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SINA s.p.a.

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• May 13, 2022

I was informed by someone named Catherine Rodriguez with an 856 area code (NJ) and would need my to do a signal text message for an interview and informed me that Mr. Larsen Rocha would be the one doing the interview. Did the interview process (I've done text interviews before) and said I was qualified and to report at 9am my time. Which is odd giving the company is in Italy and it would be evening time by then, but I thought they needed almost like an overnight clerk. Then told me Mrs Margaret Robertson would be sending me onboard paperwork (nothing else) came from a basic gmail account, normally from a company it would be through the company domain.

What he said that they would send me a check through Fedex (conviently delayed with no delivery date or reason; from Illinois) so they sent another one from USPS (from a small credit union from Alabama). I asked where is this new office being built in July 2022 and he said that it is undisclosed for security reasons (never heard of that).

There was a check that came in and told me to keep $210 as a "sign on bonus" (that's not how it works). He told me to send it to this person with a basic email via Zelle, named Omolola Awolesi. I looked them up and it's someone from Nigeria (that's my BIG RED FLAG) and dipped out.

Currently my bank has it on hold and spoke to the credit union and they are investigating it since there were multiple checks coming at of that place. Since I informed them of this scam ahead of time that if it ever cleared I would be covered for all of the damages done.

Since then I have asked this "Rocha" and since then no response from him at all and luckily I don't have much money in my account anyway so they wouldn't get much from me.

• May 12, 2022

I knew it was a scam immediately

I knew it was a scam once I got on Skype and they told me we would only be interviewing by IM STRICTLY 🤣 so I went along with them to see what they wanted they gave me the job asked me for my email address 🚩then they gave me the one I use for Skype and not what’s on my resume🚩 then they asked me how I would like to get paid and the frequency 🚩 told me about this check they would send and not to go into the bank only the drive through 🚩 Then my address which is in my resume 🚩 I blocked and reported them but they keep trying and I don’t have time be safe y’all

• May 12, 2022


I called the bank issuing the check and they told me it’s a fake. They don’t give out checks in a bluish pink shading. The check looks si real hit it’s not. Don’t de fooled! They almost got me.

• May 12, 2022


Did they tell anyone else that they would recently be opening up a business near their areas?

• May 12, 2022

I got called recently on this for a job for data entry. I went through the process and supposedly got hired. They just mailed me a check to buy the software needed. It looks really legit I don’t know what I should do. I called my bank and they told me to be cautious and call the bank issuing out the check. Has anyone got this far through the process? I looked them up and they are a real company in Italy.

• May 11, 2022

Did it work out? I'm currently getting "interviewed" by text message. This is so weird.

• May 12, 2022

I’m also currently going through the same thing and received a check but I don’t know how to feel about it

• May 10, 2022

100% a scam

Any legit employer who wants to schedule a meeting with you will do so in person or via video call. Sina SPA is an italian company, that operates out of Italy, they have no need to hire Americans who don't speak Italian for a data entry/ admin assistant/ customer service position. A scammer is simply using the name of the company to trick people looking for a job.

• May 07, 2022

SINA scam?

Can you elaborate further? I’m going through this same process with them currently on Skype

• May 12, 2022

I supposedly just got hired and recieved a check but I’m sketched out about it.

• May 03, 2022

Victim Location 95062
Type of a scam Employment

I was offered a job by this company. They had me fill out a w4 and I9 form.

• May 10, 2022

This is 100% a scam. I tried to schedule a call with my supervisor to ask questions about the new hire paperwork and they refused until after I filled it out. The paperwork is literally everything a hacker would need to steal one’s identity. Call your banks

• May 09, 2022

Hi what happened? I was offered a job also. Going through the processs

• May 08, 2022

Can you elaborate further? Going through this same process currently

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