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Star Maine Coons

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Star Maine Coons Reports & Reviews (18)

I went to their website to purchase a cat from them. I paid $850. They told me everything will be taken care of. But I got an email saying that I needed to pay for a thermal crate that was $1550.I wasn't thinking at that time until I got another email saying that I needed to pay for pet traveling insurance, which was another 1750. We've really wanted a Maine [censored] for over 4 years and we thought we had the chance so I stupidly paid the 1550. So I lost almost 2500 to these [censored]ing scammers. I haven't stopped crying.

Digging through their website I found the words “Star Maine [censored] Agreement of Sale is a Legal Binding Contract, in witness whereof Buyers signature is hereunto affixed” but that’s not the name of the company. It’s “Blessed Maine Kittens”. I have to lay $400 deposit and said I would come get kitten. I paid it through Zelle/Wells Fargo and the name I was given was Isaac Deason. Website is

I looked everywhere and didn’t see the kittens on any other site. Their site was well written but their emails sounded as if they were uneducated.

Sound like the same people?

Why did my last reply disappear about these scammers? Isaac Deason and Blessed Maine Kittens took me for $750 dollars and tried to rip me off more by having the "shipping company" call and demand another $2800 for a temperature controlled crate that had more holes in it than there story.

We got taken by "Blessed Maine Kittens" and "Issac Deason". We paid him $750 for a kitten and then had a shipping company call us and said we had to send another $2500 for temperature controlled crate for the kitten to be shipped in. The crates they were showing were not even enclosed so not sure how they were "temperature controlled". Spoke to him in the phone and they said they would help us out with the cost of the crate. Sent two more emails to them and also called them with no response. Now I see that the website has been taken down.

This is, I assume about the same people that almost scammed me. Almost. Good thing I was a flight attendant and knew animals don't require insurance but that's not what they were trying to scam me with. This is the exact same group of people you can find at I intend to report any site I see that has similar info. They had me all excited to get this kitten Jinks, Cleopatra, or Cosmo. I asked about all 3 and couldn't decide since I wanted them all. Finally, I decided I wanted to get 2 of them since the price for a maine [censored] is normally so much more I couldn't pass up the deal and get just one. I chose Cleopatra and Jinks. They emailed me a bill of sale which I didn't sign yet because I changed my mind again and decided I wanted Cleo and Cosmo. hahaha This is when it got interesting and started to seem fishy. They responded with an email sending me more pictures so I could make sure those were the 2 kittens I wanted. I did but they never sent me another bill of sale with the 2 cats names on it. It really looked legite too so I am bumming out. Too good to be true isn't it?

Anyways, I talked to family and planned on driving to Oklahoma from Minnesota instead of paying cash to someone I don't really know exists for the kittens to fly. They actually seemed okay with that but said I still needed to put down a deposit to even come visit the cattery. My mother said it is normal for them to ask for a down payment before you visit the cattery so I still thought possibly legit.

They asked for $600 to reserve the two cats. I told them I was only willing to send $300 for Cleopatra and I'll take my chances on the other cat since they are all so beautiful I will choose from one of them that is still available when I arrive. I setup a hotel room to rent right near their supposed address in Norman, Oklahoma for 9/14/2020-9/15/2020. I decided I wasn't sending such a high amount of cash to someone that was possibly a scammer and I would drive to pickup the kittens even if it was a 12hr drive. I also decided that if they did scam me the $300, it wouldn't be as bad as not receiving the kitten I fell in love with Cleopatra. Also, a trip to Oklahoma with my sister would be a fun little mini vacation and we'd have fun on the way and way back regardless of what we found.

At this point they said they could only accept Zilla or CashApp for payment vs. Western Union (which was the payment method I originally chose when given options by them previous to this) who actually has a fraud dept and is safer then any other cash transfer system out today. (they will actually help you in a dispute vs. ApplePay etc... if I read their website correctly and they are the oldest and most trusted anyway)
This is what they actually typed in the email: "Ok no problem. We will reserve both Kittens for you after we receive the $300 deposit and your sister will have to send via Zelle Pay or CashApp because I have issues with my Venmo."

Another too good to be true response... Wow both will be held now for $300? Great!
Strange and odd but still fingers crossed it's legit.

So, I called them and their google voice phone # kept going to voicemail. They said they were unable to call my phone as well because it just kept disconnecting and they don't know why. I replied telling them I will not send cash to them without talking to them over the phone first. So, if they are having trouble with Venmo maybe I can help if it is IT related since I have a degree in CNET and contracted for the NSA/TSA after 9/11 to federalize the airports which is why I was able to become a flight attendant with more ease than someone who didn't already have security clearances etc...

