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I bought 3 vacations to be use within 7 years. 1 year later they call me and say give us $600 more or you will loose your money. So i suspected it’s a scam and i didn’t want to give my credit card number, so they send an email saying i lost all my money that i already paid 1,558.84 pls help they're stealing my money right in my face and no one can do anything about it. We can not allowed this to happen to other people. Thank you


I purchased a vacation package on 2/26/21 from Your Beach Vacations for $999. This was under the representation of being part of the Marriott Vacation Club. Charly Medina was the sales director who told me that I would have 7 years to use my package. Photo attached of original purchase. Today (8/3/22), I received the following email. I called the # and spoke with Fabio. I have no doubt this is the same scamming company just under a different name. So angry and don’t have any recourse. Needless to say, I didn’t fall for this a 2nd time around. Hopefully this will help someone else.

Email: Your Beach Vacations, the company from whom you purchased the promotional vacation package is no longer in business and trading. You purchased this package in 2021, and it has now expired. If you wish to reactivate back your vacation packages and use what you paid for kindly follow these instructions.

Destination: Puerto Vallarta, México
Dates: Choose any dates to travel up until 31st August , 2023
Duration: Please note that this is for a 6 day 5 night All-Inclusive vacation. This resort is all-inclusive, meaning that your 3 meals, snacks, and alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverages are included. You will be picked up at the airport in Puerto Vallarta and taken over to the resort. This vacation is for 2 Adults
Your responsibilities: Airline Tickets AND Reservation Fee of $571.00 USD Tax Included.

Please note that in Puerto Vallarta we have (2) luxury properties of which you can select whichever one that best accommodates you for your next vacation. Below are the resorts options and websites.
Since it is a limited time VIP Experience the following information is needed TODAY due to limited availability of the promotion.
· As an attachment you will find the terms and conditions that has to be printed, initial, date and signed by both you and your spouse.
· Fill out the credit card authorization form in order to proceed with the reservation fee payment which is $571.00 USD Tax Included.
· Kindly send copies of both you and your spouse´s ID´s preferably your driver´s license that shows matching address.

· IMPORTANT: We need to have this completed TODAY from receipt of this email to avoid cancellation due to lack of documentation.


Should you decide on booking the Puerto Vallarta Vacation, your 3 BONUS packages will be honored of which you will have an additional 5 years to use after Puerto Vallarta.
· 6 days 5 nights All Inclusive Resort for 2 Adults 2 Children 12 Years and Under ** Open Destination **
· 8 days 7 nights All Inclusive Cruise
· 6 days 5 nights All Inclusive Resort for 2 Adults 2 Children 12 Years and Under ** Open Destination **

Failure to make a reservation by the end of TODAY will result in complete termination of your account and all packages will be NULL and VOID.

In case you have any question do not hesitate to contact me.

Best Regards,

Fabio T.
Reservations Manager
Vacations Reactivation


After falling for a phone offer a couple of years ago, ResPush says they bought the package from a failed company. For a substantial fee, they will honor the original offer. No resort or chain names are associated with the offers. I got an email today saying 'last chance': "Unfortunately you fail to reactivate your expired vacation package on the allotted time. Numerous attempts were made in getting you to make the reactivation but it was unsuccessful."

It will be interesting to see if this is indeed my last chance. I'm not going to throw more bad money after lost money.


We've received phone calls and emails from this company for at least a couple of years. They say if we don't use our vacation packages, which we may have paid for years ago, they'll be canceled. We don't even remember when it was, but if we don't want to utilize their "programs" they shouldn't keep bothering us. I think one of the callers said that if we don't take advantage of the packages we'll be charged an additional fee. Ridiculous! Don't fall for their pushy bullying!


After paying 1200 for a vacation package they informed me months later that I had to pay 650 more to reactivate my package cause they deactivated it on me without notice. When I asked for my money back they said they could not do that and unless I wanted to pay the 650 my package would be gone forever. I told them they are criminals and he said we didn't kill anyone, and I said you don't have to be a murderer to be a criminal and that stealing is a crime, in which he responded with well everyone steals. Shocked I said well I don't and he then laughed at me and told me I shouldn't like myself. After a bunch of back and forth about how wrong it is to steal and him trying to justify it we ended up so heated that I just told him to go [censored] himself and hung up! I can't even understand the gross behavior of this company and it's representatives! Theft is a crime and people who steal are [censored]!
They don't think stealing is a crime!


