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• 8 h ago



• Jan 25, 2022

I signed up for socialearn did everything it requires an never got paid.the app tells you to do surveys download apps an send invites in order to get money.after doing the required things i cashed out was given a date where i get paid the date came an gone an no money! This site is a scam

• Jan 24, 2022

Victim Location 60472
Total money lost $1,566.82
Type of a scam Employment

Never received payment after waiting months

• Jan 24, 2022

Victim Location 29161
Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

Social Earn is a site that offers bonuses, and ways to earn money from doing surveys, and downloading apps, and playing games. I have earned over $7,000 on this site even given a pay out date, but the money is never deposited. The manager that is associated to the account is suppose to be avaliable through Skype which she is never able to be reached. The site has an email posted, but it is not found when sending an email. Many people including myself have put so much time into completing offers just to be scammed.

• Jan 21, 2022

Initial means of contact Not applicable

Scam, scam, scam

Social earn is most definitely a scam when it's time to recieve your money you never do

• Jan 20, 2022

Victim Location 76006
Total money lost $100
Type of a scam Online Purchase

They have you sign up for an account, and tell you that you'll get paid per clicks, they'll have you sign up for all kinds of different services, I signed up for norton, I signed up for this app called stash, I signed up for all different kinds of stuff including apps that cost money to sign up for, with the promise of being paid lots of money. They have this money tracker at the top left hand corner that acts like people are all getting cashed out and money. They promised to pay and then they never do. You waste your time, effort, money, and you give away data for free. It's a complete lie complete scam, and it's predatory. This is pretty disgusting how this operates.

• Jan 17, 2022

Social earn scam

I started in December 2021 testing apps and filling out surveys. But come to find out they were phishing for your personal information. Social earn is a scam. I cashed out several times and never got paid!

• Jan 14, 2022

Scam/No Payout

Well, a friend asked that I join because of the ease of making a few extra dollars. I did and had many family member as well as social media friends to join. I painstakingly did everything to earn the funds and eventually got up to a total of almost 1500.00..I followed the rules to a T and did nothing to be perceived as fraud. Well, when it was time to receive my funds via CashApp, I got a big zero. I'm sure that some folks are being paid but equally certain that they actually work or are part owners of Social Earn, which should be dubbed, Social Scam!

As I did research on them, the company is owned by Social Earn, LTD, which isn't listed as a legal entity in no state that I can find. Because of that, no person or persons can be found because there is no foot prints anywhere.

This is how I believe this scam has been successful, not for the users, but for the owners. The owners set up an affiliate marketing platform. Every time someone clicks or watches an ad, the owners are compensated. It doesnt matter if it's one penny or 20.00 because it all adds up when you have 50k folks feverishly clicking and watching those ridiculous ads over and over again. So, when the companies pay the owners, the owners are supposed to pay the users their share, which never happens. The beauty of this scam is that the owners will eventually be shut down BUT, they'll just rename it and start all over again, advertising to an entirely different group of overzealous users looking to make some extra money.

It would appear that the Social Earn platform is Chinese because of the many Chinese ads but it could be owned by any number of ethnic groups or nationalities. The bottom line is that they appear to be very good at this scam but just like all scammers, it's just a matter of time before they slip up. Facebook, instagram and youtube should shut them down posthaste!

I doubt that I'll ever receive my funds..I just hope that there is a way to catch, sue and prosecute these folks. As they are reading this, I'm sure they are just to see how smart they are, they are continually finding new and more efficient ways to scam, especially with the invent of the black market web. They'll slip up eventually. They always do!
Scam/No Payout
Scam/No Payout

• Jan 14, 2022

Victim Location 06420
Type of a scam Phishing

This site claims to earn you money by downloading apps and completing surveys, but it never actually pays you when it says it’s going to.

• Jan 13, 2022

Victim Location 31601
Total money lost $1,885
Type of a scam Phishing

They ask you to download surveys and apps and claim they will pay you for it but they never do!

• Jan 10, 2022

Victim Location 27407
Type of a scam Phishing

This sites says they believe in helping people very serious about fraud. Definitely all lies. Your suppose to take surveys play games even buy things and be compensated for all your hard work helping promote the company. I completed offers did my party promoted and made up to 8k. It was suppose to be in my account on Jan 9th never happened . They need to be shut down immediately please .

• Jan 07, 2022

Victim Location 23947
Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

I joined Social Earn in December. It is a website that claims you can earn money by testing apps, taking surveys, and completing offers. I did all that was required and earned money. When you want to get your money you have to cash out and they are supposed to send your money to your preferred method of payment. My date of payment came and I got nothing. It says you can chat with a rep and that is fake. They never respond. The email the provide for customer service isn't real either.

• Jan 04, 2022

Victim Location 53209
Total money lost $26
Type of a scam Employment

Social earn is a website that claims to pay you for testing apps and completing surveys. Pay days have past and no one has been paid. You are asked to pay for certain a items to hit the required levels to achieve the reward. Credit card and phone numbers information. Since completing a survey scammers call repeatedly multiple times a day stating they can save me on car insurance. I receive random text saying the 750 gift card is waiting for me to complete the survey. It’s all a scam. You are never paid for any of the testing you do or the surveys.

• Jan 03, 2022

Victim Location 29407
Total money lost $2,920
Type of a scam Identity Theft

This website will promise to pay you for doing surveys and and downloading apps while stealing your personal information and banking info. You also will not get paid for your work!

• Dec 28, 2021

Victim Location 08360
Type of a scam Phishing

This site promises they will pay for services rendered( app downloads, referrals, surveys, etc.) They do no pay after "Net-14" and payment for services have no happened post 14 days. They are phishing for information to use and sell. Payment will not be provided for the people signing up or completing tasks.

• Dec 22, 2021

Victim Location 85040
Total money lost $10
Type of a scam Phishing

I downloaded the app who then has you click various links & do surveys to gain “money” and they don’t even ever actually pay anyone. Beware of

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