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Protectera Reports & Reviews (14)

Same thing happened to me in Nov. Some warning on my screen and voice coming thru my computer. I panicked, called the number and paid 249.99. Talked to some IT people at work. A scam. My guy told me it is like me putting a huge bolder in your front yard and then charging you 249.99 to remove it. I unplugged it and hasn't been on since Nov. Won't use again. Got a new computer and this Middle eastern guy name Gary called as soon as I was on saying there is an alert on my computer. I lied and told him I didn't have a computer. I reset the router and I am not going to let these fools scare me. I have malware bytes and that should be okay. Oh, by the way, he said he needs to get into me new computer to clean it up!! I will not answer that call from the scammers. On my caller ID it says Microsoft support. I took the numbers to work and tried to call, I'm not calling from my phone.Both mailboxes were full, these are the numbers he called from. 1-800-860-6903 and 1-800-311-5949

- Kirkland, WA, USA

I was checking my email on a Hotel computer business center and screen went flashing red WARNING SECURITY BREACH ON THIS SITE CALL 855-899-3450 IMMEDIATELY DO NOT PROCEED OR SHUT DOWN. I called # and they answered Microsoft support. they said my email was compromised and infected. my IP address was compromised by local and international thieves. Said I needed to pay $249.99 to fix and then insisted I needed their 2yr security plan for an additional $470.00.

While browsing Internet, window pops up showing alerts security, sounds typically for emphasis, and phone number to call. DO NOT call the phone number. It's a scam, always. Your machine may very well have some malware, but the folks on the other end of the phone call are not there to help you. They may indicate that they are from Microsoft or some major company.

Find a local or a reputable tech support firm.

- Hollywood, FL, USA

I thought I called Yahoo but it was a scam. When they asked if they could go into my computer with MY PC123 I agreed and the trouble started. They wiped out my homepage and demanded $300 to retrieve it by paying Protectera. When my icons started disappearing, a red pin scribbled all over the screen where my icons used to be. When I asked what was happening, they said it wasn't them, I was being hacked right now. Well, over the next two hours of jerking me around, I noticed when I said I did not see something they wanted me to see on the screen, they used that same red pin to point it out. I had to go along in order to retrieve my files and gave them my credit card info. I paid with AMEX knowing I could contest the charge later. They said a company called Bright Speed would call me today to verify the charge. Once I hung up with them, I immediately contacted McAfee who I have an account with. I paid them, $69.95 to go through my system and wipe out anything Protectera had done, fearing they installed something that would allow them back into my system. Please beware......I can't believe I fell for this scam.

- Queensbury, NY, USA

I was viewing the reality web site Zillow when a red screen appeared and warned of malware ; foolishly I dialed the help line number, went through all the required BS including checking acc't info and let the scammers do their bit - I then researched this company and found it was a well known scam; I then called my bank and cancelled the payment check ; beware of this "company" - all the contacts I spoke to had very heavy East Indian accents but have a business address in N.J.

On February 15,2018, while on my laptop,a message came across the screen for me call a 1800 number AND NOT to turn the computer off. I called the number (which I was told that they were Microsoft representative. I was told I have a virus on my computer called Torpig. This virus shuts down or infects everything from my iphone , computer, printer etc... This is what I was told. Then I was told by the "microsoft " rep that he couldnt help me so then I was told about two companys that could help stop the virus from infecting my computer. Protectera was the company that was suggested. The representative from Microsoft stated they had been in business several years. I was connected to the rep from Protectera and he took my information(routing &checking no#. ) $897.99 was taken from my account. He assured me that he would fix the issues with my computer, iPhone, and printer. I am receiving phone calls from unrecognized numbers, my passwords have been changed due to some one trying to get into my emails. This ccompany installed the Firefox web browser.

- Redding, CA, USA

Computer stopped working with message displayed from “Microsoft” that security had been hacked. I called the phone #displayed and reached tech support person.he tells me a foreign connection has breached my computer via a hacking bomb. I need to engage a level 6 in antihacking squad network engineer. These are Microsoft certified tech support. There are 5 approved agencies doing this. They address hacking, not viruses.

1. Protectera. 92% approval rating. Costs $229.99

2. Cyber Tech Expert. 87% approval. Same price.

Name of person is Adam Paul, accent Indian/British.transfers me to Michael Strong, NY accent, who works for Protectera. He transfers Live Server Report which shows 3 hacking breeches recently that have to be cleared by removing said bomb. Now fee quoted is $299.99 plus $390 for 2 year service contract.since my security is gone, must pay with check. Somehow I am still not getting it and I give him info from a blank check. This happened 2/19/18 and check cashs next day. Today I figure it out, call bank, close account, report fraud.2/20/18. He has my password for computer, now changing, and god knows what else.

