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Quality Pembroke Welsh Corgi

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Quality Pembroke Welsh Corgi Reports & Reviews (25)

• Jul 12, 2022

Same story as everyone else

This time 'Daniel Roberson' was offering corgi puppies via Paid $850 via Zelle / Venmo, then got hit with another $1250 charge for an 'upgraded shipping container' from AirPets (the shippers).

These people should burn in hell.

• May 07, 2022

Fell for it also!

Found the corgi website after som kept telling me he wanted a corgi. Inquired and everything seemed legit until he asked for payment. Sent $800 through Zelle and then when dog was shipping, they asked for the crate fees which we sent. Later that day the “pet insurance” of $1800 popped up and that’s when my wife started thinking it was a scam. She immediately called the bank and have to call tomorrow morning to stop the$1200 charge. The $800 might be a loss. I feel so bad my son didn’t get his dog and two for being stupid and falling for the scam!

My husband fell victim to this scam. He purchased a pup under the name "Daisy" which of course, her being unique I'm sure a lot of people would fall prey to the same. Like everyone else he asked all of the same questions, he talked about flying her out, he claimed his name was Daniel, he requested payment information through venmo, and to top it off he sent pics and videos. Had my husband consulted me first I would have figured it was a scam. The dog has name tags in the picture and is in a living setting that looks like a legitimate home. These photos/videos were stolen from Instagram. He knew just what to say and how to set his website up. Do not be fooled. Pay close attention, These dogs are all in different environments with some of them with name tags. This Daniel guy is making a joke of this and hauling in bank! We lost hundreds of dollars. $700! is a scam!

He changes the website and the name frequently and has others out to keep it going.

• Apr 13, 2022

Just saw this as we are also looking for a Corgi pup. We noticed that the video he sent us was posted on YouTube on 2018 claiming that the dog was born in 2022... Yikes

Victim Location 47130
Total money lost $750
Type of a scam Online Purchase

They have set up a website about selling Corgi puppies. You have to contact them through the website. They then email you and go through the motions of selecting the dog, answering questions about your home, etc. They then set up everything and have you paypal them the money for the dog and say they'll get you the flight information and seller contract right to you. Then you never hear back.


Almost got caught in this scam. I also contacted "Pembroke Welsh Corgi Pups Home" and was also interested in "DIANA" it wasn't until time of payment was due that the email address and the request to send it via friends and family that I notice something fishy. I requested DANIEL's Last name telling him Paypal was asking for it and in return I was asked to send funds to another address. Dodged a bullet here.


Victim Location 85032
Type of a scam Online Purchase

This website is listing puppies that he/she found on Instagram and is scamming people out of a lot of money and getting their hopes up. I attempted to purchase one, but everything seemed too good to be true so I decided to search up the puppy who I had selected (he had a name tag on in some of the pictures I was sent) and I found an Instagram page for that exact puppy - with matching photos! So I took a look at some of the other puppies listed and they had istagrams/were on the Internet as well. I contacted one of the corgi owners and let them know and they had no idea that their pups photo was being used.


Victim Location 97883
Total money lost $850
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was looking for a corgi puppy so that I could bond with it early on as my intention is to personally train the dog as my service dog.

I went through many websites, talked with another breeder I thought was a scammer. However, when I spoke with Daniel and saw the Quality Pembroke Welsh Corgi Pups Home website I thought it was legitimate.

I contacted Daniel on April 15, 2020. He was very upfront about the process and that "Diana", a 10 week old female puppy, was available.

He sent me several pictures of "Diana". We talked about flying her to the nearest airport and the shipping process for the dog.

He asked me my personal information which I assumed was for the airlines when I was scheduled to pick her up so they could verify my identity. We talked about him shipping "Diana" on April 22, 2020.

I was eager to pay so that I could get my puppy and move on with my life. I asked him a couple times how I was going to pay him.

He gave me the option of something else and PayPal. Since I was familiar with PayPal, I decided that was the best route.

