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Student loan forgiveness program

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Student loan forgiveness program Reports & Reviews (13)

Name, ID and phone numbers vary, but it’s the same script each time.

“Hi it's Courtney Baker my agent ID is 5844 and my phone number is 888-597-9277 um I was calling to let you know that your student aid has qualified for the forgiveness program we may be able to grant you a partial or a full forgiveness package but I'm just so you know this program has limited openings and a first come first serve basis so call back soon to finalize the details and again my phone number is 888-597-9277 you can talk to me or any other reps to finalize your file thank you to be added to our do not call list call 888-484-0540…”

- Indianapolis, IN, USA

I was left a message to return a call from a Student Loan Debt relief program. Upon returning said message, I was continued to be hung up on by 12 individuals after requesting to speak with a supervisor. All 12 individuals hung up on me mid sentence and I was unable to reach a supervisor leading me to believe this is a scam. I have no student debt to consolidate and I was trying to convey this to the appropriate person.

- Van Nuys, CA, USA

I've got a student loan of $3K is a fact but I've never given any information to anyone about this. I keep getting calls to have my student loan forgiven. When you call them back and asked to be removed from the list they stop talking and don't acknowledged your request.

- Toledo, OH, USA

They called me several times about student debt or student loans telling me that they can connect me to government programs to reduce my loan or to forgive my student loans altogether. The person on the other end had an Indian accent and then they switched me to another person who had an American accent. Didn't tell me who they were except for they were a student loan debt relief program. They knew my maiden name but not how much my loans were for or who the loans were through. The asked me about my loans and how much they were, what my income was and told me that I had to pay $200 a month for an undetermined number of months in order to even qualify for the government assistant program. After the initial $200 for an undetermined amount of months was paid they would then in enroll me in the government assistant program in which my then balance per month would be $0. I feel like this is a scam because most government programs do not have any costs associated with them for people who are disabled or on low income. Any agency asking for money to even enroll in a government program seems strange to me.

- Liberty, KY, USA

They call from a local number and it is always the same person calling. Her name is "Emily" from the Student Loan Forgiveness Program wanting to tell you all about the program. There are no student loan forgiveness programs! I have been called and called and called. I tell them not to call me and sound angry then they hang up but an hour later they are calling back. Something should be done to stop them but they change the number they call from so you don't know who to block. If you ask them the company they represent they will tell you very clearly

Student Loan Forgiveness Program. They need to be stopped doing whatever they are doing because they are driving me crazy ring my phone every hour! I don't know if they want money but I think they probably are doing something for a fee. They have been calling me for a long long long time. I let them talk once and tried the nice approach to get them to stop and leave me alone. That did not work either.

I get 1-3 calls a day from (205) 533-xxxx regarding student loan forgiveness programs. I block the call and get another one with a different extension. I am reporting all of these to the National Do Not Call Registry, but to no avail.



















and those are just since 4/1/18.

They acted like they where from a student loan forgiveness program and

- Cave Junction, OR, USA

"Allen" or "Alex" the "Enrollment Director" of the "Student Loan Forgiveness Program" called from 657-234-7283 and left a voicemail message on my personal cell phone stating he wanted to help me enroll in the Student Loan Forgiveness Program, even though I have never indicated this on my student loan account. He said he was concerned about getting me enrolled by tomorrow, especially in consideration of how the "healthcare reform" affects the loan forgiveness program. He left the phone number 657-205-6955 and used the words "manipulating" "upset" "as I'm sure you are" and sounded reassuring in wanting to help and that he would walk me through all I had done online through the portal already and that "it will all make sense in the first 10-15 minutes."

This scammer may be attempting to take money, but did not indicate this in the voicemail message. I did not call back.

- Youngsville, NC, USA

Everyday for the past week, I get multiple calls from different numbers advertising a government program for student loan forgiveness - up to six times per day. These are all local numbers (919) and display local areas each time but never the same number twice - no way to block the calls! I am a local business so I need to answer my phone, particularly when it is a local number calling. The phone numbers listed above are all from today - the local areas displayed are Cary, Fuquay Varina, Hillsborough and Durham. It also says that I have called them previously to inquire about student debt, which I am sure is part of the scam (I should be on a DO NOT CALL list). I have never called anyone to discuss student debt.

Caller called me this morning asking for personal info, like full name d.o.b, when she asked for my ss# I told her I do not disclose that info, She was telling me that she can drop my student loan balance and without my ss# she can't, so I said how do I know if this is real, so she said check the, when I asked her to check what, she said it so I couldn't hear the end part, then she hung up,I tried calling the 475-5518 back it keep being busy,beware of this scam for your info.

- Staten Island, NY, USA

I received a scam call from so-called "Student Loan forgiveness program". The scammers made a mistake and called from real phone number in India, which was captured on my phone. +91 71921931.

Caller had heavy Indian accent and wanted an advanced fee to cover my student loan. After confronting him that he is the scammer he started cursing at me and hung up.

- Bronx, NY, USA

I received a phone call from the number above and the caller claimed to be from a student loan forgiveness program.being that i just had an issue two days earlier concerning my student loan, i thought maybe my name was referred to this program. So the man on the phone asked if i had any student loans i said yes and then he asked if i was enrolled in school right now, to which i replied no. Then the caller replied ok thats great let me transfer you to a representative who can further assist you i just need you to confirm your first name, in which i complied and then he requested i confirm my last name to which i complied then he said he was going to transfer me and then he hung up the phone.

- Oceanside, CA, USA

I answered the call to an automated message stating that I may qualify for the student loan forgiveness program instilled by Barack Obama, so I pressed "1" to be connected to an operator. He took my name, a few pieces of information (annual income, household size), and determined "through the department of education" that I qualified for the student loan forgiveness program. He told me that essentially after 240 months of paying $0 payments, my loans would be forgiven. Then he stated that all I would need to do is make 4 payments of $199 for the first four months, and then I wouldn't have to pay any monthly payments after that. I asked if these 4 payments of $199 would be made directly online through the Great Lakes borrowing services portal, or if I would be making $199 payments to his company. He said that I would pay them $199 four times, and then they would assist me with my student loan forgiveness. I immediately hung up the phone.

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