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Police Officers Support Association

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Police Officers Support Association Reports & Reviews (17)

It's a PAC. Not a charity. Money goes to highly paid lobbyist.


Victim Location 54481
Type of a scam Charity

They keep calling me and I keep telling them to take my name off the list. They refuse & i'm tired of their calls. They call themselves the police officer association. 

Victim Location 85382
Type of a scam Charity

Man posed as police officer requesting monetary charity to support family of fallen police officers. He gave a choice of gold, silver or bronze donation. He also followed up with I will receive info in the mail with an enclosed envelope. Once I agreed he stated he would put me through to the billing dept which was a pushy woman wanting my credit card info. After telling her as police association I am sure they understand why I will not do that over the phone to send me info in the mail, she became even more pushy. I did give her my address so she could send me the info. Mistake number one... I should not have given my address. Cautiously optimistic.

Received a call from the "American Police Officers Support Association" and was guilted into pledging $15. (My fault; I need to grow a back-bone.) He asked for my credit card information and I told him we do not give our credit card info over the phone, but they could mail an invoice. He continued to try to get my credit card info but finally agreed to mail something. I did receive an invoice, which went into the unimportant mail pile and was promptly forgotten. He called again today and tried again to get my credit card information. I told him again we don't give our credit card info over the phone but we'd send a check at some point. He continued pushing for credit card info and finally said he would transfer me "to Bill to get you taken care of". I asked why he was transferring me if I wasn't giving out credit card info over the phone. He started trying to guilt me again, and I finally asked if he was a real person. The second time I asked, he said, "I am a live human being but am using technology which prevents scripted responses." What? That doesn't even make sense. The computerized voice then started another spiel, and I hung up the phone.
The tone of voice for every statement and response had absolutely no inflection other than that which would induce guilt. The technology would be amazing if it were used for good instead of evil.


This is so similar to my experience, except that I hung onto the envelope with my $15 check, along with a letter that blasted them for their high-pressure tactics. After finding this site, I opened my envelope, removed the check, cut off all of the bank identification, and wrote "VOID" across the check. I then wrote another letter, explaining why I would not be honoring my $15 pledge and put it in the envelope with the first one, also including the remnants of the voided check so that they could see that I had indeed been ready to send them a donation. It will bring me a bit of satisfaction to mail that correspondence tomorrow!

Victim Location 85706
Type of a scam Charity

I have letters here from them after they called me. The address is

6650 W State ST STE D PMB 266

WAUWATOSA WI 53212-2827

Phone # 1-800-691-2290


I am officially a mug. I just got taken for $100.00. All the alarm bells went off too. Felt bad about officers being gunned down and treated like [censored] - so yeah they played on my emotions which is what cons do so well. Lesson learned. Always initiate the contact when giving money to charities or other causes.

Also, I called my credit card company telling them it was probably a scam and they basically told me "caveat emptor." Tough titty baby. It's not fraud if you give them your credit card info willingly. Abject stupidity is not an excuse. Only if they run with it and make additional charges without my permission will they intervene and treat the charges as fraud. Be careful out there people.


Got a call from an obviously spoofed phone number in Ennis, TX and the guy on the other end was definitely from Queens. Once I heard who he represented, I told him not to waste his breath and hung up. I think I will start answering the phone in German from now on.


Scammer's phone 18662880166
Country United States
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan
Initial means of contact Not applicable

They said I can support the cops by donating 35 dollars they are sending me stuff in the mail will take it to the police as soon as i get it it might help them track it.

I received a phone call from someone identifying themselves as the Police Officers Support Association. He specifically said that this was to support the police officers, which I thought was a good cause, so I said yes. He immediately transferred me to a woman who wanted my credit card info. I said no... but I will mail you a check. She then asked if I would pay an additional $5 for mailing. I reluctantly agreed, but when I got the letter and invoice in the mail, I decided to check for fraud. I will not be supporting this organization, as they misrepresented what they were.


I agreed to pledge $15 if they sent me an invoice. I had the check in their envelope, ready to mail (along with a note stating my displeasure with their strong-arm tactics. Something made me check their veracity and I'm glad I did. I opened my envelope, voided my check (cutting off bank identification), and placed it back in the envelope, along with a new letter. It will give me great pleasure to mail it tomorrow!

Police Officers Support Association PAC:
SECOND LETTER/December 1, 2020

If you read my other enclosed correspondence, dated 20 November 2020, you will note that I, albeit reluctantly, planned on honoring my $15 pledge, as per our 6 November 2020 telephone conversation. I actually had made out the check, placed it in your return envelope along with my correspondence, sealed the envelope and was ready to mail it.
Further investigation has caused me to determine that you are, if not a fraudulent organization, at least a dubious one. You are not accredited through the Better Business Bureau and multiple websites site your PAC as being a scam. For one such reference, please refer to
ScamPulse is just one of the sites that rats you out for what you truly are. Based upon your misrepresentation and shifty, shady methods, you are hereby advised that I have revoked the pledge of any potential donations to your organization.
If you have children, I’m wondering if you would be proud to have them know that your job essentially consists of trying to scam people out of their money. If you can look in a mirror and still maintain a modicum of dignity and integrity you have a much more forgiving conscience than do I.


[named redacted]
Enc: November 20, 2020 letter
Portion of voided $15 check, dated 11/20/2020

This is not a scam, but a third party contracted by the AFL-CIO Union that covers the law enforcement contracts, that collects for the law enforcement-affiliated charities. It is for a non-profit and they will send you a receipt for tax purposes, but they people you are talking to aren't actually the Union, the law enforcement officers, or charities.


Not a charity:

Where did you retrieve this information? It is especially detailed about the model of the business and partners. So I suspect you are an insider creating fiction. Prove me wrong?

I have received phone calls and mailing. But I do not know where this organization it grounded, and who organizes and what they want the money for? They call me frequently and are very rude , which is ok for a good cause but I can not find their website that explains who they are, what are they fighting for, where are they organized. Pretty simple stuff hey


I just received a call requesting a donation for local police officer support. Is this legit? They stated they will mail me a donation kit--and they requested a guaranteed amount. I am just concerned because of course I want to help our local police officers but I am concerned of scams--of which I have been in the past as well as attempts. I just want to confirm if this is a legit fundraiser.


Victim Location 43204
Type of a scam Charity

An individual called me and asked me to donate money to the police officers support association. I told the individual that I would love to support them and he asked me how much money I could give, I told him I can give him $20. He asked me if I can give my credit card information over the telephone. I had told the individual that I do not give credit card information over the phone that I would have to send them a cashier' check from the bank. He said OK and that he would send me a statement to my address. The organization did submit to me a statement. I forgot to submit the payment. I received a nother telephone call from the police officers support association and they ask me about my payment, I told them that I did forget about it but I would be sending them a check in the mail. A couple weeks ago I received another call from the police officers support association and asked me about my $20 payment. I told them again that I had forgotten about it and that I would sit in into them as soon as possible. The individual that I spoke to ask me if I had a Walmart giftcard. I asked them how a Walmart gift card Could help their organization. The individual never answered me and he said for me to go ahead and submit my cashiers check to the address with the form that they submit it to me in the mail Box. I became concerned about the 3rd telephone call and the individual one in me to submit money to the so called police officers support association and decided to give the information to the Better Business Bureau. I appreciate your time thank you concerned customer.

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6650 W State St. STE D PMB 266, Wauwatosa, WI 53213-2827



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