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After finding their website and exchanging information such as name
Address location for delivery via airport and even employment info I was sent a video of “Alice” the Bichon Frise puppy my family was interested in purchasing/adopting seemed very realistic and authentic puppy breeders to do business with, they have it all down to a science with their scam, they send a invoice which was sent to my junk box because even Google knows they are frauds with a request to make payment thru Cashapp, which was a major red flag, most people that are legit will have you pay thru a secure method, either PayPal or they directly have a square account or something like that, they also demanded payment in full,
Which also is a No No usually you pay a deposit and shipping fee and then upon arrival you complete the payment with the Breeder, Linda & Steve are the same names they used
And after a discussion with my wife
We decided to do a little research on their names and stumbled upon a website associated with these individuals and it stated that they are in fact scamming people and it was so obvious it was them they are using the same pictures, same puppies, same format at Supere Bichon we then knew this was a complete sham. How pitiful to be such human beings that are scamming people like this. They claimed they are from Georgia & so we contacted the state sheriff’s department as well as a friend of the FBI to report these frauds.

• Aug 01, 2020

The same thing happened to me, did you guys go through cash app? They got me for $1,550, I filed the dispute through cash app... what did you guys do & did you get your money back?

• Aug 01, 2020

Hi, please contact me, I had the same thing happen today. My email is [email protected]

I also reached out to this people and all communications were either text or email. I was bit doubtful when they said shipping cost is $100 from GA to PA. So I did some research on Google and thankfully I came across many sites including this one which saved my money. That site is still up and I am not sure how can we stop them doing this business so that no one would fall in their trap again.

Victim Location 70121
Total money lost $800
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was searching on line for a bichon frise puppy/dog after having no success at the local shelters. Supere Bichons displayed several male and female 10mo puppies available at less than 1/2 the cost of other breeders. The owner description, Linda and Kevin Steve, were more interested in finding a loving home for these pups rather than receiving larger sum of money. The photos displayed along with the video sent to me were very heart warming. Truly professionals these low life [censored] individuals. I'll admit, being desperate for another bichon having lost mine last month affected my sensibility in not seeing a few red flags prior to forwarding $800 via Cash App. The following day when my female bichon frise (named Kallie) was to be shipped I received an email from Trans Live Courier, obviously connected with these thieves, stating the crate used for shipment was rejected. Fortunately, they would be able to provide the required "Heat/Air Conditioned Pet Travel Crates" for $1200 - $1960 depending on crate selected and fee would be refunded upon delivery to your home. I should add here that airport pickup was not an option. At this point I knew that I had been scammed. My heart and wallet was broken. Messages between myself and Kevin Steve at this point had become ugly. Times are tough enough now but to have to go through something like this has been devastating. This all took place from July 17 thru July 19, 2020. I hope this website is removed and these thieves caught and prosecuted.

I can't BELIEVE I fell for this! Having recently lost my 10yo Bichon Frise to cancer I began the search for another. I checked the local shelters first, followed by different websites and organizations. I was surprised at how scarce they are. Stumbled upon Supere Bichons website which appeared legit with positive testimonials along with a warm and loving description of the owners, Linda and Kevin Steve. Long story short - I'm out $800. I should have seen the signs of fraud on the back and forth communications between "Kevin" and myself but I was so desperate for a bichon puppy (named Kallie). The topper of all of this was the email I received the day of "Kallie's" arrival stating that there was crate fee involved as the one provided for shipment was insufficient. Charges were from $1200 - $1960 depending on type selected. Of course this would be refundable upon Kallie's delivery and charges reversed. RED FLAG! I knew I had been had.

Victim Location 06052
Total money lost $1,400
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I when to because I was looking to purchase a puppy and they a cute ones and everything look legitimate so i send a message in there website and they got back to me they answered all my questions and the charge me 800 dollars for they puppy named Kallie and delivery to my home. I paid them to a bank transfer then the nect day i got a confirmation that the puppy was received by the transportation company that by the way is the same people trying to steal more money from you they told that because of covid19 regulations now the puppies needed an air conditioning crate that i would have to pay 1,200 dollar that would be 100% refundable one the take the crate back. I told them i didn't have all the money and he told me that he would pay 600 dollar to the transportation company and for me to transfer the rest and that one i get the refund to pay him back the 600 dollars then it was time for the delivery and they never show because he said that he needed his 600 dollars before i can receive the puppy then i got suspicious and started researching and i found out that they have been doing this to many people so i didn't send him any more money and that's when he said that because now the delivery had to be postpone now i had to pay 1,490 dollar for insurance and of course i didn't pay them anything else. I texted them asking them for the money back that i knew that this is a scam and they said that they were sorry and that they were trying to make amends but i never got my $1,400 dollars back.

