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Speedy cash Imposter

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Speedy cash Imposter Reports & Reviews (20)

I received Speedy Cash approval letter and they require 200 gift card.for insurance.. is this a scam? They would then send loan amount by Western Union. The orriginal approval letter was not in a readable format. Words are misspelled in texts received.

Jimmy is still at it. Well mack allegedly. Very poor scam as Jimmy just signed his first name lol. +1 202-217-5110 is his number.

Hi my name tina kurdi speedy cashsam johnston in October He said we'll transfer the money in 20 minutes You must first have the amount of insurance in it 300$ Pay by purchase google play card And he transferred the money to the bank account Not all the money and the bank closed my account Because they said a scam, I entered my account I even pay them now around 15,000 Because they told me the file when IRS And now they want me to pay $ 3,500

- Hurst, TX, USA

This person who tries to steal money from your account his name is Steven they will ask you to go to Walmart and get a Walmart to Walmart card put $500 on there that they're going to send you and then they want you to send it back to them and then the money will be on your account that they you supposed to get for the loan

- Tacoma, WA, USA

I've applied for a loan and this "company" called me saying his name is Michael and he is the manager of the funding department with speedy loans. Due to my credit he said he has to deposit money into my account for me to send back to build my credit and because my checking account was only prepaid I used a friend's. Michael deposited $200 into her account and told us to purchase a gift card from Wal-Mart to load the $200 On to send back to him and that's what we did. He said now he was going to deposit more money into the account which he did. Because of my friends bank, we had to wait 3 business days for the money to clear onto her account and that's what we did. After those 3 days, we had access to the money and received $2,800 that we pulled out of her account. Once we received that money, Michael started constantly consistently calling and texting me and my friend threatening to press charges on us if we did not send the money back so in fear, that is what we did, he told us to load the money on Wal-Mart gift cards but unfortunately Wal-Mart informed us that we can only load up to $250 and purchase up to two gift cards a day. I've informed Michael about the news I've received and he asked me to purchase the gift cards from target store so angrily I went to target and they let me know you can only load up to $500 on a gift card so I purchased 6 gift cards and loaded $500 on 4 of the gift cards and $300 on one gift card. Again Michael asked to text him pictures of the receipts and gift card numbers so he could obtain the funds and that is what we did. Once he received the funds he let us know that he was waiting for the credit department to obtain the information and send me my loan. He Saud it should take 20-30 minutes as we waited longer than what he told us I've called back for an update and he said he has to deposit $2500 into the account for the last time and he'd send me my loan through western union. So me and my friend began to get angry and argued with Michael about my loan and asked to not deposit anything into her account. Michael stated that this was the last deposit into her account for me to receive my loan but in suspicion we changed our minds and decided not to go on with the process and unknowingly, he deposited the funds anyway and called to let us know. We were very furious as we explained whatever is being deposited into the account could not be accessed by us in 3 business days due to a background check of the transaction from her bank. As we wnt to her bank branch we changed her account information so Michael could not make anymore deposits while her available balance was still $2500 And we could not pull it out. Michael was again consistently calling and texting me stating he was nervous in suspicion of me running away with the unauthorized money he deposited into my friends account and again threatened to press charges. At this point we started to catch onto the scam and did not make a big deal of it as my friends branch manager of her bank stated to let the man make his threats and supposedly press charges on us. I let Michael know I am tired of his manipulative miscellaneous activity and I will not participate in any more acts and he said we would proceed the process the next day and I could use the money he sent in replacement for gas due to my time being wasted. As the next day came Michael was consistently calling and texting my phone again as I noticed my friend crying because she got news her bank shut down her credit union account for fraud activity for 10 days so I let Michael call again and I answered and when I questioned him about it he hung up in my face and I texted to let him know I will be filing a dispute and he texted back and said go ahead and call the police he already has charges filed against me for taking his "company funds" and I will be hearing from their attorney soon and stopped answering the phone.

Same person different names. First calls for Cash net USA then Speedy Cash then Advance Cash America.Sends money then wants me to buy google play cards and give to them and then trasfer $10000.00 to me

Call me Sam Janston in the tenth month and he said that we will transfer the money to you is 15,000 and said, but first you have to pay the $ 300 deposit and pay it via google play gift card And he transferred the money to the bank account, and the amount did not go all to my account. After that, the bank closed my account and they said a fraud and fraud, I entered your account. And now I'm paying so far for them because they told me my profile is with IRs So far I paid them 15,000
And they want me now to pay them $ 3,500

