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Quantum Transport Inc

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Quantum Transport Inc Reports & Reviews (7)

THIS IS A SCAM! I fell for it recently and submitted my personal banking information and ID to them! DO NOT DO THE SAME! I tried calling the number provided in her email and it does not go through! They make it seem like such a great opportunity but it is too good to be true!

Scammer's phone +19027066648
Scammer's website
Scammer's address 1700-1959 Upper Water St, Halifax
Scammer's email [email protected]
Country Canada
Type of a scam Employment
Initial means of contact Email

I was contacted by Samantha Rocca via e-mail and she advised that she had a job opportunity for me. I have applied for a lot of jobs, so I thought maybe she found me on Indeed or LinkedIn. The email was very generic, without my name or person’s signature. Immediately I googled the company Quantum Transport Inc, but google didn’t give any results. Then I tried to find company and Samantha, the HR manager, on LinkedIn, but no luck again.
I email Samantha back and asked her to share more details and also provide a company’s website to get more info.
She replied quite prompt and shared the details( photo of the email attached, exact copy paste with what has already been shared by others). So I thought ok, company is small, maybe they don’t have LinkedIn account etc.
As per Samantha’s email, I went on the website and saw the position of Operational Controller there. Here I should mention that I just recently moved to Canada and live in Vancouver. I was desperately looking for work so I was ready for this position even though I have no experience at all in the field.
So I responded to Samantha that I filled in the form and we scheduled the interview. The interview lasted maximum 10 minutes over the phone with a a lady from a call center, who asked very basic questions. The moment I hung up, I had an email from Samantha in my inbox with the contract.
During the interview the lady did mention something about payments and setting up corporate account but I didn't quite understand, assuming it’s ok, part of the job.
It seemed very strange to me that the contract arrived so fast and also that noone even asked me for a resume and further details.
Then again, I thought maybe it’s fine, small company, they need someone asap.
While reviewing the contract, I noticed that it didn’t have my name on it or any legal clauses that you normally find in the contract.
One of my relatives here in Canada is HR Director, so I decided to run the contract by her. She advised that it looked basic, but yes they could share a bit more details about identification, vacation days etc. But overall, she said it looked ok.
So I email Samantha my questions to include a few things in the contract, she disnt reply.
Then the next day I received an email from her claiming that we have been in touch a while a go and if I was still interested in the position. I replied back saying that I email her my questions about the contract. It was weird to me, considering we just exchanged the emails a day before, why would she sent me this weird email?
Anyway, she replied back after the weeked saying my email went to the spam and responded to all my questions very basic. For example, on my question asking to put my name on the contract for me to sign, she said: “We can definitely fix it, but for now you need to know that there is an employer and employee.” This sounded not very professional to me, as why we just don’t put proper names into the contract. And some other answers were quite generic as well.
So in the end, I spoke to my husband and decided that all this sounded to good to be true. No website in google, no proper interview, no experience needed, remote work, quite a good package for entry job with $ 28.3 per hour and insurance, RRSP etc, the fact that I had to share my bank details and share ID ( with the date of birth and number hidden as someone mentioned here as well). I was not conformable with all of this and advised to Samantha that I decided to move forward with another opportunity.
Pleas everyone be careful of this scam from Quantum Transport Inc, especially newcomers like myself who are looking for a job in these difficult times! Thank God I found this website with the same reviews and didn’t do anything illegal.

Initial means of contact Not applicable

I got an email from Samantha Rocca, HR Manager of Quantum Transport Inc. There were some red flags, but nothing too suspicious (they hadn't asked for personal information, they have a website, didn't send the email from google/hotmail/yahoo, and I had to fill in an actual application). Before the phone interview I was doing some more research into the company/job offer, and thankfully found myself on this website. I've declined the interview, and saved myself a real headache. Screenshots included.
Like everyone here, I live in BC and received an email from Samantha Rocca, Human Resource Manager of Quantum Transport Inc.* As I am actively applying for work, am on several different job-hunt websites, and asking friends to pass along my email/resume, I didn't find it strange that I got a job-offer email for an entry-level admin type position. However, when I did a google search for the company the only businesses even close to this name in BC were Quantum Transportation Ltd. in New Westminster, and Quantum Link Logistics in Langley (1st red flag).

I emailed Samantha back the next day, asking for clarification on what the company was called, and/or where they are located as I couldn't find them on google. This email received no response, until 3 days after my request for more information when I received a second email chain (not a "reply" to my previous inquiry; 2nd red flag) with further details*, and a link to the online application*. I hadn't seen the email immediately, and after 3 more days received another email chain (rather than a "reply") asking if I was still interested.

I was suspicious by this point, but when the application didn't ask for any personal information, I thought, "maybe they're just not that great at this online communication thing, it IS a pandemic so maybe their usual hiring process has been very disrupted" (I've worked for legitimate companies who's hiring process/online presence was more suspicious than QTI).

Another 3 days after I submitted my application I received a 4th email chain* which started strangely with, "Ok. Thank you. What day and time will it be suitable for you to conduct a telephone interview?"* (3rd red flag), which wouldn't have been weird if it had been a reply/response to my previous email, but WAS strange given that she started a new chain, without any reference to the past email. In any event, I emailed back with some times for the telephone interview and she responded the following morning to confirm a time.

