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Pony Shipping Group Co.

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Pony Shipping Group Co. Reports & Reviews (45)

Well, I guess I’m a victim too. It seemed odd but I decided to give it a shot just to see if it’s legit. My payday is supposed to be May 5th. They tried to send me to UPS to pick up a package and they told me it’s a scam while I was there. They go by USCA Freight Company now and their phone number is (215) 253-3500. They’ve been texting me from the number y’all have as Pony Freight to tell me that I’ve received new assignments and to check and accept the packages. This is an elaborate hoax for sure! I kind of had a feeling but I was going to wait it out to see if I got paid. Glad I know not to trust this! I have all of my “employment records” that I signed with them. I can report them if I knew how.

They made me work for them for 1 month stating that it's a probation period and I'll get paid on this date posted on their panel with all the bonuses. I never got paid, all they do is scam people and make them work for them in such a way that seems not fake. BE AWARE, after reading online I've learned they have scammed so many people and i don't know how more they are about to.


I'm making a group chat for all the victims, including me. Send me an email at [email protected] with your contact and I'll add you to the group. Let's find the culprit together and get them a taste of the unfairness they have done with all the people out here.

I started with them last week and today I received my first package, I don't know what to do, I can see it was all a scam.


I worked with them for exactly one month and the first one they had to pay me they didn't pay me they blocked me from all sides look they have a link where in one go it sends you to a page they have, please send it to my email to report it my name is Merlin. I speak Spanish this one is my email [email protected]

Report them! email me at [email protected]!

Good day,

Thank you for helping me not to continue my application with this Scammer, just today I suppose to fill out the agreement and then when I search in the Googles, Thank God the He brought me in this page.
Here is their contact number.

Andrew Boyle
Pony Freight Company
Main phone: +1(908)574-0088


Recently put a resume on CareerBuilder and applied for some jobs. Couple days later I received an email from this Andrew Boyle offering me the position of quality inspector. First I was excited it seemed like a very easy job and something that I would like to do. But after doing some research the only pony freight business I can find is an actual freight business that transports cargo across the country. Luckily I was directed to this page where all of you are talking about what a scam it is. Sorry that you worked and never got paid but I want to thank you for putting all this out there so people can be aware of what a fraud it is. They have continued to email me to ask me if I'm going to take the position and now I don't know if I should just ignore them or if I should report it and who do I report it to?Thanks To everyone for making me aware and confirming my suspicion.


Search for everything and trust your gut, weird numbers and not a company in google now where to be found. They emailed me this. If you fall for this, its your fault but you will learn, a company that is nowhere to be found online and when you put the address they aren't there. And when you put the number it's not connected to a legitimate business.

This message is to confirm that we've got your Employment Application Form and your information is currently under review by the HR team.
Our representative will contact you in the nearest 2 business days for a short job phone interview. What's the best time and number to contact you?
I would also like to introduce you the general points for Quality Control manager's responsibilities and compensation.

* 5-15 postages weekly for processing, each task consist of receiving mail/parcel from post/courier during business hours, combining them when necessary,
shipping out by courier shown in pre-paid shipping label. Shipping doesn't require any payments from your pocket.
* Storage place for 6 boxes (max 40 lbs) is required.
* Phone and email conversation during business hours with your supervisor to receive instructions and give confirmations for completed tasks.
* $3,150 monthly compensation for performance, bonuses information is available after the employment contract is signed.
* Career growth and additional opportunities are available when good performance is shown by candidate.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you need any further information regarding Quality Control manager position.


Andrew Boyle
Pony Freight Company
Main phone: +1(908)574-0088

Business hours:
Monday-Thursday 9am-6pm Est

Our representative will call you from +1(908)574-0088, please add this number as trusted.


Andrew Boyle
Pony Freight Company
Main phone: +1(908)574-0088

Business hours:
Monday-Thursday 9am-6pm EST

Pony Freight Company is happy to offer you the position of Quality Control supervisor.
Your profile shows that your accomplishments and experience
could be an ideal fit for our customer service unit.

If you choose to admit this job position, please follow directions
represented in the Job Offer document which you can find by following this link: />
And fill the Employment Application Form.You have to fill out the Employment
Application Form and send it back to us.

You can fill out the application online: />
We will expect you to join us.
Please let me know if you have any questions or you need any additional materials.

Best regards,

Andrew Boyle
Pony Freight Company
Main phone: +1(908)574-0088

Hope knowone else false for this.


same thing they got me off of ZipRecruiter i also mailed out a necklace and that is it to new jersey milburn is the city. my pay is due 01222022 they have all my banking info. what should I do i am contacting my bank asap.

Did you get your pay

The same thing happened to me. I filed complaints with the Department of labor for unpaid wages and contacted 2 attorneys. I recommend you at least file with the department of labor.

Let me know how it goes.

I received my first package on September 16 and my payday is today October 18. early in the morning I was able to enter the control panel but now I can't. They blocked my access and no one responds. Does anyone know what they can do with our information? How can we all report together? I have photos of everything sent by emails and text messages as proof

This is a fake shipping company. They claim that they will have you receive and inspect packages. After picking up 3 packages at Best Buy and shipping to the same address in New Jersey I questioned the company and they locked me out of their website and no longer took my calls.


I did not receive payment of salary and bonuses. After I worked for them for one month. Mary Smith and Frank Moore is on all the paperwork and emails I've received from them. Why do such a scam on people I don't understand that but this is ridiculous. At this time every one need money to pay their bills. This has really put me in a bad way because now all my bills are going to be behind and may damage my credit. I have copies of everything they sent me in correspondence. This is not good business.


Also I have figured out what their doing given I run my own small printing service. .. this is actually nuts! Brilliantly smart in their part but easy to crack and I'm shocked that FBI hasn't noticed it then selves! I thank you for posting pics! You and I just cracked pony Shipping Groups scam!


can you elaborate a bit for me

Hi Tina I think it's for identity theft, what can you do about it? they have our data!

I've noticed that those of you who shared photos , thank you! I've located 2 possible scammers given I also shipped items there! It's best if we communicate privately and not in here so that they don't know and Run! If possible. Hit me in my inbox on here.


I'm the victim this month

I wonder who is the victem this mouth ,,they got me last mouth. what can we do to help with this?

Can you email me? [email protected]

Looks like we all go the same 'necklace" as our first package. And if they wanted to just steal our info, the shouldn't of had ppl sign a contract. I searched the location of the company's address, in NJ? Yes well it was sold recently t a filing stdi. Nothing lists a pony Shipping group that even rented the warehouse.

What is a filing stdi?

Hey y'all,
I received the welcome packet. I have receives packages and sent them. The panel is all glitchy. Has anyone gotten paid from them.


i did call them today and they claimed the website was down and that they were fixing it . yeah right! it is after 3 pm and still locked out .

+1 /> This may be related


Pony Express Shipping is a legitimate company. Pony Shipping does not seem to be. I have a copy of my contract and all communication.

We can do a class action lawsuit if we track down the company etc. We all had the same experience and contracts it looks like.


i have one of their packages and i can't get into contact with them anymore .

How do we do it?

ok how do we do that ?
they are still answering the phone like dumba##!

Same thing. I worked for them for 5 weeks. I did receive and ship packages and logged on to their online portal and gave them my bank information.


They asked me the same thing, pay day is supposed to be the 10th. But has anybody been locked out of their account?
It was fine this morning, but now it's saying wrong password.


Did you re-register? I thought maybe my boyfriend messed with my log in


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