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Asked opinion about democratic or republican tendencies and living in CT. Then wanted an email to continue to send more surveys. Saying they would pay $2 for each survey and they needed the email to continue.


I just got one and did the survey. I did get a $2 amazon gift card and it worked. Nothing lost. Gained $2.

I got the trifold survey in the mail and responded to it. Felt very slanted to the right with gun rights questions (i.e. “Stand Your Ground”), abortion and asking if I will be voting for Trump or Biden (I predict that Trump will be in jail, Biden won’t be the D nominee). Our friend “Tracy English” was listed as the manager for “Rockingham County Opinion Survey” and a Concord NH Staples box address. I gave a false email address when the survey was completed.


They are now trying to run a scam in Chester County Pennsylvania. No need to be repetitive of all the other scams they have pulled all over the country. It’s just the same one repeated
Chester County PA scam survey


Regardless of which party is funding this survey in Oakland County, MI, (I would have to assume it was the Republican party as the intelligence gathering attempt questions were geared to ascertain political and government IQ, education and economic IQ and heavily weighted toward gun control, etc.) I would say this is beyond reprehensible and at the very least highly questionable. And no, I don't want robocalls with similar surveys, nor do I want anhy politico sending me bogus surveys in the mail. Sequoia Research is yet another [censored]ic, greedy tool used by shady politicians.
Attempting to obtain socio-economic information under the guise of Oakland County, MI business


I would fill this out if I was certain it helped Democrats, but I will NOT take the chance of helping the GOP and their fascist agenda to destroy our country. GOP voters don’t look at the FACT that the minority GOP is cheating to destroy our democratic Republic and this survey may be one of their sneaky ploys.


If you only had a brain. You haven’t realized the real fascists are in office now and are already destroying our country tells me something. See the definition of Fascism below. Exactly what is happening now with Joe in office. If you disagree with him he’ll send the federal government after you. Parents at school board meetings for crying out loud. How do you not get it. How you can’t see that he’s weaponized the DOJ tells me you’re not right in the head.

Political ideology
noun. Britannia Dictionary definition of
FASCISM. noncount] 1. or Fascism : a way
of organizing a society in which a
government ruled by a dictator controls
the lives of the people and in which
people are not allowed to disagree with
the government.

The fact that all of you lefties want socialism says it all.

You’re a complete [censored].
It’s not a Republican survey.
Democrats are destroying this country.
Get out of your basement, actually look up the definition of fascism, before you wake up and you’re bankrupt, quadruple masked, and have 85 doses of a vaccine that made Democrat politicians rich that turned you into a character from Wall-e.

Ignore the braindead fascists here who can only spew right-wing faux news talking points. Their hate dictates their lives.They are delusional, fact-less & feckless. They belong to a cult that worships a traitor, who will soon be locked up.

What a clueless [censored].

Wow. You should read all of these responses since you posted. They’ll tell you who funds this.
And we have a Constitutional Republic, not a democratic Republic.
You do remember the Constitution, right? Because, a lot of people don’t.
Congress is a great example.

You are right - it's incredible what the GOP has accomplished since Joe Biden has become president and the Democrats have taken control of the House and Senate! Gas and diesel prices at record highs, inflation at 40 year highs, shortages of baby formula and various foodstuffs, hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants streaming across the southern border each month, Democrat-controlled cities overrun with homelessness, crime, and grime, government pressure to censor stories and opinions they don't like, a two-tier justice system that rewards friends and punishes enemies, and more. What will they do next?!

Just got My Mail and it Reads Michigan Opinion Survey.
for Each Survey I take I become eligible for 2.00$ gift cards from Amazon, Walmart, Target.
it also Has a QR Code. wants Me to Respond by June 14th (its May 31 2022)
Pretty Sad these Days you can't Even Get Trusted Mail.


Offers gift cards to take more surveys. The company popped up in other states as potential scam. Looked up address on maps and it is a Staples/USPS PO box....

The domain name registration record $ has an address in Reykjavik-- this place may not even be US-based. Makes you wonder where this data is going.

Mailing Address: Kalkofnsvegur 2, Reykjavik, Capital Region, 101, IS


Same Letter as Everyone else attempting to appear local with a fake address at a Max's EZ Mail in a strip-mall, and with a slight error with the City being Stated as Fort Worth, TX, but with the zip and street address in Lake Worth, a nearby suburb. Tracy English / Dave Broockman in San Francisco, almost got me. I was just about to check out the website for the survey, but found this site very helpful and avoided the Scamacrats FAKE SURVEY! Thank You!


