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The Golden Heart Inc

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- Brandon, MS, USA

*** wants to chat on Hangouts!

Wed, 10:09 PM

Benard Wilson ([email protected])

Hello good morning

I believe you are here for the job briefing and interview?

Benard • 6:16 AM

Hello Good Morning.

I am here for the job briefing. We are obviously in different time zones.

8:11 AM

Benard Wilson ([email protected])


Good morning and how are you doing today ?

Benard • 8:14 AM

I do have a meeting that starts at 10:00 am, but I will have to leave here at 9:00 am. I apologize for not being readily available on yesterday. I am good on this morning. How are you?

8:15 AM

Benard Wilson ([email protected])

Am doing fine

what is your time now ?

Benard • 8:15 AM

It is 8:12 am

8:15 AM

Benard Wilson ([email protected])

OK shall we proceed?

Benard • 8:15 AM


8:16 AM

Benard Wilson ([email protected])

I am Mr Benard Wilson and this is Golden Heart INC , while we are about to start with the interview i would like you to Please introduce yourself,Name,D.O.B,Sex, indicating your location. and also quickly have a look at our company's website and do let me know what you observe about the company.

Benard • 8:16 AM

My name is *** ***, *** is my DOB, and I am a female located in ***, MS. I observed from your website that you offer a wide variety of services and the fact that education was a headliner drew me in.

8:20 AM

Benard Wilson ([email protected])

very good and nice meeting you ***

Next would be the briefing about the Job and i advise you read with care.

Just follow the briefing and you can ask questions when i am through. Let me know when you have finished reading and understanding every line. You will be allowed to ask questions later.With each line just respond with an "Okay" and a "Yes/No" when necessary Okay.

Benard • 8:20 AM


8:21 AM

Benard Wilson ([email protected])

The name of the company is The Golden Heart INC


Our Company ( The Golden Heart INC) is seeking assistance with the "work from home initiative" to assist with Accounting , Marketing, Customer Service, Sales,Filling/Data Entry and Administrative duties online.

The Golden Heart INC

The company is distinguished by its broad product and service capabilities, exceptional financial strength, underwriting and claims handling expertise and local operations globally.

Benard • 8:20 AM

Okay, sounds great.

8:23 AM

Benard Wilson ([email protected])

The insurance companies of Golden Heart insurance serve multinational corporations and local businesses with property and casualty insurance and services; companies and affinity groups providing or offering accident and health insurance programs and life insurance to their employees or members; insurers managing exposures with reinsurance coverage; and individuals purchasing life, personal accident, supplemental health, homeowners, automobile and other specialty insurance coverage.

Benard • 8:22 AM


8:24 AM

Benard Wilson ([email protected])

With over $98 billion in assets and more than $23 billion of gross written premiums in 2014, Golden Heart insurance core operating insurance companies maintain financial strength ratings of AA from Standard & Poor’s and A++ from A.M. Best.

Golden Heart insurance, the parent company of Golden Heart insurance, is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: Golden Heart insurance) and is a component of the S&P 500 index.

Benard • 8:23 AM


8:25 AM

Benard Wilson ([email protected])

We are currently seeking motivated, results oriented team players who want to be part of this progressive organization and help us achieve our goals in satisfying our customers and building a diverse and inclusive workforce. Enjoy a positive work environment, competitive salary and an exceptional benefits package.

Our office close to you will be completed estimated three months from now, so the position and job done for now is work from home until the office is completed and (NOTE THAT) As soon as you are confirmed qualified,the company will provide you with complete office equipments to setup a mini office at home.

Benard • 8:25 AM


8:27 AM

Benard Wilson ([email protected])

Yes ..



English Language

Customer and Personal Service


Information Ordering

Written Comprehension

Category Flexibility

Oral Comprehension

Oral Expression

Written Expression

Flexibility of Closure

hope you posses the above listed?

Benard • 8:26 AM

Yes, I do.

8:28 AM

Benard Wilson ([email protected])

Additional Information

*This is a Full Time/Part Time Job. Overtime is 1.5 time above regular pay.

*Pay mode: Checks or Direct Deposit

*Hourly payment: $35.75/hour

*Benefits include: 401k, health and dental, paid vacation and 2 weeks sick leave

*You will be enrolled for Benefits after 4weeks.

