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Richard Anthony Flowers The Charming experience

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Richard Anthony Flowers The Charming experience Reports & Reviews (51)

• Sep 23, 2023

Paid close to $600.00 for a wig on his website at the time. I never received the wig, so ask for money back (refund). He never refunded me or shipped the wig to us. this is the order #R379444795. Credit card purchase

Terry Cummings
702 929 1382

• May 16, 2023

On March 17th I purchased a wig from Mr Flowers and never received it he keeps telling me it’s on the way this is so wrong that they just let this keep on happening God will get you Mr. Flowers he don’t like ugly your taking from sick people who just trying to support your work you wrong I’m a Christian I’m gonna pray for you and I just ask God to have mercy on you for all you have done.

• May 06, 2023

Hello everyone, my name is Gerald Jackson and I am an investigative blogger with The North Carolina Beat ( and on Thursday, I exposed Richard Flowers for the scam artist, thief and rouge he is.

You can read the story here: />
I am working with other women to pursue Richard criminally and civilly.

I would also like to talk other victims and bring you on my show so, we can get your stories out and get him behind bars.

Email me at [email protected]

• May 05, 2023

He needs to be stopped. We all need to get together and file a lawsuit against him. I did notify the police in his county and want others to do the same. I think if enough people call they will pursue charges. Please see my correspondence with this fakester.
Richard Anthony Flowers A.K. A. (The Prince Charming Experience)
Richard Anthony Flowers A.K. A. (The Prince Charming Experience)
Richard Anthony Flowers A.K. A. (The Prince Charming Experience)
Richard Anthony Flowers A.K. A. (The Prince Charming Experience)
Richard Anthony Flowers A.K. A. (The Prince Charming Experience)
Richard Anthony Flowers A.K. A. (The Prince Charming Experience)
Richard Anthony Flowers A.K. A. (The Prince Charming Experience)

• May 06, 2023

Hi my name is Gerald Jackson and I am an investigative blogger with The North Carolina Beat and I recently exposed Richard Flowers for scamming each and everyone of you here on this site and I would like to bring you on my show to talk about how he scammed you personally, to bring awareness.

Please email me at [email protected]

I too was scammed and never thought, Richard would deceive me, but he did. On August 22, 2022, I sent him $399 via Cash App for a wig that I never received. It's now 04/18/2023 so at this point I know I can forget about it. I pray for his soul. Please do not respond with "The wig was shipped, or put a bogus tracking number. You are a master deceiver and I hope the authorities, which I've contacted and I'm sure others have to, makes an arrest. I also notified Facebook that he's scamming women.


I sent $299 on August 28, 2022 via cashapp to Richard Flowers (Prince Charming) to purchase one of his "so called" handmade 12/31/22, I still do not have it. I am just reading everyone's post regarding this thief, I wish I had done my research prior to the purchase, but of course, I wanted to support black business...what a learning opportunity for me. I just want a full refund and Richard Flowers will never have to worry about me again.
I would like to join all efforts to prevent this guy from hurting others.

• May 12, 2023

File a report with the FBI

I'm reading all of these complaints and it amazes me how he or a representative is responding that the item was received, or refunded. I requested a refund several times after contacting Cash App to inquire about a refund and he didn't respond. Thank God I have all of my records. He is truly trying to justify his wrong doing. You are a scammer and you have to know that God doesn't sleep. You will reap what you sow. How dare you scam the people that really looked up to you. I lost all respect from this point and going forward.

He received nearly $1000 from me and NEVER sent my goddamn hair. I got absolutely nothing but his unprofessional bag of [censored] lies. I don’t have nothing else to say besides, I want that animal behind bars! Help me prosecute! Email any statements to [email protected]


He takes money for wigs that he never sends. Then he rants on social media begging for money and threatening people because they want the product purchase or money back


