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Student Loan Forgiveness

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Student Loan Forgiveness Reports & Reviews (59)

- Charlotte, NC, USA • Oct 17, 2023

They stated they would file documents for me for my student loans to be forgiven. They went through a list of questions as well and said I qualified. They asked me to pay $900 in full or 3 payments of $366.00. They charged the first payment on the phone and said the others would be automatic.

- Portland, OR, USA • Oct 10, 2023

For nearly two months now I have been getting calls from many different eastern states from a suppose business simply called "Student Loan Forgiveness". They claimed they were an independent department, and they would tell me I was pre approved for either some or all my student loan debts to be forgiven. After telling me this, they would then ask for information such as my name or email. This was a major red flag for me. I asked what information they actually have on me, and even said if you know all this about me, what's my name? They could never answer and sometimes would hang up. Each time they would call it's from a different state and a different number. The one shared is the latest one. I've blocked many numbers, but they always have a new one. One time I called the number out of curiosity and the one who answered only said, "hello". When I said I had a call from them, they went into business mode and said the usual script I had been getting. I'm hoping this ends soon as this is now basically harassment as they call nearly two times a day during the week.

Hi, we never received the signed documents for your forgiveness program. Are you still needing this? Call us back before 6pm PST at 209-697-6935

I received this text message and I called the number and a man named Noah Keith ext. 133 answered and said my student loan forgiveness had been denied and they needed all of my personal information, which I did not give.

Person called about student loan that I dont have nor do I want.

Impersonating student loan forgiveness program. they ask questions to see if you qualify for the program, and then transfer you to the case manager. The case manager will ask for log in information to "find out" how much money you still owe. I refused to give that information, so I was told they couldn't help me anymore.

These people call me repetitively they leave messages on my answering machine I've asked them to quit calling me back and they will not quit calling me saying that they are student loan forgiveness all of them speak in an Asian voice and will not respect my wishes to do not call!


These people are true scammers and good at it. They call people like myself who truly need assistance with student loan forgiveness, somehow knew my FAFSA account info, made me believe they work in conjunction with applying people for the loan forgiveness program, talk fast, talk all kinds of numbers and figures to tell you what you’re going go save, and all you have to do is give them a couple biweekly payments and then when it’s time for loan forgiveness application process, they do it all for you and you don’t have to do anything. In the meantime because I believed in them, gave them personal info, payroll statements, money, they have so much personal info. Now I find out they enrolled me into another loan consolidation program which they told me not reach out to, which I went against their advice and I contacted the other company to find out I was scammed. But that’s ok, this company and the scammers who are really good at scamming will get theirs in the end. Taking advantage of those who work hard to get the loan forgiveness, and they think they can take money from us? It will stop! One of these days, until then I believe they will keep taking money from those who need, and will change their name and number until one day it catches up. These people with this so called company will be stopped.

They left a voicemail about federal loan forgiveness which I applied for with FSA. The man did a credit check and wanted me to make payments to them versus the federal government and they would discharge my loans.

VM transcript said:

"Hello, please listen to this important voicemail. Today is Friday, September 16. This is a message from the Tennessee student loans center. Our records indicate you are eligible for a $10,000 removal on your account. Please give our Tennessee office a call at 629-220-0167 again that number is 629-220-0167. Thank you..."

I got a voicemail from a no caller ID that gave me a 800 number to call for more information about my student loans and the government’s plan to forgive it. When I called the number they asked for how much money I had in student loans, my name, birthday, address, email, phone number and when they asked for my SSN I said I wasn’t comfortable giving that out and asked if there was a form I could fill out through the mail or online and they hung up on me

Fake loane forgiveness phasing for personal info. Text sent to me by text messaging:

Hi Antonio, could you call us back @ 877-438-1199 about your previous submission for forgiveness assistance. We close at 8 pm EST.

Student loan forgiveness

I have received several voice mail messages regarding student loan forgiveness. I don't have any student loans. I haven't been to school in thirty years. I called the number back. 800-428-3718. I reached a recorded message. If my loan was a certain amount of money press a number. I pressed a number to speak with someone. Nobody came on the line and it would not let me leave a message. The call disconnected. I have an additional phone number of 866-329-1354. Callers name was Carl Avery.

- Pierceton, IN, USA

Student loan forgiveness,



Ext. 209

I messaged the US Fed Education and they told me they would never ask for money up front. This student loan forgiveness is the only name they gave me but now has my info minus my credit card number.

- Marion, IN, USA

The call was to for student loan help for department of education student loans with all servicers, like navient. Seemed very official.

Natalie with the Student Loan Forgiveness Program asking you to call back as she is following up to ensure they have your information in order to qualify and register your account under the new program that will close soon. Caller ID registers the phone number from a 202 area code. meanwhile leaving the 855-565-1700 as the call back number.

- Baton Rouge, LA, USA

I was called and told that I was pre-selected in and prequalified for the student loan forgiveness program.

I was contacted by phone someone named Christin Bette saying she was calling about student dept. forgiveness. We contacted the Edfinancial Services U.S. Department of Education and they advised it was in fact a scam. Luckily we did not give any information, they asked for social security number but we refused to give it to them. They stopped short of asking for a fee because we refused to give a social security number.

Once we contacted the Edfinacial services they said it was a scam, fortunately we hung up before giving any information to them.

Called my cell phone that I use for personal and business reasons and said I can have student loan forgiveness however, I don't have any student loans.

- Englewood, CO, USA

The voice message is as follows:

"Hi this is Megan, I'm calling with Student Loan relief. You can reach me at (501)274-0454. I'm just actually reaching out to you regarding your federal student loan balance. I've got some good news for you! You've been pre-qualified for the student loan forgiveness program, however it's really important that we speak to you as soon as possible before these programs change. So, again I'm gonna give you my number it's (501)274-0454 and I hope to hear back from you soon, and have a great day."

The first time I received this voicemail, I called they number and told them the university I attended. They asked for specific amounts that I owed in loans, and after telling them I didn't know we were disconnected.

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