It’s not a “scam” (per se), but they are HARVESTING DATA…detailed data. Don’t tell anyone you dont KNOW AND TRUST anything about your voting or beliefs. Much like the Miranda Warning, “anything you say CAN and WILL be used against you“.
Worse, they clearly state that this data will be cross-referenced to data they collect across the web, including what they purchase. Yes, they buy more information from other Harvesters - just like the $2 or $5 offer for you to GIVE them all they need about you to scrape up more. They ARE NOT LOCAL (everything leads to Iceland) and collect data in at least 23 states. They are as shady as shady gets…this is 100% political - the questions are political, racial, and religious. I dont care what side you’re on, stay away from these clowns.

For reference: They are funded by ultra-liberal groups like The Center for Voter Information and the AFL-CIO. I dont care that they’re far-left…the far-right isnt good either…but this IS NOT INDEPENDENT, neutral, or unbiased at all. Yin cant exist without Yang, Right without Left, Up without Down, Near without Far…all that is “relative” to some centralized moderate middle, and not quantifiable without a point of reference.
Example: You ask me, “What is the distance to the Waffle House?” I reply, “It’s nearby.” That’s a relative answer, not a fact. A fact would be “26.7 miles from here”. Near or Far depends on YOU…if youre from western Nebraska, thats practically next door, but if youre from Brooklyn NY it’s a long long ways. I say all this to point out that I’m relatively moderate in the current climate, and dislike extreme viewpoints of any sort (except my own of course, because I’m extremely moderate - I’m joking, sort of). What could they possibly do (that has any redeeming benefit to society) with this information? Nothing. Youre either in their camp and youll be fed more and more to confirm your bias, or youre the enemy - and then, who knows?

I did the stupid survey, but used a sock-puppet account with entirely false information. It would be a joke, if i didnt honestly believe this is NEFARIOUS as [censored], especially given the voter-info manipulation and alleged voting discrepancies we’ve seen since 2016. I answered their questions like a schizophrenic channeling Pelosi, Ralph Nader, Jesse Helms, Ted Kennedy, and Tucker Carlson - the full-on craziest contradictions I could imagine.
If you want to play along, use a “mailinator” account - its a public disposable inbox used professionally for Developer workflow like email receipt, quality, and load testing and works great for junk like this. Then have a drink, take a toke, or do whatever it takes to find your altered state and dose them with a worthless mumblejumble of mixed messages that pollutes their dataset. Do NOT try to collect their gift card offer - they will be tracking that. Donate it to a charity. And yes, they have to pay if it’s redeemed, or AG’s from many states would come down on them.
There is only one “pollster” I’ll ever share with - Frank L Luntz. He’s completely transparent, unbiased (well, his questions are), and his people will tell you exactly who commissioned their survey or what it will be used for. He may be GOP but he’s on Bloomberg all the time because they trust him and his data too. But that’s my opinion…you do you. Just be safe, be smart, respect your right to privacy, and VOTE.
PS: i suggest you be one of the two images attached…say nothing at all, or be “that guy”.
Rant over.


Ty for the data & details

I am in Macomb County Michigan, got the survey yesterday

The questions were certainly slanted to gather or push certain answers.
Even listing a candidate that was already blocked or taken off of the Ballot

Detroit Police Chief James Craig.

Here email here is

I just did a survey, I should have looked it up first buy. Its late at night and I'm tired. Yes. Probably a scam and I'm angry that I participated in it. I did get an email and she had an email address if you had Questions. Which I did, so I emailed her.. It wl be interesting to see if I get a response.
Who is Tracy English?
If I get a response I will repost. I'm in Arizona.


Our scam letter has [email protected], because they are trying to appear “local” everywhere.

Update her email is [email protected]

They didn't ask me any personally identifying information, other than my email address. Of course, they already had my name and address, which they can connect to the ID they had me enter to start the survey. So in other words, I have been personally identified in a round about way.

It's definitely a political survey, though they say they are non-partisan, I highly doubt it. They know how I'm going to vote now, and I hope it scares them. But I wish I hadn't answered the survey. It's not worth the nothing they gave me for it, and future surveys won't be worth the $2 gift cards. It would be best if everyone just ignored this survey and then went to vote without telling anyone how they were going to vote in the election.

My suspicion here is that the information is used to help with voter fraud. They want to know how you'll be voting in the upcoming election so that they have a good idea of how much fraud they'll need to commit in order to get their preferred candidate elected. My advice after answering the survey: DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY INFO AND JUST TOSS THE LETTER IN THE TRASH! Save your time, and show them what you really think anonymously when the next election comes around.


Absolutely. I received mine in GA today. It lists two people on it. One is me and the other is a bogus person that somehow received an application for an absentee ballot in the presidential election. I've lived in my home for 30 years with no one else receiving mail until this "invisible person" got a chance to vote. I would like for someone to investigate that. Crickets. At least he wasn't one of the bs 80 million voters!

