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Power Company Imposter

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Automated voice called to tell me that my power will be shut off in the next 30 minutes for not paying the bill. (My bills are paid) Then said to press a number to be connected to an operator. Total scam seeing how yes I have an 801 area code number but I haven’t lived in Utah for 6 years. Then I googled that number to find multiple wed sites with the same screen and the top website wanted you to download something just to go to the site.

I received this voicemail from 2 different spoofed numbers about 3 minutes apart:

“I would like to stop the interruption please press one to speak with the billing department otherwise please press two to speak with the disconnection department thank you for choosing our services this is the notification department your electric company service provider we have an automatic interruption of service in the next 30 to 45 minutes to the account status if you find us to be there I would like to stop the interruption please press one to speak with the billing department otherwise please press two to speak with the disconnection department thank you for choosing our service's goodbye…”
Power shutting off in 30-45 minutes

i included the wrong image. i will try to post the correct one here.

Say they are calling from a large power company. They said that I am owed a refund on my power bill and I've been over paying for over 6 months, and I will be getting a $130.00 refund but they need a credit card to put it back on.

At this time I stopped the conversation and said I am not giving you my credit card and then they said a very nasty thing to me and I hung up.

Entered by Staff - LJ - 2-28-22

I received a phone call. The caller stated he was with the power company. He did not give a specific name. They were going to disconnect my service in thirty minutes because my bill of $253 was overdue. It was approximately that amount. He asked for my account number. I refused. He also asked for my name and address. I gave it out my name and address. I asked for the billing department. I said give me the phone number for the billing department. The caller hung up on me. I called the phone number in my caller ID. 419-303-7097. A female answered. The number is a private residence.

- Nampa, ID, USA

Here is what the voicemail said.

Five minutes do delinquent account status if you find us to be an error or would like to stop the interruption please press one to speak with the billing department otherwise please press two to speak with the disconnection department thank you for choosing our services this is the notification department in your electric company service provider you have an automatic interruption of service in the next 30 to 45 minutes due to delinquent account status if you find us to be there or would like to stop the interruption please press one to speak with the billing department otherwise please press two to speak with the disconnection department thank you for choosing our services goodbye…”

- Arlington, VA, USA

Over the past week in addition to the regular, recurring telephone call scams to my home number was a new one designed to attempting to prey on susceptible recipients. It was received on Thursday, February 27th at approximately 9:55 am and appeared to use caller number “spoofing,” since the caller ID number displayed was that of my next door neighbor. My number is listed with the National Do Not Call Registry, for all the good that does these days.

This newest scam was from an unidentified individual (live person, not a recording) purporting to represent my “power company,” but never mentioned my residential electricity supplier, Dominion Energy. They claimed I had been inadvertently overcharged for my electricity usage for the previous six months and were contacting me to arrange both a refund of the overpayment and to reduce my monthly power bill for the next six months as a means of apology. The caller was male and had a slight but unidentifiable foreign accent. As previously noted, the caller ID indicated the call was coming from my next door neighbor’s home number (hence my assumption it was being “spoofed”); not much call blocking can do in this instance since it would be counterproductive.

Of course I knew this was a scam from the outset both because I always check my various monthly utility bills, charges and usage levels as a matter of course. Plus, Dominion Energy would presumably only handle a billing/payment correction by hardcopy mail through its billing department.

So I played along with the caller for a bit without providing any information to them about myself, not my name, location, or anything to do with my current utilities. During the course of our conversation – while only asking a couple of clarifying questions – it became apparent the only information the caller had about me was my telephone number (which would have been available from their autodialing software). I did ask several times who he worked for and his stock response each time was simply: “a contractor working for your power company.”

What it came down to was the caller was requesting four pieces of information (my name, my utility account number, my address, and my checking account number) in order to (1) send the utility overpayment “refund” to me and (2) to provide a partial discount to my utility account for each of the next six months. None of this information was provided to the caller.