*You have to keep strict record of time and activities. A time sheet would be sent to you every Friday for monitoring (In your own format).

Benard • 8:27 AM

Wow.....that sounds wonderful!

8:30 AM

Benard Wilson ([email protected])

Work Activities

Documenting/Recording Information

Administrative Activities

Establishing and Maintaining Interpersonal Relationships

Interacting With Computers

Processing Information.

Benard • 8:29 AM


8:31 AM

Benard Wilson ([email protected])

Your Primary duties include: Preparation of Balance sheets (Mini), account balancing, invoicing recording,proper data analysis of sales records and recording pay slips into accounting database all these will be done through the use of the Accounting Software.

Benard • 8:30 AM

That's not a problem, okay.

8:32 AM

Benard Wilson ([email protected])

Now, your secondary daily duties would be to report to your Supervisor, who would be attached to you online, He/She would assign logs of duty daily and you would be required to work according to instructions, using the Microsoft Office tools and the Accounting software. Now the function of the Accounting software is to arrange, formalize and manage the data you have processed, sent to your supervisor via E-mail.

Can you handle these effectively if been trained towards it ?

Benard • 8:31 AM


8:33 AM

Benard Wilson ([email protected])

As for your duties, i will assist you with any difficulties by email..You can as well work for the whole day and you are %100 assured of getting paid for it..Working hrs are flexible.All activities and corresponding time are to be recorded in excel spreadsheet.

Benard • 8:33 AM


8:35 AM

Benard Wilson ([email protected])

File Clerk : Performs basic clerical tasks, such as systematically arranging letters, memorandum, invoices and other indexed documents according to an established system. Operates office equipment and completes general office work. Sorts and distributes mail. Required proficiency in basic word processing, spreadsheet and database programs. Additional duties may include answering telephones and some data entry.

Can you handle these effectively if been trained towards it ?

Benard • 8:33 AM


8:35 AM

Benard Wilson ([email protected])

This is strictly an online and work from home job and you can as well work from anywhere of your choice or anytime that does suit you.You can choose to work during Morning, Afternoon and even during evening...The payrate is $35.75 per hour training is $23 per hour and will be getting payment bi- weekly via check or direct deposit. let me know if you are interested so we can proceed.

Benard • 8:34 AM

Yes, I am interested.

8:37 AM

Benard Wilson ([email protected])

Very good

Taxes..We will discuss tax planning with you prior to the year-end and review tax law changes in order to maximize your tax saving opportunities. With an effective tax plan, you will have greater assurance of Tax been taken care off by the company.

Benard • 8:35 AM


8:38 AM

Benard Wilson ([email protected])

You are to have the Following Questions answered, i believe you are ready ? Once you are through with the answer you are requested to write by saying "DONE"

Benard • 8:36 AM


8:38 AM

Benard Wilson ([email protected])

1) What are your Full Names,Age,sex,Cell # and full home address where you are located?

2) How long have you been seeking for a new job ?

3) Are you currently employed ?

4) Are you available to start immediately?

Benard • 8:37 AM

*** *** ***, **, F, 601.***, *** *** ***, ***, MS ***-8926.


8:40 AM



8:40 AM

Benard Wilson ([email protected])

5) Are you aware this is strictly an online and work from home job?

6) Are you seeking for part time or full time job?

7) Have you worked as a Data Entry, Clerical Admin, Administrative Assistant, Customer Service, Accounting, payroll Clerk, Book keeping before ?

8) Do you have a printer, scanner, fax machine and a copier?

Benard • 8:39 AM

Yes, I am aware. I am seeking full-time. I worked in data entry, clerical administration, administrative assistant, customer service, accounting and payroll clerk, bookkeeping.

I do not have a printer, scanner, fax machine, nor copier.


8:43 AM

Benard Wilson ([email protected])

9) Do you have knowledge in printing and designing of payable check using the Check soft or any Program if you are been hired as a payroll officer for this company ?

10) How much training do you think you need to become a productive employee?

11) How long are you expected to work for us if hired ?

12) How do you handle work under pressure?