Daniel gave me a different email address and after PayPal payment was submitted a different name came up. This was a red flag, but I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt that he uses an alias online for his business.

After he accepted payment he stopped communicating with me. Since he has not contacted me via phone or email, I know I will never physically see the dog I paid for.


Victim Location 24361
Total money lost $850
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I contacted Daniel if that is his name. And he seemed to be on the up and up. Said all the right things wasn’t pushy. Sent pictures and videos of dog. Once I sent payment for dog that was the last I heard from him. This sight is a scam I got took for 850.00. This site and man needs to be federally punished for stealing people’s money


Victim Location 30350
Type of a scam Other

These sites are total SCAMS! They have pictures of puppies for sale but are complete SCAMs! Please shut them down! is a SCAM! is a SCAM! is a SCAM!

trainedpembrokewelshcorg… is a SCAM!


Victim Location 48162
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Searched on line for a corgi puppy and came across this website. Thought the price was too good to be true, but I inquired anyway. Daniel wrote back early the next morning. I questioned how they could send a puppy on a jet during the pandemic and that wasn't addressed. I thought it odd to have grammar issues both on the website and in the emails. Also there is another website with the exact wording but a different "breeder".

I feel horrible that I even got excited about getting a dog from this website. Also, these people looked up my Facebook page and got information about me. Fortunately I looked up the person's name and number on Google and found both listed on pet scams. Others have actually sent money and never received a puppy in return. These people need to be stopped. Below are the two emails received. I did not respond. I'm concerned about any personal information these people may try to get about me.



Thanks for your interest towards Willow. It's always a good feeling knowing someone is interested in providing a great home to one of our Corgi puppies. Willow is still available and ready to go. We are private home breeders located in Austin, Texas with these puppies.

These puppies are all AKC registered, home raised, vet checked, well socialized and gets along perfectly with kids and other home pets, have had their first shots and are being trained as of now on potty pads.

We ship them from Austin, Texas . Willow will be ship to you via airplane using a professional pet shipping agency.

Willow is 10 weeks old and he's ready to go. We are giving him for $550 and additional $150 for shipping

There can be a discount if you are buying more than one puppy. We also welcome customers who are willing to come over for pickup, but requires a $300 deposit per puppy prior to that and then fixed a later date for you to visit us and collect your puppy.

Willow have the following health documents and accessories:

-Health guarantee

-Vaccination records

-De wormed record

-Nutritional manual

-AKC Registered

-Traveling crates

-playing toys

-Chewing toys

After reading through his personal profile, if there is anything you will like to know please feel free to contact me and asap.

I have some few question I would like to ask you.

Are you Married ...........?

Do you have children .....................?

What is your occupation .....................?

Do you have other pets ..............................?

How familiar are you with Corgis.............?

Promise to take proper care if given the opportunity to adopt Willow............?

Are you a breeder? Or intend to breed this puppy......?

Do you have any veterinarian around your location ......... ?

Please get back to me with the answer to my questions and more information about yourself would be highly appreciated. Attachments are some pictures of Willow

Thank you



Daniel Roberson

Quality Pembroke Welsh Corgi

? 469-856-1332

Email: [email protected]

From: Corgi puppies 4for sale

Date: Sat, Apr 4, 2020, 6:16 PM

Subject: Re: : About Willow!

To: Mj

Thanks for your response and for your interest towards Lucas and also thanks for answering my questions. This shows and prove how serious you are. Lucas is adorable, obedient, Intelligent, active, playful very sociable and he gets along well with children, other dogs, cats, and even few chickens. I promise you that Lucas will bring a lot of joy and happiness into your home and will make a great companion. As you already know the puppies health is our main concern and we take great pride to care for them so you have to take very good care of Lucas when he will be in your home.

