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Secret customer

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Secret customer Reports & Reviews (14)

I just received a USPS priority letter: The letter included a check in the amount of $1950.00 and a letter to email right away: The 1st thing I noticed was a gmail email and not an actual business email account:
After seeing the same messages and address on this board made it clear what this is all about:

This scam is called SECRET CUSTOMER! He emailed me about a work from home job kinda deal. But he sent me a fake check, I had my hopes up but he got for $70. Bucks so be careful using the internet to find a stay at home jobs!

- Gloucester, MA, USA

Received a USPS envelope with a letter and what appears to be a real check for $1950, to be a secret shopper.

- Hutchinson, KS, USA

Text from [email protected]

—-Enrolling, part time Mystery Shoppers, earn 750.00 bi-wkly + Gas Exp.

Provide Full Name, Address, Zip & Email(No icloud pls) for details to get


—-I replayed with my name and address.

—- I then received an email from [email protected]

— her is our emails back and forth before I stoped emailing him back. I deleted my name and address from them.

“First email”

Secret Customer® is presently recruiting a "limited" number of workers

on contract basis.

POSITION TITLE: Regional Mystery customer


START DATE: Immediate



I acknowledge the receipt of your details

My name address and phone#

You will be evaluating any nearest bank Western Union,money gram and wal mart stores in your neighborhood. The store must be around your neighborhood. Kindly look for any of the above near you which you will be evaluating. Confirm to us if you have gotten the store you have chosen to evaluate while you reply to this email. Please note that you are to act cool, calm and confident and not reveal any clue concerning the survey throughout the period which you will be carrying out your survey at the Bank and stores, in order not to arouse any suspicion. You will be transacting in the bank and at the store and also make a transaction at the Western Union service.

You will write a report about their customer services given out at the store (effectiveness, inefficiency etc) and you will send your report back to us via Email.

You will have to use the following pointers to prepare your report :

1) How long it took you to withdraw from your account

2) Ambiance/Outlook of the Bank

3) Smartness of the Staffs

4) Customer service professionalism

5) Reaction of personnel under pressure

6) Information that you think would be helpful

7) Your comments and impressions.

8) Always note down the time while you are taking your survey

The same applies for the western union, money gram and walmart stores

Acknowledge this email so that we can move on.

Please reply to us ASAP.

M Hopkins

“My reply”

Hello. So yes I have a Western Union right around the corner from me and the money gram Is inside are local Walmart. And since I’ll be in Walmart I can do them too. What do I need to do next. And I don’t think I read anything about how much I would be earning to do this and do I need to pay for anything upfront? If so how long does it take To be reimbursed the amount I spent.

Thank you for your time,

Awaiting your reply,


My name

“Email #2”

Secret Customer® is presently recruiting a "limited" number of workers

on contract basis.

POSITION TITLE: Regional Mystery customer


START DATE: Immediate


My name,

Top of the day to you hope you are good.

Please note that payments will be transferred to the account provided by you or a check, as soon as you confirm your full account detail or know a Western Union store to evaluate. the funds to be wired to the account will contain payment for your compensation and transportation fee and the payment you will use to carry out your survey at the stores, 10% of the funds received will be your compensation.

All other instructions will be sent out to you as soon as evaluation commences.

Re Confirm the following detail

Account Name:

Account Number:

Routing Number:

Bank Name:

Is there a Western Union or money gram outlet nearby to your

place(reply with a YES or NO):

At least check your mail 3 times daily and Reconfirm below information

Please if there is a change in any of the info below let me know ASAP

My name address and phone #

Please reply to us ASAP.