Leading up to the interview I was feeling anxious that I hadn't been able to find any real information about the company online (beyond the website I had been linked to but couldn't find via a Google search), so looked around at job scam practices and things to look out for. Searches for "Quantum Transport Inc. Scam" returned no search hits, the emails had come from a business email (not google, hotmail, or yahoo), I had to submit an application with references, and they hadn't asked for any personal information that I haven't submitted 50 times to any other job before hiring. So I was feeling pretty ok.

The only thing that seemed off was that they didn't have a real online presence--which, in my experience, isn't odd for smaller/newer companies not dealing with the general public. Well, WAS the only thing that seemed off ... until I did a search for "Quantum Transport Inc. Operations Controller Scam" and received this website as a search hit.

So, needless to say, I am not going to take the interview, and instead spent my time compiling screenshots and writing this out because... I dunno, hopefully the more people that post here, the more likely Google is to return it as a hit for employment scams.

Anyway, all statements marked with an * have corresponding screenshots! Hope it's helpful. Stay safe out there everyone!

I received an email from Samantha Rocca, Human Resource Manager of Quantum Transport Inc. located at 1700-1959 Upper Water Street, Halifax, NS.


At first, I was confused since I didn't apply any job application from this Province only to Vancouver, Canada and Manitoba, Canada.Then all of the sudden she emailed me regarding to the same position "Operations Controller" She give me the details of the job and also and email job letter. Since I was doubtful, I try to do a lot of research for this company and I didn't find any updates, I also try to find Ms. Rocca at LinkedIn but she didn't have any account until I found "Scampulse" and I found out it was a SCAM. I asked her to provide me an positive LMIA but she didn't give me any.

Luckily, I didn't give any important details like my bank account except that I submit my details. I hope she didn't use it to any hacking and scamming.

I hope I can help and be a guide to others.


Type of a scam Employment

I received an email from a [email protected], a HR Manager from Quantum Transport Inc. She shared information regarding a 100% remote job offer for an operations controller. The compensation amount offered and ability to work remote for company based in Nova Scotia, while I am living in British Columbia did not make sense. The email was also filled with spelling mistakes and bad grammar. I was also confused as to how my email address was obtained by this HR manager as i do not list my email address on any of my social or networking profiles (indeed & linkedin)

Wanting more information, I responded to this email advising i was interested in hearing more. (The company was impossible to find via google, no reviews, no social media pages) Samantha almost responded instantly with a link to a legit looking website for Quantum trans, this link directed me to the fake job application where i filled in fake basic details (there was no request for a resume or cover letter within this job application) Samantha ‘reviewed’ my application and she instantly organised a phone interview for the following monday.

Samantha was an hour late to contact me for the interview and did not follow up to advise she was delayed. I attempted to phone her on phone number listed on her email signature (which coincidently is the exact same number listed on the website for customer service?) The number was not real and did not connect to any body.

I eventually received a call from somebody claiming to be from this company to conduct the phone interview but oddly it was not ‘samantha’ whom i was previously corresponding with but a different hiring manager from the ‘call centre’. They had a thick accent, possibly middle eastern and i could barely understand what they were saying. They asked me two very generic interview questions, if i had experience working in operations and 3 of my skills, that was it. The call lasted only 10 minutes. They mentioned something about setting up a corporate banking account, possibly involving a fee to be paid (but her accent was so thick i did not understand)

Moments later via email i received a job offer containing a fake contract from Samantha. They wanted my ID and banking details. I asked for them to verify their business and they provided no business verification. This is when communication stopped. Im sure after sending my personal details that they would

Have attempted to obtain funds..


Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted via email about a job opportunity for operations controller for a company called Quantum Transport Inc. It was listed as a remote job with a job description and application. Then I was asked to send my a void cheque and ID to process my earnings. They asked that the ID had the ID number and my birth date blacked out. I did that signed an employment contract and then I communicated with the HR trainer Samantha Rocca who said she would walk me through my training. She stated that I would need to receive between $1000-$3000 at first to my bank account during the probation period. Then I would withdraw the money and transfer the money to the company through a bitcoin ATM. I asked if it was legal and she stated yes it was but I felt uncomfortable and contacted the Better Business Bureau and they indicated more than likely this was not a legitimate practice and they had heard of similar schemes. I asked Samantha to destroy my information and that I was uncomfortable with this as it sounded like money laundering. She said she would destroy my information but I will contact my bank and passport office to ensure that my information will not be compromised.


Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted by the company, told they'd reviewed my profile on LinkedIn, and thought I could be a potential candidate for the job of Operations Controller (a remote position). I emailed back saying I'd like more information on the job and company. They sent me the website address and I checked everything out. I applied and was contacted about a phone interview for the next day. During the interview, they started off asking typical questions like "Do you have experience in this role? What was the last position you held and how long were you there for? What are your 3 biggest strengths?" Everything seemed fine until she started talking to me as if I'd already gotten the position — no talking it over with others, no offering it to me and letting me have the final say. Then she explained that I would be doing a two week trial reporting directly to a manager. During that two weeks, they would get me set up with a company bank account, but it would take the full two weeks so I'd be paying all invoices through my own personal bank account. I told her I was not comfortable with that, and she replied it was a requirement of the job. I made it clear this was not going to work and hung up.

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1700-1959 Upper Water St, Halifax, Canada



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