On 1/23/21, I purchased an Elisha Wig from Richard Anthony Flowers, owner of The Charming Experience for $250.00 ship'g of $12:99 total of $262.99. These funds were sent thru my bank Wells Fargo via Zelle, I have the actual transaction receipt & his message confirmation of receipt. I was advised that evening he would get back to me in a couple of weeks. Never heard from him.. Sent him a message on 4/26 inquiring about the status of the wig, at first he asked me "what was I talking about" and when I sent him a photocopy of our transaction he said, "No problem, I get that right out to you". On 5/7 I message him again..nothing. On 5/11 again I message and was told the wig was coming that week. Needless to say, it was just another one of his lies. It has now been 6 mos and at this point, I just want my money back.Wish I had looked him up on BBB before It's a shame what he is doing to people. I have all communication and recepts. . Filing with Consumer Protection.& State Board of Georgia.
His response on the BBB site complaint is that he have contracted me. Which is a lie, I have not heard a word from this person. In reading others reviews it seem he prey on seniors with hair loss problems, like myself and those who live out of state. But I will file whatever it takes to 1. Receive my money back and 2. To let others know about the wrong he is doing. To draw people in he also use the name of the Lord in his posts, which is a sin which in itself, when you're lying!


Contact me 346 I am working on 420 something big 84 to get him behind bars 62.

I order a hand made wig; I sent the price he asked.Never received it.He said he was sending Monday with a tracking number;;never got anything.I contacted the courts, in Atlanta Ga, but was advised to get his physical address because he DOES NOT HAVE GA Cosmetology license.I have the text messages he sent ;so if anyone knows” Richard aka Jonathan aka Anthony aka Prince charming.Please report.


I was scammed as well. I ordered a wig on August 22, 2022 for $399 and today is April 18, 2023 and I have not received it. He only accepts Cash App or Apple Pay because he knows it's hard to get your money back. I have sent him messages via Facebook messenger and he doesn't repond. It hurts when you put your trust and try to patronize black owned businesses and this is what happens. I have been following Richard for over seven years. The pics he post on his current page are old wigs, to lure in his victims. He needs to be stopped.

I purchased a wig from Anthony Richard Flowers on February 24, 2021 it is now May 12, 2021 and still no product. I’ve messaged him throughout this asking for updates and why I haven’t received the wig yet and every other week he said he was working on it or I’m up next and then Yours will be shipped out Wednesday or next week and your tracking number will be sent out next week I haven’t received anything! I tried to give him the benefit of doubt by waiting and finally I requested a refund and he tells me to read terms and agreements. I feel like his terms and agreements are trash especially since he doesn’t he deliver on his end. I honestly started off thinking his product looked good and I wanted to support a black man and his business but I really learned a valuable lessons every business can’t be trusted. I’m upset writing this but I pray no one else falls victim to this. At this point I don’t want the wig I just want my refund. You can’t talk to him or tell him how you feel about the poor experience without him getting defensive or calling your messages messy because YOU a paying customer wants to know why they keep getting lied to about the shipment. I’ve never experienced anything like this from a business.


See below attachments to see the customer actually was refunded the same day as this review! She never came back to tell that part. Chandra Ross aka Brittany Washington was refunded 5/12/2021

Chandra was refunded on Apple Pay 5/12/2021

I sent 506.00 to Richard Anthony Flores by way of zelle on February 15, and 3 months later I still have not gotten my two wigs.. I called the number I was given and a Kim Dameron answered and said she was his assistant and she will get to him to let him know I need my tracking and invoice number.. He text back a hour later and said he will send them in the morning when the post office open in however he texted me that story a week ago and that is why I called the number texted to me...I am hurt and very angry that he would do this to the black women of the community and I am willing to do anything to bring this man down.. I trusted him and beloved in him and I guess he thinks he is smarter than others because he has ran a scam on the poor and needy.. Well, I ain’t poor and I ain’t needy, I am a mad black woman and this so call man will REPT what he SEW... I am willing to also join the class law suit against him...


Terri Lambert has received her products . See below attachments. This customer was not scammed

Terri Lambert has been in contact with the business, and has also received her order ! She has also sent the business pictures of her with the order on.

I would like to join the class law suit against him also. How do I sign up?
I'm very pissed!

