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• Jul 01, 2022

SoftSol Scam Job Interview Offering Recruitment

I was contacted via phone about a job application for Customer Service position through LinkedIn that I had supposedly applied for. Granted I've been applying for lots of jobs, not sure how they got my phone number. Text from (803) 471-6895 said: "Hello Applicant, I'm Tara Cook from (SoftSol), your resume application was reviewed by our recruitment team from LinkedIn Job Application for the Customer Service Position (full time or part time) reply back "YES I AM" if interested"
"Positions available are: Customer Service Representative, Administrative Assistant, Front Desk Clerk, Accounting Manager, Accounting Payroll Clerk, Data Entry Clerk, IT Jobs, Human Resources Manager. Which do you best fit?"
Did the online Skype interview with Nelson Smith Cox, & the exact questions listed in the other scam reviews. They called me the next day to continue with the interview process, and after "being reviewed by the board" said I was hired. I asked for handbook and official materials to review, they asked if I am ready to start immediately and they said they would send me a check via email for supplies to be spent at a vendor. I was never given any official hiring documentation, and had no way of confirming the person's association with the company. The digital check email went to my spam, which should've been the first indicator that it was flagged. The check itself looked fraudulent so I went to Google from there, lo and behold others have gone through the same thing. Sad that I wasted this much time! But gratefully I got some good writing material out of it for interviews in the future. Be careful!
SoftSol Scam Job Interview Offering Recruitment

• Jun 28, 2022

SoftSol Scam Job Interview

So, I just wasted a 1 1/2 of my life. I've been searching for work lately, so I guess that's how I got on their radar. I just updated my resume on several job search sites. Same m/o as the previous posts I've seen on here. They sent me a text from 803-471-6990. I'm sure it is a web-based number that can't be traced. This was the initial text: "Good Day, I am Mrs. Heather Patterson from SOFTSOL TECHNOLOGIES LTD. Your resume has been reviewed by our recruitment team for the position of a Call Center Representative, Administrative Assistant, Customer Service, Data Entry. And would like to invite you to an interview and the pay rate is $19.00 - $25.00 an hour hourly, Kindly reply “YES I AM” if you are still interested in more info...Best regards."

So I responded and agreed to the Microsoft Teams Chat/Interview. They asked real in-depth interview questions such as the following:
Here are your set of questions:
* First...Why do you think we should employ you?

* Tell me about your previous job position?

* How well do you work under pressure?

* What do you understand by privacy and code of conduct in business?

* Describe a situation in which you had to work with a difficult person (co-worker, customer, supervisor, etc). How would you handle the situation?

* If selected for this position, how would you go about establishing your credibility quickly with the team, especially since your office will be set up at home and work being done from home?

Then after the Q/A they told me to hold while they converse with the hiring manager. Then asked me if I was ready to be a part of the team and if so, how soon could I start. Since I am actively looking, I said immediately. However, I've never been hired so quickly. Most jobs have you waiting for a day or two before a decision is made. That is why I started to Google and found this site and another one. I'm glad I did before I provided them with any of my personal information. When I confronted them with scamming, they just logged off the Microsoft teams' session. LOL

Anyway, I hope this post helps anyone who is being outreached by these jerks. When in doubt, Google. Hell call the company and ask questions. The hiring manager interviewing me was named Mrs. Bethann Christopher. I saw someone say they were interviewed by Kelly Vaughn. So I asked them if they knew her/him...They said yes they do. smdh... Please double check to make sure you are not being scammed out here. They are coming up with new and inventive ways to scam people. I never heard of a job interview scam before. So glad I caught this one. Be safe everyone!

• Jun 20, 2022

Victim Location 07110
Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted by email from this company. I participated in a one hour team chats interview. At the end of the interview I received the position and was sent all hiring documents. Then they told me they were emailing me a check to buy supplies which I would need for the position. I received the check by email. I called the bank that was on the check and they told me it was fraudulent.

• Jun 28, 2022

I'm so glad you called the back before depositing that check. It would have caused you so much aggravation and possibly messed up your bank account.

• May 30, 2022

SoftSol Scam

I received the same text and they sent a check, but after I deposited the check, something didn't feel right. Melissa keeps asking me to make a deposit to start ordering my equipment. I told her after I speak to SoftSol and WFG, I would be in touch. I'm in the process of getting in touch with Softsol and WFG who the check was from.

• May 18, 2022

Victim Location 93591
Type of a scam Employment

I have been applying to jobs left and right. I received an email from a Kelly Vaughn from SoftSol saying g she reviewed my resume and I’m a candidate for the position. She asked for my Skype address and I had an interview with a different hiring manager named Melissa. We went through the normal Interview process and I was asked the normal questions then my answers were sent for review. After review I was offered the job immediately for a remote administration assistant and I was explained the job duties. I was told I would be receiving a check via email and it was to be used for office supplies. I would be taking $150 for a sign on bonus and then I was asked for my mobile deposit daily limit. Upon further review I noticed this scammer copied and pasted what was on the actual website under the about company section and after checking back of all the jobs I had been applying to, I never applied to this company directly.

• May 30, 2022

What was your outcome?

• May 25, 2022

By the way, the same person just reached out to me. Before Onesupport hired me I was looking for a stay at home job and I was always getting scammers sending me checks to cash. Well I found out they send you these checks for you to cash and somehow they scam you for the money. So be careful please of these scammers. If you do go to Onesupport website please put that I referred you. My name is Myranda Fowler.

• May 25, 2022

These companies are scamming people. If you are looking for a at home position you can go on Indeed and search for Onesupport or go to and apply. I have been working for Onesupport for over a year from home and I really really enjoy it. They really work with your schedule and train you in everything. Mind you the pay is not very good but working from home makes it a plus.

• May 25, 2022

Did anything end up happening afterwards? I just received the same text, however, there's a lot of spelling and grammar issues which lead me to Google.

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