The next morning I called them and the phone was now disconnected and just a repeating busy signal. Wow, they are scammers. Good thing I didn't send them a penny even though we had 35 emails between us from 9/10/20-9/12/20.

I am currently disabled and receiving disability for MS which is keeping me somewhat chair bound. So, I have lots of time to dedicate to stop this from happening to anyone else. I also know a lot about Internet service providers and IP address traces the gov't can do to find out their current location. This needs to be addressed because we are allowing people that are clearly foreign from the videos they send you can tell they are not speaking english... Is it Romanian? I have no idea but I heard her say something like Prosta (which is Romanian)when playing with the kitten. I googled it and it means "stupid" in English and it kinda makes sense to say that while playing with a kitten.

If they are allowed to hurt people in this way I will not stop until something is done. I am now sending them many many many requests for kittens from different email addresses and trying to make them stop by using false information like my name is Karma Chameleon and I live in Kill Devil Hills, NC and other great city names: Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, Hurt, Virginia, Cut and Shoot, TX, Coward, SC, Last Chance, Iowa etc... all of these cities actually exist and all I did was google their area code for a false phone number. />
So, all in all I lost only $6 for the hotel room cancellation and I cried a lot over the loss of this amazing kitten I was so excited for. But, boy did I ever laugh about scamming these scammers. I sent so many request that they blocked my IP address because I was no longer receiving the automated response: "Thanks for the interest you have for our Maine [censored] kittens. We still have 10 kittens available from our website and they are all ready to go. Our prices normally start from $1,200 and above but since we are offering a %50 discount ONLY on this litter, We are asking just $600 for one and firm on the price. Etc... Etc...

I hope they go to prison for this and I will keep trying to send them. Everyone that has been affected by these evil people should SCAM the SCAMMERS! Or at least irritate them when you need a good laugh. =) Just google everything you need to get some relief out of the wasted time that I feel so stupid about now. Here is another site to checkout for some funny names if you feel like doing what I did until they block your IP.

My name has been many of these so far but they all make me laugh because even though you don't get the automated response from them anymore they see the original email you sent about asking about a kitten if they don't have it auto set to trash. Either way it is fun and helps relieve sadness. />
I look forward to reading back from you.
Thanks and God Bless You.

JUST KIDDING! =P I do not believe in God really but I DO believe in Karma. They will get theirs. Trust me. I'm working on it.


P.S. Check out:,%3A... /> and I don't know they dollar amount it takes to get the FBI involved but this is ridiculous and the fact that the airlines are partially involved is scary... Especially if they are also located overseas.

- Denver, CO, USA

We attempted to purchase two kittens from this "cattery." No address or phone number was available on the website. All communications were via email until it was time to pay, at which point I was contacted via text. We were quoted the same amount for a kitten and shipment as the other reporter of this scam - $807 for kitten and shipment fee (so $1407.00 for two kittens). I signed the Bill of Sale with a person named Patric Monroe out of Oklahoma, but were told we could wire transfer to an account belonging to Fatima Akhadelor Musa. We were advised that if we wanted to use Western Union or Google/Apple Pay, we should say we were sending money to our cousin so it would be expedited. Then I saw another's post about this same cattery charging $807 and feeling scammed. We canceled our payment and haven't heard a word from them since. We've since seen pictures of the same kittens we were attempting to purchase on different websites.

- Astoria, NY, USA

This man named Natte Pascal fro. Oklahoma runs a good looking site.. makes calls/pick up from the state. Made a purchase of a kitten. The next day a travel agency requested 1200 more "refundable dollar "

- Salisbury, NC, USA

My daughter turned 5 on April 15. She wanted a Kitty so we started shopping. We came across Magnus, a black maine [censored] kitten. After emails between me and the seller, a woman named Patti Deane, we had phone conversations. It didn't seem to be a scam. She sent videos and pictures of the kitten. I sent a money gram of 857.00 on April 20, 2020. She picked it up in Edmond, Oklahoma at Walmart (1225 W I-35 Frontage Dr. Edmond, Oklahoma. 73034) on April 20-2020 at 7:22 pm.  We then had a travel agency contact us for arrangement which I will be filing out for them next. Travel agency sent me flight, departure, and arrival times. I also paid extra to have the cat brought from airport to my home. 2 hours after kitten was already supposed to be on the flight the travel agency emailed me asking for more money said the cat was not put on plane until I payed another 1000 dollars. I called the agency and spoke with him as soon as we started talking I knew they were in on this together. (Now I'm going to be doing this with the travel agency next.) I then contacted the seller asked for my money back she then told me she owes me nothing and hung up. She blocked me. Now I have contacted Oklahoma police about this and there is Walmart footage of her picking up my money and she used her actual ID. And because I do not live in Oklahoma they will not do anything about this. I really thought the police would help since its their job to stop people from doing bad things but it's not their money so yea....I will attach photos with the travel agency info cause I'm doing this on my computer everything saved is on my phone. Please shut them down. Yesterday they accidentally sent me shipping information of another person's cat that they also scammed, and I wrote every single person with that name in that state on Facebook warning them to stop and don't go through with it. I've never been scammed before. She knew I was buying this kitty for my daughter ...heartless people


