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SFE Energy

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SFE Energy Reports & Reviews (5)

Victim Location 21218
Type of a scam Utility

Two representatives from SFE Energy came to my door and told me they were a contractor with BGE (local utility provider) and were there to "verify" my utility bill. I asked why and they repeated that they just wanted to verify the correct billing information. I was skeptical and the rep kept saying it was a requirement. I sent them away but have since learned that their opening statements were a lie and they were really there to sign me up to a different utility provider. Beware of SFE Energy representatives.

Victim Location 07604
Type of a scam Utility

I was working outside and a young woman approached me and said that she was working with PSE&G and that she had been sent out by the company to sign me up for a program that PSE&G had sent to me and I had not filled out the paperwork. She explained to me that it was part of program to help me save money on my bill. PSE&G had just sent out with my bill that week a memo about the new Smart Meters that were going to be installed in homes and I thought this what it was about. I kept asking her where her PSE&G ID was and she kept showing me her SFE Energy ID. She said that they were working with the company, which I now know is Fraud. She also added that this had been mentioned as a memo on my bill. When I got my recent bill to show her that I had not seen it, she immediately took a picture of my bill and then started to process the paperwork. Then the blinders came off and I asked again what this was all about. She in turn told me that they would not be able to process my paperwork and that since the bill was under my father's name I should pretend to be my father. I talked with the woman on the young woman's phone again and asked what this was all about. She said they were processing my paperwork for the program, not telling me that they were switching my energy carrier to another company. I have to say it is an easy scam to fall for as I have read from dozens of others online in Google and related reviews. They use the same tactic with everyone and really prey on the elderly (which is how they probably got my home's information) and on people who do not speak English. When I called PSE&G and finally got through to their customer service, they said that they get this complaint all the time from customers and to file a complaint with the State of New Jersey, which I did file a complaint with the NJ Board of Utilities. Please also file a complaint with the NJ Board of Utilities on the State website. They need to know this as well.

To anyone reading this, please do not give your information to anyone without checking it with the legitimate company in this case PSE&G. These representatives of SFE Energy are trained to talk to customers in the way that they do and are very good at making it seem legitimate because of all the changes going on at PSE&G and new programs that they have in the company. Don't give them a copy of your bill because they will take a picture without your knowledge 'just to confirm your information' and ask them to explain clearly who they are and what they are doing because once they go off script it does confuse them as it did the young woman. I called the company and cancelled the program immediately and then called PSE&G and have to wait now for a letter from them to confirm not to switch my services. It wasted about three hours of my time.

Victim Location 07030
Total money lost $500
Type of a scam Utility

SFE Energy agents were going door to door in my apartment building saying that they had been sending information for months and now is the last time to change over to their service before a large rate hike in PSE&G's pricing (my utility provider). SFE locked me into a 3 year contract (only option was 3 years) with the understanding that their rates would be in lieu of PSE&G and it would be more cost effective. However, when I received my bill I was very upset to see that not only did it not save me money, but my bill more than doubled! Instead of $60 or $80, it's now at $185, with SFE Energy making up $142 of the bill! I immediately called to try to cancel and unfortunately I will be locked in for 1 more billing cycle for Electric and 2 more billing cycles for Gas before I can termination. The termination fee for this contract also was misrepresented by the SFE agent as I was under the impression it would be about $30 to cancel immediately- I made a math error thinking it was only 1 year and the agent readily agreed with me and did not in any way try to correct my mistaken view that to cancel this contract it would only be $30. Now trying to terminate this contract and the termination fee is not only the $30x3 but that's per utility- making the total $170 to cancel from 2 months into this 3 year sham of a contract.

Victim Location 07075
Total money lost $300
Type of a scam Utility

Two SFE Energy workers came to my building POSING as PSEG workers and took advantage of my hearing impairment. They were wearing PSEG hats and had PSEG clipboards. I was told this elaborate story about how my PSEG bill is over charging me because it is charging me like I live out of state. They made me do everything right there including calling their headquarters which I was led to believe was PSEG. I told them I could not hear this person so they told me what to say. After all was done, they said everything would be in order. It would take two months for them to switch over to NJ charges. And that I would also receive a rebate for what I over paid for. Two months came and went, instead of getting a rebate and a cheaper bill, my bill more than DOUBLED and I now have a third party power company as well as pseg giving me power and gas.

The fact that this company lets their employees misrepresent themselves and LIE about what services they are offering and can get away with this is a grave injustice. I feel bad for anyone else that has fallen into this trap...

After trying to cancel, i was told it would take 2 months to cancel and I would still have to pay the bills anyway. Fine, another 2 months have gone by and now they have the audacity to charge me $170 to cancel the service! They called it an early termination fee.

UNBELIEVABLE! PSEG says their hands are tied since we can't prove misrepresentation and that I should contact

Victim Location 19145
Type of a scam Utility

Two salespersons came to my house in Philadelphia, PA claiming to be sent by the Utility Commission to rectify charges on my electricity bill (PECO). He requested to see my last bill and continued to talk in very confusing terms about what I would be charged for my next bill. He claimed that I would be charged $0.14 rather than $0.068, however he could not clearly explain the reason. I kept asking him to simplify what he was saying and asked him specific questions, but he could not answer clearly. He assured me that SFE Energy was not a supplier or provider, but that we would simply be claiming back excess charges that we should not have been charged. Before I signed anything, I googled SFE Energy and several similar scams came up. The company profile also clearly states that they are a natural gas supplier. When I asked about this, he claimed that he didn't know about that part of the company. When I insisted that they give me the contract, I saw that it clearly states that they will be supplying my electricity for 3 years.

They repeatedly lied that it was not a contract for 3 years (even though it outlines an early termination fee), that they were not a supplier, and that I would be charged higher fees if I did not sign up.

One of the salepersons left her card. Her name is Carla Hernandez and her Rep ID# is RPM90049.

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