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Selected Skin Care

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• Aug 04, 2023

Went to the mall with my little sister and mom. These two girls said they have free cream or something like that, we tried to say no to them but they forced me and my mom into their kiosk area. They used my mom kinda like a guilt-trip for me to pay for the products which was $120. It would of been $199 originally but they discounted since my mom is only here for vacation. I should of told them we don’t have money tbh. They asked me if I wanted it, I said no, then they pressured my mom into saying yes but I said like she doesn’t have that much money. They’re like think of it as a gift for your mom, you don’t want to pay $50 for your mom etc efecto etc

Unfortunately I paid for it. I don’t know why I did that. I’m honestly mad at myself. lol

Then they tried to get us to book an appointment upstair for my mom. I told them no multiply times. That she won’t be here at all. Like there is no point in doing that cause we are only here for like 2 hours

They probably sense that I was annoyed with them at this point.

Yeah stay away from these people. They will drown your money most likely


In Michigan (can't remember we're we were) was pulled aside and brought into a small store bought $4000 than brought too a bigger store and given lots of products almost spend $18000 but got out quick when I realized what was happening


I went to New Hope, Pennsylvania and the same thing happened to me and my husband..A girl outside grabbed my arm and gave me the free sample and pulled me into the store..before I knew it, they were giving me the big sales pitch..By the time they were done, I felt like every part of my face needed something..By the time I left, we spent $6,000.. we cannot afford that, we put it on a credit card and will be paying it off for a while..they are so aggressive and really go after the elderly.. I’m 75 and nothing is going to make me look or feel 50..they should be closed up and prosecuted for all the lies and the horrible ways they treat people just to get their money. And they even charged me $400. For tax.. crooks!.


BEWARE OF SELECTED SKIN CARE IN Woodland Hills CA, they swindled my friend who is 70 years old and abused her financially- this was elder abuse. Went to return the stuff and refused to accept it - sold items for $8,900 which she cannot afford and she’s destitute due to this. Never said they are refusing take back the products. Barbara said she’s the Manager- and was very abusive to my friend…

… very sad the way my friend was abused by staff who sold her products that she did not need and cannot afford, she’s destitute retiree living on very modest financial needs. Who could barely get by financially, this is $9,000 burden she cannot bare and this is 1yrs worth of rent money. Barbara the store manager unsealed the package and now claims that she did not and was verbally abusive and was not willing resolve this issue amicably.

Selected Skin Care Cosmetics Worst customer service and abuse at in the entire Westfield Village complex - SELECTED SKINCARE - P#858/344-3487 - ALON GILAD

Selected Skin Care Cosmetics I also contacted the local news networks about the fraudulent con games played at SELECTED SKIN CARE COSMETICS at the Village Westfield Mall in Woodland Hills CA. I also called customer service but no one responded



Some cute worker there asked me to come in and try products for my face. She then asked many personal questions and got very flirty. After about 15 minutes of flirting and showing me products, she gave me her cell phone number and proceeded to charge me right afterwards. I mean, yeah it worked but she was trying to charge me over $1,500. My credit card luckily declined and I told her “Well how much is it”. After telling me the price I only bought two items (I later found for a fraction of the price online) for $290. As soon as I left, she calls me asking me to buy the rest for a lower price ( around $600 for the rest of the stuff I declined). I told her no and she became all business the next day I texted her asking her out on a date. Shame on her and the scam business.


Stay away from Selected Scin Care butiques and kiosks! They distribute free hand cream at the enterence to their butiques. Then they are inviting you inside for a free beauty facial. After than they will start working with you using high pressure sales tactics and depending on your ability to pay, especially if you are using a credit card, they will sell you products for a lot of money.


