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Prime Logistics Express

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I'm having the same problem now, with a man called John, that Alibaba told me in a messade that he was going to attended me when I was trying to buy some computer parts.
He ask for the money, and then a refunded insurance.
+1 (902) 906-9332 is his number.
Only bad things happened to bad people.

Same thing going on. +1 (902) 906-9332 called his name John from Alibaba

I was contacted on go section 8 about a house after searching for months I was anxious to get into a place in fell for a scam he said he lived in this place for 20 years in had received a work transfer from his job to ny he even had someone do me a tour of the home .. we did a application for the place in about a 2 week time frame he was notifying us letting us know we have the place.. before we can even send money he had already made the keys seemed as if they where shipped out he already had a lease written out.. again we where anxious after months of searching we fell for the scam in wired him the money against our better judgement.. he sent us a tracking number in a link to the place primeexpress logistics we typed it in put the tracking number in all our information popped up.. I thought it was really legit at this point until the day the shipment was supposed be to come in they hit us with a 950 insurance fee.. we paid still anxious to get the keys now after that fee it was suppose to be to us by noon the next day.. nothing came but a email from prime Logistics Express stating it had a boundary tax hold on it for the amount of 750.. at this point we new it was no possible way so we didn’t pay that.. the so called landlord did.. so again after that fee charge was supposedly paid the shipment was suppose to make it to us the next day nothing ever came but another email stating it was a hold on it again but now for the amount of 1050 ironic being that that’s the same amount the so called landlord wanted for a deposit fee.. at that point me in my husband new to contact the local authorities New York pd also section 8 to go.. be careful people we are currently fighting to get our 2000 dollars back by having a full investigation done by our bank


I’m going through this right now I am so upset and cannot stop crying can you please call me and let me know what you did I don’t even know where to start I have 6 children this isn’t fare 9168257283

Same exact story happened to me, same names and phone numbers and everything. It’s ridiculous!

Scam my wife 3500 us dollars and I can’t find the box I sent to them

does this 2 frenchies look familiar to you?

Ishan did they give you your frenchies after you got scammed or you cancelled it when you got to know that it’s a scam. Is this all just for money or do they actually deliver your adopted pet after trapping people in a scam?

Website was used to facilitate sales scam. This website was the courier, they tried to exhort further money from me to pay for insurance advising 95% would be returned to me on delivery in cash. Realised it was a scam then but than already lost my original input for the initial transaction. Given tracking number and link to website, then sent emails from the website to make me think it was legit. I was suspicious from the word go but watched how it played out. Seller and courier working together to make scam seem legit. Be careful people ❤️


what is the shipping company's name? im having the same trouble right now. i adopted 2 frenchies to a seller and suddenly while on process of shipping they're asking for a insurance policy for the dog.

Victim Location 34695
Total money lost $950
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I have to say that I don’t remember where I saw the initial ad by a home”breeder” to rehome two French bulldog puppies. Looking back, after they got me for $950, I spot all the signs now. I’m a well educated retired teacher with a master’s degree. I would have never believed I could be tricked, but it all happened very gradually, so that the signs stand out in hindsight. The woman played on my love of dogs and by saying she had too many dogs and will be kicked out of her home by her landlord. She didn’t sell the pups fast enough (was the implication), so now she just wants to find them a good home, $450 for 1 pup or $800 for two. She “grilled” me about why I wanted a dog, and asked many questions to judge my suitability. She asked for payment through Zelle. She created an official looking transfer of ownership form which had her signature. She asked how fast I could sign it and send it back. She arranged to ship the pup to me immediately via Prime Logistics Express. Shortly thereafter, the shipping company informed me via both email and phone call (a male, with a possible Nigerian accent), that due to the heat, the pup would require a temperature controlled crate for which I must give them a refundable deposit. After emotional go rounds with the breeder, and stating I didn’t have the money for the deposit, she found a way to pay all of the $1150 except for $500 from me.After scrounging up the money, they said the dog would be shipped the following morning. I was given a written copy (email)&text of the tracking number. After a few hours I received another call from the shipper to check my email. In it was another request for a similar amount of money to cover the insurance required to ship a pet from one state to another. They said the dog had made it part way but could go no farther without the “refundable” insurance coverage. At this point I knew I’d been had. I made the shipper give me a picture of the dog Which was just a picture of some French bulldog. I said show me the pet in the crate and they made up some excus about not being allowed. I said I’m being scammed and there is no more money coming. The shipper said we don’t allow that kind of talk and I was sure of the scam I played along a while longer while the breeder sent crying emojis and said she would go talk to her pastor. There’s more but in the end they never broke character and I bowed out. The shipper said I would be charged with pet abandonment. I said right, sure. There was a lot more convoluted stuff that made it believable along the way. There is the actual shipper with a website with the same phone number. Let me just say that they were very good. The breeder had some poor grammar but the shipper’s paperwork looked real. I have tons of texts, emails, I only wish I had recorded their voices. They even fulfilled my request to have the manager call me. He sounded real too.


im having the same issue right now. adopted 2 frenchies asking $1900 for a sudden insurance policy they have. so how did it go as of now?

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