I have been sick and was using my computer yesterday, Feb 10th 2018. I got the large red and black pop-up screen and I was not thinking straight because I couldn't figure out how to get out of the screen. I finally called the number and was given the scam about IP address compromise and Norton, McAfee, Microsoft, etc would not be able to fix this type of problem. Only someone with a Level 6 (never heard of this) status could fix it. Well, I'm not thinking straight and I fell for it all the way. My brain kept telling me something was wrong, but I couldn't figure it out. So, yeah, I paid not only to fix the problem but signed up for their upper level security services. They wanted the money through my bank account, not by check or credit card and I stupidly gave it to them. Now, I have to contact my bank and change all my account info. Will probably never get my money back.

- Crimora, VA, USA

They used a 'pop-up' that claimed my computer had a virus and then took my computer "hostage" and demanded payment for "repairs." Protectera represented themselves fraudulently as certified Microsoft technicians.

- Queensbury, NY, USA

was reading an email and this popped up---------microsoft said it would shut down my computer if i did not call this number immediately so i did.

- Portage, MI, USA

I was just finishing looking at my e-mails and about to shut down my computer when a pop up occurred stating that a virus had attacked our computer that I needed to call the number 1-877-281-8607 to talk to a Microsoft Technician, along with this pop up was a second pop up stating that there has been pornography active found on our computer, they listed a penalty government number, dollar amount fine, and jail time. I looked up the number on reverse look up on the white pages site and the number was listed as low risk call with confidence. I called the number the person gave me a name of Paul said he was Microsoft tech. he walked me through the process of him taking control of my computer remotely, he said a virus did attack my computer the name of the virus was Torpig, he took me to Wikipedia, where I could read all about Torpig virus, on Wikipedia it stated it could not be cleaned out by Geek squad, he reinforced that when I questioned it, he stated it was a high level 6 and they could not handle that level, he would need to send me to a company, when I questioned him why they could not clean it out he said he was only a level 1. So he gave me two choices of companies, one of the companies was Protectera, I went with this one because it was the lowest cost. I could not look up the company because he had remote control of my computer. He transferred me to them they reinforced that we had a virus, that they could take care of it, that a one time fee would be $ 189.99 or they offered me a higher amount to continue support throughout the year. I went with the 189.99, they then said I needed to pay with a electronic check, I question that method, they stated they do not take credit cards, I asked them about sending me a bill, they said they use to do that, but they found that people would not send the payment back. This should have been a red flag to me, but they sounded so professional and so legit, I gave them a check number with my banking account numbers from the check, they had me sign my name electronic and had me sign a contract, that looked very official. When they were done, getting rid of the so called virus, when in reality they were down loading all of our information from our computer. They had installed Mozilla Firefox and told me that every time I went to a secure place I should click on the Mozilla Firefox first for security. When they were done they left me a copy of the contract on our computer, also printed out their information, with a customer ID number and said that if I had any further problems or pop ups to contact them. When they were done something just did not feel right, so I looked up the NJ address they gave me and no address exist. So my husband and I contacted Microsoft, and Microsoft said they would never contact with a pop up and said this was a scam and Microsoft cleaned out our computer removed what the scammer had put on our computer, including Mozilla Firefox, and they did find some Malware that the scammer had installed. Fortunately, I did contact my bank, the check had not cleared yet, the bank put a hold on the check and our account.

- Jackson, MO, USA

Suspected scammer sends fake virus alert to your computer via internet with fake Microsoft phone number to call for tech support. After demonstrating all the alleged problems on your computer, the scammer attempts to sell you expensive software to fix the problem. Tech company is called Protectera and is located in Princeton NJ. Address is a private residence, though the scammer insists that the location is legitimate business. According to Zillow website, the residence is owned by persons named Rasmi, Rattan, and Depak. After refusing the service and completing the phone call, victim restarted computer and everything worked fine. Virus and spyware scans of the computer did not reveal any virus problems.

Note: There is a tech company name Protectera that is located in Australia that appears to be legitimate.

- Fayetteville, GA, USA

Windows program was running fine but then a warning alert popped up so that I could not use the computer any longer until I addressed the security issue. I called the number, they introduce themselves as a Windows authorized agent, and showed me all the problems after I let them log in remotely. They they offered to fix it for $189. Said that the protection I had on the computer wouldn't fix it, nor could my Geek squad protection, so I became suspicious. They certainly know what they are doing and sound legit.

- Peoria, IL, USA

Received a pop up on computer when I was searching for recipes. Said the computer had a porn virus on it that had locked our computer and to call the number to get help. When I called, I was told that I had Torpig network spyware on my computer and that it probably got on there from me searching on social media, etc. Said they could fix it for $298.99 and then for $230.00 would protect my computer for 2 years. I stupidly agreed and signed a contract.

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