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Plemons Ranch

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Plemons Ranch Reports & Reviews (22)

• Apr 19, 2022

Red Flag

He’s still out there. Told me he would need a payment today so I knew it was a scam right away…especially since the website says they want to “make sure you’re a good fit” and they’d “love for you to come out to ride the horse”. Also, the videos of the horses…they are so well trained there’s no way they’re only worth 4000-6000.

• Apr 15, 2022


My wife and I just text back and forth with "Bill" - we provided our use case details and needs for our next horse and he was quick to reply with "are you ready to pay today" and when i said yes, he called. It was some Jamaican person (not that Bill Plemons couldn't be Jamaican or that the owner of a ranch full of beautiful horses couldn't be either" but THIS WAS NO RANCHER. He hung up on me when i asked for pics without tack on the horse, he said no. I called back and said our call dropped and apologized. He said it didn't drop and that he felt i was disrespectful for asking for pictures. Then i asked to come see the horse and he hung up again. THESE ARE NOT REAL HORSES AND THIS IS NOT A REAL RANCH! DO NOT BUY FROMTHIS. SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM.

• Mar 26, 2022

Definite Scam

Asking for Bit Coin or Money transfer should have been a red flag…this scam is so convincing…thankfully we didn’t lose any money. I asked for a live view of the horse and ranch I proposed to buy from and “Bob” could not produce my requests. Lesson Learned. If it’s too good to be true- it probably is a scam.

• Mar 16, 2022

Scammer's phone 9562679927
Scammer's website
Scammer's address Texas
Scammer's email [email protected]
Country United States
Type of a scam Online Purchase
Initial means of contact Text message

selling horses they do not own

this person a few months ago was advertising horses on a web site from Ore.--Sixes, Ore.--the horses on this person's site came from private individuals or horses consigned to sales--he does not own them
just trying to get people to send $$$$$$ they do not talk to you --only by text message

• Mar 15, 2022


Convincing website. Beautiful well trained horses at a fraction of the price, who wouldn't want a bargin! Tried making an appointment to view. Was told to put 40% down so he would hold the 5 horses I wanted to try. I saw red and backed off immediately. His tax details are all online and he has an llc, you can sue the the llc. He also has a po box. This is all avaliable online. Good luck everyone getting your money back.

• Mar 12, 2022

Horse sale scam

I inquired to buy 5 of the horses listed because I could not believe the price and free shipping if you buy 3 horses. I looked at the McKibben ranch and you were correct all of the horses on that website are exactly the same horses and their all sold. THIS IS A SCAM, stay clear of this website and horses for sale. They need to take down his website ASAP

• Mar 06, 2022


I contacted Plemons ranch via their contact link on the webpage. Got an immediate reply via text informing me of an emailed reply. I checked... it was the EXACT same verbiage as the website. Red flag 1! I replied candidly with the response that I was looking to be matched with a very specific type of horse, not necessarily the one I mentioned. The contact me form requires you to put the horses name in the form before you can submit it. I thought it was funny that there was no phone number. I got a nearly instant reply to my email requesting money now! You can buy this horse. I again replied that I found it concerning that Bill did not read my email and assumed I would simply shell out $7000. Red flag 2! I asked pertinent questions... tell me who your vet is, tell me the name of your transporter, why don't you want to talk to me? Never heard from him. Red flag 3. The website has a 2022 copyright. Red flag 4. The horse I was inquiring about was advertised as a babysitter extraordinaire; the pictures I was sent were of a high powered cutting horse! Red flag 5.

I'm posting this because he's obvious discovered this page and has flooded it with 5-star misc reviews. DO NOT FALL FOR IT. He's only out to get your money!

• Mar 04, 2022

I was Scammed

This scammer got 10k from me. The horse Sandy is not his. I have contacted the FBI and turned over all documents and wire transfers. The ranch he clams to have is nothing but bare land.

• Mar 01, 2022


had this Ranch checked out scammed manny

• Feb 15, 2022

Initial means of contact Not applicable

Bill Plemons Ranch scammer

Got me for 6,000 today figure it out thanks to this trying to reverse wire I’m sure it’s too late does anyone know FBI contact this is fresh with bank and person account that hasn’t received the cash yet Murthy was the horse name fox trotter paint red white Ronnie
Bill Plemons Ranch scammer

• Feb 13, 2022

Diego horse is on McKibben website as Picasso and is sold

I recently inquired about Diego on the Plemons website. The horse seemed to good to be true for the $5,000 asking price. He offered to send me the horse for $1,450 and the asking price. In reading the reviews, I looked up the ads on McKibben website and found Diego listed as Picasso and already sold. This is a complete scam. Do not fall for it.

