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It all came from that link linked to
- 800 dlls
And no Falcon the puppy, everything from there is garbage.

Puppy for me is a scam.

My friend first told me about Puppyforme’s website when she said her family-friend bought a Shiba Inu from the website directly. I’ve been wanting a Shiba Inu for many years now, but all the breeders near me require an extensive application process and waitlist that can last anywhere from 6 months to 1 year long (which is probably good— it means the breeder is reputable, they don’t overbreed, and they want to ensure that their pups end up in a good home). When my friend told me about Puppyforme, I was interested because the process seemed easy enough. The price is steep, but I figured that if I could get a Shiba Inu ASAP, it would be worth it. Let me tell you... DO NOT have this mindset. It’s not worth it. It’s not worth supporting a horrible puppy mill that has awful breeding practices and poor environments for their pups.

Here’s where my story begins. I browsed the Puppyforme website to look at all the Shiba Inus they have available. I found their Instagram page (@puppyforme), and their bio listed a US number (415 area code) that I could text, since I’m located in the US. I texted the number to ask for more information about the Shiba I was interested in, and more pics/videos. They linked me to a generic Shiba video on their Instagram page with the same backdrop as all their other puppy videos/photos. This is red flag #1, as they refused to provide any other photos/videos of the pup in a different environment. Side note: The guy over text was very short with me and seemed annoyed at my very reasonable questions... I’ll attach screenshots below.

Here’s where it gets fishy: I asked for photos of the puppy’s parents. The guy over text (415 number) sent two very stock-like images of two beautiful Shibas... both in separate environments than the photos of the puppies. Strange, I thought, but I wasn’t that suspicious... until my friend recognized the Shiba Inu that the man claimed to be the mother, since it’s a famous Shiba Inu in Taiwan— this Shiba’s name is MeiMei, and my friend sent me the Instagram page of MeiMei (@yumiliu526), and we DMed the owner to ask 1. if the photo that Puppyforme sent was a photo of MeiMei, and 2. if she or MeiMei is associated with Puppyforme in any way. MeiMei’s owner responded right away and confirmed that the photo was indeed MeiMei, and it was a photo taken from her Instagram account back in 2016. She also let us know that MeiMei is NOT the mother of the Shiba puppies from Puppyforme, and she’s not associated with this breeder in any way.

IT GETS WORSE... To top everything off and confirm that they are a terrible, shady business, take a look at the photos I’ve included below. When they sent me a photo of the “parents,” they MIRRORED THE IMAGE of Mei Mei so that it couldn’t be reverse-image searched on Google! If you see the original photo which I’ve also included below, it’s a direct mirrored photo. The funniest/grossest thing about this is that on their website, they even share advice on “how to avoid scammers” and encourage folks to reverse-image search other puppy sellers’ photos to make sure they aren’t taken from the web. How sickening is that? I don’t understand how this organization can be shady enough to not only steal photos, but to mirror/flip the photos so that they can’t be reverse-image searched, and then encourage buyers to reverse-image search to “avoid scammers” when THEY ARE LITERALLY THE SCAMMERS THAT THEY, THEMSELVES, ARE SPEAKING OF.

I am still disgusted as I write this, even though it’s been weeks since my initial contact with Puppyforme. I’ve been putting off writing this review because I wanted to come to an understanding with Puppyforme and try to understand why they would send fake photos, but they just stopped responding to me when I called them out. This makes me truly believe that they are an evil puppy mill, shipping their pups overseas and making so much money from their awful business. Clearly, their parent dogs are in awful conditions, which is why they won’t send real photos of them. They also know that breeding these highly sought out, popular breed of dogs and selling to US/Canada will generate huge profits. It’s absolutely disgusting that they’re treating their animals poorly and scamming their buyers of the truth. It’s a complete lie when they say that their puppies live in a beautiful 3-acre ranch, and that they only breed mother dogs up to 3 times. All of that is false. Don’t give Puppyforme your money unless you want to support animal abuse.

Another side note: Puppyforme is definitely a puppy mill because when my friend’s family-friend bought their Shiba from their website, they immediately listed 5 more Shiba Inus for sale. I’ve noticed that as they sell one of their pups, they immediately list several more... coincidence or shady, schemey puppy mill? You tell me.

I’ll leave all the screenshots in this post. Feel free to DM me if you have any questions or would like any other information about my interactions with Puppyforme.

TL;DR- Puppyforme is a sketchy puppy mill, uses fake photos to represent their dogs, and disguises themselves as an ethical breeder.


I've had nothing but a great experience with They deliver puppies on time and in great health. I was referred to by a friend who bought a Shiba Inu puppy from them. They provided me with many videos of my puppy Hito and also showed a video scanning the microchip ID implanted behind the dog's neck. Hito arrived in PERFECT health and is so well behaved. He is super social and almost never barks.

I only came here to post this because I saw these other people's posts. I have referred at least 3 other people and everyone, without a single exception, had a wonderful experience.


