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SBA Reports & Reviews (24)

- Saint Louis, MO, USA

A school mate by the name of Dannie E. Moore wrote a post stating that his company was blessing people for the new year. He stated type hey and when u did that he said to inbox him. I inboxed him and showed this paper with the logo of SBA on it. It showed ranges of money that u could get and the personal fee you had to pay to receive the money. He told me to select the amount that would work for me. I choose the 3000.00 dollar payment with a 200.00 personal fee. He asked did I have cash app I said yes. He then told me to send the 200.00 to process the payment. I did and then he asked for my emai. I gave him the email he sent a processing message to my email just for the transaction to state pending due to needing to pay a tax fee on the money. The tax fee was 355.00 I paid that just for him to say that I had been upgraded to a 10, 000 relief payment and I had to pay 405.00 to receive the payment. I asked what about the first transaction that I applied for and stated thats what I paid for. He said the transaction had already been processed and pay the 405.00 and I would receive my money shortly. I pay the 405.00 just for him to come back and say that I needed to pay a 5% bank policy tax to receive my funds. So there was 500.00 more dollars being asked for to process the money. I wrote the email address that the information sent back to me was coming from and told them I belive this is a scam and Im reporting them to the and FBI. They responded, "So" and that I should try and pay the bank policy if I wanted my funds. I asked to speak to someone and they said they do not do calls or video chats but gave me a txt number saying this is the only source to communicate with someone. I kept saying to Mr. Moore once I was asked for the 405.00 for the second payment for the 10,000 that I felt this was a scam he kept assuring me that it wasnt. And now I still dont have the relief payment nor will they refund my 955.00

Susan Lynn Jackson, reached out asking for my cash app. (Friend of mines mother) I replied with “you’ve been hacked” and proceeded to try and scam me for my cash app, $100 all the way to $2,000. I refused to give any, and she keeps on spamming me until I give money.

a facebook friend stated that SBA had to give the grant money out and it had Facebook friends replying that they did this and it worked.

Stated that I needed to buy my slot $100 or more. and I would get the grant $1500- I needed to send my photo id as proof of who I am once I di then I was logged out of my account and of course no money was sent. I asked Cash app for a refund from $heydanaa they will research it.,

Received this text message but I did NOT reply to it because I knew it was phony and a scam:

Hello, My name is Agent Dixon Scott I work for Federal Government department of The Small Business Administration (SBA) Grant Appeals Board, We remember your Screen name and phone number on our list.

This is to inform you that you are one of the lucky winners and you have won a prize money of Five Hundred Thousand dollars {$500,200.19USD} on the on going Small Business Administration (SBA) Grant Appeal Board Worldwide grant Please text back on 863 228 8775 to receive your money. Thank you

Received a emailing saying I could recieved a disaster relief payment, I would have to send a certain amount to receive a certain amount. After searching to make sure this person was a legit person I agreed. She had me buy $200 in a bitcoin and gave me a code send to send the bitcoin to, after 10-15 mins the bitcoin was withdrew. So I was supposed to have money transfered to my cash app and when I received the email it was saying I needed to send in a additional $490 for a processing fee. When I refused and asked for my $200 back the girl was trying to tell me she would waive half of the fee and only have me pay $245, after expressing my concerns and telling her this sounded like a scam she tried to reassure me it wasn’t even going the extra mile in sending me a picture of herself holding her drivers license and telling me if I don’t receive my money I could have here arrested. I contacted cash app and told me it was also a scam and Told her that and she denied it being true so I stopped talking to her and she’s been trying to call me through the Facebook messenger at least once a day so far.

I had someone contact me through Facebook Messenger. They told me the SBA was offering relief payments payments if I paid a processing fee. They told me to download cash app and deposit a $100 purchase bitcoin and then deposit the bitcoin at an addressThey told me to download cash app and deposit a $100 purchase bitcoin and then deposit the bitcoin at this address. 149LqcSVfvXEPStn9w5V2nNYRZzJVRp3Ci

Then they said they needed another processing fee. In the end I lost all of the money they had asked for.

I received an email that look like it was from the IRS. When I open the email it was saying I was approved for a grant that I did not apply for. It also had a button at the end of the email. The email stated it wanted me to click on that button to verify data in order to receive those funds from the grant. I checked the senders email prior to clicking anything inside the email, and that raised suspicion. So, then I did a little bit of searching online for anything about SBA grants. And everything I was finding looked as if this was legit. But the sender‘s email just does not sit well with me so I decided to report it.

