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Scherwin and Associates

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Scherwin and Associates Reports & Reviews (10)

• May 14, 2021

I'm paying them now $250 a week until May 28th. Over $2,000 dollars. What can I do about this?

• May 14, 2021

1888 210-5587 is the number. It's still active.

• May 11, 2021

Scammer's phone 866 618 0248
Scammer's website its not working now
Country United States
Type of a scam Credit Cards
Initial means of contact Phone

A woman called me said I'm from a 3rd party I'm just here to notify you a law firm has been trying to contact you. They have tried to notify you through certified mail two times but it was returned to sender. Please contact them at 866 618 0248 here is a agency number for your case.
She told me my county name and court house and said there was a judgment against me.
I called the number guy stated it was a law firm and went and got my case said I owe $750 to Capital one. I asked why it wasn't on my credit report and he said when there is a judgment they take it off till its resolved. He couldn't tell me when the debt occurred. The email he had on file was one I have not used in over 10 years if not longer ago. He had my address and phone number. I did agree to small payments since I'm on a fixed income. right after I got off the phone, I looked them up while he was talking and they website was out of order. I called my bank got a fraud protection put on and my bank put up some an additional consumer complaint(they already had some from this company)

• May 04, 2021

Got a call from a number in my state to return a call to an 888 number, and gave me a file number to reference. These people were trying to collect a debt from 16 years ago claiming breach of contract for $6800 (they claim attorney fees) from HSBC/Capital One...(I was 19 at the time and had a card for maybe $300). Apparently they “sent me a letter” 38 days ago, however I never received said letter. They claimed they would take me to court and garnish wages and place liens on my home and vehicle. These people even knew my place of employment, last 4 of my social, and called my husband’s number looking for me as well. Yet they used my maiden name and didn’t ask me for my identifying info, she blurted it out. The lady, Shannon Bentley, stated she got permission from her manger to settle for $2350. She demanded payment in full today, but offered to break it up in 2 payments. I asked her to email the letter. She emailed me docusign documents to “settle” this claim, but never emailed me a copy of the letter. Glad I investigated the firm before taking action, although I had arranged to speak with an attorney tomorrow due to statue of limitations.

• Apr 27, 2021

I want to thank everybody on this page who wrote this out because I had a loan for Rent-A-Center 10 plus years ago I paid it off out of the blue on 4/27/2021 I had a guy call me give me a phone number and a count number they told me to give this guy a call and sound like a lawyer they told me that I had a bill of $1,500 and then knocked it down to 651.00 and then the guy said if you can get me a counter offer I said 400 they said ok I did not accept then my wife thought that was weird so I start researching the phone number the phone number is a Japanese phone number. the name on the bottom of the paper they sent me by email told me to sign is a football player Kansas City so I researched the name of this company and this cam
up and a guy on top had of all they paid I had something just like that looks just like it and the phone number that the guy gave me to give him a call back on is. 1-888-725-4013 and when I tried to use the website they have on the top page it just closed me out like it's not there I think they were trying to scam me cuz my information is online I just want to thank all the people that are on here getting people heads up with those people let me know if you guys have got scammed with the same phone number.

• Apr 27, 2021

April 21. 2021
I had a voice mail from a man named David Jimenez from a 502 number which is local to me. Telling me that a civil suit was being filed against me and that I had to call scherwin and associates at an 888 number.. they called both of my sisters stating the same stuff so I called back and the woman said her name was Shannon Bentley and she even called me back from a 818 number she stated I was being sued for $3742.32 and they will put my accounts on hold and garnish my wages if I don’t settle it and pay $850.00 after it was all said and done I asked what credit card exactly did I pay because I need it for my record the first email they sent said hsbc/retail store then when I questioned it more she said let her do some investigating and she called back the next day and said you had a Victoria’s Secret card and I of course said yes... she said that’s what it is. But if it was legit I feel like they should know exactly what debt you are being sued for without having to do any type of investigation.. And sends another email that says original creditor hsbc/ Victoria’s Secret. The next day I am going thru mail and I get 2 creditors that bought 2 cards of mine and Victoria’s Secret was one of them I talk to 2 managers at the collection agency and verified the original acct number they provided did not match with my Victoria’s Secret and that they have no clue who they are. So instead of stopping there I called every single credit card I have to Verify none of these accts have the same acct # and asked each collection agency if the debt had been sent to a law firm. Each agency said no we have payment plans that we can set up. That’s when I called and had to dispute these frauds! I knew better and still end up falling for the crap. The Email attachment is the last one they sent me.

• Apr 30, 2021

I’m so happy I could help someone! Luckily I got to dispute their charge and their webpage is now suspended. 🙌🏻

• Apr 28, 2021

I just want to thank you for putting your story out there that paper that show on the bottom of yours look like the one they just sent me yesterday to sign that I didn't sign cuz my wife and my dad that look kind of weird since it's been over 15 years ago that we paid off and my dad said in Washington the statue for that 7 years and if they really want to see you they have to show you paperwork on it so I looked up the name of operation manager and it's a guy from Kansas City and the phone number they're the first guy called me on it's a Seattle area code and when I call it it just hangs up on me so I read your story and the damn sounds like mine so all I wanted to say is thank you I think you said me a lot of money

• Feb 15, 2021

Victim Location 49201
Total money lost $500
Type of a scam Debt Collections

A lady said I owed a webpay debt and that if I didn’t at least settle 500.00 that they’d put a hold on all my assets. She even knew my clinical directors name. Sh asked if my last four of my social number ended with xxxx and I said no my ssn doesn’t even have three of those numbers and then she said I’m sorry I was looking at a different number then she read off my last four. She wouldn’t tell me when it was taken out or any information on the webpay but after having the information on me that she had I paid the 500.00 cause I didn’t want them freezing my assets. It was later that night that I went over the paperwork she sent me that I researched them and found out it was a scam. I reported it to the FTC and contacted my bank.

• Apr 27, 2021

I disputed the transaction yesterday. Was you able to get your money back? And did they try to contact you again?

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