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- Vallejo, CA, USA

Related to a cat selling operation. I had a contract with Ragdoll Catterys then I was diverted to this freight company for tracking information. That company contacted me and claimed that my cat needed another shot and a special crate for delivery. They asked for another $745.

- Wellington, FL, USA

I was looking for a kitten online, and I found this Cattery: and I inquired about their available kittens. They wrote me back a very detailed email, and I told them that I was interested in purchasing one of their kittens. The cost of the kitten was $700, and $90 for transporting the animal, which had shots and was registered with TICA. The man asked me to pay via VENMO but it did not work. It was rejected twice. As a result I completed the transaction for $790 with zelle. He said he would send the kitten the next morning. After I inquired about a schedule, after which he sent a tracking number via email. It had a schedule that was lacking in the detail usually given by an airline company. It stated that travel would be 10:30 and arrival 8:20. There was no a.m. or p.m., and no indicator if we were dealing with Central time or Eastern Stan. Time. I did not know how to pick up the kitten at the airport, so I contacted the breeder and he said the kitten would be delivered to my home. I received an initial email from the transport company, stating that a veterinarian would be checking out the kitten to make sure she was fit to travel, and then she would be boarded onto the flight for travel. About an hour later I received another call from the transport company, saying the cat needed to have three more shots that cost $270 and also a cooling crate that was $635, but that the crate was 100% refundable. I refused to pay the price for the shots, as I had a contract that stated that the shots and travel were included. The breeder agreed to pay for the shots if I paid for the 100% refundable cooling crate. I paid that money to the transport company Zelle, and had to take a picture insuring that the transaction was complete. After that happened, another hour or so passed and I received another call from the transport company, yelling at me to read my email. The email told me that the kitten could not be boarded because the kitten had no insurance. It went on to say that I had a beautiful luxurious kitten that was worth $2500 and that I would pay 1/4 the amount of that value to insure the kitten which was $625 and that it would be 95% refundable, That they did not want to deal with a 3rd party company, just with me, and that the person delivering the cat to my home would give me a cash reimbursement for both the insurance and the cooling crate in cash when they delivered the cat to my door. At this point, I realized I was being scammed and that they were trying to get money. I challenged it and was threatened that if I did not pay the money the kitten would sent somewhere and I would be liable for everything. When I hung up to call the breeder, the phone number was not working. When I wrote an email to the breeder, challenging all of the added on charges, he said to pay the money that the kitten was being held up for insurance. When the shots were needed, I requested to see the cats updated cat’s records, which was not provided. The voice sounded very similar in the transport company and the breeder. The person was nasty and condescending. $1425 dollars of my money was lost in that transaction and I received no kitten. There is another part of the scam involved in therms of the transport company: EFOMED GLOBAL LOGISTICS TEAM at the payment for zelle was the same for breeder and the company: [email protected].

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Shady, yet now dead: once upon a time this website was reported to be associated with RAGDOLL CATTERY HOME and EFOMED GLOBAL LOGISTICS, but after several inspections we’ve come to the conclusion that this domain is no longer active.


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