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Rare Refinery

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They send me 2 products for a total of $305.28 they took the payment on February 5 and 6 of 2021. After calling them to cancel what i receive , they issue 2 credits on dec.21 and 22 of 2021. 9CF2A3FC1D and RMA 86EC5A91597. These products have been sent to RARE REFINERY . P.O. BOX 1216 , NORTH YORK, ONTARIO M3J 0L3
Up to now nothing has been credited. Please take care of this matter. Yours truly.

This skin cream and eye serum was advertised on Facebook alongside a Shoppers Drug Mart photo. It was to try for $13. I ordered on Dec 18th.. printed the order out..thought about a previous skin care scam and wanting to avoid such again I called the number , finally got someone and said I didn’t want to get caught up in any monthly orders etc..was given a cancellation number, assured that wouldn’t happen! Jan 6th no product and was given a tracking number . Not sure what day I received it but Was confident that it was cancelled..Next credit card statement I was charged $145.34 on 2 consecutive days ! Apparently the $13 was shipping!

My initial "order" was about 4 months ago, but I forget exactly how I came across the company except that I think they used Costco's name somehow to say I "WON a FREE TRIAL" of a face cream so trusting the Costco name I filled in my info with my credit card # to pay the shipping. I eventually got the 2 supposedly free bottles of 2 creams, I don't remember the date I filled it out and the date I finally received them but I am just now seeing charges on my card for over $300!! And they said they billed me twice so I expect there will be another $300 charge on my next statement. Over $600 for about 4 Oz of face cream!!!

So I called.... I explained to the 1st representative that I was under the impression that I "won" a free trial of the cream. FREE. I didn't know that there was a duty to cancel a subscription that I didn't know I was subscribed to, let alone have to return (and pay more postage for) the cream I had received and within 10 days! During Covid! At Christmas! when mail/deliveries were so bogged down that people are still waiting for Christmas gifts they ordered well before Christmas!

It's Feb 8 2021, and I only just got the charges on my statement and the 2nd order of creams in the mail. And that means they were able to stick me for two sets of charges for over $300 each!!

I'm on Disability. I'm trying to live on the under $15,000 a YEAR the gov thinks is adequate. Does anyone in their right mind trying to live on half what a minimum wage job would bring in choose to pay over $600 for a few oz. of face cream?????

I explained, I begged, I was brought to tears telling the rep what my situation was. He only offered me $40 off. I asked to speak to his superior dozens of times, he kept putting me on hold then offered me $70 off claiming that was the best he could do. What's even worse the 1st thing he said was he could offer me the product for under $20 if I continued the subscription!!! I begged, I pleaded to speak to his superior while he interrupted me trying to give me my cancelation number with just those few dollars credited back. Finally he put someone on who was supposedly his superior but she just kept repeating the same lame bit of refund the 1st guy offered. So I started asking, begging, demanding to speak to her superior so I could beg for mercy. I must have asked dozens of times. After being put on hold several times I was finally transferred. The woman on the line this time berated me for supposedly using my disability to order free trials that I wasn't going to pay for (as if that made any sense!) and that it was MY mistake not theirs. Then she said she was going to give me that puny bit of money but wasn't going to now because I wasn't willing to accept that as their final offer. When I asked to speak with her superior she refused and so I asked for her name and badge # in order to write the company she would only say her name was Maria and her extension was 101, (as if that would help them find out who I was dealing with,) and when I asked for the email address she told me it was care@suck my ****.com !!!!!!! Then left me on an indefinite hold. The phone call was over 52 min long!

I have no doubt that I was never actually speaking to anybody's superior.

I read an article about the RCMP considering this as "subscription trap" fraud, and that the credit card companies could do something about it but won't.

This company is evil! Don't ever fall for this type of thing like I did. I've got to try to get by on just $600 for the whole month and my rent is $500 plus utilities! And the only food banks near here have been closed for nearly a year due to the Covid shutdowns.

I've been scripting for nearly a year to save up $300 or $400 for a used dryer, now I owe over $600 for a bit of face cream!!!!!

I highly suggest you all stay far away from ANYTHING being offered as a free trial!

If the can help me I would be so very grateful and relieved of this terrible burden.

Answered an ad in FB allegedly fro the Hudson Bay Company in Winnipeg. They advertise free cosmetics as a souvenier for only an approx 6.00 handling and shipping charge. They promptly shipped and billed on Dec 30. On jan 15 from another company we got a bill for 153.00. After discussions with our CC company they were well aware of this scam and by agreeing to pay shipping and handling they would be charging a monthly service charge of approx 153.00. Managed to cancel further billings but the fraud dept of my CC company said it was unlikely we would recover the 153.00. Names of companies involved, 1. HBC , likely without their knowledge, 2. Lifestyle Bloom for the $6.00 charge , 3.Wonderousskin for the $153.00 and later the parent company 4. Rare Refinery. All are at the same address with different phone numbers in Quebec. We received a small jar of ointment.

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This site can’t be reached

Shady, yet now dead: once upon a time this website was reported to be associated with Rare Refinery, but after several inspections we’ve come to the conclusion that this domain is no longer active.

This site can’t be reached

Shady, yet now dead: once upon a time this website was reported to be associated with Rare Refinery, but after several inspections we’ve come to the conclusion that this domain is no longer active.

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