See below details explains how we ship

Shipping a puppy by itself to a new location always sounds cruel and embarrassing, but actually I think it is harder for us than the puppy. With my many years of shipping experience, I know for a fact that all of the puppies are well taken care of. So if you stop and think about it, the Airlines are not going to mistreat the puppy for fear of lawsuit and customers dissatisfaction. I tape puppy food and feeding instructions to the top of the crate, the puppies are offered food along the ride.

The average flight is approximately 3 to 5 hours. I always ask about any delays or layovers and know the exact times and departures of the flights, so I know where the puppy is and I am able to give you the information as well.

The puppy will arrive the same day as it is sent usually a few hours.

I would like to know exactly when you want Lucas to be shipped over to you, because we do shipping three times a week. Monday, Wednesday and Friday so which day will work best for you?





Victim Location 48423
Total money lost $700
Type of a scam Online Purchase

They offer dogs on the website you contact them through their contact us page, they off pictures of the dog to reassure and ask questions and reassure that the prices are too good to pass up, they'll use the christian home shtick to really take you for what your worth and then after they get the money they'll send a sales contract that reassures you till they offer the details of shipping and then ghost your emails.

Victim Location 85396
Total money lost $750
Type of a scam Online Purchase

We got scammed over a purchase of a puppy that never materialized. In other words, there was no such puppy that was going to be shipped. Paid this person who goes by Daniel Roberson gift cards. Please do your diligent research before purchasing on line.


Victim Location 85396
Total money lost $750
Type of a scam Online Purchase

We got scammed over a purchase of a puppy that never materialized. In other words, there was no such puppy that was going to be shipped. Paid this person who goes by Daniel Roberson gift cards. Please do your diligent research before purchasing on line.

Victim Location 98087
Type of a scam Online Purchase

This website is using pictures of corgi puppies on Instagram and trying to sell them to people. See example.


Victim Location 36330
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Long story short this seller is advertising corgi puppies on his/her website and when it got time for me to make a down payment at first they asked me to go to a Walgreens and buy a $100 itunes gift card. After i asked why and suggested paypal or cashapp, i was told to use cashapp. Well both times i tried to send $100 to them cashapp canceled the transaction upon the seller accepting the payment. Cashapp says it was for my protection. The final straw was when i asked them to call me so we could talk about the dog and future payments i was told to pay before they would call me, which makes 0 sense. So when i confronted them about my suspicions through the same email they havent emailed back and havent disclaimed what i said about them being a scam artist.

Victim Location 98374
Total money lost $300
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Wife and I were misled about buying a corgi puppy. She discovered a website and filled out information requesting contact. She was emailed asking for additional information regarding our lifestyle and how we would care for puppy, along with sending pictures and a video of a male playing with the puppy. Total cost to buy was $700. She responded with details around our lifestyle. They responded with details on how they ship the puppies and when we would want the puppy shipped. We stated that we would not be able to pay the remaining balance until February 5th. They asked for a $300 deposit through Zelle to [email protected] under the name Zoey Crawford. The contact we had been emailing was Daniel Roberson. We submitted the deposit to place the puppy on hold on January 27. On January 31, we emailed saying we could pay the remaining $400. Daniel requested we send it to a different Zelle account ([email protected]) because the other one had reached its weekly limits and his boss said to send to the money to his brother's account. We googled the quality corgi pups home and discovered it was a scam.


Victim Location 80229
Total money lost $700
Type of a scam Online Purchase

My fiance and I went on line looking to purchase a Corgi puppy for Christmas. Found Quality Pembroke Welsh Corgi Home website and filled out a contact info page. A few hours later we were sent an email from Daniel Roberson with several pictures of the puppy we liked named Benito. The email asked us to share personal information such as our martial status,occupation, if we have children, other pets and what we know about Corgis. After we answered all his questions he then asked for payment through Zelle.

