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Romance scam

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Romance scam Reports & Reviews (32)

• Mar 21, 2023

Scammer's phone (818) 660-6745
Scammer's website
Scammer's address Glendale, CA 91208, USA
Scammer's email [email protected]
Type of a scam Romance

My mother was contacted using Silver Singles dating website. Arthur Sabatay contacted her stating that he was in Lexington, VA and owned a company in Glendale, CA. My wife and myself are concerned because we are unable to find any valid information about this man or company. My mother has been scammed before. We located the website that his is using and is very similar to one in Texas, using the same names and pictures.

• Mar 18, 2023

Scammer's phone (361) 217-6152
Scammer's address TX, USA
Type of a scam Romance

This scammer sent a picture of a young Asian woman to my 12 year old son with a text saying "hi remember meeting me, my name is Diana, we met early march, are you still in (name if city)?

- Lake Stevens, WA, USA • Mar 16, 2023

Scammer's phone (425) 200-2594
Scammer's address WA, USA
Country United States
Victim Location WA 98258, USA
Type of a scam Romance

Unprompted Sexually explicit images and texts sent to my iPhone as if the person had “accidentally” sent to wrong number. This came from 425 200 2594. Not a number in my contacts. More explicit images and texts came in again hours later. Did not respond.

- Jersey City, NJ, USA • Mar 12, 2023

Scammer's phone (803) 994-9084
Scammer's website lex (app)
Scammer's address NC, USA
Country United States
Victim Location NJ 07302, USA
Type of a scam Romance

"Luna" befriended me on an app called Lex and recommended me to her sugar momma "Makayla". I talked to Makayla using the TextfFree app with a fake phone number since I didn't completely trust her. Makayla offered a photo of herself to seem transparent. She was suspicious, but personable enough to carry a conversation. She promised financial support, but at the request that I send her $50 via Paypal first. At that point I knew she was a scammer. Luna and Makayla had different texting styles, but both used the word "to" as a proposition when it should've been used as an adverb (e.g. "I like you to" or "I'm tired to"). Luna claims to work at a Hooters and Makayla claims to live in North Carolina. Luna's profile picture is that of a young naturally red haired woman, and Makayla's photo was also that of a naturally red haired woman.

- Shelbyville, KY, USA • Mar 11, 2023

Scammer's address Shelbyville, KY 40065, USA
Country United States
Victim Location KY 40065, USA
Total money lost $125,000
Type of a scam Romance

Dated someone and recently discovered that my identity, theft and financial issues stemmed from this particular person, hacking all of my accounts during our relationship. This person was paid by another person I previously was married to, and suffered through a relationship of domestic violence, and have currently been stocked and harassed for the past seven years

• Feb 20, 2023

Scammer's phone (570) 350-2807
Scammer's website
Scammer's address PA, USA
Scammer's email [email protected]
Type of a scam Romance

---------- Forwarded message ---------

From: <[email protected]>

Date: Wed, Feb 15, 2023 at 12:56 AM


To: Z..<[email protected]>

Hello Mr. S..,

Greetings from Yemex Courier Service. Your package was suspended by the

Terminal department Officials at JFK International Airport New York due

to Insurance & Anti-terror tax on your package. The custom officials are

demanding for these documents because the package is coming from a

terrorist country (Yemen). We advise you to pay for the tax ASAP so we

can get the documentation/certificate to continue the shipping to your


Below is the data needed for tracking:


Website: .........................

Tracking No....................... ZS10006....


This tax is STRICTLY imposed on your package/consignment due to the

nature of the consignment and the country where it's being sent from.

Meanwhile you are to come up with the Insurance and Anti-terror TAX as

stated below.

INSURANCE CHARGES which will cost $6,420.00

US dollars

ANTI-TERROR CHARGES which will cost $4,480.00

US dollars

TOTAL $10,900.00

US dollars

You remember that as soon as the deposit balance is made and confirmed,

your parcel will be at your home address in less than 72 hours. Please

be advised that the fee is applicable to the requirements of the

country, as well as The cost of resistance to deliver your shipment.

