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Spring Financial

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Spring Financial Reports & Reviews (13)

During the application process, they keep asking me for new documentation. Then they tell me they already did the hard credit check. That is supposed to be the last step! And they still can't tell me how much I am approved for? Poor experience that other lenders do not get wrong!

Huge scam that preys on desperate people, I surprised its even legal. If you pay your entire balance on the "secured loan" through the credit building program you get $1750, and they profit thousands, yet if you cancel early, they keep whatever payments you gave them "towards the loan" even though there was no physical loan. I canceled after I saw the ridiculous interest rates 8 months later, they got me for $1065.


I was told i met all the requirements but when they did a credit check they refused my loan. It states on the website that they accept people with bad credit or any credit and bankruptcy and a consumer porposal but refused my loan because of the porposal. That is fals advertisement iam very angry because i need the money due to an emergency situation and need my children out of where iam living now.


I dealt with these thieves in the beginning and I reported them with the BBB and nothing happened. Lies, being coerced into getting a loan and then nothing. Not only that their savages in customer service and don't care about you or your well being! I'm ashamed of dealing with them! And again! Yesterday I was promised a real money loan amount and then coerced me into a deal that I didn't want in the first place and second place again. Evil people and evil things I pray will be bestowed upon them. Not a threat at all, I just wish the government to shut them down soon, please, but give people back their lives of dealing with the thugs. I went ahead and shamefully asked for the loan amount they promised me and again nothing happened again now I owe them money longer term and with no money upfront payment or a better credit rating. They say that after the deal is done! Lies and thieves again in my estimation and have no second thoughts about it, whatsoever and the government pulls a blind eye to this matter!


I already did share my experience with them, another loan, another lie, promised me a new loan after may of this year and promised real money. No duped again, now I owe them more money and no money upfront and no in crease in my credit rating


I've I was duped before and after I paid them over 2 yrs, they promised me that I could get an actual loan amount needed. I did and told me that I could get my money the next day and they scammed me into paying for less money but now even longer term than originally planned. I didn't get any money again! stupid company, liars, thieves. That's all they are and will ever be! Awful people who do awful things. BC government, shut them down


Horrible. Absolutely disgusting company with conpassionless employees. Look at all the glowing reviews here. Spring Financial is 100% aware of what they are doing and how they are ruining people's finances and misleading people and yet they keep doing it. Just googling Spring Financial brings up so many horror stories. I sought online for a loan to consolidate my debt that I have so I would only have to be paying off one loan. I was connected to Spring Financial and I talked to a woman about my financial issues. I told her clearly what I was wanting a loan for. She told me I was approved and explained that the loan I'd be getting helps rebuild my credit and that they'd be making regular reports to Equifax about my prompt payments. She mentioned that I wouldn't receiving cash up front which I completely misunderstood and though that meant they would be paying my debts directly, so I wouldn't be receiving any cash to just do whatever I want with. The money would only be used to pay off my debts. So I said yes. NOT ONCE DID THEY MENTION THE INSANE AMOUNT OF INTEREST, THAT I'D BE PAYING $4300 FOR LITEEALLY NOTHING, OR THAT ID ONLY BE GETTING BACK 39.5% OF ALL THAT MONEY. I called them before my first payment and was on hold for an hour only to have to leave a message. I explained I want to cancel my loan and that I was mislead and I do not want or need this loan at all. If I wanted to rebuild my credit, I WOULD PAY OFF MY ACTUAL DEBTS, NOT CREATE A NEW ONE FOR NO REASON. Which is exactly why I was seeking a loan in the first place! I made that clear to them. They knowingly screwed me over and they don't care at all. They do this to so many people. Apparently they called me back but I so stupidly missed the calls because I was sleeping and never ended up seeing that they called me back. I was charged a couple payments before I called back again asking to cancel the loan again. They told me they'd be happy the cancel the loan for me, I just I had to call back once the last payment went through. Called back again but apparently I was too late. Had to call back in ANOTHER week to let another payment go through. Again, they said they'd cancel the loan. So I was happy. Here I was thinking I'd get my money back and get the loan cancelled. But these guys are ruthless and mislead over this too. I just received a call from them now and explained my financial situation, that I only work a part time minimum wage job in a restaurant, and dining rooms just got closed because of COVID so I'm out of work right now. I repeatedly said I cannot afford this and I need to cancel it. Now all of a sudden the guy I'm talking to tells me "So we can't cancel it, we can only close it." What do you mean? "We can only make your monthly payments smaller or if you want to close the loan by paying off all of what you owe, we would be happy to do that for you. At this point I was going to scream and just break down. I explained I was told twice by two different women that they would cancel the loan for me. I literally USED the word "cancel" many times, and they said YES. Now he's telling me they can't cancel it, they can only "close" it? I was lied to. AGAIN. I begged and begged but this guy was horrible. So rude and condescending. Kept trying to make me feel like a complete [censored] for falling for this predatory borderline scam. "You knew what you signed. You signed the contract. We told you that you weren't getting money upfront". I kept telling him I thought that they would be paying my debts to consolidate them and that what was she meant by "not getting money up front". He didn't care at all. He so smugly kept shoving in my face how they made it all clear to me and I decided to sign the contract and now it's too late. If only I had seen that they called me back before that first payment went through. I had no idea they wouldn't cancel it for me after that first payment. Now apparently I'm stuck paying $4300 over a stupid mistake. This is horrible. I'm praying these guys eventually get shut down for this.


I was looking for a loan i contacted them the woman made me believe i would get the loan i needed to feed my family if i did this and it would build my credit as well. They wont let me cancel they want me to give them more money to try and get my money back. I dont think this is fair. I was taken advantage of in a desperate time during covid


Told me I was approved for a loan, signed the papers then they told me I will not be getting money today but in 18 months when I pay 110 dollars a month to re-build my credit.





DO NOT DO ANY BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY! It’s a scam! Go to the BBB and see how many people have filed complaints! They took money from me and now say I owe 2000.00 for money I never borrowed they put in a trust account that I have no access to because it’s not true. There is no trust account! The customer service person if you ask too many questions hands up on you! I have reported them to the government and I suggest everyone do the same!


spring financial is a scam. they were not clear on anything and i was told i could cancel within 30 days and that was a lie. whrn i called to cancel the gentleman was very rude and when i asked to speak to a supervisor he refused and said he couldnt do that. why kind of company doesnt allow you to speak to a supervisor? or cancel? the person who signed me up to this talked so fast and didnt go over things clearly and i felt pressured to initial the documents. now i am stuck on a 3 year loan with no money. how can i be receiving $1,700 at the end of 3 years and paying $4,000. this makes no sense. i will warn as many people as i can what a scam this company is.


This company allows people to help build there credit by paying for a loan in advance. I'm not working right now so wanted to cancel the loan and payments. I no longer want to go through with it. I was told at first I can cancel anytime but now they are saying I can cancel. If I do it will go to default and I will have to pay what's owing on loan when I never even received a loan. Makes no sense. Why can't I cancel something I'm paying into? They have terrible customer service took them two weeks to get back to me and I asked to speak to a manager or boss and they said they don't have one I can speak with. What company doesn't have a manager to speak with? Makes no sense. I want it stopped. I don't want any more NSF fees and I should be able to cancel it anytime without paying for anything since they never gave me anything.

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