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Stark Recovery

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Stark Recovery Reports & Reviews (21)

- Greensboro, NC, USA

This company has been calling me numerous times a day for a couple weeks. I just received a phone call from a close friend who said she had received a call with my name in it about a debt collection. I called them to see what it was about and they told me that they were trying to collect a debt from a payday loan for $400 that I took out in 2012. They had my full name, social security number and address. I have never in my life taken out a payday loan and keep a very close watch over my credit report so I know that it has never been on my credit report and was not a case of stolen identity. They threatened me with legal action that would cost $2540 or I could settle the debt immediately on the phone for $540.

This is a scam! I will be contacting lawyers and police.

A "Stark Recovery", tele #866-281-6831, has been leaving harrassing voice messages to my daughter and exwife, alleging that I owe unpaid sums, and must pay immediately.

I have no "unpaid" loans of any kind.

When my daughter questioned how they got her number, they immediately hung up.

The Stark Collection Agency has an urgent notice on their website alerting to this scam. They make clear that they have NO affiliation with Stark Recovery and that their name has been misppropriated.

- Curtis Bay, MD, USA

Was left a message in reference to a claim and was provided a claim number. I called the phone number and was informed that the company was Stark Recovery. According to Stark Recorvery, I had a pending lawsuit. They also provided a social security number over the phone. The social security number was not mine. So, the represenatitve indicated that they will remove my phone number from their system. Since when were social security numbers provided over the phone? How did they recieve my phone number? I never found out what the lawsuit was about.

- Dyersburg, TN, USA

Stark Recovery has a scam of calling individuals stating they owe for a payday loan. They have somehow obtained those individual's personal information. They will not disclose how they obtained the information, are extremely rude, harass you, threaten you, and finally state that they will take you to court and receive judgement if you don't pay them!

- Brookpark, OH, USA

Renee Robbins from Stark Recovery called me from 866-307-2679 and said that I owed money from an old payday loan and that i needed to pay $2000 for court costs or take option B and pay $400. This is a total scam. Go to this website: and you will see what this scam is all about!!!! DO NOT PAY THEM!!!!!!!

- Madison, WI, USA

A company calling itself "Stark Recovery" or "Stark Legal" or some variation thereto is contacting individuals across the country threatening them and their families with litigation and other harassment. This "company" is using the name and phone numbers of at least one legitimate business when making these calls and frequently has accurate Social Security Numbers and bank account numbers.

This scam is causing harm to these innocent people. If contacted by Stark Recovery, no payments should be made.

- Rosamond, CA, USA

Several phone calls have been made to a relatives phone number looking for me regarding a claim. The individuals who call only give the claim number and telephone numbers they can be reached at. I have called them and they claim to be from a company named Stark Recovery and they are trying to collect a debt from a loan that was taken out in 2013 from a company named Archway Holdings. When I first called them they would not provide any information as to what the phone calls are about unless I confirm specific information like social security number, address, and name. They are claiming that I owe Archway Holding $300 for a loan that was taken out in March of 2013 against a specific account number. They are stating that the account did not have sufficient funding and therefore defaulted on the loan. The major problem with this is that the account that they have identified did not exist in March of 2013 and I have bank records to prove it. They are threating me with legal action of a lawsuit of $2,500 if I do not pay the $300. Today (December 17, 2015) I told them that their claim is invalid and that I will be reporting them to the police and BBB. The three phone numbers that I have for this company are:




Call is from Stark Recovery - saying we owe $350 (don't know from where) but with Court costs $2,000+

When you talk to them they say legal dept. When you say you don't owe anything they say see you in Court.