This was defined by the International Anti Terrorism Unit (IATU) after

9/11 event, and December 25, 2009, which states that each package or

shipment will not be scanned or search by airport authorities may have

immunity of documents that meet the effects are safe for delivery.

We hope you understand our delivery protocol. You are advised to reply

to us back for the payment information and how to pay for the tax.

The attached photo on this email is your package at our office when it

was registered and now at JFK International airport New York.

Yours faithfully,

Management.</[email protected]>

- Fritch, TX, USA • Feb 14, 2023

Scammer's phone (863) 588-2449
Scammer's website Regular text, what’s up app
Scammer's address 2010 Alamo Ave, Wauchula, FL 33873, USA
Scammer's email [email protected]
Country United States
Victim Location TX 79036, USA
Total money lost $20,000
Type of a scam Romance

at first, she was going to come to me and she asked for money for plane ticket. She also asked for money for items like a dress. Then she said she was in perriton Perryton so I drove there to pick her up. She was nowhere to be found. Then she kept saying she was at the big Texan, and I was to send her money to pay to get her, I did she never arrived. I finally stopped after I was much in the hole.

• Feb 14, 2023

Scammer's phone (862) 314-0477
Scammer's address NJ, USA
Victim Location NY 12428, USA
Total money lost $700
Type of a scam Romance

Pretend to be I love with me want google play cards. Send video and picture

• Feb 10, 2023

Scammer's website Wheel Of Fortune Game Show App
Type of a scam Romance

Playing Wheel Of Fortune Game Show App, she was messaged by A Male Contestant , Greacova, he was a nice looking man with a picture of little girl in his profile photo, a widower, after A few chats he was wanting her to move to talk on What's App Chatting App, so she started chatting with him there, within a week or so he Professess to tell her How Beautiful she is and how much in Love he has fallen into with her, he says hes working under contract with a insurance and apartment housing rental agency in Madrid Spain while taking care of his little 5yr old daughter whose mother left them,,abandoned them and how hes looking for a mother for her and wife for him and thinks she would be a good mother and wife but he needs to put in for a vacation to come visit her and she must write to his company to help him pay off his contract, he will pay half if she can come up with the other half, but first she must send a email to the company asking for his permission to be released to her to come to her country, the USA, she writes the email, they return a email saying permission may be granted for $2,500.00, he tells her he has $1,000.00 if she has $1,500.00 they will soon be together,,that's when she sees its a con, its not love, its money, she puts his picture on a cross reference picture App which shows the photo was stolen from that of a Russian Fighter, that this man has to be an imposter as the russian fighter is a married man, she confronted him and he told her he was from Nigeria and that he really is in love with her and he doesnt have any children, but she didn't believe that and blocked him

• Feb 05, 2023

Scammer's website Instagram
Scammer's address Nashville, TN, USA
Total money lost $1,000
Type of a scam Romance

Victim: is a 70 year old mentally ill man involved in a romance scam with someone pretending to be Carrie Underwood, the country western star, for the past three years. The victim has lost every detail of his identity to this person. Romantic messages are sent around the clock and the victim is fully engulfed in this delusion. He sends gift cards to the scammer when the scammer asks. He dreams of the day they can be together forever. The victim lives in Texas. He liked a photo on Instagram. The scammer moved him off of Instagram and started texts and gmail messages instead.

