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I applied for a data entry position on and got the following email:

Dear Applicant,

Good Morning, My name is XXXXX and I am contacting you in regards to your resume being approved for the Data Entry Clerk Position with a pay of $25/hr. You are required to contact the HR on telegram. Download the app from your Google play/App Store or Add the HR manager using his ID @XXXXX and send a message to him for the interview process. Your interview code is ABJ125.

Best Regards.

The interview was entirely over the telegram app, and I got accepted for the position without any sort of video interview at all. The whole thing seemed odd, but everything I looked up about the company seemed legit. People had interview questions posted on Indeed and Glassdoor that were the same as the questions they asked me in the interview, the company was a legit company, etc. I just went with it. They sent me a check for $3450 to pay for work materials so that I could get started the following week. I felt like it was weird because they did not have any information on me when they sent me that check–there was no way for them to track the check. It seemed unprofessional and sloppy. I opened a new account at the bank so that nothing would be mixed with my normal account. A hold was placed on the check and $225 became available the next day. They had me venmo the $225 to this "third party vendor". They wanted me to pay a partial payment to this vendor before the rest of the money was made available and then reimburse myself when the hold was lifted. I said that I didn't have the funds for that. I did more research that night, found this website, and realized that it was all a scam. The rest of the money was never made available, and I stopped responding to the guy on telegram.


Scammer's phone 219-292-7791
Scammer's email [email protected], [email protected]
Country United States
Type of a scam Employment
Initial means of contact Email

I was contacted by email by Lucie Martel, (whose name you'd totally miss if you don't check out your senders email address when reading emails such as this). The email is very generic, you can tell it's a template that's being used, it's addressed to Applicant and states that my resume has been reviewed by the Hiring Department of SERVICE NOW and they believe that I have the requirements to fit 1 of the underlisted (NOT A REAL WORD) openings in the company. It's stated that this is a work from home online only job with flexible hours that I could chose myself - paying $35.99/hr salary and $15/hr for training.The positions available are; Data Entry, Administrative Clerk/Assistance, Customer Service, Payroll Clerk and Bookkeeper. If you are interested in proceeding further, please contact the Hiring Manager (Willie Hills) via email at [email protected] Or via Telegram using his username (@officialwilliehills)
Also you can send him a direct message on Telegram via this link ( He will be on standby.
To me it feels very much like the Telegram platform is the one that they would prefer to use as they proceed to tell you to download it if you don't already have it and provide the website so you can download it from the web to your device, whatever it may be. At that point the "composer" of this email is done with communicating with me and provides the following as a closing of this email -

Your Hiring Code is - KN095

*Name of Company: SERVICE NOW
*Job Location: ONLINE
* Hourly Salary: $35.99
* Paid Training provided ($15 per Hour)
*Interview Date: ASAP
Your swift response matters a lot in this position.

Kind regards,

Hiring department.

"She didn't even bother to try and put a name at the end of the email! Really people? This is what we're doing to each other these days?" I am dumbfounded! I love humans - simple creatures we can be while being so vile and grimy, feeding off those in search of work - I reach out to officalwilliehills over at Telegram - I'm not doing anything else why not...lets see where this goes...and just like all the rest of the scams going on these days, this one is no different... When I reached out to Mr. Hills I did greet him properly in the outgoing message and he did respond correctly to me as well and asked for the hiring code provided in the email. Before I ever messaged him I did a search for the company and I found it located in Santa Clara, California although his number results back to Louisiana it is possible that he may have moved there or maybe he also works from home, who knows these days. I ask him for the location of the main office and he tells me that it's an online work from home position and although I push back and ask again refusing to move past the unanswered question he provides the location of Santa Clara, which satisfies me enough so I'm ready to continue but it appears that I must have thrown him off because he leaves the message stating that someone will be in contact with me to complete the process with no real reason as to his sudden departure of the message, but hey whatever.


Victim Location 20901
Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted by a Pat Wadors who stated that Service now was looking for an Administrative Assistant to work remotely paying $30/hr for a full-time position and offering full benefits after 2 months. Initially, I accepted the offer but in discussing the position in depth. Wadors wanted me to print out a check eDeposit it into my account and get certain equipment from a particular vendor. At which point, I did research on Wadors and found that she is a Cheif Talent Officer for ServiceNow but for LinkedIn. When confronted, they denied working for LinkedIn and insisted that I work for ServiceNow.


Victim Location 11233
Type of a scam Employment

The individual/company contacted me with a job offer for a home based administrative position. The interview was conducted via google hangouts chat by a "Pat Wadors" which I am sure is not the actual scammer's name. Upon completion of the interview I was told some equipment and software would be necessary for the assignments and that the organisation would purchase the necessary equipment by emailing me an "e-check." I would then need to proceed to buy the equipment and software.

This is the copy of the chat message they sent: "Below are the list of materials and software needed for this position since you'd be working from home: 4 in one (fax, scanner,copier and printer), Zebra ZM400 Bar-code printer and cards, 4 drawer cabinet and office desk,apple Mac-book HDX18-1180US 18.4-Inch Laptop (2.0GHz Intel Core 2 Quad Q9000 Processor, 4 GB RAM, 500 GB Hard Drive, Blu-ray Drive, myob business essentials software 2012,For Peach Tree premium 2010 US Patent Single Users Pack, simply accounting 2012 and Adobe Photoshop CS4."

The check was emailed to me and they instructed me to deposit the check either at an ATM or with my phone app. The deposit only went through to one bank account after trying two and it was put on hold. After seeing it was on hold, "Pat" told me to try the other bank account again, but it wouldn't deposit. I went to the teller who told me this was not a valid check and it was a scam. When I told "Pat" I was going to speak to a teller she strongly emphasised that that was not necessary since this is an e-check.

I had to call my other bank to ensure they were aware of the situation. They let me know that the intention of the scammer was to have me buy equipment out of my account, and since the check is fake, I would have to front the money from my own account. My bank warned that dealing with paper checks/transactions usually take a few days to show the actual transaction and scammers take advantage of that time of ambiguity to trick people out of their money.

It is really upsetting to think that these people would pray on vulnerable people who are in need of a job. Hopefully this will help in warning people about this scam.


Victim Location 32826
Total money lost $4,000
Type of a scam Employment

Scammers contacted me about an at home position. Sent me checks to cash and wire to pay for home equipment needed. Lost 4000.00 in scam. Uses Google Hangouts to communicate

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