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• Apr 15, 2021

Hi, I bought a TV on and bought an extended warranty. I have an issue with my TV, but when I go to there website is does not exist and I sent an email to them [email protected] and bounced back. I bought the TV less then a year ago and can not get in contact with them. I was looking online and this site might be a scam as others have the same issue. I want to know if I can get a hold of them somehow so I an use my extended warranty I purchased. I can attached docs that also show that they called me and changed my original order and could never get a hang of them.

• Nov 16, 2020

Exactly the same as everyone else.. 8 bit vs 10 bit crap.. the tv I purchased doesn't even come in 8bit.. I told them to ship me what I bought.. they kept trying a couple more times.. and then said they would send me the cheap one.. and of course never did... Just pay Amazon what they want for it, and stop screwing around with these scammers.. We should get an attorney in here and open up a class action.. these people cost me time and money.. you don't get away with that in the USA for long... Here is my 86 LG from Amazon - that I got a month after I started bull[censored]ting around with these crooks

• Nov 12, 2020

Please do not buy anything this company, I bought a Samsung 65" The Frame Charcoal Black QLED UHD 4K Smart HDTV - QN65LS03TAFXZA tv on July 5th 2020 it was advertised as 4 Th of July sale. for $1299,
Here is my order confirmation about the order.

Thank you for your recent order with
Your Order: #66783 has been received and is being reviewed.

Order date: 7/5/2020 1:35:22 PM

The Order #66783 was assigned to your order in our system.

Thank you for shopping at

On Monday a sales rep called me and told me that The TV I purchased was from Korea, I told them to go ahead and cancel my order and he convinced me to upgrade for the US Model for $1799 but because of the misunderstanding they were going to give me free white glove delivery and also send me two free HDMI cables.
as the week went on I called to check on delivery and could not trace the truck so I went ahead and cancelled order and requested a refund through an E-mail. I got my refund Today 11-12-20, but they charged me their shipping fees ($400) and 10% of invoice for restocking fees.
the have been super unresponsive, they put you in long waiting holds and they they simply don't call you back or send you emails.
Do not use and trust this site! Total scam! Fraudulent advertisement!
Scammer's phone 866-888-5019
Scammer's website
Scammer's address Brooklyn, NY 11230
Scammer's email [email protected]
Country United States
contact- Will Banks Customer service
Mark Light Billing department

I wish I found this website sooner. Got scammed same way as others: They sold me 8bit TV instead of 10bit.
When it was not shipped and I called them, they told me that the reason for lower price is 8bit panel and I told them that I don't want it. Then they offered a replacement with a model 75SM9070PUA-VO which supposedly had a 4k emulator because of "-VO" at the end. And that it was the reason for $2199 price instead of around $1800. Unfortunately I agreed. In about a month TV was delivered. When it was unpacked, it was a regular 75SM9070PUA TV without VO and I refused shipping. They they dragged it for another 1.5 months and I had to call them many times to get a refund, but refund was by $620 less that what I paid. Now I'm disputing it with my credit card.

Here's the same MO for my order placed in May 2020 and 2 months in waiting no such luck of likelihood of receiving this product. The best solution is that we all have to file a complaint with the FTC so at least they will be shutdown and investigated.

"Thank you for your recent order with
Your Order: #65462 has been received and is being reviewed.

Order date: 5/18/2020 11:40:07 AM

The Order #65462 was assigned to your order in our system.

Thank you for shopping at"

This most likely is a dark web operation in effect and one needs to be very vigilant with their CC information.

Please follow through with a very simple online complaint at the FTC.

Same experience on LG E8, got told the story of 8bit Panel from Korea vs. 10 bit Panel from Mexico, and was offered to buy another TV which I did not. However was confused for several hours over the internet to figure out the 8 bit panel and discovered it is non sense. They seem very fishy business store with not real customer support no. and un-professional business ethics.
Stay away...

I had a very similar experience on
30 June 2020 while buying a LG65GX OLED. I received a call from silverstarav and they wanted make me aware that the product I was buying was an 8 bit setup made in Korea and was a Commercial grade quality with a much diminished picture quality compared to the 10 bit Residential grade made in Mexico that cost about $900 more. They were supposedly looking out for me by letting me know the TV that I was trying to buy would be very disappointing and highly recommended I buy the Made in Mexico 10 bit version.
Right off, nothing made sense because Commercial grade is always built to higher standards than Residential quality, so why was he recommending the Residential model. And secondly, I have not heard of anything made with 8 bit processing power since my X386 Acer computer in 1990! And 10 bit...we’ll I never heard of that ever, always goes geometric form, 4-8-16-32-64-128 etc.
I decided to call LG tech ops and indeed verified my thoughts. Commercial is better than Residential quality only by specifications that they are made to run 18-24 hours per day, much less chance of burn in, but picture quality was the same as Residential and both sets run on the same processor and that it is much more than an 8 or 10 bit setup.
Needless to say, I cancelled my order and contacted my credit card company to send me a new card because of a possible compromised account.
Old line never goes out of style...if it sounds too good to be true...
Bait and Switch in full force at silverstarav. Avoid any contact at all.
Trust your senses, use critical thinking.