I purchased a wig $455.99 with shipping in Jan 2020. He said it would take 7 days to make the wig. He told me he would send it numerous tines as I waited patiently, still no wig. He finally agreed to a refund, then declined my cash app request. I opened a case with BBB and now he is responding that he sent a refund. Where? in his pocket. How can you do this to women that just want to enhance themselves with your products. He blocked me from social media outlets to silence me. Well I will not be silenced. His privilege's via cash app, zelle and etc should be shutdown. If only we had used paypal, they would refund the money and shut him down form further business. I would be willing to join the class action lawsuit.
Please email me [email protected]


She was refunded more than a year later. she ordered the wig in 2020 and it took you until February of 2021 to give her money back. I’m seeing that’s the case with many of these clients, you refund them 4 months, 6 months, or a year AFTER they paid you their money.That is beyond unprofessional.. I just messaged you on FB to order 2 wigs, but I thank God I found this before you responded..

Vr Williams aka Vezina Williams was refunded on cash app 2/25/2021 . This customer was not scammed

Her tracking number for her purchase is (9505 5065 9381 0349 6009 54 ) it shows the packages was received and delivered to the address that was provided on our receipt

I employed Mr.Richard Anthony Flowers CEO of The Prince Charming Experience to Do my mothers hair for her Birthday in October .

I picked out 4 wigs to purchase as a surprise for her 77th birthday Her husband my dad of 47 years just passed away and I wanted to do something special for her since she was so very depressed and so was I as expected upon losing your dad .

Now Mr. Richard Anthony Flowers told me that the wigs had to be paid for in advance before he can start work on them and That I would have them in less than 4 to 6 weeks I thought that was great because it would give me enough time to get the wigs look them over and as long as everything look good and the merchandise had no flaws and was delivered in an expedite manner I would be able to have her looking really pretty for her birthday take her out so we both and cheer up and forget our problems just for a moment.

I wanted to do this since she and I both were so depressed in having had just lost my dad and having had suffered so much financially thru the hardship of covid 19 virus that was causing everyone to lose substantial income but I just wanted to do something nice for my mom thats why I was willing to sacrifice money I really didnt have to pay his way via flight to my home so my mom would be totally surprised upon seeing him here to do her hair so me and my children could take her out ,
This thief charged me well over $2500.00 for the wigs upfront and told me I had to pay an additional $300.00 for him to do her hair style it plus He said I had to pay for his flight and hotel expenses, so Naturally I wanted to see the merchandise prior to paying for a flight and hotel for him to come here for 3 days because if the merchandise was not up to par I would think twice before paying an additional $300.00 plus flight and hotel stay .

One month went by no correspondence two months no correspondence So I wrote him asking for a status as to when I would be receiving the merchandise at mid August he told me he was sending it out via fed ex and I would have it that following Monday this was in August I received this message from him .

Now todays date is December 14th 2020 nearly 6 months later no communication no explanation other than I am busy with a customer cannot reply to you he said I begged him pleaded with him to please send me back my money ,

I spent my last $400.00 buying my mother something special for her birthday since he would never respond nor would he return my calls my text messages nothing just made me appear to be the bad person because I was bothering him asking for my money back i no longer needed the merchandise my mothers birthday came and left.

I have litterly pleaded & begged this man for 6 months to please send me back my money I even explained to him that I am a single mom with 7 children who just lost my father just a month before paying him over $2500.00 all because i wanted to be a blessing to my mom for her birthday everytime I wrote him asking for my money he just told me if I kept complaining or threatened to go to the media or an attorney that he would block me no explanation as to why he never returned my money nothing he just threatened to block me.

Then 6 months to late of course ,
I went on line & I saw hundreds of complaints of other women he did this too hundreds of complaints I felt so belittle and so hurt and do stupid that I would have allowed this to happen to me and my mom , she still thinks to this day that this man this crook this thief is going to send her merchandise but Because we had just lost my dad at the end of April one month before I paid this man all this money I have not had the heart to tell my mom that this Richard Anthony Flowers stole well over $2500.00 from us .
Nor did I tell my mom I had to take a loan & borrow money to put down a deposite to find a law firm in Atlanta Georgia where this guy is just so I can file charges against Mr. Richard Anthony Flowers and sue him for bank and wire fraud, theft of services agrevation of financial loses and financial hardship and financial grievance our family faced during these 6months and how much it set us back because I had to take out a lian and borrow from work to afford a lawfirm just to sue him in total I lost $8000.00 .
The problem with people like this is they believe noone will stand up for their rights , Thiefs like this Richard Anthony Flowers keep doing this to women because they believe they can get away with it stealing peoples money they dont believe someone is going to file charges against them so they continue to keep stealing from unsuspecting women such as my mom and my self.