FYI: "personally (sic) identifying information" includes among other intelligence: your highest level of education, your incomes, how long you have lived in a location, which politicians you might vote for or approve/disapprove of. The problem with political parties/candidates hiring companies like Sequoia is the same reason people won't use their fingerprint to open their Apple devices: that data gets retained by the "research company" and resold, recycled, reused and can even end up being absorbed by the government in the event of litigation or evidence gathering in an HSI investigation. Even this website is ostensibly gathering intelligence regarding Sequoia Research, but for what purpose?

Thank you. I doubt you'll see this, but I hope you will. I just got the same survey. My instincts were telling me this is exactly what the survey was for, but I never got to see the questions. They can keep their money. I won't be taking the survey.

I got a letter from Texas Opinion Survey from Tracy English.
I'm curious and completed the survey. Most of the question it's about politics. They didn't ask any personal information, but in the end asking your email. When you finished you got an email. I just found out this is a scam. What should I do?
I completed one survey. I'm stupid, what will it happen?


Thanks, to those who have responded on this site. I received mine in the Dallas, Tx area also, as with Tracy English signature. No return address on the envelope. The letter had at the bottom 6340 Lake Worth Blvd. #1011, Fort Worth, Tx 76135-3602. I looked it up on Google Earth and that address is in a strip center with Cici's, Wendy's, etc. around it and is an EZ Mail so the #1011 is the non USPS mail box. The more you look the slimier it gets.


I have received the letter for Arizona Opinion Survey. I checked their domain name information. Most of the details is hidden but the address of correspondence was provided - curiously in Reykjavik in Island (Kalkofnsvegur 2, Reykjavik), I was looking what type of businesses are registered under this address and I found one that sells virtual offices for $220 per month. I presume that they provide address and phone number so people can call and leave a message there. So this is low cost, mass volume operation of harvesting plausible opinions on various subjects in order to create some kind of semantic maps, perhaps for some political interest groups. But I do not really know that and it is my guess only.


February 2022. I also received a mailer opinion survey for Arizona and the manager listed on mailer was again stated to be Tracy English - same person listed for all other states that have received such surveys. About 2 weeks prior to receiving this mailer, I had a gentleman come to my door who presented himself as a “survey” taker and showed me his ID, then started to ask me what I thought about the abortion issues. I quickly stopped him from asking anymore questions and sent him on his way. I believe that his visit to my front door and this opinion survey are connected. I also believe this is politically motivated ! BEWARE, don’t take survey and don’t allow solicitors to obtain any opinions you may have.


I received the invitation in a mailer with an official look to it -- the kind where you have 3 perforated edges to tear off before opening. I got suspicious when the text included an obvious token where the name of my state was supposed to appear, which made it clear this was not just for NJ. It said "...will help us understand the views of people like you in stspelled on a number of issues important to our community." But not important enough to remember to replace "stspelled" with "New Jersey," I guess!

I do survey research for a living. The big red flag here is not the the error in the letter, but rather the obscurity of the organization conducting the research. They make it very difficult to find out anything about "Sequoia Research LLC." Why stay in the shadows unless your purposes are nefarious? If you want to opt out in the future you have to send an email to "[email protected]," which may be a valid email, but there is no website "" That domain is just redirected to somewhere else.

I very much doubt this group complies with the standards of CASRO, the Council of American Survey Research Organizations. I would avoid engaging with them.


I received a Florida Opinion Survey letter, I missed the target date to complete the survey. Thank God. And thank you all for your research into this scam, wow you saved me a lot of grief.
I know my husband can restore my computer if I had responded. Yet, the enormous amount of info that could compromise my bank accounts, credit cards etc. The thought is overwhelming.
Thank You all, again.


bad people

- Savannah, GA, USA

Exact language from mailer copied below:

"You are among a small number of people who have been chosen to participate in the 2021 Georgia Opinion Survey, a confidential, nonpartisan survey of people in Georgia. You were randomly selected to represent people in your neighborhood. Your response is important, and will help us understand the views of people like you in Georgia on a number of issues important to our community."

The mailer offers $2 gift cards for responding to follow-up surveys. There is a unique name and password provided for both homeowners. One of the things that made me suspicious is that the survey may not be completed by mail or phone. Responses must be via smartphone or computer. I wouldn't trust it or participate.

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Shady, yet now dead: once upon a time this website was reported to be associated with Sequoia Research, but after several inspections we’ve come to the conclusion that this domain is no longer active.

This site can’t be reached

Shady, yet now dead: once upon a time this website was reported to be associated with Sequoia Research, but after several inspections we’ve come to the conclusion that this domain is no longer active.

This site can’t be reached

Shady, yet now dead: once upon a time this website was reported to be associated with Sequoia Research, but after several inspections we’ve come to the conclusion that this domain is no longer active.

This website was reported to be associated with Sequoia Research.


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