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Quick Prep Services Reports & Reviews (21)

• Sep 24, 2020

At first was not sure of the a mailer that they send to me saying that they can help me on my mortgage was not so sure what they meant so i gave them a call on the number that was on the mailer, they answered me and said something about the approval number on the notice that i received and expiration date. then they started saying to verify your property address and lender was not very comfortable giving my information like who does that right after all the scams and robbers that they are going on. but the agent that i was talking with was very provisional and explain to me why the reason to verify so it help me a lot to gain trust and continue with the call also ask me if i was going thru any hardship like medical issues unemployment and income lost interest rate above 5% family issues like separation or divorce, and the reason why was Couse they have to be a hardship to be able to get assisted so ask me a couple question about my hardships that way they can understand and know the situation that us the homeowners are going thru, was not very confinable explaining my personal issues but very provisional agent explain to me why the reason and how everything was carefully handled and how all the information is privately handled so the agent that took my call was all the time very loud and clear and was able give me a full understanding of all that was going to be done, he send me a application throe my email was 3 pages that was called the hardship application and also explain to me how to fell it out was very simple to fell out my only concern was the time frame to fell the app out and send it back only gave me 24 hours but was explain why the reason Couse of the pandemic of covid-19 where lots of homeowners applying for this assistance and they where not able to take care of everyone at the same time. after i send the app back the agent that was taking care of me gave a call the next day saying that after underwriting department carefully reviewing the app that i send they decided to move forward to the next department and was assign to a case manger and had to schedule a time to receive a call from a case manager that was going to be assign too send me all the information of the case manager thru email and i took the call the next day explain to me what was going to happen with my mortgage payments they drop my payment and interest rate had i 7.56 interest rate and went down to 2% which was a very big help was very happy on what they did, i highly recommend this government assistance program for you mortgage, I know some of you folks get scared when see that its says IN front scam understand that Couse they are many out there but in this at all times you have the option to cancel so don't always believe what you see. If you are going thru trouble at this moment with your mortgage payment give this out a try and see what options they offer for you

• Sep 24, 2020

i applied for this programs because i received a call saying they would be able to reduce my mortgage payments, they sent me an application telling me i should send it back in 24 hours, which was a thing that had me concerned since i fell i was in a rush but they explained it was because of the covid situation they couldnt have many cases open at the time, which it sounded reasonable. I sent everything withing the time frame and i waited another day until i received a call with a response of them saying i had a viable case and they assigned a "case manager" to me, and i waited until the day of the appointment.
i was able to speak with a lady who explained to me what would be my new interest rate after they get me the loan mod. it was a considerable interest rate since my lender didnt want to work with me due to my credit score. An issue with this company i would say it the time they take to get back with you with a response, i was requested to send more paper work and sometimes i struggle reaching out to my case manager, from my experience i could say at the beginning it seemed a bit sketchy but i searched how this loans modifications works and i would say they follow strictly guidelines for the security of us.
My lender got in contact with me since they just started working with them and im being adviced of every movement they do and that its making me feel safe.
I hope i can make an update here, im still waiting to see how it goes.

• Sep 24, 2020

This review looks like a fake planted by the company

• Sep 09, 2020

My name is Mike, and i recently file for a loan modification and i got help from this company. I received a letter in the mail and decided to call. They help me lower my monthly mortgage payment and I'm very content with their help, i would highly recommend. It saves you money for years doing a loan modification.

• Sep 24, 2020

This review has to be a fake. Why is Catherine's name Mike? Also why did this person post 2 reviews in a row on the same day? Fake

• Sep 08, 2020

I was optimistic about this process, my bank said to apply with them for a loan modification, so i applied for both an my bank could only reduce my interest rate to a 3.5% from a 4.5%, and Quick Prep was able to drop it to a 1.8% and reducing my payment almost $550. I don't know how they did it, but they were able to offer me better results than my bank, and i would highly encourage other homeowners to benefit from this government programs they are offering. My actual payments went from 1750 to 1235 and that's for the rest of the 20 year loan i have.

• Aug 27, 2020

I filed for a loan modification on 07/20/2020 though quick prep services, i was skeptical but qualified and it reduced my interest rate from a 5.5% to a 2% and drop my payment $432 monthly. Since they dint look into my line of credit, they could offer help when my lender denied me. I would highly recommend to everyone since it reduces your payments for the life of the loan. My agents # is 323-518-2844 and he was able to answer all my questions and worked very professionally.

• Sep 24, 2020

Poor Oscar G has not yet found out that any money he has given this company is gone and will never be returned, and has nothing to do with his mortgage company. Fake

• Aug 27, 2020

I received a mailer on 08-04-2020 and it presented new payments amount to good to be true, I was very skeptical but i decided to give it a try, I called and a girl named Miranda Hernandez answered me her ID is #210, we went through the pre-qualification,
i was approved i still was skeptical regarding the new payment amount, after i was transferred to a Case Manager by the name of Samantha Brooks we got in contact with our lender and our interest rate went from 4.25% to 2.75% this really made me afford my payments I am really grateful with Quick Prep Services and all the people that helped me go through this process, I don't know not if i was able to keep my home if i wouldn't of done this process.

• Sep 24, 2020

Stop sending them money! U have been scammed! This is just horrible.


• Aug 27, 2020

I filed for a loan modification on 07/20/2020 and it got approved, it lowered my interest rate from a 5.5% to a 2% and reduced my payment $432. I would highly recommend since they dint look at my credit line, they offered me a better deal than my current lender. My agent's # is 323-518-2844

• Jul 02, 2020

you see what i read on you

• May 22, 2020

I'm going on 7 mo. Trying to. To get my money and thing of getting a lawyer.