Bait and switch try. Same deal 8-bit vs 10-bit scam.

Scammer's phone 866-888-5019
Scammer's website
Scammer's address Brooklyn, NY 11230
Scammer's email [email protected]
Country United States
Type of a scam Counterfeit Product
Initial means of contact In person

Silver Star AV is a total scam and true Bait-and-Switch company which means they offer prices that are too good to be true. When you call them to buy TV listed on the website with low price, they convince you that it is a Korean made 8bit panel version - meaning bad quality and no warranty. They will try to convince you to get a "better" version (made in Mexico/US) with 10bit panel, VIDEO OPTIMIZED for a lot more money. Panel difference is total BS (as I have found out later by calling LG support and researching other sources). It’s a complete scam.
If you try to return a product and even agree to all their shipping fees ($400) and restocking fees, they simply don't call you back.
Do not use this site! Total scam! Fraudulent advertisement!

Exact same experience as the posters above. A few afters ordering on the site, I received an email stating I needed to call them to "confirm a delivery window". Once on the line, I got the "this is the 8 bit version out of Korea, not Mexico - how about this brand new model that is more expensive". Which is crap because it is LGs flagship LED model. When I declined and insisted on the original product ordered I was told it would be shipped within 48 hours. I called about a week later asking for status and was told "I sent this to shipping, they are way behind but this will go out within the week. You'll receive an email when it ships." Another week later, I called again and was told "it's still sitting with our supplier. They are really backed up but it will ship within the week."

I was never charged so I am not sure if it is fraud but is most definitely a scam. If you order one of the high end products and do not fall for the bait and switch on the phone, then they simply never ship your product.

I ordered a TV on June 10th before reading most of the reviews and I am 100% satisfied. I worked with Dave and he took care of everything for me, answered all my questions and concerns. I did pay the $150 to have brought in and turned on and again everything perfect. I got the tv on the 10th buisness day.

Sadly very negative experience as well. Order took almost a month to get delivered. No e-mail from the merchant. Phone calls took forever and salesperson I talked to was outright rude. Many promises to call back and it never happened. Finally - TV came and had a scratch on the screen. Avoid! Yes, they are scam! Highly NOT recommended!

Silver Star AV is a total scam just like the other message and what happened to me as identical to them except it wasn't 85 in Samsung 70 series television.

They may sell product but they are a true Bait-and-Switch company which means they offer prices that are too good to be true as there is not two of the exact same model numbers as they say one is made in Korea which is a false statement after doing research.

They tell you it will have a zero warranty which in my case I said I don't care as it was for a rental house basement. They did everything they could to sell me a different product. (Actually called me at 10:30 p.m. at night saying they're working from home as I assume they really have no place of business...) Called saying I wanted the American version for $800 more and had a different circuit board in it and was better than the premium product I ordered... They finally gave up for the fact that I'm a businessman and felt the scam in process.

I emailed them back and received no response and then I emailed them back again which I did receive a phone call stating they did not know why it was taking so long for a 7 to 10 day delivery which was a May 4th order and here we are at the 28th of the month and no communication has been made.

They stated the delivery company would contact me to make delivery which of course has never happened because this TV will never come and I did not fall for their bait and switch method so beware to anyone unless you don't mind the Sucker Punch and maybe they do come through at that point but not at any advertised price you see on their website!

Run from this company and buy it from a legitimate business as even if you buy something from them I truly doubt they'll be available when you have a problem.

I too was sold the same bill of goods today June 5th, 2020. I ordered a Q90 series tv from them then was sent an email to call them. They said the TV came with no warranty, was an 8 bit model from Korea and I needed to sign warranty papers. I called Samsung, they never made an 8 bit model. The Q90 is their flagship series so why would they make an inferior version? I called David back on the phone and he tried to sell me another TV with an $800 dollar upscaler card included for free. The prices he was giving me on everything was 50% more than I could buy the same tv for at Best Buy. This place is a total scam. I went through this years ago with another east coast company over a camera, I got scammed that time but at least it was only a couple hundred bucks, older and wiser now. Do not do business with this company. It's a complete bait and switch scam, you will end up paying more than if you went to your local electronics store.

Victim Location 95128
Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

This site has super low cost TVs and AV equipment - I was specifically looking at />
They do not charge you for the purchase initially because they need to get you on the phone, so they send an email from [email protected] asking you to call 866-888-5019. They then inform you over the phone that they cannot charge you until you sign a warranty waiver to confirm you know you are purchasing a cheaper version of the TV (in my case, one with an 8-bit panel instead of a 10-bit panel). However they are obviously lying, Samsung does not sell an 8-bit panel version of this TV (I confirmed today with Samsung directly). They will try to up-sell you on the real model for a much higher price, and then if you refuse or ask for the cheaper one, they will never charge you or communicate with you again. You will receive nothing, and yet they still have all your credit card info.

DO NOT use this site, it is 100% fraudulent, and I hope the will help to escalate to take them offline immediately.

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