So if they're are any other women who have been caused a hardship because of people like this man please message me and lets file a class action suit against this man NOW! BEFORE HE DOES THIS TO SOMEONE ELSES .
Dont be his next victim lets stop him be reporting him to the proper authorities so he cannot do this to someone else.

I am going to the Attorney Generals office and I am going to take as many complaints as I can collect from other women he has done this to I am also going to report this to the board of Cosmology to have his license disbarred or file criminal charges if he is practicing professional Cosmology without a license.
If you are a victim please contact me
[email protected]


Tracking Number:

Your item was delivered in or at the mailbox at 2:44 pm on January 19, 2021 in SCOTTSDALE, AZ 85259.

Her tracking number shows the package been delivered 9505 5065 93811013637283

Her Response Imani love: I dont even live there anymore

His Response: The fact you used to live there recently but won’t go ask for you mail shows the truth

His response: Please make sure you keep this because I’m doing the best I can and letting you know you units was delivered and those some pricy products! If you used to live at that address I’m sure the new resident will understand your still getting mail there ! Especially if you actually did move ! And didn’t do a change of address! If you did a change of address they would definitely have forward you mail to you new address!
You definitely should go get your units from the recent address those units are intangible items because they are custom made

Name Imani love !
Her response: I am waiting for a response from the owners now

Her tracking number for her purchase is (9505 5065 9381 0349 6009 54 ) it shows the packages was received and delivered to the address that was provided on her receipt

Her tracking number and proof orders was delivered! 9505 5065 1007 6310 37

9505 5065 1007 6310 37

On 9-20-20 in sent Mr Richard Flowers $315.00 through Zelle he is a scam. Please do your research do not send this man any money. I have reported him to the BBB as of 10-9-20 I still have not received my unit


I made a purchase from Richard Flowers, The Charming Experience on July 26, 2020 and he promised me he would send a tracking and have it delivered within 7 business days, no tracking. Two weeks later I contacted him again and he says 7/14 days, and still no tracking. I reached out one last time on Monday and he still hasn’t responded so I requested a full refund. Upon requesting the refund he text said he would contact me the next me and said he would contact me the next morning and still hasn’t. I have voiced my complaints across social media and the BBB because this is truly sad. I work hard for my money and am a college student with a debilitating disease. He is a scam and is bad for business that threatened me and sent a pic of me off my FB page to scare me. I will not stop fighting to get this man’s business shut down.


Tameshag1985 was refunded a long time ago. It was sent it three different attachments. This customer was not scammed.

Proof she was refunded

The company refunded her and it is documented by law.

Tamesha was refunded by her bank. This information is documented .

Just what you described here is exactly the same thing I'm going through with him and only 9 days after you contacted him. I placed an order with him Feb.18,2020 for 412.00. I have nothing so I filed with BBB. My name is Karen Harris. I've contacted him several times he's very rude and talked blocking me. I asked him how does he except for a person to feel and he has their money they have nothing to show. I want his business shut down permanently he is not a good businessman and his treatment of women is borderline discrimination. This is beyond disgusting and despicable. I don't want his wig at this point but I do want my money back however.


Karen Harris packaged was received by her and the tracking number is 9505 5065 9381 0216 447* ** this packaged was delivered to her last year. She also has sent pictures to this company with the order in her possession . She was a very rude customer and in business or not no business owners should have to deal with this type of behavior from customers

He did the same thing to me my name is Rainey please call me 630-336-9731

Girl this man is so sad and sick! He called me this morning after I tore his name apart online for scamming me for my money. Smh! I am just floored at how much of a clown and scam he is. Then he is obviously petty and broke and steals other ideas from other wig makers and beauticians also.

