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Sutherland Global Services Imposter

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Sutherland Global Services Imposter Reports & Reviews (4)

They hit me up with messages like these claiming they got a job for me:It's my pleasure to extend the following offer of employment to you on behalf of (SUTHERLAND GLOBAL SERVICE). I am Shannon Martin and Your posted Ads has been reviewed by Our Recruiting Team and selected for an online interview / job briefing. Reply back if interested

Hey I received a text message about a join opportunity for working from home until Sutherland Global opens up an location in Jackson, MS. I was told that I had to download google messenger in order to continue with the interview process with a man name Robert Stack. I was told that I will be sent a start up check which was 4,500 and that I had to use the money for office supplies and sent to the vendor in Colorado Springs, CO to an Edeltraud Fernandez. My back told me that this was a scam and put a freeze on my account. The bank has told me that i owe almost 2,300 and they will not be releasing the other funds because it is a scam and that I’m responsible for it. I feel as though i was scam and i shouldn’t pay the money back and that they neef to catch the people who scammed me and make them pay and do big time.

I filled out job applications on and was emailed back that my resume had been approved and then a list of open positions was listed. I was told to make a google hangouts or Skype account. below is the entirety of our conversation GG-2018

Please consider me for the following postions: administrative assistant, office assistant, receptionist, data entry, customer service.

Thank you for your time.

Robert Stack ([email protected])

Good Morning

Sorry! Good morning, how are you today?

Robert Stack ([email protected])

How are you doing today ?

Good thanks, inquiring about the open positions.

Robert Stack ([email protected])

Good thanks

Are you set to commence the interview questionnaire session and company briefings, where you will get to know more about the company and the available position ?

Yes,, I am.

Robert Stack ([email protected])

The interview is a Q & A interview process so it will be done via text on here,Understood?


Robert Stack ([email protected])

Before we proceed I would love to know more about you. That will help to categorize you and how best to interview you.

This is Robert Stack . I'm with Sutherland Global 45 years,The Senior Recruiting Specialist at Sutherland Global. I received my Bachelor of Business Administration degree in computer science from San Diego St University & California State University

Briefly introduce yourself indicating your name, sex and location.

Robert Stack ([email protected])

Here is the company's website ( You are given 7minutes to review the website and get back to me .

I viewed the website.

Robert Stack ([email protected])

The positions Data Entry Clerk,Accounting Clerk,Administrative

Assistant,Personal Assistant,Payroll,Project Managers ,Office Administrative, Medical biller, Bookkeeper,Marketing and Sales,Human Resource Manager,Office Assistant,,Database Administrator,Customer services and IT Jobs.

Which of the above position is your field of specialty ?

I would be beneficial to your company in several different positions. I am qualified and comfortable with several of the above mentioned. I think I would be most beneficial as an administrative assistant or personal assistant.

Robert Stack ([email protected])

How will you like to be addressed by me during the interview sessions ?

Robert Stack ([email protected])


These are the requirements for the Job...

-National ID / Driver's License Card

-Must be fluent in communication and English

-Must have a clear criminal charges

-Must be at least 30wpm average

-Must be 18 years and above

-Are you a U.S. Citizen, Canadian Citizen Green -Card Holder

-Must have a Bank Account

Do you meet all the requirements for these position?

I meet all of the requirements.

Robert Stack ([email protected])

Our headquarters is in London and also have other branches set up in (Califonia, Charlotteville,Dublin, Singapore, Hong Kong, Sydney,Sao Paulo) and also working on a new opening (office setting) in ( Marietta,GA ) .you are been employed online...Once the office is up and running on the 29th of JUNE you will start by working from home till the branch is available or setup, immediately the branch is opened you will be assigned to work over there that's if hired, Understood?

Yes sir, I understand.

Robert Stack ([email protected])


Tracks data and source documents.

Prepares and sorts source documents, and identifies and interprets data to be entered.

Compiles, sorts and verifies data for accuracy.

Contacts responsible parties or clients from other organisation to resolve moderately complex questions, inconsistencies, or missing data. Also perform

Records keeping, keyboarding/data entry and performing a variety of other office tasks account balancing, invoicing recording,proper data analysis of sales records and recording pay slips into accounting database all these will be done through the use of the accounting Software, such as faxing or emailing confidently and positive attitude online from home.

