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On Thursday, November 18, 2021 someone with the name Elise text me from 512-640-6302 with links but I did not click anything. I responded with word, STOP and I received a response which seemed like a touch of cheap reverse psychology and a further attempt to get me to click a link. First of all it was a completely unsolicited text. From the very beginning, it suspected that it was a Phishing attempt to steal my PII and banking information.

Your ad is exactly the type of thing that mislead some people into being scammed out of their money and sensitive information. I don't need your money. I am sure you are probably just a Scammer who need money from me. KEEP YOUR CHEAP TRICKS TO YOURSELF!

- Austin, TX, USA

Contacted to become shopper. $4900 deposited into my American Express account. Instructed to buy gift cards at Walmart and Target. And fill out survey per store visit. Get paid $300 per survey. Bought $3000 of gift cards. But $4900 was refused by Amex so I’ve been scammed for $3000


Before you ever accept any online Job Offer you should always search the company name plus words like scam and reviews. The Scammers texted me and I was immediately suspicious. I receive regular FTC Updates and I suggest that you go to FTC.GOV and sign up. Those updated educate people about the different types of scams, how to recognize them, and how to avoid becoming a victim.

- San Diego, CA, USA

I applied to a job regarding secret shopping. The company explained that the usually have people complete a report for $250. I wasn't told much else but then received a check for around $1880 with instructions to deposit it into a walmart moneygram and write a report. I have not been receiving information back from the point of contact and did not participate in this transaction due to me feeling it was raising some red flags and I don't want to be a part of any criminal activity. I am cautiously reporting this business. I don't know what to do with the check now that the point of contact is not responding to me, and hasn't for a few days. If someone could contact me as to what to do with the check I would appreciate it! I don't feel comfortable with them not responding to me after sending me this sum of money.


I am sure you should file a Fraud complaint with the FTC and give the name of the person you talked to, company name, phone number, email address, short code, etc. As for the check, I definitely don't think you should deposit it. It is probably fake. If you deposit it and purchase anything for that amount, that is how much money you will be out of when your bank determined that it is fake. If the point of contact calls you back, just tell him to keep his job and his check. Mail the check back!

- Chicago, IL, USA

Monica T. Hobson is the supposed representative from a scam posing to be an actual company, Reality Based Group.

This person has been communicating with me via email and I almost fell into their trap. They were to send me a check to test the money gram services at Walmart and then keep some of the money for myself. The package was supposedly delivered according to FedEx, but I never found it.

I was directed to send the money internationally, to the Philippines, and nothing was sitting right. The email is from [email protected]

- Whittier, CA, USA

This company emailed me regarding my resume, and that they wanted to hire me. They then asked me for my name, address and telephone number. I gave it to them, not knowing it was a scam. A couple days later, I received a very suspicious overnight FedEx envelope with a check for $1,860 with no letter explaining what it was for. The check had the name of a professional engineer from New Jersey, which I have no ties with. I looked this person up, and called and asked what the large check was for. They said it was a scam, and to please rip the check up. I then got an email from the same company, asking me to send money from the fake check via money gram at Wal Mart.


I think you should go to and sign up for email alerts. When you receive the alerts, read them thoroughly. FTC Alerts educate people about the different types of scams, how to recognize them, and how to avoid becoming a victim. I am always suspicious about unsolicited offers of any kind.

- Vassar, MI, USA

I applied for a "marketing position" on Indeed and received emails from Reality Based Group for a position as a mystery shopper writing reports. I was hesitant, but their website ( seemed to be legitimate, including a accreditation. I felt it was worth pursuing, at least to see if it was legitimate. Yesterday, Nov. 5th, I received an email stating I was a candidate and was given a test evaluation. They had FedEx'ed a check to me with directions to deposit the check into my personal bank account, wait 24 hours, keep $250 (which was meant to be my payment for my report) and go to any Wal-Mart store and Money Gram the remaining amount to "another evaluator" who would then report on the receiving process. That person just happened to be in the Philippines. The "company" says it was founded in Texas in 1992, the original email had an address of 3298 Holmberg Drive , HELENA, 59602, the FedEx Origin ID: PAOA Anthony Rivera 697 MacCarthy Ave Redwood City, CA 94063, and the check (with a computer printed signature) is from The Belt Railway Company of Chicago 6900 South Central Avenue Bedford Park, Illinois 60638-6397 in the amount of $1,860, written to me. I have not, and will not, cash this check as I fear my account information will be taken. I emailed the "contact" who has sent me the information, address [email protected], sign Mrs. Larissa McClain, to voice my concerns over the security of this "transaction" and have not received a reply. I will also be reporting this to as well. I will attached the final email, check, and FedEx label for your reference. I will also retain the rest of the emails should you also like to see those. I also received an identical offer for the position from a React Surveys, but as it was based in the UK, I politely declines. I have half a mind to take this check to Wal-Mart to cash it and keep the money for them trying to scam me, however I fear I will be targeted for trying to commit fraud. Please advise as to if I need to take any further steps. Thank you.

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