Hello I am a Government employee currently working with the DOD. I wanted to purchase a wig from Richard Flowers. We spoke thru Facebook Messenger & he asked me to pay thru Cash app. I felt better with paying thru Zelle so I did that on January 31 2020 . He said I would receive the Wig in 7 days. After 10 no wig or Tracking number. I reached out to him multiple times . He would look at the message & not respond. After 2-3 days he would respond sending me a long contract regarding 7-45 day to receive the wig. However he never sent that while negotiating the transaction. I asked him why he promised 7 day's. He furthermore stated he would have it ready by the following week & it would be shipped out on Feburary 7 2020. On February 7 2020 I messaged him a few times in regards to the wig & Tracking number. He looked at the message and failed to respond of supply the tracking number. We both agreed that Friday February 7 2020 would be the shipping date. He now still has my 411.99 & the wig. During this time he was rude & unprofessional. I tried to tell him nice things In hopes that i wouldn't get scammed if I offered to post his information on a Fan Page with 9k followers. Of course I never had plans to do so, I just wanted him to send the item in good condition if he knew I would be posting it online. During this time I did some investigations myself. There's 45 Complaints on the & multiple complaints from women on all Social Media sites. Women all complaining of the same exact problem. I'm currently speaking to the Mayor of Huston to remove his Proclamation day , Contacting the Board of Cosmetology and Barbering, The Business License Division & I've reached out to the Commander & we're forwarding all the evidence to the FBI. Richard may have started his tour of for the right reasons. But somewhere down the line, he forgot his purpose and started Robbing & Scamming the Cancer patient's, Alopecia patient's & others with hair issues. Ladies purchased wigs & hair care products from 100-2k or more. He's treated me that if I follow thru with everything I said I would do. Heidi words was " DO IT & WATCH HOW I'LL RETURN THAT FAVOR " Richard I'm not afraid of you! I'm a law abiding citizen, no background for you to expose. I not only worked for the city of Business License, I also work for DOD... I have all the resources I need to stop your ways. I don't like people that takes advantage of the Sick,  less fortunate or hard working people. I seen ladies say they never received their wig or hair products. Some he shipped a empty box or a busted dirty wig to. Just to have down & a conformation of shipment. SMH Just sad. We try to support a Black owned business and look what happens. Richard send me my wig or refund my money ! BTW Richard will tell these ladies that got a refund from their bank, that they received their money so why they tripping. Well the BANK my issued a refund, however he still has money that's not rightfully his! That's FRAUD. The Commander & my self have multiple names, numbers and statements from these ladies and we plan to put him in jail for fraud! We're coming for you Richard Flowers. You better Pray HARD!


Nothing is owed to this customer as she has stated in her own complaint she was refunded through her bank. Which means the money was refined from the company. Once a customer is refunded they are not owed.

I am so sorry what happened to you it happened to me for $2500.00

my dad passed away on April 27 2020 my mom had been married for 50 years to the same man when he died I decided to do something special for my mom her birthday is in Late October she had seen all of this mans videos for years .
So since we were both depressed and sad I decided to purchase 4 wigs from Mr Richard Anthony Flowers from The Prince Charming Experience he told me I had to pay in full in other for him to start working on my other .

I explained to him that I was a single mom of 7 children and this was my last little bit of change that I am using to do something special for my mom since my dad just passed away and that I really didnt have it to spare but I needed to bring my mom out of depression something to make her feel good about herself since we also lost my brother a few years back and then this year April 27 2020 my dad .

So I zelled him the $2500 my last bit of money to help my mom and do something special for her since i was told back in August 2 months after I paid Mr.Richard Anthony Flowers the $2500 that he was sending it fed ex and Ill receive that Monday .
Nothing came I contacted him a month later in September asking him and begging him to send me the merchandise or my money he told me he was too busy to deal with me .