Best Regards

M M Hopkins

Secret Customer®


The information contained in this email and any attachments is confidential and may be subject to copyright or other intellectual property protection. If you are not the intended recipient, you are not authorized to use or disclose this information, and we request

that you notify us by reply mail or telephone and delete the original message from your mail system

“My reply”

Hello again. A am so wanting to do this but something is telling me that this mite be a scam. I have been scammed before so I hope you understand why I’m being cautious. Is there any way I can get some links to web pages to verify this is real and or maybe a phone number of headquarters. I just feel I shouldn’t give out my bank information without verification on your side. Thank you so much for understanding... I would feel 100% safer using PayPal or something like Venmo.

Awaiting your reply,


My name

“Email #3”

Re: Follow up on your part time customer assessment job

Hello My name

I acknowledge the receipt of your email and understand your plight but note at no time will you be asked to use money from your pocket all funds for the survey will be provided by us.

Below is a link i hope it will help


M Hopkins

- Mobile, AL, USA

I thought I was signing up to be a secret shopper for Walmart I was sent a check for $4,770.00 deposit in my bank

When cash is available withdraw the Monet

First I was to go to Walmart get two $1,000 FedEx money orders

Second go to a second Walmart get two more money orders

do not write anything on the money orders

Keep $600,00 for myself

Keep $70.00 for gas

- Portage, IN, USA

Received a priority mail envelope in the mail, inside was a check and a letter telling me I had been selected to be a secret customer , after I deposit check to send them an email letting them know and to get further instructions on where to go and what to purchase. Well being on the side of caution I sent email first before going to my bank. Glad I did too, as email response told me to go to a western union and send most of the money to someone and then when I'm done send them the info for the fund transfer, and i get to keep the remainder. Also looked up company first and it was located in Australia, envelope was sent from Michigan, name on envelope did not match person with company, also sender address was for a doctor office in Michigan. Do you research before going to bank with anything like this , cause if you deposit that check your on the line for it.

- Anniston, AL, USA

This is a secret shopper scame . By SECERET CUSTOMER.

They sent me a check for $1,850.50. The letter that come with it . Says to deposit the check into my account then send an email to [email protected]. To get instructions on my job assignment. They want me to deposit the check first then contact them . No I'm not that stupped. I just got the package today. The check looks real . Written on a bank in Washington DC. PNC BANK 800 17th Street NW Washington DC20006

- Pleasant Hill, IA, USA

I received an 1850.00 check in mail and a letter telling me I was selected for a secret shopper job. Was instructed to deposit it into my account. I would be going to postal service closest to me there I was to buy 1650.00 in money orders and to leave them blank. I have ignored this until yesterday when I received another 1850.00 check. Scam

- Roseburg, OR, USA

I received a check for 1984.50 telling me to email them for directions on what to do so I emailed them and they told me to deposit it into my account and wait for 24 hrs then go make 2 money grams to 2 different people after I keep 200 dollars for myself

- Sacramento, CA, USA

I received a USPS envelope priority mail, Containing a check. My first thought was to do some research. A lot of things didn't match bogus addresses. The people looked like scammers. Yeah I Facebook them.

- Winthrop, ME, USA

Recd a check in the mail for $3,575.98 and a flyer that says Secret Customer Fresh eyes, Fresh insight, with dine instruction. Also staying details should be in an email they sent.

The following is the email:


I am glad to notify you that this is your assignment is about evaluating three services in your Area and we will be using our feedback mechanism, you are to provide feedback to the questions listed below.

You should receive payment to carry out your first assignment inform of a Check from us via USPS Courier service, the payment is in the amount of $3,575.98. It should be delivered today or tomorrow to your Mailbox or Front door, Kindly check both places and you are to acknowledge the receipt of the packet, If not received today you should receive it latest Wednesday if not received after Wednesday contact the nearest Post Office with your tracking# 9405501699320137238119 in order to pick up the parcel.


1. You are to deposit the payment at your bank for the funds to be made available immediately or within few hours.

2. Deduct your $400.00 as your Assignment Evaluation Income.

3. After the deduction of the $400.00, You are to follow the expenditure breakdown as highlighted below.

4. You are to evaluate any of these stores that offer Money gram Services and two Walmart store (Walmart to Walmart transfer ).

