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Student Loan

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Student Loan Reports & Reviews (22)

• Aug 04, 2021

Victim Location 62832
Type of a scam Phishing

My daughter got called about her loans. They somehow got my number and now they won't quit calling me.

Victim Location 37645
Type of a scam Other

This number and individual who left the number on my voicemail has called numerous people and has been reported numerous times. I've been receiving calls from various numbers by someone named "Melissa Spence", saying she's "calling in reference to my student loans and need to discuss your payment options with you." She gives her agent ID as 0136 and says "while it's urgent that you contact us, I will extend your deadline until Friday." She then gives me a reference number that apparently belongs to everyone else she calls, 25342. I haven't called when she's left me voicemails but those who have, based on sites with accounts of scam calls, say that her and her associates ask for immediate payments to enter into student loan forgiveness status.

Victim Location 43206
Type of a scam Government Grant

A man called to say I was approved for a student loan.

Victim Location 65240
Type of a scam Phishing

They keep calling trying to get my personal information and when I don't give it they hang up. When I call back they have a different hold message and the person hangs up when I try to talk to them about details. Also they won't stop calling and use my ex-husbands name as well even though we are not and Ave never used same number.

Victim Location 76354
Type of a scam Phishing

A caller says her name is Allyson and tells my 84 year old friend that her student loan is past due and to return the call at 866-605-0502 and use case number 5506. She has never had a student loan. The call comes weekly but my friend does not answer soo this is a message. I have told her to ignore it but I am sure it is a senior scam!

Victim Location 50131
Type of a scam Identity Theft

I have received multiple calls from this number in regards to paying off student loans that I DON"T have. The voicemail is this, " Hello this is Amy Newman, I'm calling in reference to your federal student loan, um, I need to discuss your repayment options so if you could be sure to give me a call back my number is 866-614-3443 and I'm gonna go ahead and give your reference number if you would please refer to that when you call back that'll make things a lot easier, your number is ######, thank you."

Victim Location 11216
Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

Received a text message that read "I didn't receive your docs for student loan debt forgiveness. Call us back at 330-789-4896 or we will terminate your claim." This number is not associated with my loan officer, and it is a scam.

Victim Location 76903
Type of a scam Other

I've been receiving phones call claiming to be about a student load that I'm supposed to have. When I select the options I provide I get someone on the opposite end, but when I inform them that I don't have any student loan debt, they immediately hang up on me without so much as a "sorry we called by mistake" or any other considerate words! They just hang up. I've tried several times to tell them I don't have a student load outstanding, and they always hang up on me when I inform them of my situation! I'm very suspicious of their behavior! Why would someone call in regards to a student load and when you try to speak with them, they hang up on you! Yet, they continue to call, over and over again! I have two phone numbers I've received calls on: 325-277-9085 and 224-258-1740, but each time they call the number is different and so is the voice at the other end! Could be they are voice printing individuals for a government database of voices, you might say! Anyway, that's all I have to say on this matter! Have a nice day, if you please!

Victim Location 06770
Type of a scam Phishing

I keep being called concerning my request for a college loan and to give my SS details

Victim Location 63129
Type of a scam Other

Call over and over to the point of harassment offering help with a student loan. I try to block the calls but they change numbers frequently. I just want the calls to stop.

Victim Location 30043
Type of a scam Phishing

A call said I had 24 hours to respond or would not be eligible for student loan forgiveness. Was asked to press “2” to speak to someone. Person on the line spoke broken English and there was a lot of noise in the background like they were at a restaraunt. I asked for a call back number and insisted I could not talk. They promptly hung up on me.

Victim Location 72034
Type of a scam Phishing

It's a recording saying her name is Emily and tells you that you may qualify for a student loan. Found out that they are doing what you call spoofing where they take peoples numbers and use them to call. It's a scam.

Victim Location 79924
Type of a scam Government Grant

I got a phone call saying I could get approve for student loan forgiveness. I gave them my federal student aid information. Thinking it was them calling me because I got an email about my password from them, the scammer Reset it and needed the code that was sent to me. I gave it to them, they got all my information. But then he asked me for my bank information, I told the scammer if they could call me back at 2 because I was going to start driving and they never called me back. So I got another phone call from a different number about student loan forgiveness and I told them if it was them that called me yesterday? The guy on the phone handed up on me, every time I tried calling it would hang up.

Victim Location 55105
Type of a scam Other

I rec'd a call today from a Deborah Reynolds. she was calling in reference to a federal student loan. I needed to call her back to make repayment options and that it was imperative I call her by Friday evening at 855-629-6278 w reference number 7050.

I don't have any student loan anymore. they were paid around 2005.

I attempted to call the 855 number and its not in service. the initial phone number 281 is busy.

please follow up on this as im so tired of getting these calls fr5om unknown solicitors.

thank you.

Victim Location 49418
Type of a scam Other

How can I stop all those telephone calls. I never had a student loan

Victim Location 78729
Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

call all the time even when you ask to be removed. SCAM. They just say can help with all your student loan debt. They call from hundreds of different numbers and I ask to be removed, and they still keep calling. At least 3 a day for the last several weeks.

Victim Location 16512
Type of a scam Phishing

We have found a solution for your student loans. Transfers you to someone's line says they will look up his student loans. He has none. 

Victim Location 34482
Type of a scam Debt Collections

I could not hear the message very well, but it sounded like a threat from Casandra at the Student Loan Health or Help Department. 949-416-5129.

I Have never had a student loan, and have not received any paperwork from this bogus company.

Victim Location 75462
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

student loan they are routing there number through araizona texas and othere locations that show up on your phone. last call keeps coming through Rome NY.

Victim Location 54868
Type of a scam Government Grant

This was a pre recorded call. They gave the number and said call now. Donald Trump is going to repeal student loan forgiveness. If you still want your student loan forgiven, call this number. I called and they answered. They refused to give an address or supervisor information.

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