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Secretshopper scam

- Oakdale, PA, USA

I received an email that was hiring for secret shoppers. I had to fill out my info: Name, address , phone number and email. I received a package with my first shopping assignment. It came as priority mail and has a one page document and a cashiers check from the Oregon Community Credit Union for $1,370 that was "purchased" by Robert Taube and signed by Mandy Jones. It told me to deposit the check then to go to Wal-mart and buy 5 iTunes gift cards for $100 each and an Amazon for $500-600. Then I was to scratch off the back codes and email pictures to [email protected] and [email protected]. At the bottom of the paper it said "Remember you are a mystery shopper. You are Expressly Forbidden to disclose this information to anyone. DO NOT USE THE CARDS". As you can see this is a scam.

Received Priority Mail Express envelope from United States Postal Service containing US Bank Cashier's check for $1980 and instruction sheet from "Secretshoppers" Told to cash or deposit check into account and use money to purchase Money Grams at WalMart for "Elijah Andrade, Houston, Texas" and "Gerald Damera, Albany, New York" then send the Reference numbers to "[email protected]" and "[email protected]"

US Bank confirmed this was a scam.

- Greensboro, NC, USA

Mailed to me by priority mail. They wanted me to secret shop Walmart money transfer service. They sent me a check for $988.00 to deposit into my account. I was to go to Walmart and make a money transfer of $650.00 to Eli Gennaro in Austin Texas. The remainder would be my payout if done in 24 hours.

- Mars, PA, USA

I received an email through my work account that asked for secret shoppers. I had to fill out my info: Name, address , phone number and email. I received a text saying that a package would arrive with my first shopping assignment. I received a priority mail envelope with a one page document and a cashiers check for $2370. I was asked to deposit the check. Go to two stores, buy $1900 in Itunes gift cards, scratch off the back codes and email pictures to [email protected] and [email protected]. The last line said "Remember you are a mystery shopper. You are Expressly Forbidden to disclose this information to anyone."

Between the one page document, large check, nowhere to send the shopping report to and the fact that they wanted the codes for Itunes cards, I knew it was a scam. It had me going at first, but I'm glad I didn't fall for it.

My wife received a Priority Mail Express package containing a letter and a check for $1980, giving her instructions on how to be a Secret Shopper. Only problem was, the letter urged that the whole thing must be done within 24 for bonus pay. Checks take longer than that to clear, and it wasn't a "Certified Cashier's Check" like the letter said. A check deposited into your own account will take more than just 24 hours to go through, and if it bounces, you're on the hook for the money. There is no contact information other than 2 email addresses from Internet providers ([email protected] and [email protected]) - nothing to link them to legitimate businesses. Letter said to send money via Moneygram to a Jorge Veautour and via Walmart2Walmart to a Thomas Verrocchi.

- Ottumwa, IA, USA

Recieved a cashiers check for $1980.00 i was to be deposited in my bank account. I was to pose as a secret shopper and send a money gram and then send a walmart2walmart. After i called the number on the check. I was told it was a fraudulent check.

Wife does remember receiving an email about mystery shopping but did not accepted offer and does not remember who it was from. She received a package by priority mail containing cashier check, from Maple Federal Credit Union 105 Toledo Dr Lafayette, LA 70506-2046, for $1980.00 along with instructions to secret shop Walmart, send two money transfers, and to survey and evaluate store and services.

Contacted me thru email to be secret shopper sent me chasiers check for $1850.00 printed in Orlando fl fairwinds c.u. Letter came from Sacramento ca Maria.owens priority mail. To spend on money order etc. you need to deposit it in your checking account right away. Not good idea cause they can take all the money in your account out

- Sugar Grove, PA, USA

I was contacted via email to be a secret shopper. This was through my work email. Then I was mailed a check and a list of instructions. I did not cash the check.

- Henrico, VA, USA

they sent me an email that they will pay me if i mystery shop for them i suspected it was a scam but i said maybe it isn't so y not try and if they send me a check then maybe its legit if not and they ask for a credit card then i'll forget about them but then surprisingly they sent the check and then i was like okay wow this might be legit but then i look at the check and it a baffling 1845 dollars and they tell me to put it in my bank then transfer some money to someone in texas via moneygram and the amount was alot so i take a step back and do my research and i realise if i sent the money the money will disappear then they will ask me to pay back that money because they "over payed" me so i decide to keep the money in my bank till they take it back on their own.

- Anderson, SC, USA

I received an email sometime probably in February or March that appeared to be a *** *** email, but the email address did not look like a *** *** official email address. It asked if I wanted to be a *** ***, and I, a broke college student who was looking for a job on campus at the time, thought that on the slight off chance that it is not a scam, I would like to. It had a place for my name, phone number, and my mailing address and I put that and my mail address for school. I did not hear back from them until late April, I got a text from some number saying my first assignment arrived in the mail. I had a texting conversation with the strange phone number. Several days later I was able to check my mail and it had indeed been delivered to me. The whole thing seemed fishy to me, at this point mainly because the means of conversation with whom I would be working for just seemed strange and unofficial. When I opened the package, there was a sheet of paper with the instructions and a cashier's check for $997. It seemed too good to be true. The instructions explained the assignment and what I would have to do to get paid. The companies that I would have to evaluate was ***  and ***, which is a service that delivers money to somebody online. It seemed believable until the *** part because it said to send a certain amount of money to a specific person named Mike Dempsey in Chicago, Illinois. Also, the explanation of how much money I would get paid and how much I was to send from the total of $997 did not add up. Then of course, at the bottom of the page, it says to remember that I am a mystery shopper, I am expressly forbidden to disclose this information to anyone. I believe that once I cashed the check and sent the money that the check would bounce and I would be in trouble. Also, there were simple grammatical mistakes that would not make sense if an official real Secret Shoppers were to give me an assignment. The money was to be sent to a Mike Dempsey in Chicago, but the package was sent using express mail from a Bruce Preston at 977 Trackers Glen Ave, Henderson, Nevada 89015.

- Surprise, AZ, USA

Received an email asking if I wanted to be a secret shopper. Responded yes but I don't remember if I was taken to a website or if I just responded to the email. Later, I received another email asking for my bank account information which I did not provide. At that point, I think I realized that there was something fishy about the whole thing. I had completely forgotten about it, until I received a text message today, telling me that the shopper's assignment package was being delivered today and to check my email for more information. When I arrived home, there was a priority mail envelope with a cashier's check drawn on Coast Central Credit Union, 2650 Harrison Avenue, Eureka, CA 95501, for $1750. The account number is 125400073701 and the check number is 324611. Also included were instructions for the "secret shopper assignment" which included instructions to wire money. I have not, and will not, cash the check.

a check for $1750 sent to shop at Walmart and use the moneygram service at Walmart. $350 per shop with $150 sent to someone via money gram, report on customer service, friendliness and condition of store and bathrooms. seemed too good to be true. The original check is a cashiers check. I work at a store that use to do Western Union sends and receives and this looks and smells like a scam to me. My husband is the one who answered the ad. No credit card or bank info was given but they do have his email address and all my bank info can be gotten from his email address. My husband just called the bank and the cashier check is a fraud.

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