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Skin Balance

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Last August 2017 a pop up ad came on when i was on social media. It advertised a "free" trial portion of Skin Balance. I believe it was shipping only for less than $5.00. I ordered the product and it was a typical face cream with no dream results. I forgot that the fine print said i needed to call and cancel. I actually never ever even though about it, until another Canada Post email showed up saying i have a package. I could not find a company name or number to call and cancel. I ran across a website today speaking to this on line scan and who to call. I called and cancelled. I will now call and advise my credit card company to not honour any new debits. This cream is $147.44 EACH MONTH and they are sending them out rapid fire. I received one before Christmas and another just arrived. They tried everything including the offer of discounts and staggering the deliveries to every three or six months to keep me interested. This has cost me $727.20 over the almost six months. I have three jars not even opened as no one could use that much face cream unless they put it on their entire body. I believe on line companies should not be allowed to simply continue with a free trial UNLESS the purchaser is sent an email and answers YES to wanting it. People are busy and lose track. A face cream is not high on my priority list. I am outraged as I have NO idea any face cream would cost $147.44 and assumed each month that $10 or $20 was being lost when i didn't follow up properly. There must be some system put in place to safeguard against this!

I was the ad on gf for Skin Balance cream free sample for $3.99. I ordered it my face turned all red. I couldn't use it.

On September 18th I get an email from Canada Post that I have a parcel being sent. I didn't orded anything.

So I call Skin Balance and sure enough they had sent another parcel. I told them I can't use it and they cancelled my account.

On September 22nd I get my cc statement with a charge of $377.00 from Skin Balance.

I called and told them what I thought of them and to give me my money back. After over 30 minutes of talking with there very well trained staff that kept saying I'm sorry. I said you quit saying that your sorry and I don't know how you sleep at night scamming people.

She said the legal department will call you in 2-3. I said I want my money back from a cream that I broke out using. Again she said I'm sorry. I said I'm telling everyone I know about this and calling the BBB.

I may also contract Global news.

Please try to stop this crap from going on. Yes I know buyer beware. Old saying nothing is free!!

It all started when I was watching Dragon den on You-tube. There was an Ad on a free trial of an Anti wrinkle cream( called Skin Balance)

Curious about it, I decided to click the url link, the webpage clearly showed 0 dollars but would have to pay for shipping/handling which amounted to 3.44 USD. And so I gave my credit information and the item was ordered.

After waiting endlessly , in about 10 days or so, the product arrived. I noticed it was so small, and the content was very greasy. It wasn't something I would put on my face and I reckoned returning it. However, since I spent only 4.64 CAD dollars, it wasn't worth the hassle ,hence I ignored.

Shockingly, some days later I noticed on my credit card transaction a bill for 197.97 CAD on an item called

I called my credit card company demanding a reversal of charges, they refused to help me, stating I willingly gave my credit information to the merchant and as such they had the legal right to take monies from my credit card. I escalated to the supervisor / manager and she said she could not help.

I decided to call the merchant and explain I do not want their product and demanded for a refund, they said I had passed the 14 days refund policy, I told them there were no Terms and Condition shown on the webpage and besides the item arrived 10 days after being ordered , so there was no way I could have tested the cream and seen the effect... They bluntly said no and hung up on me.

In hindsight, I have an item I supposedly bought but I don't have a receipt..

It is quite a pity that some companies can legally be scamming unbeknownst individuals in the pretext of not reading "terms and conditions "that was not shown on the web page.