• Feb 10, 2022

I am from Alberta Canada Please every body who wants to buy horses from him please please stay away from him he scared me out of 20 plus thousand us dollars those horses belong to
McKibben performance horses out of
Scottsdale Arizona

• Feb 08, 2022

Almost fell for this one....

I made an appointment to go see and try some of the horses listed. Pelmons insisted on wire transfer of 40% of sale price to a different person, with a routing number that is not for Bank of America. Sent an image of the receipt for the cashier's check I was bringing with me, but he still insisted on wire transfer, crypto currency, or Apple Pay otherwise my appointment was canceled. Although I asked number of time for the location, he never gave me the address of the ranch.

• Jan 31, 2022

Horse Under Contract

I am in the process of making a purchase from what appears to be a legitimate site. Plemons Ranch Horses out of McAllen, TX. I asked for a written contract to protect myself and he provided one today. Yes, he is asking for a considerable amount of the money up front but the contract wording states it is fully refundable if I'm not satisfied. Did anyone else on here get a contract up front?

• Feb 09, 2022

I was interested too. My trainer took one look at the quality of horses compared to prices and said it had to be a scam. We went online with google lens and when she clicked on a picture on Plemons site, it brought up the true owner of the horse and the exact photo listed for three times Plemons’ asking price. TOTAL SCAM! Not to mention fraudulent and illegal.

• Jan 31, 2022

Thanks for everyone's advice. They've done a very good job of making all this appear to be legitimate. I have a contract now signed by someone representing Plemons Ranch, and Bill Plemons himself, although the money wire transfer is requested to be sent elsewhere to another partie's name. I'm going to take all this to the bank tomorrow and che4ck with local law enforcement on how to get them reported. I'd hate for someone else to get scammed, if in fact, these folks are scammers.

• Jan 31, 2022

Please don't fall for Bill Plemons. I was in contact with him last week about a horse he called Zimba but look at what i posted. He stole the pictures and the video from McKibben Performance Horse named Boss which you can see here: If it is too good to be true, then it usually is.

• Jan 31, 2022

It is truly a scam. They wont take checks and don't want to give you their address to come view the horses.

• Jan 28, 2022

There is no ranch and they aren't his horses.

Beware. He will try to charge a huge deposit to even show you the horses (that he doesn’t actually have) He’s operated under multiple farm names. I traced many of the horses he has listed as for sale to McKibben Performance Horses. The tip offs? He wouldn’t share the horses pedigree with me and wanted me to wire money to a name that had nothing to do with the farm or any of our correspondence. He allegedly been under investigation by the FBI.
There is no ranch and they aren't his horses.
There is no ranch and they aren't his horses.
There is no ranch and they aren't his horses.

• Jan 25, 2022

Bill Plemons is and total scam!

This man is claiming to be a trainer and seller of high end horses priced very low. I believed it. The website is very well put together. But he only responds via email or text and refused to talk on the phone. I should have known right then and there but I was so in love with this horse I kept going and ended up getting scammed for $5,000 for the horse and $1,400 added for shipping the horse to me. I wire transferred the money. I feel so dumb. Later I found out that he has been scamming for a while under different ranch names and locations. He lifts images and descriptions of horses from other real places and makes them look like they are his. Here are links to read more about all the people reporting this scammer and the other ranch names he has had. Once I sent the money I basically realized it was a scam. I asked for it to be sent back and have heard nothing from him since.

• Jan 08, 2022

Scammer's phone +1 (956) 267-9927
Scammer's website
Scammer's email [email protected]
Country United States
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan
Initial means of contact Email

Plemons Ranch Scammer

This guy is “selling” horses supposedly in the McAllen, Texas area. Same photos and information was previously on Equestrian Dream Ranch and Oak Trail Ranch. He goes by Bill Plemons now. Don’t fall for his scamming. He wants people to pay deposit and hauling fee upfront and does not provide an address or confirmation of legitimacy. Has beautiful warmblood and great horses for ridiculously cheap prices. He uses cryptocurrency, bitcoin, bank wire transfer, and many more.
Plemons Ranch Scammer
Plemons Ranch Scammer
Plemons Ranch Scammer
Plemons Ranch Scammer

• Feb 08, 2022

I can confirm all of the above info described by Anna.Major. All the same info sent to me as well.

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