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Support Buddy Reports & Reviews (8)

2 years ago I had problems with Windows, and called to get help and ended up talking to someone with Support Buddy. For approx 200.00, they remoted in and "fixed" the problem. I have had no contact with them since. I started getting a robocall that said unless I contacted them within 24 hours, they were going to charge my credit card almost 800.00 for a 5 year service agreement. When I called and spoke to an East Asian descended person, I was told that I had to go to some other site, get into their system to download a form. I told them I was not going to do that. Then they said I could go buy an Itunes gift card for $100.00, come back, call them and give them the card number and then they would credit the card which I could then take back to the grocery store and have it turned into cash. I called them back, told them I was not going to do that, they did not have permission to charge my credit card and that I wanted them to send me the form to sign. They hung up on me.

- Fort Collins, CO, USA

This happened last December 2017 and my husband never reported it so I will. He had used Support Buddy for a couple of years much to my dismay. He would give them total control of his laptop while they claimed to "clean it' from viruses. In August of last year, they talked him into a one year service contract for $750. He paid it then finally did not feel good about them and asked for refund. A few days later someone called and convinced him to log into his bank account while they had control of his laptop (! I KNOW, REALLY?? What was he doing??) They then proceeded to access two credit cards that he had no balance on, from two of his business accounts, then they transferred $5000 from EACH card into his personal bank account. They then told him that they had refunded him $500, but made a mistake and had refunded him $10,000. They told him they needed the $9500.00 for him to go to his bank and have the bank wire it to them!! Fortunately, he called me on the way to the bank and I stopped him before he did this. He went to the fraud department of the bank and they closed all his accounts and prevented the theft. But these jerks did not stop there. For the next month they called him several times a day from many different numbers (never the same number) and threatened to call the police if he would not refund 'their' money.

They said they could help clear my computer. They told me to download the software from the site. They took over my computer and tried to make me log into my bank account.

- Rising Sun, IN, USA

this all started about 4 or 5 months ago: had clicked on 1 of my friends posts, a message came across the screen, said Microsoft had locked my computer & I needed to call a # to get it unlocked, so called the #, some foreign speaking man said they were from a company called Support Buddy & was gonna cost me $299.00 to get my computer unlocked, I was very upset, but had to do it to get back on my computer. first thing the next morning, I called my bank & explained the situation to get that payment stopped, in which the bank was able to do & I filed a complaint against this Support Buddy Co. then I started getting calls on my cell from them trying to give my money back to me, kept telling them I had reported them & that they never got any monies from me, finally after a couple weeks of them calling & I quit answering, the calls stopped. now I'm getting calls from these same people, with a different co. name telling me they had installed some malicious malware into my computer & they want access to my computer to remove it. told them to please leave me alone, that I was reporting them if the calls don't stop, this was 2/22/17, received 5 calls from them 2/23/17 leaving me 5 voice mails. I'm not sure who these people are but it's very harassing & annoying. Thank you very much!

- Benton Harbor, MI, USA

Pop-up appeared while I was online. This blocked access to any other window or internet and had a voice recording that looped, "Your account information, credit card information and personal information are being downloaded now. Call Microsoft Security Support immediately, do not close this window or you will lose vital information." The pop-up included a Microsoft logo and web address was I could not close it or shut it off and phoned the number. Call was answered and I said, "Who do you work for?" They answered, "Microsoft Security." He proceded to ask what the issue was and then directed me to do a specific set of actions and then type in a specific string of characters. This enabled the "technician" to gain remote access to my computer, "So I can fix the problem." He then clicked quickly through several screens and wanted advance payment of $499.99 in order to "complete" the repairs. I challenged him saying, "This sounds like a scam, don't you fix the problem first?" He replied, "No that's not how it works. First you provide payment and then we fix your computer. You will be thanking me. You need to take care of this right away before any more information is transferred." My firewal threw up a notice screen that it had detected a phishing attempt and this caused the "technician" to put me on hold. Then a different person came on the phone and requested my credit card information, so they could un-block my computer. He assured me this would be a 1 year computer support program and would cover this and any future problems I may have. This is when they started caling the program "Support Buddy." I used a separate phone (my cell) to look up the name and realized it was a scam and hung up. However, they have called me everyday, twice a day sometimes still trying to get me to engage, saying, "We provided support services and you owe money.". They call from multiple numbers and I have repeatedly told them to take me off their call list, that they are a scam and provided no services to me and will never get a dime from me. I have since changed passwords on everything and re-opened our credit account under a different number in case sensitive info was downloaded.

- Valparaiso, IN, USA

A pop-up appeared on my computer that froze everything. Then I had to pay $179.99 to get it "fixed"

They get access to your computer and lock it up so nothing will work and flash their customer support number on the screen. Then they charge you large amounts of money for their software and embed it into your computer and suck out all of the passwords and information.

- Bozeman, MT, USA

So today, an alert popped up on my computer and told me to call a number to fix a virus problem on my computer..I complied and called them and gave them access to my computer and paid $180 to them to fix my problem (regretfully). The thing is is that my computer is actually running better, but I've consulted friends and the Internet for similar problems and most people complain about getting calls, not making calls..I just don't know what to do

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