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Student Loan Advisory

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Student Loan Advisory Reports & Reviews (14)

- Louisville, KY, USA

This business stated that they are with the Department of Education and were working under the Federal Loan Advocacy Program.

- Fayetteville, NC, USA

They call me from this number several times a day. I have my number listed on the national do not call registry. They tell me that my loans are eligible for federal forgiveness and as soon as I ask any information about their business they end the call.

Predatory. I wish there was something that could be done about these ulcerous [censored].

- Los Angeles, CA, USA

Claimed to be calling from a "student loan advisory department". When asked about the business name they refused to answer and instead kept pushing and asking if I have federal loans.

Total scam and this is criminal that they are targeting persons with student loans,

- Columbus, OH, USA

Received a phone call from Melissa agent number 1104. She left a reference number saying the matter was urgent to resolve a payment matter with my student loan:

"my name is Melissa Spencer and my agent ID is 1104 I'm just calling you today in reference to your student loans I need to discuss your payment options with you as soon as possible _?_?_ it looks here that there is an urgent changes to your account _?_ taking a bath recently if you can give me a call back at the number is 855-916-2236 I'm also gonna go ahead and give your reference number to have handy when you do call back I will make things a little bit easier on the stand if you have that and the reference number is _____ and although this is time sensitive I've gone ahead and extended the matter to remain open on your account until Friday again my number is 855-916-2236 thanks so much and I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience"

I called back to an automated system which said press 1 if you owe over $10k and 2 if u owe less than 10k. When i selected my option a man answered. I gave him the ref# and he immediately began asking for my info. When i said i was confused because my loan was already being garnished he was surprised. I asked who his company was 3 times. He finally answered very sharply "Student Loan Advisory". I said i understood what they do but what is the company name. He repeated the same thing and sharply asked "Do you want help or not?!" Very unprofessional and instantly lost my trust. So many red flags with this operation. I hope they are investigated quickly.

Received multiple calls from *** *** *** saying I qualified for forgiveness of my federal student loan. Obviously a scam as I finished repaying my loan 4 years ago.

- Englishtown, NJ, USA

I have been called multiple times by the Student Loan Advisory, promising student loan forgiveness. I finally called them back, curious about the program. They never left their company name in the messages, and the recording that answered the call didn't mention a company name. When they started asking for personal information I asked for their company name, and they gave me the website I tried the website while on the phone with them, nothing. I told her it wasn't coming up for me and she immediately hung up on me. I called back, went back through the recording, and was immediately disconnected before I reached an agent. Clearly a scam, they will disconnect immediately if you ask too many questions.

- Lafayette, LA, USA

All calls are from women, stating they are from the Student Loan Advisory Board, calling in regards to your federal student loan balance. You are pre-qualified for the student forgiveness program, however it is imperative that they speak with you as soon as possible before the program changes. I have received seven calls from seven different numbers. Each voice message advised to call back at a different number (all those numbers are different as well).

- San Diego, CA, USA

These guys called and stated that they could help lower my rate. Asked for my email, which was safe enough, but then asked me to tell them the 6 digit code they just sent. (they didn't send it, fsaid web site did!!!). When I gave them, they changed my password and looked at my student loans and prob have all my info. This place should be shut down and everyone sent to jail!!! ***

- Powell, OH, USA

These people will call from 866-288-1661 and say they are student loan advisory but they are scammers. I called them out, they cussed at me and hung up once I told them I knew who they were. DO NOT fall for her scam!

They continue to call telling me that I qualify for student loan forgiveness because of the Navian Settlement. When you call them back they tell you that they help so that you don't have to make payments. The information is misleading and they don't state the name of the company they work for until you ask. They wanted all kinds of personal information which I did not give, but called them out on the misleading information they are giving.

- San Diego, CA, USA

Patricia Harris of Student Loan Advisory, (1)866-289-1881, reference number *** left a voice message indicating their revised Student Loan Repayment Program of which offers very affordable, reduced Student Loan repayment prices that allow full Student Loan repayment in faster time and with easier payment. She indicated she was calling about "my" specific Student Loan. Upon use of her callback number, I spoke with another woman who informed me "This company works hand-in-hand with the Department of Education." When asked for the name and physical location/address of the company, she provided me with, Student Loan Advisory of Northern California. The call was disconnected when asked for their physical address. I called back requesting an address b/c my call was disconnected; this time, the man whom I spoke with informed me "Why do you need to know that 1st?" I asked you for a reference number; you don't need to know that. This is going no where" and hung up. I tried to call back; however, by then, my phone number had been added to their Ineligible for Service List. SCAM!!! I don't even have any student loans....

- Dallas, TX, USA

I have student loan debt (a lot that I have been paying on for nearly 10 years now), so I receive a lot of calls claiming to be able to reduce my monthly payments and lower my overall debt. I recently received had a voicemail from a Jessica P*** with Student Loan Advisory on January 8, 2019. She left a message that sounded like she would have been with a fairly legit operation. When I called back I spoke to one representative then was suddenly on hold and transferred to another representative then that representative transferred me to who knows where and then I was eventually disconnected. I called back and spoke with another representative who became very short with me and hung up.

Having student loan debt isn't fun. This stuff makes it worse.

I received a voice mail (December 28th,2018 at 12:28) from a lady Agent id 6457 (Tonya Burke) claiming she was with the Department of Education reviewing student loan information for NAVIENT lawsuit to investigate possible loan forgiveness repayment options as a result of settlement. When I contacted the number a few days later a male answered and was reluctant to answer my questions to validate identity. Instead, I was told they need my information to see if I qualify. I asked how can i verify that he is not a scammer where his response was a flippant "I'm with the Department of Education". I hung up. I called again to see response I would get when attempting to validate. Another gentleman answered asking for my email address and DOB to look at what happened with my loan. Within minutes I recieved an email indicating that I asked to change my FSA id. I did not. When I mention this, he asked for the code, which I refused to give as I did not initiate the request. At that time I was asked to call back at the number he provided (because I asked why does he need my log on information if he is with Department of Education you would know the amount of my loans etc). It just didn't seem right. Then I asked, is there a fee associated with this process and he said that would be determined after they looked at the loan options, but it could lower my payment to $29.50 a month. That didn't sound right either, so I said that shouldn't be and hung up.

- Des Moines, IA, USA

Tyler Weeda explained he would help me with the federal loan forgiveness program. He asked for my info, W2 info, and said he would need $265 in four honest fees then the payments would be lower at $60 for ten years until my loan was forgiven. My mistake was giving him my info thinking he worked for a federal program. The initial amount was deducted from my account and then returned. In the meantime I didn't hear back and they had put my loan payments into forebearance.

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