Pretends to sell Bichon Frise and ask about your environment and if you will take care of the dog and other questions then you would make a deposit for 500$ to hold the dog and 200$ when you pick the dog up then when it comes time to pick up the dog they push back the date you guys agreed on then says you have to give the 200$ before they give you the dog then when I asked for a refund doesn’t contact anymore

Victim Location 90802
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was looking for a bichon frise puppy and came across their website of, I contacted them inquiring for one of the puppy via email, after going back and forth with them via email, asking about the puppy and video clips, we want to speak with them, they give us a number of 229-280-1506 but they said "text only"

something sounds not right we are rush to send them fund - their phone number is showing atlanta georgia but this is more like overseas

since anyone can get free number this day.

We decide to search for this seller even further and found:

*they were listed on as a scammer, with the same homepage and everything but with different business name.

*you can notice that they are a scammer by finding so many spelling errors on their website content

*they call you by "sir" regardless of your gender

*The website name on the heading is not the same as what's listed on bottom next to copyright

*Their website was built last month

*on payment instruction, they asked us to send money via zelle: [email protected]

sound like they also run a adult porno site.

they also listed the name of Timoh Kelvin - we look it up on social media - the person showing is not the same as the one showing on their website

*we notice at the end they are chasing and pushing for the fund and said we can send the puppy the next day.

*They also said we can send them fund via paypal under email: [email protected]

*They insist asking for our home address for delivery rather than us picking up at the airport...

*They go by the name of pet by Linda & Kevin Steve {what kind of a name is kevin steve)

*We checked them further and found that they are part of nigerian scammer.

*I can listed more stuff that I find but if scammer read it, it will perfect their ways and website to scam more people

Please be careful out there, never send money in advance.

I'm looking into away so that the authority can take down their website.

Having been scammed out of $800 I am interested in if you have had any success in the taking down of their website. I suspect another would just be created and the scam continue. Were you out of any $ or were you wise enough to catch this early. I want to take steps to prevent this from happening to others but I really don't know where to begin.

I almost fell for a puppy but once they started asking questions as you said and yet NOT answering mine I became very skeptical. Plus the fee for the puppy and flight was WAY below actual cost. A too good to be true situation. And usually it is. I would like to help in bringing them to justice. If they do indeed have bichons, their simply being used for profit and that breaks my heart. We’ve been looking for another Bichon over a year. Guess the search continues.

Scammer's phone 7205072856
Scammer's website Https://
Scammer's address Atlanta GA
Scammer's email [email protected]
Country United States
Type of a scam Online Purchase
Initial means of contact Website

Pretends to Sale Bichon Frise. Takes cash through any cash app and works with they give you fake tracking number then keep saying there is issues with crate, insurance, et a l and keep demanding more money to send dog. Even threatening if you don't pay you can be prosecuted. They denied me my money back when I figured then out and hung up on me when I called and complained.

Victim Location 94568
Type of a scam Online Purchase

reached to this site after search on google, site looks very professional, asks money in advance, even to see first. did not agree to meet in person without paying in advance which raises concerns.

sends this type of detailed email -

Thanks for your interest in Hunter 10 WEEKS old,AKC registered , micro chipped . We are located in Atlanta GA , potty trained and house broken , current on all shots , such an awesome pet , obedience , loves to cuddle,. The price is 700 usd and 100 usd for shipping .More important for us than money is the care you offer to him. Read carefully and please try to answer our questions below because it will determine if you will get the puppy or not.

Socialized Puppies.

He is well-socialized with other dogs, cats & PUPPYs & play with people of all ages from kids to old people.

Follow up.

You will not find healthy or sociable puppies than these anywhere guaranteed.

When you get a puppy from us, your contact with us does not stop there.

We'll be available to you to answer any questions, as long as you need us, prior, during & after the adoption.

Lovely Puppies.

Our puppies are played with regularly by kids, other dogs, casts, men & women.

Each puppy come with 100% health guarantee & refund guarantee.

Once payment for a puppy is received, that puppy is removed from our website for holding & is not offered to another buyer.

Are you a breeder?

Are you use to this breed?

Do you have kids?

What is your occupation?

Give me a Brief Description about your Environment ?

Are you sure that you are going to take care of our puppies?

Were exactly are you located?

How soon do you need him?

the sire and dam have their hips certified with a rating of excellent by OFA

(Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) and eyes certified by CERF (Canine Eye Registry Foundation) to insure they are free of those genetic diseases

they have OFA or CERF documentation

Kind Regards

Kevin steven

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Address: 1324 Westboro Dr SW, Atlanta, GA 30310



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