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Police Reports & Reviews (11)

I just got scammed out of 1000.00. Man told me he was a lieutenant from sheriffs department in Norfolk. Said I have two active warrants for my arrest. He gave me the charges -made me write down the case numbers and the judges name -the details were incredible

He gave me

two options- 1. come in to the office immediately

2. other to proceed with criminal charges….

I opted for the first- by now he had me on the phone for 40 minutes of information

… I was already suckered -then he went in for the kill. -gave me a case number and name of federal bond company to send 2500.00 through Zelle. The first attempt failed - so he suggested I break it in two payments and the first was rejected but the second went through. He needed to assure the full amount and further instructed me to put him on hold while I call my bank to get the whole amount approved…….I followed his commands (‘—-remember he was a law enforcement agent telling me I had an active warrant for my arrest on federal charges)….

I put him on hold -called my bank to confirm the legitimacy of the transaction because he said this is normal “we are used to this-“ but my bank answered and told me that he was a scammer !!!! BUT because the second charge went through - she transferred me to claims department where I was frantically on hold for 45 minutes before I got an agent.

Now I have to wait for them to decide if I get my money back- up to 45 days. My heart is racing and I feel like I just got physically attacked in an alley- and I’m out a LOT of money .


- Lynnwood, WA, USA

An evening phone call where the caller addressed me by name. I was expecting a call from someone and was caught off guard and answered YES. The call was soliciting for the police fund or some such charity and after I realized what I had done I hung up on them

I got a call from *********** so the called ID stated. There was a foreign accent that asked if I could hear him. I said yes without even thinking.Then he said he was Police Office and I hung up. I stupidly answered yes before I realized it was a scam. Th number looked like a legitimate local number, but I didn't recognize it. Hopefully they can't use the recording of me saying yes to do anything harmful.


We are on Federal Do Not Call list but this scammer switches their CALLERID & phone#. No persnl/No$/No Information was given to them.

This SCAM: Asking to support local Police with Donations.

Called From 2 different phone#'s & callerID

352.537.4111 01/03/2022 07:13pm CallerID:V10319133500161 Police Scam Donations (Swaps CallerID)

567.267.1217 01/03/2022 07:15pm Another Police Scam Donations. (Swaps CallerID#s)

We receive calls every month & EVERY CallerID with V# is 100% scam.

Asking to be put on an Internal Do Not Call list doesn't help either..

Good Luck to The "VoIP Companies" that allow their customers to run these scams.

Medicare, PoliceDonations, Irs, Apple, Microsoft, US Customs, Car Warrenty, so many others.

To I hope you could work with FTC, FCC to create a V#### Caller ID lookup and report these V# customers to their providers.

To cancel their voip services. Just a thought. Have a great and honest day :)

Too many V#'s & too many spoofed phone#'s to send an attachment. 12:49pm EST and have already blocked 75 calls already.

Happy New Year.


They are using the church number ************ to call people that they have a warrant out for their arrest. this is a business number

- Indianapolis, IN, USA

Consumer says that she keeps getting a phone call from someone who says he is officer Brown. He said there is someone wrong with the consumer's bank account and she needs to push to 1 to get a hold of someone.

Caller stated they were with the police and that someone in Texas was using my SSN. When I spoke, they just hung up.

Last 2 days, Repeated calls leaving voicemail "Police; As there are 4 serious allegations pressed on your name at this moment; we would request you get back with us so we can discuss about this case before we take action against you"

The voice mail says Officer Shawn White, time sensitive issue, please have you or your attorney call back at this number. 289-224-9826, Does not address my name or anything else.

Person with Rasta accent left message saying they were law enforcement and I or my attorney better call them back or they wish me well on what is to come.

Sounds fishey, I did not return the call

- Delano, MN, USA

On 4-5-17 I received a call asking for my husband by first name said he was not home and they said oh well we can talk to you also. Proceeded to state they were with some Police organization that was collecting money to show support for the police who protect us everyday and made references to the number of fallen police officers. The person sounded legit and professional and asked if they could count on us to support their cause, i replied "yes", phone went silent for a bit and then I said "yes" again, at that point I became suspicious. The person came on again and started the same message word by word. I then hung up. Tried to call the number today to find out if it was legit and received a message stating no one was available. I am high confident that this is a scam.

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