I have lost $1000 in a scam. I was replying to something on Facebook and was contacted by someone that claimed to be with the SBA offering Covid-19 assistance for seniors. If you sent them $100 they would send you $1000. I thought it was legit and after some convincing proceeded to cash app them $100. I was then told I needed to send more money to qualify, but that i would get more. This happened several times, each time I sent a higher dollar amount being promised more money. The last time I reluctantly sent money I asked some questions and realized pretty quickly i have fallen for a scam. I am very upset because this was money I could not afford to lose, and I won't be able to pay rent or my MLGW bill without it.

Have been getting monthly bills to my home address, addressed to " Hair Styles and Cuts", stating there is a Small Business Loan out on this company and payment has been deferred to August 2021. This is my home, I am NOT a hair stylist and do not own a hair salon, do NOT have any small business loans. I have lived in my home for 38 years, have NEVER owned a business and DO NOT work in this field.

- Freeport, IL, USA

The SBA contacted me saying I have a loan of $9900. with them. The payments of $49.00 are supposed to start on 07/10/2021. I did not make any loan with them and am not sure how I am supposed to handle this. I called SBA, they said to contact Experian, and TransUnion. I went to Experian's site and it says that 24 million customers have been hacked on their site. I am not sure what to do or how to handle this. Please help. Thanks so much

Someone took out a SBA loan in my name I don’t own a business and how they got it is unreal .... red flags should of stopped the person from getting anything from the SBA but it didn’t .... they only had limited information and they still gave it to them

My identity was stolen and someone applied for and received a  $7400 Covid SBA loan in my name.  They used a variation of my name, SS# and address to file for it. The only way I found out was I got a letter yesterday about it.  I still have the letter.

call said they were calling from the SBA and asked how our business had been affected by covid and whether we needed money, a loan, other help..... then someone else called who was referred to us by the initial guy who called saying he was from the SBA..... wanted us to use their processing system for collecting money from our clients. Offered a low interest loan, said he would send application. has called by numerous times and I haven't answered the phone. I have given them no information other than my email address.

I answered a telephone call from “wireless caller” without looking at the phone number first. A man with a very thick accent was on the other end. I had to have him repeat himself to make out what he was saying. He asked for my husband. I said that he wasn’t in and asked if I could help him. He said that he was from the SBA and that he was trying to reach my husband because FEMA had referred him for an SBA loan and he wanted to send us out some documents. At that point, I said, “we aren’t interested in a loan.” I then hung up.

- Fort Worth, TX, USA

They contacted me about my info disaster for relief funds

- Texarkana, TX, USA

Received an email [email protected] saying my SBA loan application had been received and that I needed to open the attached document to provide more info. The “document” attached was actually a zip file with an .exe file inside it. My firewall prevented me from opening it and told me it was dangerous. The email looks legit and I had just applied for the SBA care program

- Katy, TX, USA

Do not fall for this. They won't release the company's address or real telephone number. Tried to get me to pay for fees. They say you won $150,000. They want your monthly income & mom's name. But not releasing a address or true company name is a sign of SCAM.

- Tallahassee, FL, USA

I received a "message" from a legitimate friend on Facebook, but I realized right away it wasn't really from her. She's a top academic and would never misspell a word! Or substitute "there" for "their," etc. The message said that SBA was closing and was giving money grants to randomly selected people. They said when they came to give my friend her money, they saw my name on the list!!!

I got this message from a friend of mine who like me has parkinson,s disease.asking me if I got my grant money yet ?He sent me the link and the agent resopnded on facebook messanger . Thinking I may be eligible for a 100$ or so from a charity I made contact . After asking me my name DOB and my mom's maiden name and a couple of other questions he came back and told me I won 150,000 $ and not to tell anyone .than he said they needed 1000 $ from me to cover legal and filing expenses. At this point the red lite came on in my brain . This is a scam ! I asked him what the 1000$ was for to cover expenses and if I could give them 1000 now in 4 hrs a couple of people would be there with my cheque. I told him I don't have 1000$ he said how much do you have? at this point I told him forget about it and he can keep his money !! and blocked him . he has since tried to call me on messenger 4 times which I ignored . I should have caught on sooner when I saw SBA the small business administration this is an American Government department. What would they be doing giving 150000 $ grants out on a Sunday in Canada

- Charlotte, NC, USA

I was contacted through social media by who I thought was a family member. Everything was quite vague. When I try to video chat and talk to family member the video chat and the were both full of static and not clear. Also they kept wanting to do everything by text message & nothing to show me any website information. When I asked for them to send me a recent telephone number because it has been a long time since I've spoken to them on the phone they first said I knew the number why was I playing and then they said okay but no response has been given since.

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