In 2016 I purchased a vacation package to MEXICO for 2 adults and 2 kids, from Sunny Palms International which covered all resort fees and airfare was separate. After payment it became quite apparent that it was a scam in the first place, they caught me off guard and I fell for it. I never booked the trip. That company seems to have sold its info to Respush, who contacted me this week via email with a copy of my original receipt from Sunny Palms stating that if I didn’t contest within 24 hours that this package would be cancelled due to vacation abandonment.

I sent an email contesting the cancellation. They wrote back and said I had to schedule within 24 hours or lose the trip, but still have a year to travel within. Asked to send along copies of my and my spouses photo IDs and CC info to pay upfront an additional $249 resort fee. The provisions they sent were also different than the original agreement and stated that couples had to be between 40-80 years old to participate, otherwise could still go but pay full price of over $2000. My spouse is 36, and I wasn’t even married at the time I purchased, so became instantly ineligible for their package I originally “purchased”. Sad I fell for it in the first place, but I didn’t give any other personal info and walked away from their attempts.

Reading online this company got the info when the other one went out of business and are now trying to capitalize on it without actually delivering anything. Seems all their paperwork is full of legal loopholes so don’t expect any financial recovery. Beware of this one


I purchased a vacation package with Elite Destinations international for $1600.00, and they have changed their name to Res Push and now they do not want to honor my vacation package. They are a scam outfit.


Called by Promotions Manager Gabriel with Res Push and asked to renew an expired Travel Coupon. Gabriel advised this was a one time offer to recoup money that had not been used on previous travel booking. Gabriel insured me that should I be able to travel within one year he would fully refund the money $457 Cdn. When it became apparent that we would be unable to travel the shell game began. Gabriel not available you need to contact Vallarta Gardens to cancel. Called and spoke to Giselle Solis and was asked to complete a Cancellation Request. Submitted request and after 3 weeks called Giselle again to be advised that I need to complete the request again. Sent the second request and received an email indicating that my reservation had been cancelled, but they could not offer the promised refund. Called Giselle again to speak with Gabriel the Promotions MAnager and was advised he would not be able to assist and they would not transfer me to him. This Company is a total SCAM and don't get wrapped up in the Shell Game they want you to Play... Save your money!


They are a bunch of scammers. They scammed me out of $1600.00. We should flood the internet with scam alert messages about these people.


Fabio T. at Res Push (formerly Res Go and DreamSuites International) emailed me to tell me that our $730 vacation package was terminated due to "vacation abandonment" unless I paid $571 immediately.


Fabio is a thief. He is dodging my calls. Scammed me for $1600.00. They changed their name from Elite Destinations International to Res Push, and now, they do not want to honor my package. He is a thief and should be locked up.


Back in 2018, I was contacted by someone who said that I was being contacted because a family member had a Marriott timeshare (which happened to be true) and that they were offering a "friends and family" promotional package. Though initially skeptical, I [censored]ically allowed myself to be talked into this and bought a discount vacation package from them. When I received an email confirmation, however, it was from a company that at that time called itself "Sun Wave Vacations". I noticed that they were based in Mexico, which came as a surprise. Since then, the company has changed its name to "Res Go" and later "Res Push", although the representatives will tell you that Sun Wave was a different company and they simply "bought their database", as though they took over customer service operations. They will also tell you that this transaction nullified the 5-year window you supposedly were given in which to schedule your vacation, and that the terms had been changed, although no altered contract was sent. The one thing that apparently didn't change is that your payment is non-refundable, so they will be keeping all your money. I have repeatedly gotten emails saying that I have to make a reservation that same day or forfeit my money. When I call the so-called reservations specialists, they told me that my contract had been changed and I no longer had a 5-year window in which to book my fraudulent vacation. When I challenged them, they hung up on me. When I called back, the person I spoke with was conveniently busy and wouldn't take my call. They also failed to respond to emails. When going to the website to supposedly book my vacation using my certificate number, I noticed that it asks bizarre questions like your age and occupation, and decided it wasn't even worth trying to submit the form. There's nothing I can do to get my money back.

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