I contacted him in October and told him either he sends me back my money or I was going to file criminal charges against him and go to the attorney Generals office and report him to the Atlanta Georgia board of Cosmetology to have his license disbarred and if he has no license to has criminal charges filed for practicing Cosmetology Without a license which is a criminal offense.
He told me if I state that I was going to report him he was going to block me I contacted him again after Thanksgiving with begging this man to please give me back my money with him threatening me unbelievable I was in tears the only thing I can do is take out another loan to hire an attorney to go after this man and report him to the attorney Generals office and licensing department of Cosmetology.

The last time I contacted him was today again begging him for my money back its been 6 months with nearly $3000 of my money he has now he has blocked me i check on line and found a little over 200 complaints from women against this man all for him doing the same thing to them that he has done to me and my mom .
I would like to try to gather all of these complaints together and file a class action suit to the attorney Generals office right away .
I hope that you would be willing to assist us in allowing us to use your complaints against this horrible criminal of a man .
Thank you In Advance
My email is
[email protected]

Sorry wrong # 630-336-9731

Please call me my name is Rainey 630-336-9732

He did the same thing to me the exact same thing $315.00 through Zelle

- Oklahoma City, OK, USA complaint

This business is a scam that targets women and commits fraud by theft. On September 19th, 2019 I watched a live video on Anthony *** Facebook page. The video was about a micro braid custom wig unit. I inboxed him immediately and inquiring about availability and purchase price. I was given a price of 399 and asking if I wanted to purchase it now to which I responded yes. I was then ask for my phone number so that i could be sent a payment request on cash app to which I paid for it instantly. All of this took place within a span of 15 minutes. On October 2nd, 2019 I inboxed him and asked what was the estimated turnaround time for a shipping date to which he replied 7-45 business days. As time passed I received no further contact from him about a shipping date but noticed daily he was constantly on facebook live showing the micro braid unit I ordered & stating "there are only 2 of these wigs available so if you want them you better hurry before they’re gone. (the beginning of the scam). On November 11th, 2019 I inboxed him on 2 different Facebook pages asking for a status on the wig I purchased on September 19 because at this time 45 business days have passed. Anthony responded on one page and asked what was my order number to which I replied I was never given one, only asked for my phone number and sent a payment request on cash app and then I proceeded to provided him a picture of payment receipt showing him proof of purchase to which I receive no response. On November 12th, 2019 inboxed him again on the same 2 Facebook account asking about a status update, this time Richard replied that the micro braided wigs were taking longer than expected and to give him a additional week for shipment, I said that was fine and continued to wait. On November 20 he contacted me asking for my email address and I gladly gave it but never received an email from him. On November 26th I sent another inbox message asking for and updated and was told he would have it done that week and I would receive a tracking number no later than Sunday or Monday. Up until this point conversation was easy and straight forward but now we’ve reached a point we’re days are passing and I still haven’t received any shipping info. I contacted him again on December 10th and stated that I never received a tracking number to which I received no reply. On December 13th I inboxed all 3 of his pages stating that it has now been 3 months and I have yet to receive a tracking number or any response from him about when I will receive my wig but once again I got no response . At this point it’s going on 5 months and I have yet to receive my purchase from Anthony and he no longer responds to my messages on the 3 Facebook account he owns. I know this is his scam and trick, since I am located in Oklahoma City and he’s in Atlanta Georgia I can not file local charges, I have been in contact with the state attorneys office and they referred me to the FBI as this is considered Grand theft and is a Federal Charge across state lines. I don't want anything more from Anthony *** than simply to receive a full refund, if I do not I plan on following through completely with these charges. I will be also reaching out to other victims....

- Atlanta, GA, USA

Paid $585 July 16 2018 for a custom wig via CashApp which never do because you can’t dispute or get a refund. He promised I would have it by July 30. Then communication stops only when I show anger or make threats to go to FTC he responds. He is a fraud he finally sent a wig in which he was trying to be funny just to show in all the pending cases that he shipped something. The wig was used, moldy, sweaty, funky and stanky. I returned it to him via tracking number 9505510843538247172937. He has an F rating with under to different accounts, The charming experience and Richard Prince Charming flowers. He has done this to sooo many people and they never get their money back.

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