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- Glouster, OH, USA

I got a voice mail from Jamie Hudson of PS Group said to call back concerning a debt from US Bank from 2007. I called back, they emailed me an authorization to sign.They asked for $2703.19, I told them I would settle for half. The authorization form they emailed me said the payment would be secured by "Lincoln GP".

Person called weeks ago and left a voicemail that I never listened to until one day I decided to listen to it. The young lady that left the message called from a NY number 917-522.0643. She stated that I needed to call them as soon as possible and provided me with a 800 number. When I called the 800 number they did not greet with a company name or who answered the phone. When I asked what company it was, I was told they didn't know because I didn't have a case number and they serve multiple companies. Should have been the first clue. Silly me, I acknowledged the debt because I did know that I owed this company plus they provided me with some detailed things and used the scare tactic on me by stating I would be served and my accounts would be frozen. When they sent the info to get my payments I began to google and do my own research. Needless to say they do not have a website, are not on and have several complaints listed on and on Google. Plus the 917 number doesn't ring. Also when you dial the 800 number privately the Jackie lady answers but uses a different name. Thomas OBrien is who emailed me and then yelled at me when I began to question him and ask to speak with a manager. Told me that he had no manager and then said I have a boss but he will no speak with you and has given me permission to tell you this. He would not tell me who they brought my account from. The rep from told me that it sounds like a scam and provided me with the FTC number so I now have 2 complaints out there. A shame what people will do.

- Saint Louis, MO, USA

Message left on phone that was vague, but stated that this was the third time a contact attempt had been made and that the next step would be to contact HR department at job. The number was called back and a man name Anthony answered the phone. He asked for last 4 of social (didn't give that info). When I questioned the name of his company and his address, he said he didn't have that information. I asked to speak with his supervisor, he stated he was the supervisor. I then asked to speak with his director or someone in leadership over him, and he got angry. He somehow knew my address and telephone number, but I have no idea how he got that information. This individual was adamant about getting the last 4 of my social. But I didn't provide that information

- Lexington, KY, USA

scamming off old paid and settled debts. They tried to collect banking information and more 5025004101 my cell and the number they called from 8443527600 PS Group

- East Islip, NY, USA

The number above called a family member of mine stating I have an open litigation against me in my county and needed to call them ASAP. They refused to give the family member a company name and only provided a case number. When i personally called back they provided me with the company name above PS group. The requested personal information from me which i did not provide. They then threatened me with litigation in regards to unpaid bills and stated they would see me in court. When you call this company back they never say their company name and get upset when you ask them details. Do not engage with the people on the other end of this call. They try to use fear tactics in an attempt to extract personal information.

- Chino Hills, CA, USA

I received a phone call from a local number 1(909)610-2766 from a gentleman telling me I had legal documents that needed to be delivered to me by tomorrow and that I needed to contact this phone number of 844-241-5727 with an account number of 680 546. The woman I spoke to, I forgot her name, had my entire social security number, my old address related to a Wells Fargo account. She made a claim that I had an outstanding balance of 2,000.00 some odd dollars and that I can mediate with them 1,000.00 something to avoid going to court. I called wellsfargo customer service. They couldn't bring any information up. I was then connected to a different department to verify if the account number they provided was on my file but couldn't find anything. I was told to call Early Warning Systems and verify if my account was sold off to a debt collection service of that name PS GROUP but couldn't because anything past 7 years they don't keep. PS group doesn't have a website or address.

- Grand Rivers, KY, USA

Was contacted by my sister that a man called her stating he had some documents for me from my area. He told her that I had used her as an emergency contact, which I never do because she lives far away from me. When I called his number and gave him the reference number he put me on hold so he could retrieve my file. Once on phone he said his name was Thomas O'Bryan and that he was with PS Group which is a debt collection agency. He continued to state that I owed US Bank money from an account that I did not fully close back in 2011. His agency received my information 90 days ago and has been trying to contact me via mail. When I told him that I had not received any mailings he told me that my story sounded "fabricated". When I refuted questing him if he was calling me a liar he became agitated and said yes. He quickly changed his tone and began to tell me that I owed around $3000. And that they were attempting to settle for $1500. This of course raised my suspicions. He would not take my offer to pay him over the phone, which I never would have anyway. From there he gave me several days to get my ducks in a role and to call him back later that week. When I blocked his initial call from 844-221-4026 he called from 702-745-1209 answering as "legal department". During my ducks in a row period I had contacted a friend whom is a lawyer. When I told him to contact my lawyer he said I need to have them fax a letter of representation to 702-342-8598. Since they are technically not representing me they cannot send such letter. I believe this is a scam artist. He gave a location of 3960 Howard Hughes Parkway Suite 509 Las Vegas, Nevada 89169. There is not a website for this PS Group located on the web.

- Burlington, WI, USA

Left voice mail stating to call immediately to make payment arrangements from outstanding debt or would contact HR/Payroll. Called back. They told me my full SSN, after only giving me the last 4 digits, my old bank account number, and that I had a $5000+ NSF on the account from June of 2010, more than 7 years ago, but were willing to settle it for $800+, if I made payment within 24 hours. They also mentioned this balance was on ChexSystems. I found my own documentation that I had settled this balance with another collection agency a year ago. I called the following morning, told them this, and they requested my documentation. I stated I was not comfortable providing them with this information, because I was not confident this wasn't a scam and said they would cease and desist. Seemed too easy to get rid of them, if it was a legit claim.

- Fayetteville, NC, USA

I believe this is a scam. Scammer stated that his name was Robert Wilkins and provided me with a file number.

Said money was owed for a bank account that I haven't had for years. Couldn't provide me with any information or the opportunity to dispute outside of that particular phone call. Said the business name was PS Group or Paralegal Group. Tried to provide me with legal advice over the phone and didn't bother to inform me whether the phone call was being recorded and didn't mention the usual "“This is an attempt to collect a debt. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose. You are now communicating with a debt collector.”"

Anyone who has more information about this company it would be greatly appreciated.

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