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Scammer's phone 3382753947
Type of a scam Tech Support

Stated there was a problem with my computer. Asked me to do different things to my computer. Said they are from Rockwell, Maryland

Victim Location 60073
Type of a scam Tech Support

I got on the internet tonight to look up firework displays (for the 4th). I got redirected to another web page and a message from Microsoft Edge said that there was a virus on my computer & they would not allow me to continue. It said that I needed to contact the number listed for more information. When I called the number the man I spoke with had me give him access to my computer to view the issue. He proceeded to tell me that my entire network was infected and if I paid them $199 they could fix my problem. The man I spoke with kept interrupting me every time I asked a question or questioned his answers. The phone call turned for the worse once I voiced my frustration with his interruptions. He kept saying that my network was compromised. I asked who was in charge of my network? He said that I was. I then asked if I wanted to get a new network, who would I go to? He wouldn't answer my question, but just kept raising his voice. It seemed to be more of a screaming match than trying to help a customer understand what was happening to her computer. He started swearing at me, telling me I was stupid. He told me to [censored] myself and told me I was a B***. In the midst of this I could see him moving the cursor on my computer, then out of nowhere, my computer screen went black. I asked him what he did and he said my computer was dead. I then said that I believed he did something to make my screen go black. I asked to speak with his supervisor. He refused. He swore at me some more, told me to get off the phone. I then refused. I said I would not get off the phone until he gave me his name, badge/employee id #, name of a supervisor and their contact info. He refused. He then pretended to be a supervisor and asked how he could help. I told him I didn't believe him & that it sounded like the same man I was just speaking to. He then swore at me some more, pushing the number buttons to make noise when I would speak. After several minutes of this back and forth, the man said that he could fix my problem for free. I almost lost it at that point. It started looking more and more like he was trying to worm his way out of this. I told him I wanted him to undo what he did to my computer. He just continued to say, "the computer is dead". I kept asking him for his company's information and he swore at me some more. Finally, he handed the phone to somebody else (you could hear the phone moving) and the person who got on the phone (could be the same man) said his name was "Ather" and the other man was "Harry". He then said "Harry's" badge # was MS1502. I continued to ask the man I was speaking with questions regarding his contact info, he gave me 888-732-1008. My husband called that number while I was on the phone. A woman "Angelee" answered the phone. She was very "aware" of the issues we were having & explained they could take care of the problem for $199. My husband then starting asking her questions about their "business". He asked to speak with "Harry" or "Ather". She would not transfer. Unfortunately I couldn't hear all of what was said because I was still on the phone with some man. The man finally hung up on me. Shortly after that, the female hung up on my husband. He called the number back again and got a "Sarah". She was also aware of our situation & offered their services for $199. My husband (again) said we didn't want that. We wanted them to undo what they had done & give us their company's info. "Sarah" told us after a number of different names & associations said that their company name was Tech Help and they said they were located in North Salem, NY. She would not give a physical address. She then hung up on my husband. He called back a third time and spoke with a man. I do not believe he gave a name (or muffled a name that we couldn't hear). The man AGAIN told my husband that for $199 they could fix our problem. My husband again told them we did not want to pay anything, but wanted them to undo what they had done and to give us the company information we were asking for. The man started swearing at my husband & called him a Mother[censored] over and over (just as I had been called names over and over). All of the people we spoke with sounded like they were holding our computer hostage & unless we gave them the money to fix the "problem" our computer was going to die. While my husband was going back and forth with the man on the phone, I jumped onto the computer to see if there was something I could do to get my computer back to normal. I restarted the computer & hit the task manager & ended task for Microsoft Edge. The window (in attachment) caused Microsoft Edge to freeze up. I continued ending Microsoft Edge in my task manager until all windows were closed. I then opened Microsoft Edge in a new window & have been able to use my computer (as I am currently using it to send this scam report). I have several concerns with this business. The first is that when I originally asked them who they were with, they said Microsoft. Microsoft should be concerned that it's name is being associated with this "business". I was not gullible enough to give them the money they were asking for. However, other might, thinking that if they are associated with Microsoft it must be legit. My second concern is that this was NOT the first time this "company' tried this move on my husband and I. When we first bought our new computer (I am typing from) and installing software, we got a similar message stating that we had a virus and needed to contact this number. When we did contact them, they tried selling us on this same $199 to remove a network virus. We declined the service at that time as well. I reached out to the IT person where I work and they told me that was a scam. I believe he told me that a network virus was NOT possible. I thought I would let it go (as there are so many scammers out there). However, this is my second interaction with them. If they are doing this to me, it is very likely they are doing this to many others (and even successfully). I do NOT believe there is ANY proof that they can or are performing the services that they are claiming to. My third concern is that these people gain access to people's computers. Are THEY the ones who are "accessing/hacking" my personal information? My fourth concern is the manner in which they try to get the consumer to buy their "service". They start off trying to be helpful. If you are NOT compliant & start asking questions, they get rude, cut you off, make you think you are just ignorant to technological things - giving them the edge over you. If you are still not buying into what they are feeding you, they intimidate you. They make you think your computer (as well as ALL of your other electronic devices - because it's a network issue) will die/give access to hackers. In this day and age where we are all so connected to our electronic devices that hold such valuable information, to threaten somebody's ability to their access to or security of that information under false pretenses is more than just fraudulent, it's so very dangerous. I believe that these people are not conducting business in an honorable way. The had opened an investigation and their business refused to reply. They have NO credible information as to being a business. I believe that the needs to do more than just request for them to reply to their inquiry/complaint/report. There MUST be something more the can do. Is this not something that can be sent to the state of New York for further investigation? I cannot believe that simply filing a complaint is all that can be done here. I have NEVER taken something to this level before. I am not usually this kind of person. However, I truly believe the people I spoke to are NOT conducting business in good faith. There must be something that can be done. I would really like to know what further steps will be taken.

Victim Location 31031
Type of a scam Tech Support

Phone call from Rob Watson from Tech Help who said we have several viruses on our computer and he would wait until we turned the computer on for us to see the viruses. My husband questioned him about his location, name and phone number then told him we would contact the to see if he was legit. We ended the call. I suspect this is a scam. We have virus protection on our computer and no viruses have been located. He said he was based in Las Vegas and gave 1-844-567-5237 as his number.

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