Note 1: Walmart to Walmart transfer can only be done at Walmart


Note 3: He/she (The Cashier) Might ask you series of question. below are list of question he/she might ask.

1. What's your relationship with the receivers.

a) You must tell he/she that you know the receiver personally

b) The reason for this is most customer agent do not process the funds as fast as stated by Walmart and Money Gram, in some cases fund go missing.

2. Reason for the transfer:

a) You must tell he/she that you are paying back a loan or give he/she a reasonable reason

b) Do not Mention that you are a secret shopper as the agent try to be nice to secret shoppers whereas they are rude to other customer.

Note 4: If you are not asked any of this question, ignore (NOTE 3) and state it in your report if you the cashier asked you does question or not.



Name: Olu Briggs

2226 Squire Dobbins Dr ,

Sugar Land , Texas, 77478


Name: Malema Ebay

Address: 18811 Baughman,

Pearland, Texas, 77584


Name: Jaye Kruger

Address: 14152 Tower Glen Dr

Conroe, Texas, 77306

Here is the expenditure breakdown:


a. First Location Walmart Location: Amount to be transferred: $1,031.00

Transfer cost: $16.00

b. Second Walmart Location: Amount to be transferred: $1,042.00

Transfer cost: $16.00

c. Third Location MoneyGram i.e any of the following stores (RITE AID, GIANTS,KMARTS, RADIOSHACK,KMART, 7ELEVEN, FAMILY DOLLAR OR ANY OTHER STORES THAT OFFER THE SAME SERVICE IN YOUR LOCATION ): Amount to be transferred: $1,027.00

Transfer cost: $20.00


1. Name and Address of the three Locations?

2. Did you experience any overcharging?

3. Did you notice any roll-back charges?

4. How fast and efficient is the Money Transfer Service?

5. How long does it take you to have the funds transferred from each location ?

6. Compare the service your get from each location in your own word

You are expected to as soon as possible and email us back your results with the following information after you have the funds wired:

1. Sender's Name and Address?

2. The ( Money gram Reference Numbers (8 digits )

3. The (2) Walmart to Walmart Reference number (9 digits )

Kindly get back to us immediately after you evaluation is completed and send in report so that it can be reviewed and sent to the appropriate office.


James Baragar

Evaluation Supervisor

M: (909)-281-2478

E: [email protected]

- Murrieta, CA, USA

Contacted via text to be a mystery shopper. After being "approved" I was sent a letter and check for $1984.50 and told to deposit it immediately and withdraw funds to wire to several recipients via money gram in order to evaluate their services. I was told to keep $400 for myself. I knew it was a scam and did not deposit the check but instead reported them to the federal trade commission. The letter was full of errors in spelling and grammar and the recipients all had Nigerian names.

- Plano, TX, USA

Received an email from [email protected] to become a Secret Shopper with a company called "Secret Shopper" that just said to reply yes if you'd like to earn $200 a week as a secret shopper. I replied yes and then I received a check in the mail for $2450.85 and they said to deposit it and then email back for instructions. does not exist. The letter was sent from Ashley Haywood at Frontier Oil Corp. And the check was made out from CMOUTS LLC in Santa Ana California. I voided and tore up the check as I know they next steps they'd ask is for me to wire money with the check bouncing. Ironically I had applied to be a Secret Shopper online a few weeks ago, but with another company, or I never would have written back in the first place!

- Fredericksburg, VA, USA

I use to be a Secret Shopper so when I got the info I thought maybe it was ok. The mailed me instructions. Once I got the check it looked kinna iffy so I contacted the local police department and they said it was a scam & referred me to your site. My identity has been stolen and I am hoping this has nothing to do with it.

Here is the address they told me to mail the check to

Jacob Adeniji

8100 West Airport blvd

Houston TX 77081

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