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Texas Certificate Service

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Texas Certificate Service Reports & Reviews (33)

Just received my scam letter in the mail. Typed in the address in Austin, and it came up as Golds Gym. I do not send any money to anyone until I have investigated everything. The worst thing anyone can do is write a check with your account number.

I highly recommend that a person should always have multiple checking accounts. If one was to write a check to a company that is reliable, then write the check from the account that has a balance of $1.00. Just move the exact amount that the check is written for to the alternate account.

They charge now $90, inflation, I guess.. What are [censored] these people who wants easy money. Go, and work or you will be behind bars one day. Do not forget to have vaseline when you are there.
TX UCC Statement Service is a scam


I received this form today at my place of business. When we reviewed it further, we decided to Google some of the information that was on the form and found out that this was a scam. Happy that we caught this before completing anything and sending out money.


I was going to send a $77. 50 check. i received it on 11/21/2022. the letter says to respond by 12/5/2022. when i received it, i thought ok i will receive a hard copy of the certificate, cool! but today, 12/12/2022, i read the letter again and this phrase made me suspicious "this is a solicitation". so i googled it. thank you for this website and for all the comments. this scam should be stopped. i did not send them anything and i will be more careful from this day forward.


How can an bogus business get away this! The owners of a company that represents itself as a legitimate government agency and then preys on people should be locked away. I cannot believe I am reading posts from January, 2021 and our Attorny General has done nothing to stop this!


They sent a letter statement said they would send me an hard copy of my LLC Certificate back in August haven't heard anything from them no phone number or nothing. I would like to get my money, now I understand this was all a scam?


I received a letter from these scammers, requesting $77.50. I also received other letters since filing for my LLC. Double check all your mail. Research before sending anyone money. So far, I have saved myself over $160.00. Go directly to your states SOS for anything that you need for your business first.


Almost fell for it but something did not sound right. $77.50 charge. This company should be checked by the public office itself.


Also got repeated notices in the mail and so disappointed in myself for falling for this trap. Anyone know how we can go about getting our money back?


SCAM! We just moved our Business to TX so I started researching as it didn't look right. This is a SCAM as above, do not pay the $77.50!
Thank you to all above who also posted this.


FIRST RED FLAG - no pre paid postage, next the address is to a pak mail location with a rented out P.O. Box the PO Box does in fact match the business name this person is using Texas Certificate Service when I called the pak mail place to verify the P.O. Box number 316
I will be reporting to the BBB.
Hope this helps someone.
Also ironically after not paying on time I never received another notice.


This business and lady is a completer SCAM. I hope that she is located and charges are pressed against her by the state and police. I am so upset with the fact that I have been scammed that when I contacted this person and went off on her, she couldn't even defend herself. Please locate this person and punish her for stealing people money. I paid $77.50 with tax to receive my business certificate and nothing never came. She "said" that she would refund me, but now that I know that she is a scammer, I know that will not be happening. I pray that this does not happen to anyone else.

I hope the police can trace the email and person who set up the account to penalize them for doing this to people.


Received letter "2021 Certificate of Fact Request Form" 2 weeks after creating an LLC with the Secretary of State. It states that I should send a payment of $77.50 to TX Certificate Service 13359 N Hwy 183 #406-316 Austin, TX 78750 in order to buy my "optional Certificate of Fact from Texas Certificate Service". In the fine print it goes on to state that it is not affiliated with any government or state agency and is, in fact, a solicitation. Super annoying and infuriating to know that these scammers probably successfully dupe people all the time.


Scam letter arrived just weeks after forming our LLC- this public records thing is getting out of hand. The scam letter even had our Comptroller file number on it! We should alert the Comptroller, as I do not believe file numbers should be a matter of public record!


Just received one of these letters for a client of ours. Didn't know what it was and this website letting me know it was a scam was the first thing that popped up when I searched for Texas Certificate Service. Thanks to everyone that has taken the trouble to go online before me to warn people! I cannot abide a thief and a liar.


I just formed an LLC, Lo and behold got this letter the same day I received the letter from the Comptroller's office. Yes, like many here, I thought it was a legit government business, until I did some snooping on the Internet. Thankfully found this site. If you're reading here, you saved yourself $77.50!

- Weatherford, TX, USA

This organization sent a formal document indicating I have 3 weeks to respond in order to get a certificate of fact form. While not explicitly saying they are the comptroller, they do have all the information I shared with the comptroller when setting up this business. In fine print in the middle of the document it says "optional". They are trying to pass this off as a legitimate service but this is complete non-sense. There needs to be clear indication that this is a document you do not need.


They ALMOST got me! I actually thought this was legit and got the money order. Signed and place everything in the envelope. Placed it in the mailbox only to realize I didn't put the money order in the envelope.(Look at God!) Came on the internet to look them up by the name on the envelope that came to me and Boom! here I am. So thankful for not putting that money order in the envelope.


Texas certificate service is a fake institution. We run a virtual mail center and we keep receiving these kinds of scam mails for many of our clients and we have been warning them to be vigilant. I am sure the address on the mail is fake too. How can we prevent these scam companies from getting information on legitimate businesses?


My atty filed our LLC, got my proof from them. Then I get this notice like everyone else on this site. This should be illegal. These are not they only people running these scams. It is happening in other areas of business, sadly. BUYERS BEWARE!

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13359 N Hwy 183 #406-316, Austin, TX 78750



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