• May 22, 2020

Been reading complaints and the same thing happened to me except I only made one payment of 1,077 and. I complained and told them to send me my money they sent a refund request and now I'm getting the run around again no money yet ! I talked the a charles and said he got refund request and I should get it in 30 days never got anything it's been 3 mo. So a Samanta emailed me and wanted more information. . I told Samantha I just want my money. So I guess it's under review again I call. And left. A message but no call back so frustrated how they pass it on to the next agent.

• Apr 03, 2020

We received a flyer in December 2019 which turned out to be from Quick Prep Services stating that a recent review of our mortgage account with our lender has determined that we were pre-approved to lower our monthly payment based on our financial affordability. We then contacted Quick Prep Services was given a telephone interview. After the telephone interview with Quick Prep Services on 12/19/2019, we received an email with an application with instructions to complete , sign and submit the application along with all the required documentation within 24 hours or one business day. We replied the same day, 12/19/2019, with some of the documentation to comply with satisfying the one business day requirement to proceed with our applications. We were assigned a case manager and interview with him on 01/07/2020. The case manager reviewed all of the documentation we had submitted and he informed us that our monthly mortgage payment amount and interest rate we were paying our mortgage servicing company was higher than the established government guidelines for our income affordability. On 01/14/2020 we received a "case accepted" email from case manager with contract and payment schedule documentations to be signed. The documents also required that we deposit 3 payments each month of $1295.00 for January 2020 thru March 2020 for a total amount of $3885.00. We signed all documentation and made the 1st deposit of $1295 on 01/22/2020 and a 2nd of $1300.00 on 03/06/2020.

In February when we started getting calls and default notices from our mortgage servicing company we advised Quick Prep Services about this collection activity and we were told it was normal because until the loan modification they are working on for us was completely finalized, they would do all the communicating with our mortgage servicer and we were not to because it was a condition of our agreement with them and besides it could create issues. However; when we started to be concern because of the volume of collection activity, that maybe our mortgage servicing company was not being communicated with or not in negotiations with Quick Prep Services, we decided to answer one of the collection call and learned from our mortgage server that Quick Prep Services had not been in communication with them. At this point we knew we had been scammed. We contacted HUD who advised us to contact our mortgage server to provide them with the details of the scam. This company is clearly preying on the distressed and financially strapped individuals.

We will file a complaint with FTC and California's AG office.

• Sep 24, 2020

This is a perfectly accurate report of exactly what happened to my daughter. Fortunately she became suspicious before the process got too far, however she did give them Social Security numbers. It is especially upsetting that the first seven or eight "reviews" listed here are clearly fake and were planted by the company. Either that or it's too soon for them to realize that they have been scammed, since the dates on these are all suspiciously the same date about a month ago. Absolutely horrible. I hope they all rot in hell. Better Business Bureau seems to be absolutely useless for online scams

• Sep 16, 2020

I was just speaking with them as I too want to lower my monthly payments. They said I had to hurry and complete the email application within 24 hours. I told him I won’t be Completing it within 24 to 48 hours but I want to check them out first and read the reviews. Thank you for your review I hope you’ve got your money back! I am in forbearance currently with my fha lender Pennymac. Were you able to stay in your home? Did you get your money back?

• Feb 03, 2020

Contacted QPServices after receiving a mailer for assistance under HARP. I went through their application process and was informed we had
been accepted, they would get our payment down through a government assisted loan reduction, not a refi. I was told that to start the
process, we would have to pay them $3,405 in three monthly installments. Unfortunately, I made one payment before I realized it was not
credible. I contacted my assigned counselor, Princess Butista and her manager Sandy Rodriguez. I informed them that I was not comfortable
with the ongoing process and wished to withdraw my application. They sent me a disenrollment letter and an application for refund of the fee.
I called them repeatedly through December 2019 and January 2020, leaving messages without response. Today, 2-3-2020, I called and asked
for someone in accounting, I was transferred to A girl unidentified, who didn't work there. I called back and was transferred to Dani, told her
why I was calling and she said they would not return my money and hung up.

• Nov 14, 2019

Victim Location 01085
Type of a scam Other

My sister-in-law is in process of a foreclosure sale. About a month ago she received correspondance in the mail from Quick Prep Services which appearded very official and led her to believe it was part of the MA program to help distressed homeowners. She then contacted Quick Prep Services and was provided various documents which she felt were needed to enable the firm to work with her mortgage servicing company. The documents outline services Quick Prep Services would provide which had nothing related to helping with her upcoming foreclosure sale. The services outlined in the documents were referencing the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act which basically requests loan history details from the mortgage servicing company. The documents also require that she deposit 3 payments each month of $1,128.49 for November 2019 thru January 2020. The rep from Quick Prep Services was in California which I felt was weird since my sister-in-law lives in MA.

Fortunately I was able to review these documents with my sister-in-law and prevented her from signing these agreements. Unfortuantely she wasted some key time with this company, she is now on track to most likely lose her home to foreclosure. This company is clearly preying on the distressed and financially strapped individuals. They are accessing foreclosed property listing across the country and are proactively contacting individuals at a very critical and stressful time in their lives. Please be aware of this scam and alert you community.

I have also filed complaints on behalf of my sister-in-law with the MA Attorney General's office.

Victim Location 18914
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

We were offered a loan modification through QP services. Being in a tough situation, we thought it was too good to be true and it was. WE stopped before giving them any $$$ but please be sure to look for a HUD approved modification or work through your current lender.

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