I visited location at Carmel, CA. Please, stay away from this company! I cannot belive that they are right in the middle of the main street in Carmel. I know Carmel used to be a very exclusive town that didn't allow any frinchises to operate within the town limits. I guess not anymore. Please stay away from Selected Skin Care! They use high pressure sales tactics. They were very nice and invited me in for a free facial. During free facial


03/05/2021 about Selected Skin Care

I am writing this letter to people know that ,the Selected skincare company or infini is a fraudulent company and its only purpose is to sell the product. teaches its employees how to talk to customers with all kinds of tricks to convince the customer that he/she is not actually a customer . The seller always stands in front of the shop door to give a tester to those who are passing by and Then they insist on inviting the customer into the shop in order to use tricks and deceive the customer and convince him/her to buy the product using the customer's weaknesses, To reach the goals of the seller and the company to sell the product at false and very expensive prices. Honestly, I thought he was only selling the facial massager to me, but in the end he put some creams in the envelope and this made me suspicious and I checked the receipt. That was the time when I realized that I was deceived. Unfortunately, this disaster happened to me and took away from me what I thought was about $ 300 not $ 3100. Also he didn’t tell me anything about the final sell. I was still inside the store and had not left the store ,asked the seller (Tony) to cancel the purchase. He told me : I can not do the return because he did something for guarantee ...You have to call-customer service. I even said I do not want this product and I will not take it. But Tony said : you should take it .you paid it. Since I have only been in the United States for 4 years, my English is not very good and it is difficult for me to talk on the phone, but I came out with lots of stress and anxiety and called customer service and no one answered. I went back to the store and said Tony, please help me and do something, I do not want this product and I can not pay this amount. And he said again, I can do nothing. Call customer service And I called and left message and the company answered because of pandemic ,they can do exchange and gave me a gift card in advance. I can not understand why the product pack is not opened at all , why can They change it but not take it back ? The slogan of America written on dollars is : IN TRUST WITH GOD I thought in USA everything is based on the truth and you can easily trust others. But unfortunately I learned that you should not trust anyone at all.

- Mesa, AZ, USA

I was in the mall, lured in to the store by a salesperson that stated he “just wanted to give me a free sample of eye cream”...I am not making excuses for buying the products but the so called “owner” of the company first stated his price for the products was $ 7,000.00 but after an hour of me attempting to leave without buying anything, telling him over and over that I could not afford the products, he quietly stated that “for me” he would sell them for $1,500 and then I caved...I got home feeling sick to my stomach because I really could not afford the $1, 500, and decided to go right back to the mall and return them, as none of the packages were opened and were still in the bag. They would not let me return any of the items for a refund. SCAM!!!! Any reputable company would allow returns if not opened or used and even if you had tried the product and weren’t happy with it!! I learned an expensive lesson and hopes this warns others of this company...STAY AWAY!!


I went yo the L.A Country fair in Pomona in Aug.31,2018.Iwent over their to have fun and do a little shopping.i never dream i would be con at the fair.i went into this bulding and guy who works Selected Skin Care he ask me if iwant a free facer i said yes thinking to my self a free facer why not ididn,t this young guy who works for this Co. would con me but! he did.He put Pressure on me to buy the cosmetrics he claim it works and it would make me look pretty for my boyfriend. I went home shortly after.The next day i went back to the Fair because i forgot to buy something that i need the day before it was Luxury cosmetics when i came across the first sales guy. this time it was the Selected Skin Care sales guy e said almost the same as the other guy but only thing diff. with this guy he ask me a few personal stuff which he shouldn,t and said why don,t you buy these cosmetrics care i will offer you a deal i will sale you the Infini sonic therapy anti-aging and thow in a few cosmetics for free and it will cost you 2,750.00 and i felt presure and i charge it on my Discover credit card nd i brought it Home the Sonic didn,t work.Icalled the officee and ask for my refund on my crit card she said no.i told her that,s not what he told me he told me if i don,t like the products or if does,t work you can get your full refund and i told her it des,t work i would like my full fefund and she said no.


My husband and I recently visited the Scottsdale Fashion Mall in Arizona and were approached by a salesgirl from Selected Skincare to try their eye serum. As she convinced us the product did show results she started putting pressure on us to purchase the product and we did. Soon thereafter another salesman enters and the salesgirl engages him to take us into the back table so he can apply another wrinkle facial product. At this point the intense sales push begins to purchase this face product valued at $5,000. The two salespeople start adding more items to sweeten the deal and also offer a microdermabrasion facial in our local area. The salesgirl gets up and leaves the back room and my husband after about 15 minutes notices her phone is recording our conversation. The phone is given to the salesman and he quickly turns it off. We are now completely done with this whole fiasco and the salesman continues again to convince us to purchase the product for a reduced price of $2,500. This is when I quickly check the BBB website and discover that someone else had the same problem. These two salespeople are very pushy and should not be allowed to work in this line of business.

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