Thank you for the information. They tried to use this scam on myself and my wife and daughter. These people should be jailed. This is fraud and claiming to be god fearing honest people is very appalling. I have added one of the emails that was sent to me.
Alright Sir Christopher,

My name is Pat, Nice to reading back from you regarding Magnus. You see all we want for these Cats is nothing but good homes where they would be loved and treated with affection as they are. After a brief conversation with my family regarding your interest for Him, we feel comfortable placing him in your home but You sounded skeptical and we really understand how you feel. But if you are thinking that we just want to take your money for nothing, it very wrong and sounds absurd. I understand its normal to feel that way, I mean in today's society one can never be sure. I know how people work hard to earn their money and will never think of taking some kinda advantage over you and Please take that out of your mind that is an awful thing to think about. please understand me better. I was not trying to lure you into this, everything about our Kittens are 100% real and ok, If we actually wanted money for these Cats, then we could post ads for them asking $2000. The tendency is that those who will offer to pay such amounts are certainly very rich people that will spend more time making their money than giving the love and care that their cats need. We want you to understand that we have been breeding for over 9 years today and all our clients so far have been very impressed with our services and deliveries, I will like you to know one thing.we are a God Fearing family and We so much believe in the bible and his words. I wouldn't do anything to hurt your feelings when I have blood running through my vain. Please you have to be rest assured you will be getting the Kitten without any failure..
Magnus is an adorable bundle of joy with tons of loving and kisses to offer You his family!, He is expected to stay under 22 - 27 pounds when fully grown. He will come with information guide on his diet & food brand (canned, dry and mixed) and a photo album alongside with some helpful information that will help facilitate the transition. As for food i choose to feed Royal Canin because it is relatively inexpensive and is readily available at most pet shops or grocery stores. There are many opinions on which cat food to use. This is a decision only you can make, but keep in mind Royal Canin has been making cat food for over 50 years and they do extensive research on nutrition and protein. Other cat foods may cost more but that does not necessarily mean they are better.

To proceed with the paperwork and his delivery over to you, we will be needing your full delivery information such as;
* Name Of Receiver Of The Kitten
* Phone Numbers (Cell & House)
* Name of the closest Airport to your location
* Address Of Receiver Of The Kitten.

We always recommend home delivery to families that live far from the airport but that usually cost an extra $50 for home delivery services. So If you would want this Kitten brought to your house by the delivery agents from the shipping company after his flight, Then it will cost $50 more.
The delivery process normally takes a couple of hours to complete though sometimes it could take a little longer but however the whole process hardly exceeds one whole day, So after we receive your payment, I will prepare the Kitten for delivery, find the most direct flight to your location then book him on the flight and then email you flight details including departure and arrival times.
--As for the payment, we accept payment Via, Zelle Pay, CashApp, Google Pay, OR Money Order of Western Union & MoneyGram. We use all that to make it easier for our customers.
- From the above mentioned Payment options, Which method of payment is convenient for you?.
Once i have these details from you, I will forward to you our payment directives.

I look forward to reading back from you.
Thanks and God Bless You.

Hello My name is Chris. They just pulled the same thing on me 2 days ago. I would love to see these people in jail. Please email me at [email protected] and I will try make these un-American people land in jail. This isn't right nor to even send me an email about being a Christian and how they are on God's side.

Yep! Just messaged them today about getting a kitten named Camille! Had everything set up was told this batch was 1,200 and we were getting her for 600$ then she messaged me about Mangus and tried having me buy him instead! Complete scammers. I’m 15 years old and was getting this kitten for Mother’s Day! These people are terrible people and I’m so sorry about your kitten too!