They call SEVERAL times a day and even leave messages on machines. They call from 866-397-2402 but leave a different number to call back 866-689-4426

- Colorado Springs, CO, USA

Someone continuously called my parents and mother in law looking for me . I got the number and they said I got a loan in 2012 that wasn't paid . They said I needed to pay $650 right then or the would pursue legal actions against me . I asked if I could call back and they said they were about to close so I asked to call back the next day. They said no I had to pay now . They had my ss# and other personal information . They said I could pay half in a couple days and the other half two days later . I was scared and intimidated and they knew that . They said I had to give them a bank account number before I hung up the phone so I did . Then they said it would show up as foreign when money is taken out . As soon as I hung up I contacted a relative and they immediately told me to call my bank and cancel my card because it was a fraud . I had never heard of the loan I supposedly took out . I was also not old enough to get a loan in 2012. They said their name was stark recovery . I looked online about the company and everyone said scam . They stopped calling me once my boyfriend answered the phone and they wouldn't give him information , but they continue to call my parents and mother in law . They also left me voicemails saying if the cannot contact me they will show up at my place of work and residence .

Stark Recovery called my house and was looking for my dead father. Left an account number. When I called back and asked questions, they hung up on me three times. They're number is 1-866-689-4426

- Northford, CT, USA

A company claiming to be stark recovery called me and stated I owned on a "paydayloan" that was in my name 2 years ago! They told me they would take on legal action if i didn't pay. They had my ssn and old email and old address. The bank however was not mine . When I asked why wasn't anything mailed they said they don't do that. I made them aware I filed a complaint with my local police and they said they don't need to be involved. I called them 3 times and each time I was given a different amout . They also would not connect me with a supervisor.

- Greensboro, NC, USA

Consumer reported that "Lana Turner" from Stark Recovery called her about a 10 year-old debt from a payday loan company, Twin Bluffs. Consumer reported that while she did have payday loans in the past, they were not with Twin Bluffs. She said that Ms. Turner had the consumer's full social security number and threatened legal action if consumer didn't pay right then. Consumer said she didn't pay anything.

- Kane, PA, USA

A woman called from Stark Recovery stating that I had an online loan in the amount of $400.00. When I pressed for more information on how the loan was received either via direct deposit or check ect, she got very rude and just pressed for payment and then threatened me with $2000.00. I asked her to wait a minute so that I could go inside the house to get a pen and paper and she hung up on me. I called back and the person who answered the phone did not say anything I had to say hello and then he gave me his name, Jonathon Taylor. I explained what was going on and he basically did the same thing. He could give me no information in regards to anything except that they had the account and so on. I then pressed for their information and when my husband whispered to me about contacting authorities they hung up on me again. I called again and again they do not state their company name or title but have the person calling say hello to initiate conversation. Be very careful.

- Bentonville, VA, USA

I received a call from "Stark Recovery" around October 20, 2015. I was advised that I had a payday loan with an outstanding balance that totaled over $2500 in fees, etc.

They advised me that the account was originally with "Kenwood Services". Although I have taken out payday loans in the past, I have never heard of Kenwood Services. They suggested a payment arrangement. They told me that I would have to tell the bank to approve any payments (this should have sent up a red flag).

They also contacted family members of mine. Evidently they attempted to make withdraws from my bank account up to 13 times because the fraud department contacted me about charges to Great Britain. I had to cancel my debit card and have a new one re-issued.

They sent me a "document" via docusign with no letterhead, etc. When you call back, if you get an answer, they answer legal department. They can't provide any documentation and they continue to call me from different phone numbers.

I even sent them an email advising them that they weren't going to get any money from me because I knew they were a scam.

Is there anyway to get rid of these people?

I have gotten calls from 866-292-7207; 866-646-8153 and 866-716-4494.

- Murfreesboro, TN, USA

They say you need to make payment on s debt /loan and payment has to be made by you debit or credit card with Visa logo. But no notice mailed claim you must consent by an email.threats made court cost if not paid. Numerous numbers will call back to back daily. Bank blocks as fraud comes off as foreign transactions will tell you to tell bank to process or get another card or do a check by phone

- Pittsburgh, PA, USA

I get a call from 1-866-208-9774 or 1-866-208-7584 asking me to call back and give a claim number. When I called back they say they are from Stark Recovery and that I owe money on a Pay Day Loan. They said I received a $450 payday loan and now owe over $2000 and that they will be putting a judgement against me for not paying. They have my social security number, bank account number, and work number. They say they purchased the debt from Insight Co but they don't send out bills and they don't have the account number that the money was put into just the account number that had insufficient funds to pay the debt. The woman was harrassing and rude. She would not send me a bill.

