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- Carson City, NV, USA

They call repeatedly offering a work-at-home scheme making $23 per hour. When I called back to threaten reporting them for violating do-not-call laws, the calls excelerated and they started leaving messages to fill up my voicemail. The calls came from a variety of numbers, but the recorded message was the same -- go to their website to check it out and sign up. I did not because I could see them trying to hack into my email and -- if I was stupid enough to sign up and give them a way into my bank account -- they would try to hack into it and steal money from me. Their phone number needs to be traced and their operation shut down.

I get at least 10 calls a day from random numbers leaving all the same recording.

- Ramsey, NJ, USA is calling my cell phone 7-10 times a day for amazon jobs. Using 732 551 area codes but many different exchange numbers. Can't block them because they keep changing the incoming phone numbers.

I believe they are HQ in Kentucky

- Alexandria, VA, USA calls repeatedly, up to 10 times a day (sometimes bypassing a ring, and just going to voicemail)- constantly filling up my voice mailbox. Every time I block a number, they call again from a different number (comes up as New York area code). The messages are duplicates 12 seconds long about work from home opportunities, including with Amazon.

- Munnsville, NY, USA

I receive anywhere between 10 and 20 phone calls a day from these people. They don’t give you any time to answer the phone as it might ring once if your lucky then they leave a voicemail about how they have 12 job openings in your area. You can’t call them back and if you block there numbers such as I have they just call from a different one. All the numbers are from all over the United States. Very frustrating.

- Somerset, KY, USA

I have no idea who this company is or how they got my number. They robodial me 5-10 times per day. Cannot find a way to unsubscribe. I have blocked their number, but it still allows them to leave a voicemail.

- Greenville, WI, USA

I get literally anywhere from 2 to 10 calls per day about this retail riches garbage. It's obviously a scam. I blocked their many numbers and called the business and got myself on their do not call list but that only seems to have worsened it. They call all day. The latest call I got was 10:54 PM. They have been told to stop and at this point it is legally harassing. Please make them stop. I have never knowingly signed up to "work from home" I would hate that.

- Crystal Lake, IL, USA

Frequent phone calls from about 6 or 7 different phone numbers every day. Phone receives incoming call but only enough to activate a missed call notice. Call back leads to a "thanks for calling us back. is an opportunity to work from home making $23/hour

- Wichita, KS, USA

Constant robo calls, somehow directly to voicemail advertising the website, which is a testimonial page with no means of communication to make calls stop. Calls from numerous, seemingly random phone numbers so no way to block.

- Bloomington, IN, USA

I have received several (10-15) voice mails from a so called organization called This organization will not contact directly ( only voice mail) and uses a different phone number each time. Two out of the last three calls received from this organization has used different phone numbers with a close range prefix area number. They seam to send another voice mail within minutes of listening to the last inorder to keep the loop going. This organization supposedly has 12 jobs left and have been trying to contact me since last attempt one week ago to work from home making $23/Hr working for amazon or ebay. Please find them and stop them. Thanks.

received 2-3 calls a day & 11 calls on 1/5/19 from 8:32pm to 1:00am all from different numbers leaving a voice mail message that they got your application & there are only 12 positions in your area left to work for Amazon from home. Most times my cell doesn't even ring I just get a notification that a voice mail message was left. Their website is a scam filled with testimonials of earning money but in the dark fine print at the bottom it clearly states they are not associated with Amazon or Ebay but they have pictures of Jeff Bezos on the page. Glancing through the website it looks like you would have to buy some type of kit & products from them.

- Laingsburg, MI, USA

I've been getting 3-4 calls a day from different numbers, but the message is the same: we need people in your area to work with Amazon from home. Has also gone by, and

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