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Carol Linda Bonifas

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Allwaytech Wan Chai Ho - Jul 02, 2020
contact your bank n explain the situation. They should at least give you your money back.
Allwaytech Wan Chai Ho - Jun 30, 2020
On May 4 I ordered some shoes that would help my aching feet. They said I would have to wait an extra 2 weeks. In those 2 weeks I received and e-mail saying they were on their way. Now the e-mail has disappeared and money has been taken from my card...
Allwaytech Wan Chai Ho - May 19, 2020
I ordered a beautiful shirt on May 4, 2020.. Still waiting and I;m still trying to see if I got an e-mail confirming but what good does that do if we are dealing with a fake company. I will give it a week and see but I am not feeling like it will be...
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