- Greensboro, NC, USA

On October 20, 2015, I received a call at work & home from Stark Recovery. My mother also received a call. I tried to call them at 8:38 & 8:39am October 21, 2015 - no answer. I left a message asking them to remove my work # and call me on my cell #. They called and left me a voicemail message at 11:50am. (they just called my work # while I'm typing this to you) The message said "This is Jordan contacting you regarding a serious urgent issue. I have an order regarding a serious matter against XXXXXX XXXXXX. If we are unable to reach XXXXX XXXXXX this office will have to locate you at your place of employment and personal residence. You have the right to resolve this matter. It is critical that we speak to XXXXX immediately. Call 1-866-208-9774 and reference File# 4217848. Thank you"

When I returned the call I spoke with Jordan and asked her last name, which is Coleman. She proceeded to tell me that I defaulted on a payday loan and owe OPB Solutions, LLC the creditor money and if I don't pay it there will a judgement against for over $2,500.00 which included attorneys fees. I asked what was the name of the Payday lender, and she didn't have that info. I told her if this is a legitimate call that she would have the name of the company that I set the loan up with an who OPB Solutions is representing. She continued to tell me that she didn't have the name of the company and I continued to repeat that she should. She raised her voice over & over threatening me with what will happen if I don't pay this. I told her she was being very unprofessional and that she was not supposed to talk to me like this, and also that she hadn't even given me all of the information. Ms. Coleman calmed down and told me this was a payday loan taken out online in November 2012 for $300.00 and the balance owed is $500.00 which includes interest. I told her I'd have to check this out and contact the BBB and will get in touch with her by this Friday, which is October 24, 2015. She repeated again what would happen if they do not hear from me - the judgement totaling over $2500.00.

- Monticello, KY, USA

My parents have been getting phone calls where the caller leaves a message that has been recorded in a robotic voice, claiming that they are to speak with me about a debt going into collections. I have spoken with them and told them that I don't have a debt against me. I was verbally harassed on the phone and informed if I don't pay them that they would come to my work place and also have me arrested. They have threatened me and my family.

I received a call from someone looking for my father. They are threatening legal avenues. When pressed for information she said her name was Natalie Jones. She stated she worked for Stark Recovery located at 4900 California Way, Tower B second floor, Bakersfield, CA 93309. She stated that she has multiple managers and could not allow me to speak with any of them but gave me the name of Natalie Jones (but thats your name?!) Refused to give any federal tax id or state id number.

Called from numbers 844-236-6552 and 844-236-6556

- Meridian, ID, USA

I received a call and my mom had received several calls, from a 1-844 number, they do not leave messages for me, but on my moms phone for me with a claim #. I finally got ahold of them today, they do not answer the phone with a business name, they would not tell me anything until I gave them my claim #. I gave the # they left for me and they told me I had a pay day loan from 2013 that had not been taken care of and they were calling to collect that plus their fee's and if I did not take care of it today she would send me to their attorneys and they would take me to court for $2700, this did not sit right and my gut said no no, but they new my soc sec #, my DOB, my moms name and phone # ( who is my emergency contact), so I set up pymt arrangements with them for the $780.00 ... first pymt of $100.00 made today off of my debit card (debit card closed an hour later), this still did not sit right with me, I checked my account on line and there were no NSF fees for the time frame they told me, I went to the bank, they checked they could not find anything either ...... I then closed my debit card, completed the fraud information at the bank, they suggested I call this place back and tell them to stop the payment to avoid the dispute and fraud, called them talked to the original lady told her, she trnsfd me to her supervisor, I told her, she transfd me to the manager, the manager said that is fine we now have you for breaking two contracts, the amount we will be getting in court is now $4800 .... I hung up on them ...... In talking with co-workers there is another person at work that this happened to, the exact same thing .... they call from a 1-844-236-6556 and they have also called me from a local number

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