Hi Becky, thanks for your review/input! Please read my recent review of how this organization is actually a puppy mill, unfortunately. I'm happy that your pup is happy and healthy though.

DO NOT BUY! They sent me a very sick puppy, she was immediately hospitalized, taken to the vet and ER countless times and passed away after less than A WEEK! They do not care about the health or well-being of their puppies or clients! This has been one of the worst experiences in my life! The emotional and financial burden on me and my family and the life of this little puppy are just not worth it! Please look elsewhere.

Some highlights of my experience:

1. Poor communication (least of all problems)

2. FALSIFIED puppy information - date of birth on site was showing the puppy as 12 weeks old, the paperwork the puppy came with was 4.2 weeks old and the ER doctor said based on her teeth and size she was no more than 8-9 weeks old. She said that the long flight from Taiwan could be FATAL for such young and small puppy! She also said the puppy was anorexic and severely underweight! They falsify the documentation so the puppy can be shipped sooner, putting these small puppies at risk of getting sick or dying just to make money quicker...

3. The puppy they sent me was VERY SICK! She was extremely lethargic and weak and could not even keep her head up. She was throwing up and refused to eat. I took her to different vets and ER, she was hospitalized for most of the time on IV with countless tests done on her. The rest of the time I had to feed her with syringe at home every hour, but she didn't get any better and we had to watch her fade away each day. She had multiple seizures, threw up blood and then died in less than a week of picking her up from the airport! This was extremely painful and traumatic experience for my entire family and would never wish anyone to go through this...

4. Sent the puppy on a 20+ hour journey with the WRONG FOOD! While this was underage, anorexic small puppy, they sent her with dry food which was for medium to large dogs! The size of the food was almost as big as her head! So this puppy had NO FOOD for the entire journey from when they sent her to when I got her which with customs was probably over 20 hrs! Per the vets, these small puppies need to eat every 3-4 hrs to maintain their sugar level or they can develop hypoglycemia which is fatal for them! This type of negligence is absolutely inexcusable!

5. REFUSED to pay any MEDICAL BILLS even though they said they'd reimburse me for all medical expenses! I spent thousands of dollars on daily hospitalization, ER, medication, emergency food, etc. and didn't work for a week! I sent them all medical invoices as they had asked and requested that they follow through on their word and reimburse me for the medical bills, but they refused to do so and stopped responding to my emails! I went through extremely painful experience emotionally and financially! And now I'm left with no puppy, empty heart and thousands of dollars in medical bills...

6. HIDDEN purchase contract - at no point of the purchase process a contract was mentioned until I asked them to reimburse me for the medical bills which THEY SAID via text THEY WOULD! Apparently, there's a contract somewhere on the site which is not clearly visible or discussed, and they share with you if you request a reimbursement! Most reputable breeders would walk you through any purchase contract instead of hiding it. Apparently if your puppy is sick, you are supposed to send it back to them (I guess on another 20+ hr journey?!?!) or if not, you are responsible for the medical bills...I don't think any normal human being would just put a sick puppy in cargo on a 13 hr flight to Taiwan so in other words, you are responsible for any health issues...

My recommendation for you is PLEASE DO NOT BUY FROM THIS BREEDER! It's a puppy mill in Taiwan. They ask for over $3500 for the puppy and then send you a very young puppy not ready to take the stress of the long flight putting the puppy's life at risk! Trust me, watching a tiny puppy suffer in front of you, feeling helpless, taking them from hospital to hospital hoping the puppy would get better is extremely painful! On top of that, spending thousands of dollars trying to help a terminally ill puppy and, in the end, losing her and your emotional and financial's just not worth it! Please do not put yourself and these little puppies in that situation! My heart is still completely shattered and my life will never be the same...



Unfortunately I'm writing this review with tears in my eyes.

Out puppy has been with us for 2 days and today was vet day. Our consultation started with the shocking news that our puppy doesn't have the age that the breeders said on the documents. He is much younger. She has seen 5 other puppies from the same breeder with documents forged to get them here in the US.

Also, our puppy was very underweight due to the fact that he was neglected when younger. We noticed that he eats like a bolt, but we didn't imagine that he was underweight.

Luckily our puppy doesn't have any pulmonary, heart, intestines disease. But she said that she's seen really bad cases.

I broke into tears imagining the miserable life these puppies have with this breeder.

I'm blessed to have my baby here and I will make sure that he has a healthy, happy life. But I WOULD NOT recommend this breeder.

Communication is another big problem. They take forever to reply, they don't like to do video calls, the people in Taiwan don't speak English very well, which makes it even harder.

- San Jose, CA, USA aims to sell dogs of different breeds bred in Taiwan and shipped to the United States and Canada. They have a list of available dogs online but when it is time to pick up the dog, it is the wrong dog. The photos received from the breeder show visible differences in markings as well as age. The site states that they are not puppy mill breeders and middlemen but it is vey obvious that they are given they sell 8 different types of breeds ranging in ages. The age of the dog regarding this report is 3 months old, but the dog in the photograph seems to be around 4-5 months old.

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