply thats not acceptable, thats poor customer service. They then said they can get me Section 123 at 330 dollars a piece with my American Express. I reply thats still unnacceptable. They then said we can give you our pre-sale deal to make up for it but you need to get the ticketmaster pre-paid gift card at your nearest store like Walgreens. I say I cant get away, they say will hold them for an hour, call me back, hears the confirmation number- 67-85692-NY1. I goto Walgreens, the scammer calls me just as Im arriving somehow, he then walks me through, the ticketmaster pre-paid card is blue and white. I keep scanning, sorry cant find it, ok Sir we also will take the google play card for this promotion. I purchased the google play card for $360 dollars, give info number. They say there is a problem, not working, we need you to purchase another, ticketmaster will refund this one. At that point, I realize this is a scam, how can ticketmaster refund my google play card. And I end the call with them. I get on the phone with American Express right away.

Here are the scammer numbers claiming to be Ticket Master Customer Service





The 972-616-4427 phone number that claims to be ticket master also calls themselves CAWilson when I called back. They gave me the address 308 North College and then hung up.

- Mechanicsville, VA, USA

I received a text message thanking me for my request on Ticketmaster. I never sign up for things like that so I knew it was a scam right away I screen shot the text and blocked the number. Then, two days later I revived a call from a local area code and answered I heared a dial tone and a man answered the phone about the entry. I hung up immediately and blocked the number.

- Orlando, FL, USA

The below information was sent to my personal email today...I contacted ticketmaster direct and they stated they dont send out information to have your financial data stored on their database, other than one credit card for purchases and resales. I also noticed that the copy write date is still 2015 and has not been change to 2016. Also a referral telephone number for customer service was accessed on my checking the email source, which is 855-827-2537...THIS NUMBER IS NOT RECOGNIZED BY TICKETMASTER!!

Here is what my email included....

Ticketmaster Today at 10:00 AM


kevin keen

Message body


You Need A Way To Get Paid!



Hi kevin, you need a valid card on file to get paid. Ready?

1. Sign in to My Account*

2. Click "Add New Card

3. Fill out the form

4. Check the box and click "Submit"

Your payday is on the way!


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Or write to us: Ticketmaster, Attn: Fan Support | 1000 Corporate Landing | Charleston, WV 25311


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*(This area on my computer is highlighted and takes me right to my Ticketmaster account)

When you click on your account it shows that you must add new information about being able to do credit card and/or banking with Ticketmaster

I was informed by TICKETMASTER...this is a SCAM!!!

- Waynesboro, PA, USA

I received a phone call from # 213-640-3022 which had the caller ID name as TicketMaster. I answered the phone and the man said his name was Kevin Turner from Windows Support. He said that my computer was sending out a warning that there was an attack on it.

I recognized first of all Windows Support doesn't call from Ticketmaster. I could hear what sounded like a "telemarketing" noise in the background of supposed other support people on the phone with other customers.

I had read about similar scams before which were malware downloads, so I told him I wasn't interested and hung up.

I don't have any further information, but wanted to report as much to the proper authorities who may be able to use this to help catch these criminals.

- Waco, TX, USA

I posted a ad on Craigslist trying to find someone selling 5 tickets in same row for Wrestlemania so I could take my boys which are huge fans of wwe. I was contacted by this woman and she said she has 5 extra for sale we text and talked on phone and she told me she could transfer her tickets into my ticketmaster account. She told me to purchase money gram and that ticketmaster would confirm the payment and then email me tickets. I wasn't sure at first but then I received a call from ticketmaster custumer service number on my phone I answered it and a woman represented herself as ticketmaster represenative so I went in and bought money gram and the ticketmaster custumer service number called my phone again and I gave her my reference number she said I would receive a email with the tickets shortly. I never received an email so I called back the ticketmaster customer service number and was told they can't take money grams and it wasn't them I was talking to. I was really confused but they told me it was most likely a scam and someone probably used their custumer service number and pretended to be them. I only trusted it because I thought I was talking to a ticketmaster represenative. I was scammed I never received any tickets and I lost my money of $1020.00. Now we most likely will not be able to attend wrestlemania which is something my family and I would of loved.

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