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Regions Transportation (U.S.A)

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• Jul 16, 2022

Scammer's phone (929) 577-5189
Scammer's address 380 Lexington Ave., New York, NY 10168
Scammer's email [email protected]
Country United States
Type of a scam Employment
Initial means of contact Email

I thought I would take this opportunity to give you some more information about the company, its current
plans and its objectives for the future. The company is going through a period of expansion in the US and in Canada, starting
from the Atlantic coast and moving towards the central states. We will be embarking on a massive advertising campaign next month,
but before we can do that we have to establish offices in most of the states. We also need at least two-three managers to act as
our official representatives in the states we are currently interested in.

Our main area of activity is the transportation of heavy equipment and machinery for oil and gas industry. As you can imagine,
transporting often enormous and extremely valuable loads is a complex and very expensive business, with single shipments costing
hundreds and thousands of thousand dollars each. Our clients demand strict attention to detail at every stage of the transportation
process. This includes scheduling and tracking shipments, ensuring the flow of documents, occasionally meeting the cargo at the point
of delivery accompanied by an insurance agent and always being on hand to provide customer support around the clock. This would be your job.

The position requires customer care skills as well as a degree of technical know-how; the authorized representative must be familiar with
the various types of equipment being transported. There will be the occasional short business trip, but never outside the state.

The attached FAQ describes the position and outlines the company’s activity.
I think my assistant may already have sent you one. Whatever the case, please read through it carefully and get back
to me with your thoughts as soon as you can.

Q1. Please describe the job I’m being considered for in a little more detail.
a. Job title?

b. The average amount of phone calls per day?
Phone calls take 30-45 minutes of the working day; during the remainder you will be occupied with document flow and correspondence.
There may be the occasional business trip to meet cargo check that everything is in order for shipping. Trips are never out
of state and days away are paid double.

c. With this being a global company, what would my business hours be?
As you will be working from home, hours may vary. However, standard working hours are 9 to 5 local time.

d. How much time will I be spending at the computer? Will I be working from there most of the day?
On average, most of your time will be spent at the computer. This includes time spent on the phone and fax. To ensure consistent
standards from branch to branch, all our offices are equipped with Apple products.

e. How often will I be in direct contact with customers?
You will be our authorized representative to 2-3 client companies in your state. The actual number of companies will depend on the size and importance
of their annual transportation needs. You will be in direct contact in order to schedule their movements, sign contracts, and provide support whenever needed.

Q2. Will I be hired as an Employee, a Sub-Contractor, or a Consolidator for Regions Transportation Co? How will I be paid? On a US W-2 or an IRS 1099?
At present, you are a sub-contractor and as such you will be sent a 1099 form together with your stage 1 paycheck. After that, you will paid on a W2 as a full-time employee.

Q3. What is Regions Transportation most common type of shipment?
We are primarily involved in the transportation of drilling machinery, equipment and materials for the oil & gas industry. 90% of our shipments go by sea
to the customer’s closest port, from which they are carried to the final destination by truck or train. Road and rail transportation is handled mostly by
third party companies. However, by the end of 2024 it is hoped that all land and air shipments on the Atlantic coast and in the central states will be carried
by our own trucks, and by 2026 this should be the case across all the entire country.

Q4. Which do you do most, Interstate, Intrastate, or International shipping?
Mostly, we do international shipping, but we plan to diversify into all areas.

Q5. Which State or Country do you ship to most, and what items do you ship there?
Most of our shipments are carried out within Europe, and nearly half of those are in the Mediterranean. Several of our clients are based in the Persian Gulf
and Asia. In Europe, the economic crisis is still having a negative effect on the market, which is why we decided to open an office in NY and start operating
in the US and Canada. We handle virtually any type of industrial transportation. The only thing we’ve never done, and never plan to do, is private transportation.

Please let me know if this FAQ was of any help to you.

Thank you,

David Hicks, Human Resources - (929) 577-5189
Regions Transportation (U.S.A) Co., LTD
380 Lexington Ave., New York, NY 10168

Farhana, I’m writing to let you know that I’ve set up an interesting project for you in our procurement department – something
to keep you occupied and earn you some pocket-money whilst you’re doing the training. We’re currently opening a new office in Asia and they
need several items of equipment – things like laptops, cameras and phones. Apparently, our procurement department won’t be able to find any
reasonably priced suppliers for at least another month, and obviously the office needs the equipment in order to be up and running in time
for the official opening. The department have therefore decided to take on part-time managers to source the necessary items until they
sign a permanent agreement with the suppliers.