- Milton, WA, USA

I was in need of money- having emergency issues; just couldn't seem to keep my head above water so I was looking for a loan, something I could pay some other things down with. I received a call from someone who identified himself as Kevin Smith. Now- I have to say, all the signs were there- Kevin Smith from India I suppose! I know how this works so I'm so ashamed of myself and embarrassed. We started the process and I gave him my bank account info as I've done in the past. I didn't see the money show up in my account until later that evening, but I didn't look at HOW it was deposited. This person did a mobile upload with a US Bank cashiers check! as soon as I saw that- I KNEW.......... He called me at 3am the following morning threatening my bank account to tell me I needed to go get Google Play and Steam cards and gave me the amount I needed to put on the cards. I was running around ( I commute 1 1/2 hrs to work) so now, I'm super stressed. My bank called me because of all the strange activity that morning and locked my account. My bank informed me later in the day that my account was locked because the mobile upload was fraudulent and that money had to be paid back from my account which had my rent and other bills that come affected. I had to pull from my 401k to pay my rent (which is where I got that total). It didn't stop there- they uploaded 2 more- one in my checking and one in my savings totaling 1920.00. My account is STILL locked and under investigation and this happened on 9/6/18. Since, I've had another reach out to me. I still have all signed paperwork and the pictures of the cards I purchased. They have BBB and FTC on their contracts to fool people. Since, I've become so weary of any phone calls and emails from people. I sure would like more people to get over their embarrassment and learn from their mistakes because these PEOPLE are always going to be here and will find new ways to scam people.

I received an email from this Speedy Cash representative stating I owe $1150 saying they have tried to contact me numerous times and now they were going to put out a warrant for my arrest if I didnt pay them. I have not taken a loan out with Speedy Cash. I just want them reported and to stop harassing me.

- Sebastopol, CA, USA

I received a call from a person stating they are from Speedy Cash and that I was approved for a loan for up to $5000. They said that I would need to give $100 in iTunes card or Google Play. I bought the cards and was told that the money would be sent to my account within an hour. They took the money off the cards and then told me that they wanted another $500 to buy insurance for the loan of $5000. Then they told me that the $100 I gave them was none refundable.

Sent a notice at 10:55pm giving me 6 hours to respond to face legal charges. Said I owe them $852.79. Said they sent notice in November of 1217 advising me of this? that is not true. I have never borrowed money from them or even been to Houston Texas. I have full email that I can forward to you. It was signed by Katrina Louis and said I should contact [email protected] to make settlement arrangements.

File is to large to attach! I will be happy to email to you if you sent me the email address to send it to.

I applied online for a debt relief loan. They emailed me, saying that I was approved for 10,000. Just follow the link to validate your personal info. So I did. They called me. They told me I needed to open a separate account so they can validate that account. So I did. They transferred money into the account a couple of days later. They called me, and said I needed to transfer it back to them, so the validation would be complete

So I did. Once they received there money, they said there was a problem so they needed to do it again. So I did it again. So now the account that I opened, has suspended all deposits, cause there saying there counterfeit check and cash being deposited and is going to close the account. I never received my loan and now my account is being closed. Also they won't answer my calls.

They offered a loan then asked for my online banking credentials. I told the fraudster no, he then ask me to send him money to process the loan. I told him no. He got extremely irate with me.

- Washington, DC, USA

I was looking around for a loan to help me keep my apartment and when I finally got an email back I was happy thinking I can keep my apartment and then I get scamed out of 200.00 from these people I thought speedy cash made my day so then I called speedy cash and they said they know of the scam but I still couldn't take out a loan because they dont have a loan office in my area the messed up part is that they know of this scam and they not warning people about it

Wanting your Bank password, and login then wanting to verify your account by you purchasing ITunes cards and taking pictures of back of cards and receipt then wanting a personal money gram sent to an individual.

- Madison Heights, VA, USA

Applied for a loan through speedy cash and was approved. When the check came into my bank account it was for the wrong amount. When I noticed the check was for the wrong amount they told me to send the money through ITunes gift card. When I did the bank returned the check. When I looked at the check it had the wrong month and then said SSI. The company had sent a fake check. Now I am out of money.

- Cleveland, OH, USA

I had been online filling out applications for loans. Speedy Cash phoned me and stated I was approved for $ 10,000. The number in my caller Id 469-248-8513. They kept insisting they were accredited with the and The Federal Trade Commission. The callers name was Jack Thomas. He requested that I send $250 by iTunes gift card. Payment fee for the loan. 8% fee of the loan. He instructed me to go to CVS and purchase the iTunes Card. I purchased the card yesterday. I called and read the numbers when I purchased the card. They did not want to send the funds to my back, The bank would charge $2000. After I sent the money they called and requested an additional $300. I also gave my bank account information. They E mailed the contract. I saved the E mail.