I would appreciate your help in getting my refund , thanks



M3J 0J8

The company is listed as "glowskinglobal" on my credit card billing, "Final Skin" on the "free trial" website, "Advanced Skin" on the product label, and "Skin Balance" on the product address label. The woman at Customer Care says the company is called "Skin Balance". They advertise a 14-day "free trial" which isn't free -- even the free trial sample costs $187 Cdn. if you do not cancel within 14 days of making the order (let alone receiving it which can take up to two weeks). If you don't receive the product prior to the end of the trial period, they do not refund it. The product address on the label is London, N134BS U.K., but the website special says the "free trial" (which on your credit card you will find out cost you $187) is available only in Canada. Your credit card information is requested before you have any access to Terms and Conditions. As soon as a second shipment of the product arrived, I checked my credit card statement and found that not only had I been billed for two shipments at $193 and $187 respectively, but that the company had already shipped two more shipments of this product at a cost of almost $800 total for something I never purchased. After several phone calls to their "customer care" line to explain that my daughter not I had made this order, I learned that they do not give refunds for any reason, even to unopened, completely sealed, and unwanted packages of this product. They send out so many samples at once that you cannot cancel immediately after realizing you have been sent an extra shipment. I have been billed for four shipments, and I have only received two of these. Two others were ostensibly shipped fourteen days ago, but they have not arrived. The product itself doesn't work. It is certainly worth nothing near the almost $200 price tag. Also, the company does not at all care about customer satisfaction or about posting their terms and conditions clearly somewhere you can see them before handing over your credit card. The clear and manifest intention of their web advertisment is to lure people into accepting a "free sample" which is actually an exorbitantly expensive membership which they soak you for before you have time to realize what has happened.

I had signed up for a free trial of Skin Balance cream from a Facebook advertisement. There was zero mention of a subscription anywhere in the advertisement only sign up for a free trial and just pay shipping. I Then received an extra 2 full sized products in the mail which I did not sign up to receive. Upon calling them I was notified that in the terms and services I had agreed if I did not cancel within 14 days they would send me it monthly. It was hidden deep within the separate terms and services page which is obviously purposely difficult to find and trick people. I was charged 4 seperate times on my credit card to the amount of $739.64. When I again contacted this so called company, they told me they would cancel my subscription but there would be no refund. As I am not the only one who has been been defrauded and misled by this "ad" I feel they should have been flagged and stopped by the credit card company and Facebook, as I am just one of hundreds of people in the same situation.

I ordered Skin Balance and Advance Skin ORDERED ONLINE. While checking my bank account on Sept 4 I realized that $386.38 was charged to my account. I immediately phoned Customer Service at Skin Balance and cancelled both products. I have a problem with their Terms and Conditions. I did not realize that the 14 day Risk Free Trial started the day after I called and ordered the products. While booking, it din not say any "Subscription" else I would have known. I asked them to reverse the amount, they said they cannot do it. thought that the RISK FREE TRIAL products were samples. They were only one oz each for the Skin Balance Cream and one oz of Anti-Wrinkle Serum, but they apparently are the regular product size. The only thing that was offered to me was a discount on more products

I was online July 5th, 2017. Online survey pop up claiming to be Bell kept popping up. I kept having to close down the connection as this pop up was taking me off my current page and locking me onto this page. So I figured I would just do the survey since I do business with Bell. Three quick questions and was told to pick out a free gift for my survey. It was called skinbalance moisturizer.. Then a $1.32 shipping fee. I couldn't get out of the page and I didn'treally want the product. I gave the credit card info for the fee, then another $4 fee for another free gift in which I had no choice. This was to be a free gift for doing this survey. Two weeks 28, I looked into my credit balance and noticed 2 charges I wasn't expecting, one for $182.71, another for $191.24. ....skinbalance and skinon purchases. I had only received one product. Shipping confirmation from Canada Post was received for both, received for one. I contacted my Visa, they got the phone number for the company and connected me. I had no paper trail but shipping notice. Spoke to "John" at skinbalance. He informed me this was a free trial and if I did not return within 2 weeks I would be charged full price. I asked "why would Bell want to sell your product?" No reply. I said this was a free gift offer for a survey. He talked about the fine print and no refund. I made sure he canceled my account, cancelled my Visa, and told him this is going public. What does he care? Why would Bell care? Of course it all came obvious then. I see many scams about this website skinbalance but I thought I was doing a Bell survey.

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