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TECH PC FIX Reports & Reviews (12)

• Jun 02, 2022

Court Notice

I am sharing so that you don't ignore this as they ended up taking me to court , i ignored at first place and suddenly there threatening emails stoppped and after 2 months i got a court order in my post and i had 2 weeks time to appear in court , and i was proven guilty and i realised after the court presented me all the proofs with documentation and recordings and ended up paying 5 times the actual fee
my mistake was that i forgot i had an contract about 5 year back
i thought its any other random company trying to scam me

• Jun 02, 2022

Very Nice Service.

this is the first time i signed up to any compay like this online and i had an issue with my computer was hacked , i searched number online i called them and they did all diagnostics and i paid them £449.99 for 3 year now and after reading reviews i can say i am at the right place and they gave me option to auto matic renewal which i opted and i can see on reviews about the contract so it actually works i guess.. so i am in right hands now i am not worried thanks to Joe for great help and service he made my computer also faster then before

• Jun 02, 2022


I just got attached with them and it’s easy process to get devices fixed without going to stores to fix it with heavy amounts. Great job thanks for helping in my compromised account. Special thanks to David as he was the techie I delt with today god bless him

• Jun 01, 2022

Yes they proved me wrong in court

they sent me the court order and i ended up paying a loyt of money in court since they had all the copy of contracts and recordings which by mistake i forgot, so i do apologise and i have started using them again. Thats true they never mis used my card and my details.

• May 10, 2022

Email received from Jason Butler Solicitor on behalf of Tech PC

I bought a laptop last year. I’m not aware of taking out anything with this company. They say I entered into an auto-renewal option for firewall 4 years back. They say my card has declined the payment and so, they will now issue a court order of when and where I’m to appear in court. They have given me the number 08008021172 (written the US style as Toll Free 0-800-802-1172). I will see if I get anything in the post. I don’t believe I owe them anything and don’t have any money to pay them. I
Email received from Jason Butler Solicitor on behalf of Tech PC

• Mar 23, 2022

Legal Action

That's true they took me to the court and yes I was found guilty as I opted for auto-renewal and I forgot. They showed all the proof and recordings and I ended up paying a lot of money from my savings in the court. Now I take my words back scam, they just follow a process and every company has the right to do that, it's just I took them as a scam and no scam company takes to court.

• Feb 24, 2022


I have had the same experience with these people they are threatening to take me to court for auto renewal of a contact they claim i signed in 2018. They are so convincing when you talk to them about the protection on your computer and then they email to say that they have identified hacking on your computer and the email is from Amanda something. I have told them that i do not want any of their services as i haven ot noticed any hacking on my computer in the years they are saying.

They are Indians people as well sorry to say this but they are scammers and they know how to twist your brains to do what they want with these threats they are making. I dont know what to do.

• Feb 10, 2022

Best Service

My name is Ron Williams and the service I received in the last 6 years is great, pls beware of fake reviews by scammers and hackers who want to let this company down Thanks for all the work till today and I am impressed with the knowledge of techs as I am being 54 so its always been great help

• Jan 31, 2022

TECH PC FIX -Scammers of the first order

I took out a lifetime support contract with Eastern Union back in May 2019. This was for a 3 year period. The paperwork indicated that Tech PC FIX would be carrying out the support activity, which I thought was strange as nothing to this effect had been mentioned.
This IT Support covered everything including "Lifetime IP and Proxy Security" and "Lifetime Technical Support for all devices".
The paperwork was all signed by Amanda Galten, Operations Manager for Techpcfix, who also confirmed in her email covering this contract that "The amount you are paying today, ($447) will be refunded back into your account before November 2019".
I didn't receive a single cent back from them.
Other things have happened like when they tried to scam me for a "new MS Licence that I need because your existing licence has expired" Excuse me? The tried to take me for £300 back in December 2019 and it was then I knew I'd been had and told them that I wouldn't have anything else to do with them.
Six months later in May 2020, they contacted me again claiming there was a serious IPv4 "Glitch" on my PC that needed fixing urgently. It was during this fix cycle that they mentioned the Microsoft Licence once again and when I told them to get real, they turned my PC into a blue screen disaster. Blown away completely.
I had to have another PC built which cost me hundreds of pounds. I haven't replied to them since that day nearly two years ago.
Then six weeks ago I receive threats from them claiming that I owe them for a firewall "auto-renewal", which I haven't even had a contract for. Two emails arrived over the weekend from "msexpert", claiming to be a solicitor named Harvey Johnson from their Firewall Security Team claiming to have raised a Court Order for the tune of £179. I haven't replied to this yet and don't intend to, but will I receive a Court Order?
What should I do now, reply and speak to them or ignore them, 'cos this sounds like heavy duty stuff. The thing is they've taken me to the cleaners with lies and deceit and are now claiming a case of cheating and fraud against me. Unbelievable.
I must say, I am tempted to go to the court and tell them all of what has gone on, but how much is morality likely to cost me?


Fake Review

both are fake reviews, just to put this security company down as they are best in class.
I am using them for the past 6 years and had no problems, they have a policy and people should remember it while taking service, my card was never misused and what they say is they only charge that amount only.


I too contacted this company when I had a computer problem. To be fair they fixed that problem but only after I had agreed to a 3 year firewall protection scheme. Like the previous person I was occasionally contacted with spurious hacking claims. Whenever I contacted them for further support the particular issue was never covered by the agreement and further payment would be required - I always declined to pay anything further. I am now being hounded by emails and phone calls saying my 'contract' was on autorenew and needs to be renewed or cancelled - both incurring a fee. They have obviously kept my card details and tried to take a payment as they indicated that the card had been declined. As it happens I have passed my business on to someone else and the card and account no longer exists - be very careful of any dealings with this outfit.


Victim Location 10026
Total money lost $1,100
Type of a scam Tech Support

Having experience 'email lock-up' problems, I contacted TECH PC FIX, who cured my problem, but insisted I had to take up 'Lifetime Network Security & IP Security' with them - this costing me around £ 750. They claim to have installed a 'computer monitoring system' that alerts them of hacking and potential Scams, the latter being blocked. Since taking this agreement out 12 months ago, they contact me to warn men that they have had indications of hacking from various parts of the world. The latest Scam being that I require Cyber Insurance to cope with a Network Firewall Proxy - cost £ 500 for 5 years cover, but you will be refunded the cost within 6 months. I have contacted Norton who provide my protection, and they confirm this is a total scam.If you look on TECH PC FIX's web site it says the 'SUPPORT BRANDS - NORTON; Microsoft; McAfee. They give their address as - Empire State Building, 350 5 th. Avenue, New York, NY 10118, USA - Tel +1-800-929-7145, email contact - [email protected] Web address -

They have the Accredited Business logo at the top of their web page.

They use quite tough techniques to convince you have your private files are under threat from a hacker, so be warned

(Note - I reside in the UK, but the format below did not allow me to insert my UK Zip code, so the one below is incorrect)

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