After contacting, Joan Tatu began emailing us back, once the price of the kitten was determined, it was paid for, the next morning we got another email from the “shipping agency” few hours later another email requesting another payment for pet insurance, the whole email looked sketchy so it was not paid, they tried contacting us via phone, we didn’t answer. This led me to loom into the agency which is where I found out the entire thing is one big scam, the first portion they make look legitimate but the shipping is where it got sloppy and threw all the red flags, unfortunately it was already after loosing money.

Lost $1,800 from Complete scam.

- Newhall, CA, USA

Fraud website selling Maine C o o n kittens. Supposed seller contacted with price of kitten 800 plus shipping fees. Fraud Shipping company named Air Vets Relocation has fraud website and phone number. People answering phone sound Nigerian. This should have been a red flag! But they create a emergency rushed situation asking for more money for pet insurance and then more money for rabies vaccinations. Etc. I stopped after the insurance and realized I was being scammed. They disconnected their phone number in a matter of seconds.
They wanted all money transferred through Zelle and stayed that their online payment was down.
No kitten. Bad scam. And out thousands of dollars!

- Lebanon, ME, USA

Scammer acted as though they were legitimate. They responded to questions and provided many different options for payment. They responded right up to the point when they said they dropped the pet off at the agency. The agency air vets relocation is part of the scam. They tell you a reason you need to provide additional insurance for your pet's shipment. Asking for additional money is a big red flag that it is a scam. Buyer beware these people are frauds. They use names like Divine and Tatu. They don't provide a full name. English is pretty good but they do make small mistakes in grammar.

- Roxbury, MA, USA

I contacted “” in search of a kitten for my son’s 10th birthday, who also has autism and anxiety . He has wanted a pet for such a long time and after doing plenty of research I found out the Maine [censored] is essentially the dog of the cat world. Due to Covid19 and the current pandemic, the trip to FL and the cruise I booked for my son was canceled, so getting him a kitten was the next best thing.

A person from the “company” reached out to me via email and text message, and confirmed that they in fact had kittens for sale. She identified herself as Joan Tatu and sent a lengthy email regarding the kitten I was interested, his price and the process. I contacted her again via text to let her know that I wanted to move forward with the purchase. Expressing both approval of the pictures and how super excited my son was. After requesting my information, address, who would be responsible for the kitten and closest airport, she forwarded me a Bill of Sales that I signed in order to prepare the kitten for shipping. I CashApp’ed her $857.00 and she said that the kitty would be prepared and at my door soon ( w/I 24-48) hours. I did let her know that I was a little skeptical but she eased my fears by saying how religious she was and that she would never do anything that was wrong regarding delivery of the kitty.

The following AM I received an email from Joan stating that she dropped of the kitten to be shipped and that the shipping company would be getting in touch with me shortly to arrange door to door delivery. In the early afternoon I received an email from a company by the name of Air Vets Relocation ([email protected]) asking me to confirm my address and stating that the kitty was being processed and prepared to be flown to Boston. About 30 minutes later I get another call from the relocation company stating that since the kitten was under and 6 months and because of Covid19 I needed to purchase carrier insurance for $1100, which would be refunded once the kitten got to my door step. I hang up after the gentleman continued to ask me if I understood and the car would be quarantined if I didn’t comply.

Later that evening Joan sent an email asking what happened and where the kitten was because she had dropped it off before going to work. She claimed she would call the delivery company. About 20 minutes later she sent another email stating that she was able to come up with $500 towards the insurance and could I front the rest of the money......HELL NO.

Needless to say, I have no kitten, my son is heartbroken, I’m out $857, and my son’s birthday is ruined.

May “Jaon Tatu of Maine [censored] Family” rot in hell with the rest of the bottom feeders of the earth.

Found the website online and emailed them using the website about being interested in two of the cats. Got an email response and was sent pictures of both cats as attachments in the initial email. Initial email stated that they were running a promotion and that the litter was half off for being the new year. They asked us to pay $807 for the kitten and travel fees since we live in Indianapolis. Two days later (Friday) we get an email that the cat is being transported and that we would be getting information from the transport company. The info stated that the kitten would be on a plane and arrive early evening but then we got a second email from the transport company stating the kitten needed "refundable life insurance" for the duration of the flight and we would get the money back once we received the cat but that this would delay the transport and the flight would be later in the evening. Arrived at the correct time and waited in the airport for a phone call. Received a phone call 30 min after the plane was supposed to land stating that the kitten was still in PA and they needed more money to pay for a rabies vaccine. Never received the cat and all transactions were through apple pay or other online services.

Bought what seemed to be a Maine [censored] cat but it never really existed, got suspicious after they wanted more money do insurance to ship cat and said nothing about that at time of purchase

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