Benard • 8:42 AM

No, I do not have knowledge of printing and designing of payable checks software. I think I would need probably a week to two weeks of training to become productive employee. i hope that this position is long term, but I am looking for a great place to retire from. If I am under pressure, I don't focus on the pressure, I feel that will slow me down in completing the task at hand. I just do my job.


8:48 AM

Benard Wilson ([email protected])

13) What is your greatest strength and weakness?

14) How would others describe you?

15) Do you have a minimum 30 wpm typing speed?

16) Are you proficient in Word and Excel?

17) What do you understand by petty cash and what do you understand by privacy and code of conduct?

Benard • 8:46 AM

My greatest strength is doing my very best, because i have never had a complaint about my work. My weakness is not being more of a voice when things are going downhill because of the environment that i currently work.My co-workers would describe me as fair, but silent. They would say that I am prompt, a hard worker, and consistent. I do have a minimum typing speed of over 30. I am proficient in Word and Excel. Here we have petty cash funding for minor purchases that the center may need and it is not for personal use. From working in the law enforcement arena, we have a code of privacy and conduct that we have to adhere to, or you will face consequences. You do not have the right to reveal or disclose personal information and you have to be professional at all times and follow the rules and regulation that apply to the company which you work for.


8:57 AM

Benard Wilson ([email protected])

You have done great *** ...

You are absolutely correct and you seem like a perfect fit for this job position cause you have been a very wonderful and active candidate from the beginning of this job interview and i am impressed with your full concentration and participation.

Benard • 8:57 AM

Thank You.

8:59 AM

Benard Wilson ([email protected])

You welcome

How would you like to be paid if been offered this position. Via Direct Deposit, Credit Card Transfer or check, what means of payment would you prefer weekly or Bi weekly?

What Bank do you Operate with to see if it tallies with the Company's official salary payment account ?

Benard • 8:59 AM

Direct Deposit. USAA

9:00 AM

Benard Wilson ([email protected])

I need you to hold on online for 5minutes because i need to forward our conversation to the Head Dept to enable them see if you are committed and ripe for this job and also for your consideration Stand. Please stay close to your PC.

Benard • 8:59 AM


9:01 AM

Benard Wilson ([email protected])

As we are waiting do you have any question(s) for me

Benard • 9:00 AM

When would i be able to start, if selected?

9:02 AM

Benard Wilson ([email protected])

You will start ASAP

Benard • 9:01 AM

Okay, sounds great.

9:03 AM

Benard Wilson ([email protected])

anymore question(s) ?

Benard • 9:02 AM


9:03 AM

Benard Wilson ([email protected])


Hold on for the result

Benard • 9:02 AM


9:04 AM

I need to step to the front desk, be back in 1 minute.

9:07 AM

Benard Wilson ([email protected])

OK let me know once you are back

Benard • 9:08 AM

I'm back

9:12 AM

Benard Wilson ([email protected])


i have the result

Benard • 9:12 AM


9:13 AM

Benard Wilson ([email protected])

Due to your level of experience and communication skills the company has decided to give you a chance for you to work for the company and will like to see your diligence,Charisma,Commitment to this job. congratulations !!!

Welcome to Golden Heart INC

Benard • 9:13 AM


9:14 AM

Benard Wilson ([email protected])

You welcome

We hope to see you put in your best to make this company grow , I will need you to provide me with 3 references(the references could be your family member or your close friend or last place you worked at ...and your state ID or drivers license ...Have it emailed to me on [email protected]

Benard • 9:13 AM


9:15 AM

Benard Wilson ([email protected])

have that sent now and let me know once sent ok

Benard • 9:14 AM

Okay, I can't do it until I return from my meeting that I have at 10:00 am. I need to leave now for it. I will let you know and thanks again.

9:16 AM

Benard Wilson ([email protected])

when will you be back *** ?

Hello *** when will you be back ?

Benard • 9:18 AM

Benard Wilson ([email protected])


Benard • 12:43 PM

The above is the conversation that had taken place, and I checked the NYSE, and did not find this company listed. I did not send any personal information. The requests that he was asking just didn't make any sense to me. The website appeared to look fake. Please check and let me know if they are real or fake. Thanks

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