• Jan 30, 2023

Scammer's phone (609) 346-4172
Scammer's website Instagram
Scammer's address Brooklyn, NY 11211, USA
Victim Location NJ 08015, USA
Type of a scam Romance

So I got an Instagram direct message from a woman named “ Gabbie Harris” the conversation was ok and friendly until she asked me if I’m Interested in being her “text buddy” for $600 weekly allowance, I thought it was strange and proceeded to ask why, then she explained she’s going through a divorce after her “bestie” and husband were having relations , I thought that’s sad but continued to talk to her, she asked me about myself , asked her about herself , then she continued to ask if I needed a sugar mom, I replied I wouldn’t mind it, then put down step by step how it works, then mentioned I needed to do some favor for her, I asked what kind of favor and she proceeded to talk about how she donates to orphanages and would need help gifting them, after that I was like that’s nice , she then asked for my Wells Fargo email and full name to send the money to and said she’d send $700 , then I remember she said $600 before ? So why is it changed all the sudden, after that I didn’t text back because I don’t give up my information like that and it was just sketchy , I’ve now been ignoring her .

• Jan 24, 2023

Scammer's phone (177) 839-90788
Scammer's website TAGGED
Scammer's address Halifax, NS B3M 1X2, CAN
Scammer's email [email protected]
Victim Location USA
Type of a scam Romance

He offered to send me a gift since he would travel to Dubai for work and that package was detected for which I had to pay customs in Malaysia because he sent cash and that caused problems, I use photos of a person who lives in another city and that his phone number is not where he said he lived but is located in British Columbia.

I checked the phone on the internet and it told me that it had that location South Kamloops, Bc, Canada, as well as its supposed photos and they are of a person who lives in another country whom I contacted and tells me that he is unaware of that situation.

• Jan 18, 2023

Scammer's phone (713) 581-4988
Scammer's website Facebook
Scammer's email [email protected]
Victim Location NY 10471, USA
Total money lost $4,300
Type of a scam Romance

Ateej <[email protected]>, fazza hamdan <[email protected]>, <[email protected]>, Sheikh Mohammed <[email protected]>

Phone numbers: +1-713-581-4988 Fazza, +852-6645-8002 Hal Hariram Ganwani , +971-55-912-7582, +44-7418-329351

Romance scam - pretending to be Prince Hamdan of Dubai and his staff/family - I paid $4300 to get important documents (my UAE residency card) via various transactions. I did not receive anything in return.</[email protected]></[email protected]></f...

• Jan 09, 2023

Romance crypto scammer

Romance crypto scammer had me send $19,000 of my crypto funds,my only saving grace was an investigating firm that helped me trace and get back my money.
A complaint report can be written to them by scanning the Q.r below.
I hope this awareness gets to whoever has been scammed before to help recover their lost funds.
Romance crypto scammer

• Nov 17, 2022

Scammer's phone (323) 454-1475
Scammer's website Internet
Scammer's address Los Angeles, CA, USA
Victim Location KY 40004, USA
Type of a scam Romance

Said he was on a job in France but was from Los Angeles California communicated through text and phone calls said he was originally from Lithuania…sent flowers from Seattle Florist ask about my banking

• Nov 10, 2022

Scammer's website Instagram, wapp app
Scammer's address OH, USA
Total money lost $4,000
Type of a scam Romance

It’s a car, money cards romantic. Need money to get car sent. And now threatening my son. If u don’t. He is disable. Brain injury. Carline . Michael

• Nov 02, 2022

Victim Location NJ 08081, USA
Type of a scam Romance

This happened in 2015

I was so embarrassed and humiliated to even tell anyone and I don’t have much information now I only remember he used the name Terry he friend me online we talked for a few months and then he said he would pay down my Credit cards he would pay off all the Bounces and Al I would have to do is take out the cash advance amount on them and send it to him Western Union I do remember most of my card I could take 1300 or a little’s not like just Sent it to him. My cards were all paid off 100% I was so I took all the cash Advance cell and sent him all off them . So say I had 15.000 in debt and it cost me 5,000 to get 10,000 off of it .it was a really good deal .But weeks later everything was reversed back on plus all the cash Advance that I took out on them so now I was maxed out and over on all cards now up to $20.000 .

We always need to remember if it sounds to good to be true.” It’s a scam “ at this time I am still trying to fix my Credit .