You’ve done well in the test; your resume is very impressive and our HQ Human Resources have given an excellent feedback,
so you should have no problem getting onto the program.

The position comes with a salary of $400.00 a week. There will be less than 5 hours’ work per week. The job will mainly involve purchasing
computer equipment online – laptops, scanners, printers and the like. Finance will send you a manual explaining how to access funds
and make payments. If you have any questions in that area, please contact them immediately. As well as your salary, they will also
be sending your commission on a weekly basis. You won’t be required to share any of your personal information.

The job will run concurrently with your stage one training, i.e. it finishes after you’ve taken your final training test. It’s not only a nice
way to earn a little extra cash, it’ll also give you some great practical experience, which will be a distinct advantage in the long run.
Furthermore, it'll earn you some extra training points, which will come in very handy against the stiff competition in Richmond. If you’re interested
in applying (and I strongly advise it), just let me know and I’ll pass the info on to the training department.

By the way, if you do take this job it will improve your prospects significantly and double the size of your training
paycheck ($5,200 instead of standard $2,400). It’ll also put you in line for a much better paid position with the company.
The project is due to start tomorrow, so please let me know asap.

David Hicks, Human Resources - (929) 577-5189
Regions Transportation (U.S.A) Co., LTD
380 Lexington Ave., New York, NY 10168

good news – you’ve got the part-time project. The job basically

involves the following 2 steps.

Step 1: transfer PO (Purchase Order) money FROM Regions Transportation account TO your credit card;

Step 2: procure, purchase and pass PO equipment to your local Regions Transportation branch in accordance

with a detailed list of specifications.

Please find the manual for Step 1 attached. This explains how to apply for the funds

you’ll be using to purchase the equipment. Read it carefully, and let me know if you have

any questions. Throughout the project, you will first receive the payment and only then you

will process the purchase order. I’ll be sending the Regions Transportation account details later today

along with the instructions and list of specifications from the Supply Department. I’ll also

be sending the final part of your instructions. In the meantime, please read through the manual

carefully and familiarize yourself with the procedure. I’ve attached samples from two banks,

but the procedure is the same for all the major banks.

Please note: You WILL NOT be required to use any of your own money or share your personal

information (account numbers) on this project. As soon as you confirm that you understand

the procedure, I’ll forward you the Regions Transportation bank details and the equipment specs list.

Thank you,


David Hicks, Human Resources - (929) 577-5189

Regions Transportation (U.S.A) Co., LTD

380 Lexington Ave., New York, NY 10168

the project guides and instructions are ready for you. According to the accountants, the funds for the PO are expected
to arrive one business day after the application is made (see the manual for how to apply). You’ve been put on the list of authorized
users for this account, limited to requesting the PO amount. Log into your online credit card account and transfer the payment
FROM the Regions Transportation account TO yours. The manuals are for Chase and American Express, but the procedure is more or less
the same for all cards. In most cases (Bank of America for example), the easiest way is to apply by phone.

Regions Transportation account:
Account number: 9991121584
Routing number: 221473652
Account type: Business Checking
Authorized amount: 7,272.00
Please apply today.

Complete the PO as soon as the payment arrives, it will appear on your card one working day after you apply. It’s very important
to make sure the payment has been credited to your account before going ahead with the PO. As soon as the payment arrives on the account,
print out the PO list and buy PO items according to the list of specifications (attached). Please ship PO items via FedEx International Priority
to the address on the PO list. The PO should be addressed to the brokerage company or duty manager, not to Regions Transportation, because the office has not
yet been officially opened and equipment has been known to get lost. Keep the PO list, all your receipts and any other paperwork for the monthly report.

As you can see, the PO includes $5,796 for equipment, $536.00 for tax (approximate 9.25% sales tax), $540.00 for FedEx shipping and handling fees
and $400.00 is your salary, which will be kept on your card. Pack and send everything in FedEx International Priority boxes.
Don’t forget to keep the PO list and all receipts. The list is a company document, and as such will be needed for the report later next week.
Please confirm as soon as you get the PO and let me know when you apply for the PO payment.

Farhana, I know our accounting manuals are sometimes a little vague in places, but I assure you the procedure is much simpler than it looks
at first glance. All you need to do is pay off your current balance with the company's account information and use the payoff amount to charge
your card for new purchases. If you have any questions whatsoever, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Finally, please note that your salary ($400.00) is included in the authorized amount, and you will receive it together with the PO funds.

Thank you,

David Hicks, Human Resources - (929) 577-5189
Regions Transportation (U.S.A) Co., LTD
380 Lexington Ave., New York, NY 10168

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