- Bakersfield, CA, USA

I had applied for a loan online and got a email saying someone would contact me shortly. then a man called with all on my info and going over loan info that I got approved and the money would be in my bank acct in the morning, he had my sign in my b of a acct to verify that I had online bank so how he was able to check my acct . I didn't think of any the next morning I got a notification that money was deposit in my acct then the next day I can access my online banking my password were change I call b of a they had a hold on my acct for check fraud the company had did a mobile deposit making look like deposit a check. b of a no long want me as a customer!

- Colorado Springs, CO, USA

I received email from this scammer posing as Speedy Cash. After reading it I was very suspicious so I looked up phone number and address on line and found that phone number belonged to another business at one time and the address belongs to a completely different business from phone number, neither of which was Speedy Cash. I then contacted speedy cash fraud dept who informed me it was a scam and they are working on resolving this. So, whatever you do don't fall for this. Below I have copy and pasted content of email I received without the Speedy Cash Logo Graphics that were in the email.


Subject: Loan Confirmation

Loan Approval : 9601SC2810

Loan Amount : $5000.00

Loan Term : 18 Months

Monthly Payments : $306.00

Interest Rate : 10%

As per Section 91C of FTC, our Organization does not involve collecting any advance payments or upfront installments before we provide you the loan. Only a guarantee and assurance is required from the customer for which your Loan Officer would tell how to process.

Please call at below mentioned number NOW to get CASH within 20 minutes.

*Get approved for a Personal loan instantly

Jimmy Arthur

(Head Of Processing Department)

3527 N Ridge Road Wichita, KS 67205 Customer Service: (913) 738-6596

Terms and Conditions

Any use of our services at Speedy Cash Corporation is governed by the following terms and conditions. Read the following carefully before you avail any of our services.

The content published in the mail is owned by Speedy Cash Corporation. You can use it for personal purpose only. Copying of content or republishing it for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited. The content is for general information only.

1. The customer needs to be a citizen of United States, have an active bank account and earn steady income every month you will be considered as eligible to avail our loan services. 2. Customer is requested to complete Verification Process in order to prove that customer can afford the monthly payment of $306.00 because of their low credit score. 3. To complete Verification process, you will need to step into one of a Walmart store with $306.00 for an identity verification and affordability check process and fill out a verification form OR get the government certified card which you will be informed by our Loan Officer. 4. As customer complete the Verification Process, in 10mins the loan $5000.00 will be transferred to bank account.

PREPAYMENT: You may prepay this agreement in full or in part at any time without penalty.

*Get approved for a Personal loan instantly

Jimmy Arthur

(Head Of Processing Department)

3527 N Ridge Road Wichita, KS 67205 Customer Service: (913) 738-6596

DEFAULT: A customer shall be in default under this Agreement when the payment remains unpaid for more than 40 days

Afterits scheduled or deferred due date, or if the customer fails to comply with any of the terms of this Agreement if the

Failure materially impairs the condition, value or protection of or the Lender’s right to the collateral or materially impairs the

Customer’s ability to pay the obligation due under this Agreement

LENDER’S RIGHTS IN THE EVENT OF DEFAULT: ? Lender can transfer the bills to Certified Collection Agent. ? Lender can collect the payment from Client’s bank account.

TIME: It is essential that you make your payment on time.

*Get approved for a Personal loan instantly

Jimmy Arthur

(Head Of Processing Department)

3527 N Ridge Road Wichita, KS 67205 Customer Service: (913) 738-6596

Repayment Guarantee

I understand and agree, that all shares, interest and deposit with Speedy Cash Corporation and owned by me are hereby pledged individual or/and severally as security for the said loan on such part of it’s as may be granted. In the case of default by me, the treasurer is hereby authorized to deduct any balance, interest and cost pertaining to the aforementioned loan from the security hereby pledged. Should the loan not be granted this guarantee automatically becomes null.

Signature………………………… Date…………………………….

*Get approved for a Personal loan instantly

Jimmy Arthur

(Head Of Processing Department)

3527 N Ridge Road Wichita, KS 67205 Customer Service: (913) 738-6596

Loan Amount Breakup

Number of Payments :18 Months

Monthly Payment Total Interest Cost

$306.00 $500.00

Interest Rate: :10.00%

Loan Amount :$5000.00

*Get approved for a Personal loan instantly

Jimmy Arthur

(Head Of Processing Department)

3527 N Ridge Road Wichita, KS 67205 Customer Service: (913) 738-6596

- Beverly, MA, USA

Called me saying he was speedy cash I need to pay $50 to get my loan which I had already got from the legitimate company. What scares me is that he did have my bank information.

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