• Oct 27, 2022

Scammer's phone +1 (303) 498-5110
Scammer's address FL, USA
Victim Location FL 32258, USA
Type of a scam Romance

I was messaging someone I had just met on an app for queer women called Lex named *******. She mentioned that she had a “sugar mamma” and asked me if I had one. I said no, and she asked if I would like to be in contact with her’s. I said sure, as I was curious and had heard about sugar mammas before and felt it would be more legitimate if it was being referred to me by someone else as opposed to an app or direct message. I messaged her first. The alleged sugar mamma said her name is ********** she’s 56 years old, is from Florida, and has 2 companies of her own: one in construction and another unknown. She said she has no family, as her parents died in a car accident when she was 16 and she lived with an uncle who abused her until she finally left because of a boyfriend she was with at the time who got her into cryptocurrency and how to make money online. The phone number she uses is ###-###-####. She asked me questions about myself and answered any questions I asked her, which made it seem legitimate at first. She asked me what I wanted and about my personal values.

This is all occurring rapidly within hours of first contacting her. She asked me my name (first name only), where I was from, and other general questions. Then she asks me if I want to be her sugar baby. I said I was open to it, but wanted to know if she had any social media first and what she expected from her sugar babies. She said she did not have social media because she had been scammed by sugar babies in the past, and that she only expects pictures of me (primarily non-sexual selfies, but she also stated some sexual photos would be expected). She then asked me how much I wanted from her as a first deposit, and I said I wasn’t sure. Because she had seemed real at this point, I confessed that I was hesitant of course to use any banking information and would prefer to use a third party like venmo or Zelle. She claimed that she would be taxed heavily if she used those, and preferred to do a direct deposit into my account of $1000. She requested that out of the $1000 she sends me, I send $800 to a church she goes to that supports the homeless, and tells me she’s a christian. She asked me for my login information for one of my banking sites. I told her I wasn’t comfortable with that, but wanted to use another checking account I had that was completely empty. She was okay with that because she said she understood where I was coming from.

There was another issue with my account being closed, so I couldn’t use it. I told her I would likely have to wait until Monday for the issue to be resolved if she could wait. She said I could just use the other account with my savings in it and linked to my parents financial information because I can trust her, but I told her no I wasn’t comfortable with that. The next few days, she constantly asked me throughout the day if the account was ready yet, in which I case I kept telling her no. She has continued to ask me if the banking issue has been resolved, and I kept telling her the updates in regards to the situation without divulging valuable information.

She had sent me two selfies of herself, so I entered one of them into google and found that it was from an Instagram influencer’s page, someone who had a different name, age, and everything. The influencer was verified and had many followers, and even had a story on her page warning people about fake sugar mammas who were using her pictures. I told **********” that I found this and asked what was going on. She claimed that influencer was a scammer and that “this is ridiculous, I can’t believe she stole my identity” and claimed to have reported it. Both selfies were from this page.

I told “*********” that I did not want to continue this anymore because I am “busy with school” and she said she understood and was nice about it. However, she continues to text me asking how my day is and if I fixed the account issue yet. And today, she asked me what my mobile carrier is out of the blue. I will be blocking this number.

• Oct 11, 2022

Scammer's phone 14842220139
Scammer's website @briannapurdy2
Victim Location NM 88220, USA
Total money lost $1,000
Type of a scam Romance

well she suddenly show up in my telegram app she saying that she make mistake but she wants to make friendship we talk everything goes nice but suddenly she start complaining about her situation with bills and some other stuff so idid sent several times money but now that person dont answer the number or looks like and office aproximately i did sent her $1000 all togheter not all at once but tha is almost

the total i feel embarassedon this to be to stupid but well God Watch everything and they will get the karma some day

• Aug 23, 2022

Victim Location NY 11542, USA
Type of a scam Romance

they are pretending to be a sugar mommy on instagram. offering up to 3000$ a week.

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