After multiple emails and text, he

kept asking us to send a screenshot of the payment and insisted it be emailed to him. Which the bank does not

allow screenshots so he asked us to take a picture from another phone and email it to him. We called him several times to which he replied via text saying he was too busy to talk but he could text us. We asked him to call us. He never would call us

back, let alone answer the phone to talk to us. A voicemail is not set up for his phone. After payment was confirmed, he sent over a sales agreement and health guarantee for us to sign and return. The following day, Christmas day, he sent an email stating he set everything up through the shipping compnay " along with a tracking number: CO051861192808. We clicked on the site and entered our tracking number it confirmed the puppy was on his way. He informed us we should be getting an email from the shipping company to get the details of the shipment.

Once we found the shipping email in our “spam” folder. The email from the shipping company wanted an additional $1295 to purchase a special Weather Control Travel Crate or rent for $895 98% refundable. Soon after the email

from the shipping company, he stopped replying to our emails or text messages. The shipping website tracking portal also

went blank stating the site cannot be opened.

Victim Location 47403
Total money lost $700
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was looking for a pup to take on the road with me because I travel for work. My wife sent me a picture of a puppy. I contacted the scammer and he sent me pictures of the puppy and some information about him. I sent him payment through the Zelle app. He sent a video and said he would send pics of the parents and some more of the pup. We called him to set up the shipping and he never answered. All calls fo straight to voicemail and texts and e-mails are unanswered

Victim Location 23604
Total money lost $1,600
Type of a scam Online Purchase

“Bought” a corgi puppy from this business and though it was legit.1 had a document signed and everything but once they shipped to the “cargo airline” that’s where I noticed a scam. Various fees “popped up” and no verification on if the dog even shipped. Everything was over email and seemed super shady. I post some money and hope no one else does.

According to this company's website was registered on 7/15/19 by WhoisGuard, Inc. out of Panama. If you are interested in purchasing a pet, please do your homework.  Find out where the breeder is located, see if you can stop by for a visit to personally pick out your new pet.  If the company is unwilling for you to stop by or the only way to contact them is either by text or email, then there is the possibility that there are no actual puppies for sale.  Also if possible check out the above website and enter in the breeders website.  It will tell you when the website was registered and by who.  For further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact the Better Business Bureau.

Victim Location 08820
Total money lost $2,460
Type of a scam Online Purchase

We saw a puppy on this quality pembroke welsh corgi site, we liked the puppy and decide to contact the seller Daniel Roberson from Austin, Texas. Asked information about my self and my family. End up sending money thru zelle for 700 dollars. 550 for the puppy and 150 for shipping. He sent me a purchase agreement and he said that he will ship it by plane on july 8, 2019. Gave me details what airline and time of arrival. Before the puppy scheduled for shipment i was told that I need them to send 860 dollars to rent a special crate due to severe weather condition and this is 98 percent refundable. So I sent money thru zelle. So i thought shipment went thru and I was expecting for the puppy to arrive at 8p of July 8, 2019 thru sky cargo USA . July 08,2019 around 630pm I received another email from sky cargo that the puppy was held in Louisville. Kentucky due to no insurance upon checking the documents so they were asking for another 1170 dollars to have the puppy fly to newark airport first thing in the morning.I didnt have enough money in my account and they emailed me to send them 900 dollars and they will get some of the money from my crate rental fee.All of this fee was never disclosed before the purchase and shipment of the puppy. Today July 9,2019 around 7 this morning, I opened my email and I have another message from sky cargo that I need to pay for the cites permit which is the final stage as stated in their email, otherwise they cant release the puppy. So continued communicating to sky cargo thru email and said to them that I need to speak to someone so I could pay them thru credit card but yhey want me to send the money thru zelle again. Wasted hours emailing each other until I decided to go to newark airport to checked if really there was a puppy that arrived from kentucky which originally from Texas. I showed the boarding pass that the seller e mailed me but United airlines stated that they don't have that kind of boarding pass and the logo was very old. So i e-mailed again the seller to ask for air bill and he sent me the tracking number from sky cargo and I told him that is not the air bill. Daniel Roberson and skycargo USA are both scammer and they conniving each other. So beware you all.

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