While I remained calm throughout our call, the caller’s voice revealed he was becoming frustrated and agitated after about 4 minutes. When I asked him what my previous month’s utility payment had been and how much of it was part of the overcharged amount, his demeanor changed and became more aggressive. At this point his voice became louder and quite forceful as he said: “Why would you need to know that. Don’t you understand that I am trying to do you a favor here? I can save you real money unless that’s not something you’re interested in.” (Clearly, a last ditch pressure tactic by a scammer who was feeling pressure that he'd already spent too much time with a target without success).

I just told him I was not interested and hung up.

By email I’m providing this information on what appears to be a new telephone scam - at least to me - and potential fraud or possibly identity theft effort to both the Arlington County Police Department (Virginia) and the Better Business Bureau. A separate hardcopy will be sent to Dominion Energy (Dominion does not have an email avenue for reporting fraud or similar scams).

Gary Mason

4712 8th Road South

Arlington, VA 22204

- Norfolk, VA, USA

My office received a robocall from a person pretending to be from "Dominion Energy" stating we had a disconnect notice. They gave a phone number (1-800-319-8330) to call and an automated dialer to easily 'access' a live representative. When said representative answered, she stated her name was "Jessica/Yessica" with a heavy Spanish accent. As soon as she realized we had a business account, she "transferred" me (she hung up). I called back a few more times only to be placed on indefinite hold. 

Called saying that our electric would be shut off in a few hours due to non-payment unless we called back to the third number listed which was 844 244-8220. We instead called Mon-Power to verify that they did receive our payment and that they were not turning off our power.

It was bogus.

After the initial call from 844 410-6609 at 11:10 am; another call came from . As soon as I announced the name of my employer, they hung up.

It took time away from the Mon-power to verify this and from our employees, but they were unsuccessful in gaining anything from their attempt to get monies that was not even owed to anyone.

I hope in reporting this that others will be spared the difficulty all together. They try to trick people into calling them after the automated scare tactic.

- Fort Worth, TX, USA

A recording says my power will be cut off if I don't call that number and arang payment over the phone.

- Columbus, GA, USA

The scammer called and said they were from Georgia Power Company and if they didn't pay the bill immediately their power was going to be turned off. The scammer called many times. The scammer finally said if the consumer went to Walmart and got a Greendot card for $700 then they could stop the electricity from being turned off. The consumer almost believed the scammer. He said if the scammer didn't call so many times they would have gotten away with it. Once he accused the scammer of being a scam he no longer called and does not answer the phone.

My boss got a call at our shop telling him that the power bill was behind and the electricity was being shut off today. THe caller was told that he needed to get his bookkeeper to call him back. He was given the above number. I called and the name on the computer prompt did not match that of my utility company and when I asked the operator who answered about the discrepancy he hung up on me. I confirmed my actual utility was not in jeopardy and called back again to see how far they'd go. I gave a false account number and was told that my balance was over $800. I strung him along for about ten minutes then called him out as a scammer. He has since called back to our business threatening my personally, telling me he has bought a tv with my personal credit information that he has gleaned from my complaint on a phishing website .

Person called our business and told employee who answered they were called from the "power company" and that technicians were on the way within the hour to disconnect our power if the amount of 811.23 was not paid. Office manager got on phone and ask them for the last four of our account, they gave the incorrect answer to that question. Once the manager told person that was incorrect, they said a explicit word and hung up.

Gentleman called our business stating he was with our power company but did not identify the company. Stated that our electric was scheduled to be disconnected in 45 minutes. When I stated that our bill was drafted he gave me a number (1-800-340-5187 ext 1000) to call and get it straightened out. I called the number and it is picked up by a personal assistant and asks for your name. At that point, I disconnected the call. I called our power company and verified that our bills were current.

They called saying our power was going to be shut off at our place of business - when I realized I never received a bill for February, I panicked. They told me to get 4 Moneypak cards - value $400 each - I called them back and gave them to them and realized something didn't seem right so I called JCP&L and sure enough, I was just scammed out of $1600

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