Can you handle these duties effectively if trained?

Yes sir.

Robert Stack ([email protected])

We are going into the interview session now and I advise you should read any question I ask you. After due examination,you are required to send back your answer back to me over here. Be quick with your answers

Your quick and timely response matters a lot in this beneficial position, Okay ?

Im ready.

Robert Stack ([email protected])

1) What inspired you to go into this field?

2) How long have you been seeking a new job ?

3) Are you seeking a part time or full time job?

4) Are you currently employed ?

5) How many hours will you be able to devote to the company daily?

1) I have previous experience in the field and I am very comfortable with doing the tasks related to the position. 2) I have been looking for two week now. 3) I prefer full-time but I would accept part-time work as well. 4) I am not currently employed. 5) I can put in 8-10 hours in a work day.

Robert Stack ([email protected])

6) Do you have a printer, scanner, fax machine and a copier ?

7) What is your highest educational diploma ?

8) When did you receive your highest educational diploma?

9) Do you have an idea of how to use ms excel and do you know your typing speed?

10) What do you understand by petty cash and privacy of code conduct ?

6) I have a printer, scanner, copier, and scan machine. 7&8) I received my Associate's degree in health sciences from *** *** in 2016. 9) I am comfortable with ms excel and my typing is 45wpm last time I did a keyboard test. 10) Petty cash is to be used for change (for customers)/ or to be used for buying things related to work or for the office. Receipts and ledgers should be kept for all expenses used out of petty cash. I also worked in a medical office so I am very aware of keeping confidential information safe, HIPPA compliant, and code conduct is used to set the standard and regulations of the office environment.

Robert Stack ([email protected])

11) Have you ever been interviewed online before by a different company ?

12) Do you have a Verizon ,T mobile or AT&T postpaid account ?

13) What Bank(s) Do you Operate with to see if it tallies with the company's official salary payment account ? NOTE: The company is not asking for your bank information, Just the name of the banks you operate with to know if it tallies.

14) Why do you think this company should hire you ?

11)This is my first official online interview. 12) I have ***. 13)I have a *** *** bank account. 14) I believe that I have a lot to offer this company. I am very organized, fast paced worker but very accurate. I work best under pressure and I do very well juggling very many tasks at the same time. While ensuring each task is done efficiently and effectively. I am a quick learner and I usually can figure things out on my own. However, I am very comfortable asking for help, if needed. I am a great team player but I also work effectively alone as well.

Robert Stack ([email protected])

If being hired into this organization by me, you would be paid Bi-Weekly. what means of payment would you prefer Direct deposit or Wire Transfer

Direct Deposit should be fine. I am very much looking forward to the opportunity to be apart of such an awesome and long standing company.

Robert Stack ([email protected])

I appreciate your level of sincerity towards me and the company as a whole, I really hope the company can depend on you that much. You have performed quite impressively ??

I appreciate your level of sincerity towards me and the company as a whole, I really hope the company can depend on you that much. You have performed quite impressively ??

I am very reliable, and if given this opportunity, I will be able to prove that to you through my work ethic.

Robert Stack ([email protected])

I need you to hold back on online, while I go through your answers to my question and discuss with the rest of the recruiting team.

i understand, Ill be on standby should you need me again. Thank you for your time Mr. Stack

9:17 AM

Robert Stack ([email protected])

Hello ***, I'm back. Are we still connected ?

yes sir, I am still here.

Robert Stack ([email protected])

Your employee code has been verified and activated.

Congratulations after due consideration the human resources department of Sutherland Global have decided to give you a chance to work for this organization. We look forward to you putting your best while working with us , your diligence , charisma and commitment to this job . Welcome Aboard to Sutherland Global.

You have been hired as a Administrative Assistant

Thank you. I look forward to working with this company!

Are there any steps I need to take to prepare for June 29th?

Robert Stack ([email protected])

Yes as we proceed you will get to know more

You will work Mon-Friday 8am-4pm and paid $30 per hour, is that okay with you ?

That sounds good.

Robert Stack ([email protected])

BENEFITS : Sutherland Global has significant experience in providing accounting and auditing services to established: Pension, profit sharing and health and welfare plans. Benefits for eligible worker include: excellent benefits and supplemental compensation including Medical, Dental & Vision Insurance, Life and Long-Term Disability Insurance, Paid Time Off, Tax-Deferred Annuity 403 ( b ) 401 ( k ) , Tuition Assistance, Comprehensive In-House Training Program, Employee Assistance Program, Relocation Allowance (for some positions), Sign-On Bonus is $150

You would be eligible to Benefits after 1months of working with the company.

OK, I understand.

Robert Stack ([email protected])

You will be getting your paper work a HR document during your orientation and training from your supervisor,you are to fill,sign and send back to us. That would include your W2 paper work,your medical and security clearance form, also we take out taxes, You will receive your duties everyday via email and your supervisor will be attached to you online to assist you with any difficulties. Okay.?

Yes sir.

Will my supervisor be contacting me directly or should I reach out to him/her?

Robert Stack ([email protected])

I need you to provide me with the following: Your

Full Name :

Address(PO box not valid) :

City :

State :


Phone numbers :

Gmail and other emails :

To enable my secretary enlist them into the Company's Register for proper documentation.

He would reach out to you

Ok, i will be on the lookout for an email/phone call.

Robert Stack ([email protected])

I will need you to hold online while i forward your information for documentation.

yes sir

Robert Stack ([email protected])

Documentation has been completed. Your employee profile has been created and your login to the database established. You will be provided that during training. May we proceed further ?

yes please

Robert Stack ([email protected])

You will need some Data entry/Accounting software to commence your training and orientation and also you need the software to get started with work since you are working from home.

BS 1 Accounting software ,myob business essentials software 2005,For Peach Tree premium 2010 US Patent Single Users Pack, simply accounting 2009,Adobe Photoshop 52011,Adobe Acrobat 8 2012,Ariba 8 2012ASP 32007,CSS 6 2012,Dreamweaver 7 2011,HTML 11 2011,Illustrator 3 2009,Microsoft Access 8 2011,Microsoft Excel 8 2011,Microsoft Word 11 2011,MySQL 5 2011,PHP 5 2011,UNIX 2 2005,Windows 7 1 2011,Windows XP 8 2011,XML 5 2007,Vendor Management 7 2012,MacBook Pro, the model with a 13-in. screen,packed a 2.7 boosts up to 3.2gnz Core i5 processor,includes a 1.4GHz chip.

Are you familiar with the above listed software programs ?

Unfortunately, I am not familiar with it.

Robert Stack ([email protected])

You will get started with work ASAP. The Company will be handling the cost to all of your working materials and other home equipment (software, electronic devices and wooden materials). You will need to set up a mini office to enable you handle this job effectively, so therefore, the Company's accountant will mail you a Check that will handle the cost. They will have it sent to the address you have just provided so I suppose the name you provided is same on your bank info.

yes it is.

Robert Stack ([email protected])

You will receive a Check mailed to your home address via FedEx or any mailing process and once you get the package (Check) you are to get the Check deposited into your bank account.

Once the funds are made available in your account you'll receive an alert. Notify me once the funds are made available and I'll provide you further instructions on how to make the purchase for your working materials and software programs, Okay.

ok I understand.

Robert Stack ([email protected])

I'll be here to provide you with further instructions on how to send payments to vendor's agent in regards to acquiring your working equipment and software programs... Understood ?

I just have to ask to make sure this is indeed a real job opportunity and not a waste of both of our times. I just checked on for your business and scam popped up. If this is the case please refrain from contacting me further.

Robert Stack ([email protected])

Thats absurd

This would have been the third person to try this. I had to ask to protect myself.

Robert Stack ([email protected])

No no no we don't run petty scams

Robert Stack ([email protected])

oh but you do. please do not contact me again. i will also be reporting this to BBB-

2 mins

- Plano, TX, USA

I was contacted over LinkedIn by Rebecca and offered a job with SutherLand Global Services. Upon receiving a check from them to purchase equipment to start the job from home, I found out the check bounced. They requested I open a pay card account with Wells Fargo so they can DD the money and the information they requested was my online log on information, PIN number and other information except for a routing number or account number.

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